SmackDown Redux (July 20th, 2012): AJ and Daniel Bryan’s Pre-Wedding Adventure

While there may not have been much Divas action in the ring this week on SmackDown, we were treated to a special edition of ‘The Peep Show’ with special guests Daniel Bryan and his bride-to-be, AJ. Will the newly engaged power couple give us cavities with their rekindled love or will this get uglier than episode of Maury? Check out the segment below:

While the segment starts off innocently enough with lots of ring flashing from AJ, and a ridiculously adorable video package of AJ and Daniel planning their wedding, things take a turn for the worse when Christian questions AJ and Daniel about why they’re getting married. He even suggests that Daniel doesn’t really love AJ, prompting AJ to slap him across the face.

After forgiving AJ for her ‘Bridezilla moment’, Christian announces that Daniel has a match tonight against his fiance’s “psychotic ex-boyfriend”, Kane.

Towards the end of the match, AJ leaps on Kane’s back in an attempt to save her future husband from a chokeslam, causing a DQ. Daniel takes advantage of the situation and attacks Kane, but Kane lays him out with a chokeslam with AJ still clinging to his back like an enraged bushbaby. Turning his attention back to AJ, Kane swings her around to face him and the Geek Goddess and the Red Monster find themselves in the same position we saw them in weeks and weeks ago on Raw.

Just when you think AJ is going to turn her back on her fiance and their pending nuptials, she slowly pulls away from Kane and runs back to the arms of Daniel Bryan to end the segment.

I’m not exactly sure what this storyline between Kane, Daniel Bryan and AJ is leading to, but I’d wager that it will play into AJ’s wedding on Raw 1000 on Monday. As we all know, wrestling weddings never go according to plan, so it’s anybody’s guess as to what’s going to happen between these three come Monday night.

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  • javiousmckenzie

    This storyline is becoming a long drawn out movie like Twilight this started in November i think get to the pay off now they going back to Kane who is next? I like AJ but they are now shoving her down our throats like they did with Trish when they wanted her to be there new top diva and that made a lot of be ppl despise Trish. Get this girl in the divas divison and let her and Eve feud over the belt and put the same time and effort into a program with them that you have with her and all these man

    • KellyKellyAJFan

      I defitnetly agree with you on the Eve/AJ feud idea. Both have characters going for them now, I really hope to see WWE go with making that happen =|

      • javiousmckenzie

        Layla needs to drop the belt in a three way with AJ and Eve or even add Beth a Fatal 4 Way let AJ win it then have Eve taunt her by trying to and maybe even succeeding in seducing Bryan and the two have a very personal feud let Eve taunt her about her upbringing the struggle of being poor just down right nasty low blows fights back stage i would even start with Eve interfering like Trish did at AJ wedding Monday

  • Cheetara86

    It will end up with AJ and Bryan probably humiliating Kane. I want them to become a big heel couple.

  • WWFoverWWE

    AJ’s now back to her old role except now she’s a heel. I guess the ride is over huh?

    • gl83

      I think it’s more of a merger of AJ’s old character and her “crazy chick” persona. AJ’s old character while she was in love with Daniel Bryan was very meek and did not get involved in his matches actively. Now, AJ is ready and more willing to risk herself to save Daniel Bryan and will claw and scratch to ensure his safety.

  • AdrianRay


    Are we supposed to believe that Kane was AJ’s boyfriend? Uh ok…

    • DivasAreBetter

      YES! YES! YES! We need to believe that because WWE said so…

      • javiousmckenzie

        Im starting to think they are playing this week by week they have no idea which way they want to go with this storyline

  • redsandman99

    I gotta feeling that Kane will play some kind of role in the wedding on monday. And I’m hoping eve will as well to get revenge on AJ

  • Shan

    Kane and AJ! My original love!

  • qcevolution

    *sigh* I hate to b buzz killington here but I’m just soooooo over this storyline. Its been going on for far to long and at this point I don’t think the payoff will match all the build up. I mean we get it on weeks she like this guy the next she has conflicting feelings. But goodness they are running this into the ground. Just finish this up and take aj while she’s still hot to the audience and use her as an attempt to re-ignite the divas division with a good feud.

  • Jhonmarco

    Good segment; the video clip was hilarious! This storyline has entertained me very much and I definitely see it having a pay-off with either AJ officially turning heel and joining Bryan or Bryan cheating on AJ and AJ having a total breakdown and going 100% wild. Cannot wait for Monday!

  • unscripted & flawless

    Dead @ Diva fans already becoming “bored” and “tired” with this storyline. Y’all are never satisfied. When bitches were barely on the screen for 1 full minute y’all were complaining and crying, and now that at least one diva has an actual storyline, a few months later, you’re still bitching & moaning. Nothing satisfies diva fans so y’all should just stop watching wrestling because it’ll never be the way it was in the Attitude Era. The fact that the divas can’t even get a match on Smackdown nor RAW unless it’s a mixed tag – just stop. If they did have AJ and Eve feud over the Divas title, it’d probably become half-assed like everything else, so I think it’s fine where they both are now.

    • steeve

      Preach it. Don’t these people know they’re watching WWE? This is all so fragile. The alternative to this storyline isn’t the rekindling of the divas division, it’s the return to 2-minute throwaway matches that the crowd yawns through.

      It can be argued that AJ is the #3 character — male or female — on Raw. We’re witnessing the impossible, and people are complaining that the impossible is getting a touch stale.

      And yes, WWE has no idea where they’re going with this or any other storyline. It’s a soap, and that’s what soaps do.

      Looking forward to the comments 12 months from now. “If only WWE would let a woman get on equal footing with the men, like they did back in the good days last year.”


    I liked this episode, but i wish i would’ve got tto see more divas action. It doesn’t really seem like WWE knows what they are doing here anymore. LOL i was watching this episode with my papa, and he got mad because he said that there is too much talking and kissing, and no wrestling. He also thinks AJ is a bad actress!! :o

  • wwe12divasx

    I think Eve will interfere at the wedding since her and A.J are sort of feuding plus she wrote on twitter ‘Not to mention, I looooove weddings!!’