Saraya Knight Talks About FCW Diva Paige’s Transition to the US, Working for WWE

Promoting the upcoming documentary in the UK about the Knight family, matriarch Saraya (real name Julia) talks about daughter Saraya-Jade (aka Britani Knight)’s transition to the US to work for WWE where she now competes as Paige in developmental territory, FCW.

Speaking about a scene in the documentary in which the Knights see Paige off at the airport as she is due to report to FCW in Tampa, Florida, Saraya says:

I haven’t seen it yet! I’ll probably end up crying all the way through it when I watch it. I remember howling like a banshee. Even talking about it now, my throat is constricting a bit. As a mum, I want to put her in a little box and wrap her up and protect her. But that wouldn’t allow her to be herself. This is her life now and I’ve done the hard bit. I’ve got her here safely and now it’s down to her to make her own mistakes. But I don’t think this is going to be a mistake. I think this is going to be the making of her.

Saraya also reveals that Paige was “unbelievably homesick” when she left for the US:

Oh she was unbelievably homesick. We were getting around 16 or 17 phone calls a day. And I remember saying to her that I’d send money over and she could buy a ticket home. But she had friends going over to see her and then I was going over, and then it was Wrestlemania. So as much as she was homesick and wanted to come home, she was defiant and stubborn enough to say, ‘No, I only get one shot and I’m not going to come home and sit there regretting it because of homesickness.’ Within a month, she was sending us emails about how happy she was. She sent a beautiful email the other day and the whole family sat and cried. She said that she can’t believe at 19, she’s living her dream, which we made possible for her.

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The documentary on the Knights, The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family, airs Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4 in the UK.

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    Wow, i am really glad she stuck through it and im really happy that she is happy now, she will be the next big thing in WWE i can feel it!

  • darkangels

    howling like a banshee love it when british people incorparate their folklore into how thay feel about things.

  • Raekon

    Really happy she didn’t give up! :)

    It would be a great loss not to have her in the divas division cause no matter how good or bad the division is, WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world and the main focus of MANY indy boys and girls and she can leave her dream there through it as also open more possibilities for her future.

    Really hope someone records and uploads the documentary cause I’m dying to watch it. :)

  •!/pages/Sherri-Martel- Sherri Martel Fan

    I look forward 2 watching this :) How good would it be 2 have Saraya Knight in WWE aswell? :) lol..

  • melon2617

    Such a sweet comment. I know I’m going to “howl like a banshee” when my daughters head off to college or wherever life takes them.

    Poor Paige though! I’m glad she made it through the homesickness. It’s hard enough to be away from home for the first time, but then to be across the globe must make it harder.

    • mykel1990

      I totes agree. She has strong character and will to be able to do something like that and stick with it.

  • jeremycanrana

    seriously I’m so thrilled for this documentary!!! I’ve become a huge fan of Paige and I’m sure this documentary will just enhance it
    and what a sweet comment from her mother! she uses really beautiful sentences, it’s touching
    aaah I’m excited!

  • Marlon Eric

    So glad Paige is incredibly sweet, is a generational wrestler and comes from a good family. Cause she’s so fucking hot. SO FUCKING HOTT…

  • TheLadySamantha

    That must be the most ghetto kitchen I’ve ever seen

    • melon2617

      Maybe because it’s a laundry room?

      • TheLadySamantha

        A laundry room with an oven in the back? Okay

        • melon2617

          OMG there is! I didn’t even see that, I just saw the washing machine!

          Seriously though, it’s not like the Knight family is loaded or anything. They’re not making big fat WWE paycheques, so naturally they would have a modest home.

    • Jhonmarco

      How relevant of you.

      • TheLadySamantha

        Are you jealous because you’re the complete opposite of relevant? I would be if I were you. Thankfully I’m not.

        • Jhonmarco

          Uh you are. Have you seen of the comments you’ve made in the past? LOL you could have just called me irrelevant? What a fucking fail. What does the background for that photo have to do with Saraya or Paige? Your comment, much like yourself; irrelevant.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    Awesome Match if you didn’t see it this is a must see and it only 2.49 what a deal!

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    I’m just putting people in their place aka below me, including yourself. Have fun down there.

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      Uh, pretty sure you’re at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to DD members. Can you just fade away into obsecurity again? That’d be lovely.

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          Ironically enough people who are above others usually don’t have to point it out. If you couldn’t care less, why reply sweetie? Never once said I viewed it as important; just stating facts. As mentioned, go back to your usual trashy comments and existence. I remain unbothered.

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