Upcoming NXT Spoilers

Spoilers for NXT based on last night’s tapings at Full Sail University.

Episode 1:
Audrey Marie vs Raquel Diaz
As Diaz walked down the ramp, she cut a promo saying she was starting an “Exfoliating Ugliness” tour tonight.
Diaz won with the Gory Bomb. Afterwards she put makeup on Audrey in the corner.

Episode 3:
Tamina Sunka and Paige vs Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner
Paige won with a small package on Turner. (Source)


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  • GetFoxy

    omg so glad raquel gets a character straight away plus she gets a mini storyline too. glad paige won but i’m sad caylee lost ahaha i can’t win in that match grrrr ahahaha

  • SweeneyTodd

    A other source says Diaz vs Marie was awful and Diaz botched her Gory Bomb so badly that they had to re-shoot it. There was a loud “You can’t wrestle” chant.

  • xxQOXxx

    Apparently Raquel was dreadful and got ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ chants from the crowd.

    I’ve said it before but, she’s not good enough to be brought up to the main roster so i hope they don’t bring her up yet.

  • Lanoom

    If they’re gonna do this Ultra-Diva vs Anti-Diva feud what I hope they’re gonna do ,they’re doing it right.

  • ricky_says_hi

    i hope they didn’t use Audrey as just a jobber for Raquel, i hope it was a back and forth match because Audrey shouldn’t be used as just a jobber. glad that Caylee Turner is finally wrestling on TV again. her vs Paige should be good

  • swano86

    so now Tamina is heel??? this is confusing

    • Rhawk

      Doesn’t mean she’s heel. Paige isn’t exactly a heel either, she’s an anti-diva, a vagilanty if you will, doesn’t mean she’s bad and neither is Tamina for teaming with her.
      But I suppose we’ll see so when this match airs.

      • T@KESH1

        “a vagilanty if you will”

        awesome, pls tell me that was spelled that way on purpose (vigilante)

        • Rhawk

          Well excuse me for having learning and spelling difficulties.
          Just forget my spelling and enjoy the fact that Paige is one epic bitch.

        • Storm

          Coming from someone who can’t even spell *please. Just stop.

        • T@KESH1

          I wouldn’t mind some difficulties like that if I’d come up w/ a nickname/title of a comic I’d like to read/punk band name like that. (I wasn’t really just pointing out a misspelling)

          just have someone explain to you why you’re wrong

      • swano86

        Yes, we will see…….face or heel, can’t wait to see this match =D

  • darkangels

    pwi reports said raquel and audrey match was the worst match of the night fans started chanting you cant wrestle its about fans get on these divas about the way thay wrestle.

  • Rhawk

    Didn’t hear good thing about the Diaz match, apparently it was the worst of the night with ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ chants. Just keep her on NXT until she’s ready.
    Also nice to see Paige picking up a win for once, should be nice to see her and Natayla in the same ring.

  • Pat

    Finally! Some Caylee Turner! I wonder if there will be any mention of her relation to Alicia. Too bad she lost, but I guess we can’t always win them all!

    Audrey vs Raquel…we’ll just have to wait and see till it airs. Haters gon’ hate. NXT is still technically developmental, so let’s not be too critical.

  • shameronstar

    I feel a little bad for Raquel because she clearly has inherited more of her mother’s talents than her father’s, so when you put her in a wrestling role her weaknesses become extremely apparent! She really isn’t much of an athlete, but she’s a great entertainer and that is the trait that needs to be primarily exploited! She could still get better as a wrestler but she probably is one of those people who would have to train harder than average, and because she’s a Guerrero she has extra pressure put on her!

    • T@KESH1

      “she clearly has inherited more of her mother’s talents than her father’s”

      Well said.
      At first, I was thinking it was not fair to compare where she is at 1.5+yrs to where (ahead-of-the-experience-curve) Maxine and esp. Kaitlyn were at that time, but you’re graded on what you go for and considering the inherited move-set she’ll have one day (& not botch) I can’t feel sympathy. & unless there’s some ego involved, I kinda don’t wish any “you can’t wrestle chants” on anyone, despite the sporting of a muffin top and spiking themselves on a sunset flip.

  • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

    Caylee wrestling? *does the holy ghost praise dance*

  • fahkyooh

    Why is everyone assuming it’s all Raquel Diaz? Aubrey Marie has been proven to be very sloppy and awful in the ring MANY times. Put her in the ring with someone like Raquel who also pretty inexperienced and it equals a huge MESS.

    • JJ

      The report specified Raquel messed up. Audrey has been bad in the past but has improved by leaps and bounds, while Raquel is still just awful. It’s a fair assumption to make.

      Still, I don’t know why they put the two together seeing as they’ve never done anything remotely good together. It doesn’t do either girl any favours, evidently seeing as they got the worst possible start on NXT.


    seems that the WWE has no idea what to do with Tamina

    • xxQOXxx

      As well as about 90% of the roster.

  • French.One

    Caylee is officially at the bottom of the diva chain.

    • perceval

      She’s getting matches, which puts her in a higher spot than Naomi. Remember just a couple of years ago, when everyone was predicting AJ & Naomi would be the next Trish & Lita, the top Divas? One of them has moved to the top spot. The other, though…

  • Peter

    Raquel is pretty much awful in everything. She doesn’t look good, she can’t wrestle and she makes the most annoying voice ever and even though we are suppose to hate her as a heel, that voice just makes me want to mute everytime she opens her mouth.

    I don’t understand why so many people actually want her in the main roster.

    • Peter

      And it’s weird for her to have the ” “Exfoliating Ugliness” gimmick, she’s by far the ugliest looking (and swimming alone) in the whole diva division.


        I wish MARYSE was still in wwe with this “Exfoliating Ugliness” gimmick

        • Peter

          I wish MARYSE was still in wwe doing anything!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sherri-Martel-Appreciation-Page/451635728182584#!/pages/Sherri-Martel- Sherri Martel Fan

    Raquel is awful! What are the WWE thinking by putting her in the ring?!!

  • hado

    Looks as if Raquel and Audrey was even worse then what it said in the spoilers.

    “That match was horrendous and full of botches. They even botched a drop toe hold.” Ouch.. I must say, even back in FCW, I had no idea why on earth that they put Raquel and Audrey in matches together (especially single matches) them two wrestling against each other are train wrecks and are just plain boring matches.

    I am wondering if this match will even air, I doubt it.


  • http://youtube.com/vinnypopper vinnypopper

    I bet Jenna Morasca will have her fingers crossed on that match.

  • wl75

    Looks like they might be taping segments they can cut up and form into shows…the only thing that has to have a sequence is the title tournament they’re doing…

  • DjayDay

    I don’t know why there sticking girls on NXT who both have less then a year of experience in a match together. Where is the logic in that? On the bright side Paige won a match, and Caylee got out from behind the mic.