25 Diva Battle Royal for WrestleMania 25


PWInsider.com is reporting that WWE has plans to hold a 25 Diva battle royal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania next month. I’m assuming the match would tie in all the current Divas as well as the most recognisable names from the past.

The battle royal would quash the chances of a singles match or a title match, which I’m sure we’d all prefer. According to Mike Johnson, WWE is in the midst of booking past workers to take part. One name that will most likely be involved is Trish Stratus. Meanwhile, Torrie Wilson has confirmed that WWE has asked her to be part of the ‘Mania weekend, so it wouldn’t be out of the question to see her involved.

Other Divas WWE would likely approach include Mae Young, Victoria, Lita, Sunny and Molly Holly. This could also be used as a way to reintroduce Gail Kim.

WWE seemingly set in motion a Melina-Maryse match on Raw this week, but it seems that they’re going in an entirely different direction altogether.

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  • http://diva-central.fansitehost.org/ kristen1234

    I kinda like this Idea BUT I wouldn’t like to see some of my faves come back just to be tossed over the top rope.If that happens I am 100% Rooting for torrie!

    Also I think this would be a great way to introduce gail and maybe have her win which thne would give her a diva’s championship match resulting in a Maryse vs Gail Fued.

  • stephens61086

    As Much as I Would Personally Like To See 2 Championships Matches at WM25 here is a list of possible entrees to the Battle Royal.

    Wwe Currently has 18 Active Divas on its Roster

    Melina, Maryse, Beth, Michelle, Mickie, Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Jillian, Katie Lea, Candice, Eve, Layla, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Tiffany, Maria and Rosa Mendes.

    Which Leaves 7 Spaces open if all these Divas are used.

    Here is a List of Divas that may be included into the Battle Royal

    Gail Kim (if the wwe want her big comeback to be losing a Battle Royal?)
    Trish Stratus (Clearly the Wwe’s Favourite Diva of All Time and Clear Favourite to Win in there Eyes)
    Molly Holly
    Torrie Wilson
    Stacy Keibler
    Mae Young
    Miss Jackie
    The Kat
    Terri Runnels
    Ashley (Dear God I Hope Not!!!)
    Lena Yada (Who?? lol!)
    Sunny (Sable vs Sunny how good would that be!)
    Chyna (Doubt it though)

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

    I gurn at the fact that most of the Divas roster will be able to say they’ve competed at WrestleMania after this ;/

    Yes Tiffany, I’m looking at you.

  • Slapshot

    Good news……..everybody gets a pay per view check.
    Bad news……..could be a disaster of biblical proportions.

    Bell rings……….Beth and Rosa start tossing bodies out……..5 minute squash.
    Santino turns on Beth………Rosa wins……….Beth/Rosa fued. (Vince thinks Bigger is always better).

    It would be Classy if WWE gave Mickie the win, the most decorated Champion in the Womens Division getting one last big win. If rumors are true, she might be retiring in 2011, doesnt have many Wrestlemanias left, left off the last two, and will probably wind up demoted to Smackdown (Smackdown will be a demotion……MyTV Network isnt long for this world) to job after the Draft.

  • MitchBitch

    (: Mickie isnt retiring in 2011, im sorry to say but Mickie has even said she would rather Job to developmental divas then quit/retire, anyway ! I think lita trish torrie and probaly trashley will be apart of this, probaly sable, not stacey keibler because theres rumors shes pregant ermm ! dont know the rest, i want gail init to win it but they will let trish or lita win :| Or a cheat win by someone, i dont know :/

  • afca

    you know for some reason i think this could be true, cause there isnt build up a feud between divas that can compete at wrestlemania, actually im looking forward to this match! so seven spaces left my pics would be

    Lita (pleaseeeee<33)
    Trish(so obvious)
    Sunny(ive heard she said on her facebook she is training for something important)
    Torrie Wilson
    Molly Holly

    i think that are pretty much the only ones who would like to be a part of it, sable is pregnant right? and there are rumors stacy is also, so those 2 deff wont be in the ring, i also think tey wont call up girls that the company has released. I also think it wont be ashley cause there are bigger names then her, and noboy actually cares bout her,
    i also think its kinda unfair to put girls like; alicia,rosa,tiffany in a wrestlemania match, but whatever we will see

    Predictions; Trish ends up with Michelle/Beth or Lita and i think michelle or beth wins, they are kinda the top heels right?

