Who is the Greatest Raw Diva Ever?: Semi-Finals

It’s hard to believe that we are coming up to 1000 episodes of Raw. On July 23rd, WWE celebrates its milestone 1,000th episode on USA Network and to celebrate, over the next month we’re going to be asking you to crown the Greatest Raw Diva Ever!

The Diva Dirt team has compiled a list of 32 women who we feel have played a memorable role in at least one of the last 900-something episodes of the flagship Monday night show, and we’re asking you to whittle the list down to just one woman.

As we count down to July 23rd, each week we will be cutting the list in half; next week we reveal the top 16, then the top 8, 4, 2 and finally, the winner. The Greatest Raw Diva Ever will be announced on Monday, July 23rd exclusively here at Diva Dirt!

You can help support your favorite Diva on the list by plugging this page on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to use the hashtag #GreatestRawDivaEver on Twitter!

QUARTER FINAL RESULTS: And then there were four. After a nail-biting quarter final that saw the top four change on almost a daily basis, we have our four semi-finalists for the crown of Greatest Raw Diva Ever. Losing out on the title are quarter finalists Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Melina and Victoria.

So now, it’s down to four — Lita, Mickie James, Sable and Trish Stratus — to crown the Greatest Raw Diva Ever. In one week, we will have our two finalists who will then battle it out for the ultimate title. Vote wisely!


Stay tuned for the semi-final results and grand final voting next week.

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  • koshiro

    Go Lita!!!
    (again :D)

    • ILoveKpop

      LITAAAAA!!!! Lita all the wayyy!!

      • ssilva872

        Yeah Lita [and Trish] should advance!


      Yes! Yes! Yes!

      • ALitaFan

        Agreed!! Tell everyone you know to vote for Lita lol

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lol omg MICKIE JAMES!! ^.^

  • http://www.twitter.com/johndern JDernTrishStratusFan

    All 4 are so deserving! But I have to go with TRISH <3

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    hahaha wow, what a good top four, all these women deserve this title, however, i am gonna have to go with the ORIGINAL DIva Sable, she really made Raw popular in the attitude era aand, i really think she deserves this, instead of it always begin down to Trish and Lita, i would love for SABLE to win this

    LETS ALL VOTE SABLE :), boycott Lita and Trsih hahaha, lets make a change

    • pumped up kicks

      I agree! She’s the original diva!

  • Mike in Like

    Well that should put a stop to all the people complaining that divas like Kelly and Maryse were in the running lol. I have voted for and will continue to vote for Lita <3

  • redsandman99

    Voted for Lita again. I grew up loving both her and Trish and while I think Trish had the overall better career, I think Lita had slightly more big Raw moments.

  • lucky1now

    lita all the way i truely believe she had the most moments on top of what she had done for the division as well
    to be honest i would have liked melina to be in the final 4

  • MadisonMaryse

    Was the result ever in question

  • WweLitafan4ever


  • xadpfan

    Trish <3

  • Jhonmarco

    Trish hands down.

  • Chryst Voegele


  • http://wrestlinggirl1993.tumblr.com/ xoxoRKOxoxo

    Voted for Lita yeah Trish had more title regins and a more storied career but Lita has had a helluva a lot more RAW moments and IMO is the better wrestler of the two!!!

    To me Trish is overrated I like her I really do but I love Lita!!

    So happy Mickie made it to the final four!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    Love Sable Trish n Lita to death but time to move on… Let’s go Hardcore Country Mickie James!! Lol @ Kelly n Maryse being considered..so silly :P

  • bromero329

    great final 4. i love lita and enjoyed sable. i love mickie james shes my 2nd favorite female wrestler ever and #1 female wrestler whos not retired……. BUT im gonna go with the one ive been voting for all contest. my favorite diva and female wrestler of all time. TRISH STRATUS

    suck on that haters!

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    where in the world is Stephaine McMahon seening she did beat Lita and Trish! I have to go with Stephaine for tons of reason but leave you with this R-K-O she sold it like Billions of Dollars I hope Randy send her a tons of Roses for that!!!

    • Queen Bee

      While Stephanie was a great heel out of the ring, she was a horrible wrestler.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    If you had asked me for who I think the Final 4 should have been before the poll started these are the 4 I would have chosen.
    All 4 are worthy of GRDE for various reasons.

    My pick is Mickie james.

  • B1G_FaN

    I voted for Sable this round. Her hand painted “bikini” was the best RAW Divas moment EVER!!!!!

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I love both Trish and Lita however I’ve been a Lita fan since her debut so let’s go Lita!

  • trishstratusfan4ever

    fans will never understand.iI vote trish stratus a million times.she is the greatest wwe diva past and present.that owoman was on raw every monday with top wrestlers in the business She is a 7x womens champion,1x hardcore champ,3x babe of the yeaer(in a row),diva of the decade,first female who won diva dirt legacy award and successful out of the wwe and 1st female to wrk with vince(her boss). trish stratus #GreatestRawDivaEver

    • bromero329

      Hell to the fucking yes

  • http://diva-dirt xaviloks

    go sableee :)

  • Raekon

    Lita for the win!

  • litafan2000

    Go Lita!

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Voting Trish again. It would be a toss up between her & Sable, but Trish was involved in the most controversial Raw moment that is still talked about in mainstream media circles to this day. Trish did more on Raw than any other Diva, which is why she would be #1.

    • Jhonmarco

      What moment would that be?

      • WweLitafan4ever

        I think its the barking like a dog segment

        • Jhonmarco

          Ah, that’s the one I originally though, but I just wanted to make sure.

      • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

        Yup! The bark like a dog segment was used against Linda during her campaign and is still referenced when mentioning WWE to this day. That is widely considered the most controversial Raw moment in history.

        Just look @ DD’s this day in history, almost all of the “Raw” segments are Trish. Trish vs Molly, Trish wins the title in her hometown, Trish wins the Hardcore title, Trish vs Bischoff, “THAT” match, etc. Those are just a few. Trish arguably made the biggest impact to the show Monday Night Raw and that’s why she should win.

        • Jhonmarco

          Ah, I see and I concur!

  • kremmy

    Think of all memorable Raw moments with Trish.
    Think of all memorable Raw moments with Mickie.
    Think of all memorable Raw moments with Sable.
    Think of all memorable Raw moments with Lita.

    I guess the choice is pretty obvious. Going with Lita. If she’s not in the finals, the next choice is Trish. Sorry, but Sable’s most memorable moments are of her taking her clothes off. Nothing bad about that, but I don’t remember a specific Raw moment with her, just images of her topless. LOL

    • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

      Sables most memorable moments ate taking her clothes off…u say that like its a bad thing

      • Jhonmarco

        While I don’t agree with that statement, that is a bad thing.

        • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

          Sable talking to Luna Vahon on raw: I don’t care about the women, I only care about the MEN!!
          Every guy in the audience: yeeeaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

          Sorry bro moments like those where Sable took her clothes off were what made Raw great!! It was just some little bimbo taking her clothes off, it was Sable!!