Your Two Cents: Best Raw Moments

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: With Raw 1000 coming up next week, we want to know: what do you think is the Divas’ best Raw moment? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Erin giving us her personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Erin: The moment that sticks in my mind for various reasons is the Raw main event Women’s Title match between Lita and Stephanie McMahon. For several weeks Stephanie had managed to keep Lita at bay in various creative ways, but this match forced her to finally face Lita one-on-one, and outside interference was limited given that The Rock was serving as referee. Stephanie finally got what was coming to her; Lita finally won the Women’s Title; and The Rock, Kurt Angle, HHH and the Hardys all made memorable appearances in a moment that not only served to make the Divas more important, but also to give integrity to the Women’s Title.

Your Two Cents

Andres Gutierrez | When Melina returned to Raw in 2010 and attacked then Divas Champion Alicia Fox

Then the week after when they had a singles match. One of my favoritest matches!


Brandon Bray | Besides Lita vs. Trish main eventing Raw, I loved it when Victoria turned heel on the model Divas in a bikini contest beat the holy piss out of them, plus giving Jerry Lawler one of the deadliest low blows I have ever seen.


Francisco Mata | In my opinion the best moment was when Mickie James won the Women’s Title from Beth Phoenix. I mean, you had Beth Phoenix who at the time was the “Alpha Female” that nobody could defeat until Mickie James rolled her up for the victory. I still remember seeing the crowd reaction and i was amazed by that moment!


Josue Guzman | I can think of so many great Diva moments coming from Raw. While it is easy to include moments involving Trish Stratus or Lita, as they are considered to be two of the greatest females ever in WWE history, I’m actually going to take a different route and say one of the best Diva’s Raw moments came from the original Diva, Sable.

It was during Sable’s feud with Jacqueline. The Sunday before Raw, Sable and Jacqueline faced each other in that infamous bikini contest, where Sable only had handprints covering her breasts. Sable appeared to have won the bikini contest based on the audience’s applause, though no winner was ever announced due to Mr. McMahon’s interference. It was decided the winner would be announced the following night on Raw.

That night on Raw, Jacqueline was declared the winner due to Sable’s disqualification of not wearing a real bikini. Sable, who was still receiving strong pops from the crowd, called out Mr. McMahon to the ring. Once in the ring, McMahon talks down on Sable but just as Vince turns around to leave the ring Sable gives him not one but two middle fingers and the crowd just goes wild! Truly a classic Raw moment coming from the Original Diva.


Mathieu Lavigne | Lita faces Trish in a 20 minutes contest in the main-event of Raw at the peak of their rivalries!


And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? What do you think is the best Divas’ Raw moment? Tell us in the comments…

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  • Thaila

    The Champions Only tag match that put Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and Umaga against John Cena and Candice Michelle was mindblowing for me. To see a Diva involved in a huge main event like that with those big names, no matter how small her role was in the match, was without a doubt one of the biggest highlights for Candice Michelle’s career.

  • AliciaLaylaLover

    Lita faces Trish, obviously.
    Divas Main Event, is a honor.

  • http://diva-dirt xaviloks

    sable wins the frist bikini contest ;)

  • Mrs Bryan Danielson

    My favorite Raw moment will always be the first appearance of Daniel Bryan as United States champion… wait, sorry, Um, then I’ll go with Lita vs Stephanie. Lita vs Trish was GREAT. Probably my favorite of all time but Lita & Stephanie set the bar. They were the FIRST women (to my knowledge) involved in a main event on Raw. Lita had such a huge moment after months of trying to get that title from the villainous Stephanie McMahon and to have The Hardys AND The Rock on her side. To watch such a mean spirited women FINALLY get what’s coming to her. It was a great overall match/moment.

  • revivingophelia

    My favorite RAW moment? Lita beating Trish for the Women’s title in the main event. The WWE treated it like it was a special moment (building up to the match by even showing clips of their feuds all throughout the show), and it really felt like one.

  • WhalenX12

    DEFINITELY Trish vs Lita, and the second one, Trish winning the Women’s championship.

  • lucky1now

    as far as great matches go lita vs trish tops it all
    but lita vs stephanie had it all plus men involved which was a great draw to their match

  • Johnyfaction3

    My favorite moment was when Lita return and saved Trish from Gail Kim and Molly! That was a great moment and the ovation Lita got was amazing!

