WWE Responds to Allegations That it ‘Demeans Women’

WWE has responded publicly to claims that its product features content”demeaning women”.

The Darien Times‘ Joshua Fisher, recently commenting on Linda McMahon’s senate campaign, wrote: “Mrs. McMahon loves to point out how she’s created jobs. But she does not like to answer questions about those jobs. While CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, she created jobs that included making fun of retarded men, demeaning women and possibly encouraging steroid use — this does not even touch on how it possibly has influenced the future bullies of American schools.”

In its response, WWE’s Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Brian Flinn writes:

Your statement that WWE was “demeaning women” is also inaccurate and again takes our content out of context and makes no mention of story-lines. WWE has produced a variety of powerful heroic female characters throughout the years that have come up against malicious villains, who are also actors playing a role. And yes, those “bad guys” do reprehensible things, but they eventually pay a price for their behavior. Our television audience would not be nearly 40% female if we were degrading women.

You can read the full letter from Flinn here.

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  • bromero329

    I thought it was gonna be about their division. Oh well idc about lindas campaign

    • jayjayholler


  • DivaSmark

    Might as well get this out of the way…


    Critics are always going to take WWE out of context because it’s real to life. This is just a case of the critics beating a dead horse.

  • MrAliciaFox

    I love the WWE. However, while their content may not be considered as “demeaning” as it once was, it has been. They did a nice job of trying to justify the degration towards women by pointing out that it’s all in storylines, and everyone is playing a part. If an artist calls a woman a hoe in a song, he may be playing a part, but that does not make it any less demeaning or degrading.

    Some things the WWE can try to justify, but this one is pretty hard.

  • B1G_FaN

    WWE programming will be better when the PG era ends after Linda realizes no one is ever going to vote her into office and she gives up the political career.

  • iLUVValets

    Like who cares about Linda’s campaign though, she already wasted a hoopla load of money on the last one, I mean if the people who watch your product won’t even vote for you, then you are doing something wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    It degrades women by only showing the girls 2 minutes although not with AJ Lee and Eve my favorite hoe-ski

  • Addy

    Awkward moment giving the divas 30 seconds(or no time at all) compared to 15 minute superstar matches isn’t demeaning.

  • lucky1now

    Once she gives up this run the wwe can be at their best once again

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Normally I’m quick to say WWE is just tv & we should all calm the eff down, but the only Diva storyline IS demeaning to women & their female fans.

    I’ve been pretty vocal that I find the AJ storyline well done but unsettling. This woman was emotionally abused for months, tortured post-breakup, left with no friends, except for CM Punk, who really didn’t like her either & is now joyfully planning a wedding to her abuser, which is pointing to D-Bryan revealing his affair with Eve Torres & likely jilting her. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is playing the part well, but it’s still effing demeaning. 

    Eve’s hoeski storyline is something women can relate to. Laycool as well. However, this whole storyline sets the idea that you can forgive months of emotional cruelty because he bought you a ring. Not cool. 

  • AfroJack

    Giving the Divas 5 minutes of airtime isn’t demeaning, it’s like all other TV, if a character is only featured in the episode for 5 minutes, that wouldn’t be called demeaning, just idiotic and ignorant.

    I do agree though, the WWE does create strong, heroic female characters, some have to overcome trials and tribulations, and the “bullies” get what’s coming to them, there are lots of examples

  • JJ

    When people involved in politics criticise WWE their arguments are always flawed because they take things out of context. Unfortunately for WWE, a lot of people don’t care about context and will take this Joshua Fishers word for it.

    He’ll be talking about the Trish barking segment I’m sure. That and Eugene are what they latched onto last time. Someone offered to have Trish on their show to interview her a few weeks ago and I wish she’s do it just to shut them up. She’s talked about this in the past in a very intelligent and articulate way, and that would probably make them stumble for words.

    I wish Linda would give this up though. Can’t she go for something a little less ambitious?

    • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

      I’ve read her platform & it’s actually very good. I think she has a lot of good ideas & isn’t really bound by partisan politics. I sort of wish she wasn’t Linda McMahon because she might get taken seriously.

      I’m not American, so I find your political climate of mud slinging & character over platform intriguing. We generally care not for those things, although our current PM is trying to bring the attack ads here. We don’t care what you do, as long as you’re running the country properly.

      • AfroJack

        Yeah we don’t get this kind of politics in the UK. All we have is a useless Queen, no jobs or opportunities and a slowly recovering economy lol.

  • Litax3

    i’m so over Linda’s ‘run’ for senate, its…well (the words i’m thinking are inappropritate) boring

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    If you dissect the entertainment industry as a whole, you can find story lines that are “demeaning to women” in just about all aspects of entertainment. I’ve even seen some suggestive lines used on the Miley Cyrus show on the Disney Channel. The WWE has leading roles for some women that are strong. They often dominate the men and come out on top. That’s something you don’t see as much in other facets of entertainment. The key to all this is to not be THAT strict about it or you’ll end up watching pure children’s shows. Up next, they pick on the violence, then the language… etc, before you know it, the show become way too sanitized to be fun for anyone to watch.

    What people see as “demeaning to women” in the WWE comes with professional wrestling. You see the exact same things with the male wrestlers. Let’s take Vince, he’s the owner. We saw him get hit with a bed pan while he was wearing tighty-whiteys. Those left little to the imagination. DX showed their butts several times. Randy/Edge/Ted/Cody/Edge pulled their tights down as part of a storyline at various house shows. At one point, Randy’s penis was seen flopping around. The guys are covered up less than the girls. The WWE is not that bad and fine as is. I have no problem with the bikinis, I complain about them not getting enough TV time.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/JayJay2307Q?feature=mhee KellyKay23

    Oh..I thought it was about wresting wise :/

  • mikeparis18

    They haven’t created a strong female character in a while. AJ has the potential but she isn’t the hero right now, more the tweener. Beth n Nattie IMO were the biggest hero’s (and they had a pretty solid fanbase as a hee; but no real challengers to make them seem more credible) Kharma would have done that but I’m assuming she is done (unless she returns this Monday)

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    the company does demean & is sexist towards women…just look at the time they get or their storylines are over who gets more exposure or on looks….