Impact Wrestling Feedback: July 19th, 2012

Get your weekly dose of Knockouts action on tonight’s Impact. Tonight’s show is live, so be sure to into Spike TV at the start time of 8pm ET.

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  • moonpiggy

    Kinda excited.

    Off topic: Have you guys seen NXT? There were 2 divas matches! Search the channel WWEDivasUpdates because that’s where i saw them on youtube


    not gunna be able to see tna tonight. can someone tell me whats going on?

    • Bryana

      no knockouts

      • ballplayer10123

        Wow, really dumb. They continue to bench a portion of the show that consistently brings in the highest ratings. Mind boggling, WWE syndrome. I’m ashamed to have set my DVR for this show, dont like to reward shows that dont reward the women for hard work.

  • WaitingForSundae

    Someone needs to tweet Dixie about the unsafe work environment before she gets sued.

    2 heels beat down a babyface? 5 security guys and 3 refs come running down to break it up. Six masked guys who have already taken out Hogan and Sting show up multiple times in one night? Not a single security guard to be seen.

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    Not even 2 seconds for the Knockouts on Impact. And people still like to say they’re better than the Divas, they’re actually the same now.

    Also again, Claire should’ve been played by an actual wrestler. It seems obvious that this is likely a fake pregnancy and even being a pseudo-trainwreck, her storyline is better than anything TNA has given its actual women wrestlers in years. It would’ve been a great introduction for someone.

  • jim462

    So if Brooke Hogan cant be a part of the show with the knockouts we get no knockouts math at all?I mean the knocklouts cant work a match unless Brooke is there? IMO That shows how little TNA thinks of its Knockouts all we get is an idiotic so called comedyskit with ODB & Eric Yoiung. This shows just how clueless TNA is about booking/running its knockout division

  • jim462

    match ^^