  • Cheetara86

    My faves:

    – Lita/Trish main event
    – Victoria/Trish Chicago street fight
    – Lita/Kane/Trish wedding

  • VelvetLoveFan

    I have a few lol

    When Michelle and Layla attacked the RAW Divas
    Obviously Trish vs Lita
    and When Maryse returned :D

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    There are really a lot though sadly none from the current girls for me. I would say the best was Lita vs Trish in the main event. It wasn’t the first time women were in the main event but it was the first where no man was involved. They got a lot of time,told a great story and Lita got her second title win her first also happened in a main event.

  • AfroJack

    Really there are too many for me to pick just one lol. I’ll narrow it down though.

    *Trish/Victoria feud – the 8 minute match on RAW, the Chicago Street Fight, tables match and the regular hardcore match, the match where Victoria hit Trish in the face with a steel chair after.
    *Stacy being hit in the face with a steel chair.
    *Dudley Boyz table rampage on the Divas.
    *Hardcore title brawl with Jazz and Trish getting involved.
    *Kelly Kelly winning Divas title.
    *Many, many returns (Lita, Trish, Melina…) and how unexpected they were!
    *Multiple main events
    *Diss the Diva 2004 “cum guzzling gutterslut” LOL.
    *Moolah taking an RKO.
    *Mighty Molly and Siper Stacy are born.
    *Mickie gives Trish a present. Trish gives Mickie one too!

    • LadyGoDiva

      You basically have much of all of my favorite raw moments.
      Your awesome : )

  • LadyGoDiva

    There are so many great RAW diva moments that make me happy to be a diva fan but I’ll try.

    Lita vs Stephanie-main event
    Lita vs Trish-main event
    Lita vs Victoria-steel cage
    Victoria vs Trish-street fight
    the Rock and Lita vs Triple H and Trish
    Sable and Luna catfight
    Lita and the Hardy Boys vs Stephanie,Triple H and Stone Cold
    Candice Michelle vs Beth Phoenix-2 out of 3 falls

    • AfroJack

      Oh yeah forgot about Candice vs Beth, so good! & the crowd were really into it

  • WweLitafan4ever

    -lita vs trish raw mainevent
    -lita vs stephanie- raw mainevent
    lita coming back from her neck injury
    -live sex celebration
    -lita heel turn
    …some that come to mind
    even though im not a fan of gail,it was cool how she won the title on her debut

  • TheFallenAngela

    I would say
    When Beth Phoenix debuted she had people shockjed and had them going WTF just happened

  • javiousmckenzie

    MOMENTS not matches … hmm Mickie James gives Trish a gift that was pure greatness, Victoria hit Trish over the head with the steel chair or when she beat the crap out of Terri and was hit in the face with the ladder, Jazz return and nearly killed Trish after her streetfight with Victoria, Chyna has so many to count, Kharma debut on RAW, there is so many i swear

  • OJ Von Erich

    The Dudleyz dragging Mae Young from her wheelchair only to powerbomb her from the ramp through a table!

    Stephanie McMahon – Too many to mention but basically her heel turn (Slapping her mother, turning on her father then cutting that promo “No longer daddy’s little girl”, wedding #2, Main eventing with Lita…)

    The Bella’s taunting Kharma!

    WOW I really need to sit down and think about these… So many!!! :/

  • Mike in Like

    One moment that comes to mind, is when Trish and Lita returned on RAW and joined forced to beat down Jillian. One of my personal favorite moments. I also agree with Mickie vs. Beth where Micks won the title was a glorious moment. I remember being in shock and awe. More recently Mae Young and LayCool was very memorable for me.

  • Ryan

    Best Raw Moment…Anything with Trish Stratus Victoria n Jazz from 2002-2003. . Bully Ray Dudley vs Brock Lesnar is one of my all time favorite matches…Hardcore matches on RAW were superv. Sable, I just watched on youtube where she slaped that gay old man Patterson’s mouth off for touching her butt lmfao..hell ANYTHING with Sable was good haha
    Uhh…Melina vs Trish on RAW was good and Hmmm Beth vs Candice Michelle on Raw 2007 also really liked McCool vs Natalya that was a real sweet match!!
    Also Maria n Cena vs Lita n Edge was a fun match haha

  • natalyagailfan2011

    My Favorite Raw Moments in no particular order:
    – Chyna & Jeff Jarret feud
    – Sable & Luna catfights
    – Sable vs Jacqueline WWF Women’s Title on the 9/21/1998 edition of Raw
    -Trish Stratus pushes Lita off a ladder into a table
    – Trish vs Lita main event in 2004
    – Gail Kim winning WWE Women’s Title in her debut match
    – Lita vs Stephanie McMahon main event in 2000
    – Right To Censor attack Chyna
    – Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle 2 out of 3 falls match
    – Mickie James and Trish Stratus feud
    – Melina fires Mick Foley
    – Natalya vs LayCool