In Video: Kelly Kelly Shows Off Beanie Baby Collection

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is featured on the latest Superstar Toyz on WWE’s YouTube channel, sharing her Beanie Baby collection.

Check it out below:

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  • WhalenX12

    Haha ! She’s so cute ^.^

  • mscandy

    Wow…lol, I actually remember as a little kid when Mickey D’s sold the Beanie Babies collection too, cause I collected some myself. I don’t have them now and I don’t go to D’s either but just remember that growing up. Nice little interview.

  • Jordan

    OK, did anyone else go look up the value of your childhood beanie babies directly after or during this video? Haha!

  • MRvinaro

    Wooooow I’m surprised !!
    No Barbie Dolls!!!

  • iLUVValets

    OMG, i swear the more i learn about Kelly, the more i find out how much in common i have with her. I used to collect beanie babies when i was a kid, and i still have almost everyone she listed. My favorite is the Royal Purple Princess Bear that i have just sitting on my desk. I had no idea it was worth that much money wow.And i also didnt know it was made for Princess Diana, Mind Blown

  • Raekon

    Cool interview. :)
    Love her dog! ^_^

  • Ouellet

    I Miss Kelly :(

  • jim462

    Did she sign a long term deal or not

  • norisclouds

    Her roots are driving me nuts.


    She is so sweet, I love her :D