Stephanie McMahon Comments on Divas, Vickie Guerrero Weight Jabs

WWE executive Stephanie McMahon took part in her first ever Twitter session on Tuesday evening, answering questions via The Online Mom to promote WWE’s 1,000th episode next Monday night.

McMahon responded to fans’ tweets via the @WWEmoms Twitter account and made some noteworthy comments.

Giving her opinion on women’s wrestling, she said: “I love that our programming features strong, smart, athletic women.”

Another fan asked if she felt Jerry Lawler’s jibes at Vickie Guerrero‘s weight on commentary set a good example for kids. McMahon responded: “Vickie Guerrero is a strong character who stands up for herself.”

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  • lucky1now

    She knows how to speak now let her speak up for the divas get them more time
    Hell let her get the divas title see if her and a diva can make something out of it just like when she did it with lita

  • Aksana

    It’s disgusting to think that today’s society would categorize Vickie as fat. She’s got a lovely figure, it’s actually quite astonishing what with how much weight she has lost in the last 2 years and her age. I love Vickie!

  • OJ Von Erich

    Stephanie for new Raw General Manager… Can’t wait to see her return on Monday!!! XD

  • melon2617

    To be fair, King has never been afraid to poke fun @ himself. I remember when Jim Ross commented on K2’s birthday that she only had two more years to be Lawler wife material.

    Vickie is a heel & a darn good one. Lawler’s job is to build up faces & tear down heels, hence the childish names. This isn’t the worst he’s been, remember his Hart family jabs? His comments to Stu were awful.

  • JJ

    “Vickie Guerrero is a strong character who stands up for herself.”

    Come on Steph, what a lame answer. That doesn’t adress the fact that a good guy makes fun of a woman for being fat (when she isn’t anyway) while at the same time the company runs an Anti-Bullying program.

  • art

    So they features strong, smart, athletic women really….
    The vickie bit wasn’t a real answer vickie is ALWAYS made to look the fool…..
    shes lost alot of weight something wwe should be saying to get across that people should exercise at any age & be healthy but no they put her down everytime shes seen on tv….

  • #1FoxFan

    Vicki is not at all fat. She actually has a “real woman’s” body shape. She’s lost a lot of weight in 2/3 years. And that’s Jerry’s job to put down heels like that. That’s what he gets paid for. -___-

    • candice7000

      What’s a real woman’s body? I think every woman is built differently. Know just cause your fit or skinny does not mean you don’t have a real woman’s body. Having curves is not the only reason to be called a real woman.

      • art

        @candice7000 Couldnt agree more…

  • redsandman99

    I’ve heard less fat jokes lately and more grandma jokes now instead. And really, what do we expect Stephanie to say? I mean really. If she feels differently she’s not going to say it on that platform. Plus, this is a woman that used to be called a dirty, disgusting, bottom feeding trashbag ho every week. The Vickie jokes are tame compared to that.

    • melon2617

      exactly. The McMahons have mocked themselves for years.

      • redsandman99

        They really have. Vince has had more than his share of being humilated on TV, as have Stephanie…they’re really not asking their workers to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves.

  • Peter

    What bugs me is that fans here seem to enjoy the PG era, supporting that WWE should be more focused on sending always a positive example for kids. Kids should not watch fights, I dont see how could MMA could ever go PG. the same goes to wrestling, if they arent allowed to act and get nasty sometimes then wrestling is slowly dying in interest.

    Vickie sleeps just fine if king calls her fat, what matters is that she knows that she is above that and thats how you set an example for yourself. Afterall its whats great to see, they get bullied but they will get their revenge. Even Glee has bulliesfor gods sake. Wrestling is about fighting the good vs the evil, so its only natural that the evil is mean. Or the good insults the mean ones… I dont know if you understand my point as your probably stopped reading in the first line. :-p

  • Ryan

    To me a “real woman’s” body is defining Candice Michelle, Vickie looks amazing she’s a Guerrero I could never make fun of her for being fat. iLife Vickie she’s awesome!! King was an ass with Molly Holly taking huge jabs at her big caboose, Made fun of Jazz calling herb-like lol and many times Victoria for not being lady like until she kicked him in the balls lmfao…

    • Jcott3

      I LOVED it when Victoria let him have it! The only thing that would have been better is if Molly had been the one to do it. Jerry Lawler did his best work when he was a heel and made fun of the faces. When they began having more women on the show, he always sided with whoever looked better, but once he became a horny old man, he became a parody of himself. I don’t remember him saying Jazz was herb-like, but I do remember when he said “She doesn’t have puppies – she was Rottweilers!”, which I took as a statement of praise for how tough she was.

      By contrast, Lawler had high praise for Molly when she was a cute blond but when she became a brunette prude, that’s when he started making jokes about her – to the point where he got “a ton of hate mail” for all the things he said about her. She never recovered from that angle, even when WWE pushed her to the hilt in 2003.

      The worst part of the fat-ass angle was that it was the idea of none other than Stephanie McMahon! I find it appalling that a woman would do something like that to another woman, especially someone who grew up in the business and should know better.

  • TheJoJoIsCrazy

    I’m not sure I’ll represent my opinion wihtout being misunderstood but I’m gonna try.
    I think that even though WWE campaigns for Anti-Bullying, it is a program. There are stories that involve bullying. Thus face/heel synamics. Vickie is a heel. Steph is right in the fact that Vickie, in a heel role, comes out with that above it all attitude. She doens’t see the crowd’s true feelings for her because her character’s to self involved. If she was meant to be “affected” by the reactions I’m sure she wouldn’t have confidently entered herself in that bathingsuit battle royale match-thing. Lol. I’m not saying King’s jabs are child’s play or should be condoned but his character has always been the country boy who fights bullying with bullying.

    This being said, I believe the WWE is just giving us different character dynamics and it would be limited if they applied their campaign rules to every storyline because there wouldn’t be one. It’d be MMA practically. State your weightclass, age, exct, and fight. Stephanie’s always been a strong spokesperson and I think her answers were suitable just wish she elaborated more. She cares for the division and the company I’ve always felt and it shows.

    • Peter

      Pretty much what i tried to say above, thanks!

  • Bethinho

    reading this or not reading nothing at all it´s the same….
    very superficial statement about the divas…coming from someone that is ahead of CT i would expect something that would make me have some “illusion” about the divas division….