Today in History: The First Diva Search Contestants Debut

On this day in history:

July 19th, 2004 | A few days after the casting special aired, the 10 finalists for the first-ever Diva Search made their official debuts. The women, including eventual winner Christy Hemme, Maria Kanellis and Michelle McCool, appeared on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel to introduce themselves and were told to ransack GM Eric Bischoff’s office for an envelope that would earn them immunity from the first elimination. As it turned out, there was no envelope waiting for them, only an irate Eric Bischoff who told the ladies to take a hike.

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    WWE should have never let go of Christy. She was improving by leaps and bounds and they cut her.

    • iLUVValets

      I honestly think Stephanie had something to do with her release, because at the time their reports that Christy and TripleH became good friends and she was hanging around him alot. But to this day i don’t think Christy herself even knows why she was released.

      • kristalmelinafan

        Well turnabouts is fair play because she did the same to Chyna. Karma is indeed a bitch.

      • MRvinaro

        What I’ve always heard the reason was that Christy want to increase her salary !!??!

      • melon2617

        There were reports that she was very much involved with the very married Batista and was demanding backstage, questioning things like why she didn’t win the Women’s title @ WM, why she didn’t retain her $250k/year salary, etc. There was a rumour that her sudden trade to Smackdown was because she made a pass at Triple H, but every single dirtsheet reporter was quick to say that Triple H made no inappropriate contact with Christy, because they knew Triple H would nail them to the wall legally and well, anyone who has seen the interaction between Triple H and his wife would never have believed it anyway. The man is completely besotted with his wife.

  • kristalmelinafan

    I was votie for Traicee because she was the only black girl than when she got eliminated i voted for carmella because she was the most gorgeous one.

  • Marlon Eric

    The McCruel era begins..


  • swax1

    Today,the era of ‘piss breaks’ was born when the WWE created an entity that would ultimately KILL women’s WRESTLING and bring a CANCER to the WWE Divas and that is the Diva Search contest.not only did these BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS bunch of BIMBOS kill women’s wrestling but they DESTROYED the credibility of and DISGRACED and DESECRATED the oldest and once most PRESTIGIOUS Title in the history of women’s wrestling..the WWE Women’s Championship.

    • MomoMufFinSsFTW

      I Think your overeacting. The Divas search may have brought some horrible wrestlers(Ashley, But she had a good character) But we also got many Talents because of it Michelle McCool,Candice,Christy,Brooke Tessmacher,Layla Hell Even Maria was ok in the ring.It wasn’t a Cancer when you compare how many divas came up to be later huge stars. Without them We Wouldn’t Have had The First Divas Table Match. Or The First 2 out of 3 falls for The Womens Title. We Wouldn’t have had Melina Literally Plow Through the playboy models.They were plenty of interesting storylines Too Hence Christy & Trish, Melina & Candice, Michelle & Melina, Michelle & Mickie, Michelle & Beth, Michelle & Natalya, Layla & Michelle, Brooke & Gail, Maria & Michelle. Like it or Not The Diva Search Contestants Also Created Good Moments, Historic Moments, And Rose To The Top. As For The Women’s Title It Was Held By Hervina,Stephanie, Debra, The Kat(Even though i love her) please there were many disgraces before.These Women Were Apart of an Era And Some Became Stars, They Made well..They Made amazing moments.

      • MomoMufFinSsFTW

        Also It Doesn’t make you a bimbo To Enter the diva search if i was a girl i would be over joyed to win That much money and work in the WWE.

        • CJDippa1

          I kinda agree with both of you.

          Without the Diva Search, we’d never had the likes of McCool, Tessmacher,etc. and just joining the Diva Search doesn’t make you a bimbo.

          HOWEVER, joining the Diva Search is looked down upon many pro-wrestling fans. All you do is smile and shake your tits and ass and hope the crowd will love you. Girls in the indys dream of being in the WWE and are not getting signed because they do not shake their T&A, while these girls do. Also, 3/4 of the girls there just wanted the money/fame while that 1/4 legit wanted to be wrestlers.

        • HollyRobinsonWWE

          Yeah I see both perspectives as well. Some good workers came out of it, but for the most part it has led to the virtual dissolution of women’s wrestling on the largest platform and allowed an entire generation of passionate, hungry independent wrestlers to be completely overlooked. T’was a dark day, but a few of the clouds were lined with silver. That kind of thing.

  • Ouellet

    Michelle *————————–*

  • melon2617

    The Diva search was a good idea in theory, bad in practice.

    While some women turned out to be decent in ring competitors/characters like Maryse, Layla, Eve Torres, the Bellas and Candice, there were others that were just…ugh.

    I think it was an interesting concept that both succeeded and failed.

    • MRvinaro

      Actually The best thing that came of The DS was Michelle McCool this women is unbelievable she’s almost great as Victoria I can say she’s in the same level as Trish if not better when we talk about her wrestling ability after that U have Layla, Candice and Eve the rest are naah

      • melon2617

        No one can deny that Maryse had the most charisma of any Diva we’ve seen in recent memory, very Sable-esque. Hence why I said competitors/characters. Some of them may not have been competent wrestlers but could sell and character.

        As for Michelle, IMO her entire career is tainted. We don’t know if she was as good as she was based on talent or based on the fact that the entire roster was told to kowtow to her based on her “innovative ideas” or the fact that Vince bullied her into being a super megastar, depending on the day she is talking. While yes, she was a solid wrestler, she was nowhere as good as she was hyped by WWE to be.

    • redsandman99

      It honestly opened the door to too many people that just wanted to get on TV and who didn’t give a damn about the business. That was my biggest pet peeve with it.

  • Jcott3

    They fired Jazz, Nidia and Gail Kim for these girls?

    Christy Hemme was hot, she had a good attitude, wanted to learn, …, but WWE blew it by trying to make an instant star out of her. She was nowhere near ready to be in the ring for WrestleMania 21 and trying to push her right out of the blocks caused her to be branded as incompetent in the ring. If they had taken their time and trained her properly, she probably would have been a huge star for them.

    Maria improved over her time in WWE, but many fans never really took her seriously because of the ‘air-headed interviewer’ persona she had early on.

    Michelle McCool had a great career. Several reigns as Women’s Champ and the first-ever Divas Champ. Lay-Cool were the most-over women in the company since Trish and Lita. But her critics will always believe she only got pushed because of her real-life relationship with the Undertaker.

    • Ryan

      Ya dude…Michelle was pure awesomeness. To me shes a legit wrestler! So is Candice Michelle! Maria was really good maybe not the best but she was one of the better divas who knew what to do despite her criticks and Maryse had mad charisma..just bad in the ring really bad..I feel Ashley n Christy Hemme were slapped on TOO Quick in the ring specially Ashley who was wrestling from day 1 without ANY training…not to mention the multiple injuries she suffered. And also Christy Hemme was fired a week after she was sent to OVW for Full Time Training…Christy was awesome in TNA though too bad she injured her neck n hung up her boots. Eve Torres is good but nowhere near great and Layla i love layla shes very quick very good in the ring. Diva Search wasnt good and we all knew the only good ones that came out of that were the ones who had some love for the business…the rest were bimbos True Story.