  • afca

    oyeah but it can be that tiffany and rosa might not be a part of it, and then gail&someone else could be a part of it

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie
  • Artie

    As sad as I am there’s no championship matches I AM DYING TO SEE THIS!
    OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!

  • Luis-Angel

    haha i agree with Melina about the whole Tiffany thing lol
    well this kinda blows i was really looking forward to see Maryse vs Melina.
    hopefully this match isnt a let-down.

  • thedream

    whoever they do bring it’ll only be the ones ppl remember, Jacqueline & Christy Hemme might be out of the question since they’re with TNA, i heard miss jackie is still under contract so idk about them.

    im still questioning who will they bring?? Trish, Lita, Victoria, Jazz, Ivory, Nidia, Stacy, Torrie, Molly, Dawn, & Gail seem the most fiting considering there were apart of the “Golden Age”. then Chyna & Sunny would be cool, sable is knocked up, so im really confused. Mae Young is obvious for the match. i can’t wait 4 more details 2 leak, i know in torrie’s myspace blog she talked about Victoria to visit her in houston ‘Mania weekend so….

  • Bader

    This is definitely a huge excitement.

    Old Divas
    Jaqueline + Christy (NO because they are in TNA)

    Gail Kim ( Could be a Huge Thing if she comes back)
    Trish Stratus (If Sunny is Coming then so is she.)
    Lita ( Same Reason As Trish)
    Victoria ( I really hope she does, she is legendary)
    Jazz ( Not counting on it =[ , nice to see her back)
    Molly Holly ( I actually think she is going to participate)
    Ivory ( This is more like a 50/50 Chance, Ivory brought so much to the table. But WWE never did the whole “Legend” thing with her)
    Torrie Wilson ( A big chance she could come, but her back recovery might get in the way)
    Stacy Keibler ( I don’t know if she’s pregnant, i really hope not at this time lmfao. I’m her biggest fan and i’d scream if she’d come)
    Mae Young ( Please No!!!! Mae Young is a great woman’s wrestler but god she’s 85! I don’t want another interference after the failed one in raw)
    Miss Jackie ( Maybe, She has kids to take care of though)
    The Kat ( Don’t think after the Whole Kat-Jerry Incident)
    Terri Runnels ( There is a huge chance she could come)
    Luna ( I don’t think Luna Would Return, she is over wrestling)
    Ashley (For Once can you please go away?! I’m sorry)
    Lena Yada (Nahhh)
    Nidia ( I hope , but a huge chance she isn’t)
    Sable ( She’s Pregerz)
    Sunny (She’s coming)
    Cherry (Nahhh)
    Chyna (Hell Nawz, Her and Steph hate each other)

    Present Divas

    Tiffany ( Nope, Too green)
    Eve ( Same As Tiffany)
    Alicia ( High Chance She Will)
    Natalya ( Hope She Will)
    Maryse ( Yup)
    Michelle (Yup)
    Melina (Yup)
    Jillian (Yup)
    Kelly (Yup)
    Mickie (Yup)
    Nikki B. (Could Be)
    Brie B. (Could Be)
    Candice (Nope, injury =\)
    Rosa Mendez (Ain’t Counting On it)
    Katie Lea ( Hope So!)

    The Divas I think Are Competiting
    Alicia, Natalya, Maryse, Michelle, Melina, Jillian, Kelly, Mickie, Katie Lea, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Sunny, Gail Kim, Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria, Molly, Torrie, Stacy.

    Count: 19 Divas. 5 More Divas will join that i didn’t add

  • tony480

    Since they are having lots of “legendary” ex-divas in this match, I wish they would have a champion vs champion match and the battle royal. But that is highly wishful thinking. Cant wait to see who they all get, and maybe have a surprise diva come out that doesnt get announced.