FCW Watch (July 8th & 15th, 2012): No Disqualification Match – Paige vs. Audrey Marie

Hello again all, and welcome to the final FCW Watch as the show has effectively been removed from the Brighthouse Network and shall be replaced with NXT. Let me again apologize for the lateness, but honestly I just seem to never have the right moment to sit down and write one of these. I guess that can be the one positive in it being removed since it won’t fall by the wayside anymore. But nonetheless, on the July 8th episode, we had a Raquel Diaz promo (which is something we’ve grown accustomed to seeing), and then on the final episode, Paige and Audrey Marie square off with an interesting No DQ stipulation. I have not seen the match as of writing this, but ever since it was announced, I have my doubts on the level of extreme they will go or whether or not it will just mean no counts to five on hair pulling. I guess the only way to find out is to jump right in!

We head to the ring where Caylee Turner introduces this as a first time ever No DQ Divas match! Coming up first is Audrey Marie who bounces around like a perky ray of Texas Sunshine. Following her comes the entrance of the dark and talented, Paige, who looks ready to go from the start. The bell sounds and Audrey pounces on her from the get go! A bodyslam follows for a two count, before grabbing at Paige’s hair and slamming her down. Marie applies a headlock into a body scissors, as Paige tries to counter into pin attempts to no avail. Finally Paige breaks out of it and goes to town on Audrey.

Marie accesses another headlock, but Paige counters into a Back Suplex for a near fall. Jim Ross makes a bold statement in claiming he believes we will one day see her as the WWE Divas Champion! She begins choking Audrey in the ropes and then scoring with a few knees to the face. A hook of the leg gets another close call. The crowd tries to get behind Audrey, but Paige doesn’t let them phase her as she begins kicking and punching Audrey! She ducks a clothesline and goes for a boot, but Audrey catches her and swings her leg down, thus forcing Paige to collide face first with the ring. Audrey now begins to make her comeback and imitates Paige’s infamous scream!

Audrey with a nice neckbreaker for just a two count, as Jim Ross mentions KFC to my delight. Marie attempts a front dropkick, but Paige holds onto the ropes. From there, she just beats Audrey to no end with methodical kicks and snapping her arm off the ropes. Paige seems a bit angered that she can’t muster the three count, as the crowd begins chanting tables! Paige heads outside and grabs a steel chair, but Audrey boots it out of her hand! Paige goes to get it again, but Audrey stands on it and hits a nasty DDT for the win. Audrey celebrates the final female win on the FCW TV show, as Paige looks to be a bit sore from that finishing maneuver.

Also, check out Raquel Diaz’s promo from the July 8th show below:

Thoughts: I thought the match between Paige and Audrey was great. It was very back and forth, even if the No DQ stipulation was hardly ever in play. I know I say it a lot, but I truly believe Paige is one of the brightest prospects in developmental period. She has the skill, she can work a mic, and she’s got age on her side being that she’s so young compared to a lot of the other Divas. The future looks bright for her and I pray to God it works in the way we hope. Audrey, I still feel she is much better than given credit for. No, she’s not on Paige’s level or anything, but she’s not the worst in FCW by a long shot. Granted, I do wish more weapons were involved, but I kind of expected it to be like this when the stipulation was announced anyways so I guess I wasn’t disappointed, being that I didn’t enter thinking they would pull out tables or kendo sticks etc. All in all though, I enjoyed the final Divas match and I think both women put on a great showing.

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  • jayjayholler

    For god sake, Paige loosing again!!!

  • divafan

    Audrey needs more training,she is boring. Paige was marvelous, she has an inborn talent.


    I dont like Audrey she looks so fake with that silly smile in her entrance.

    The WWE not yet left shine paige


      Thank you, I agree 100% with you, Audrey is so annoying with that “smile”, it looks so stupid and fake and looks like she smiles with her nose -.-

      Ans she´s also very boring!


    With this new NXT I tought that FCW tapings were gonna end, does anyone know if it will?

    • MattyM

      This was the last show

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/200984-chris-b TrishMelinaFan

    Audrey has improved leaps and bounds in the ring, but she’s just such a boring competitor. I find everything about her to be bland. She’s one of those Divas that needs to be a heel to have any sort of edge, and I truly think it would’ve benefited her to stay heel, because she at least had some sort of character and attracted interest that way.

    I think the match sucked, but I never expect much from Audrey’s matches. I love the fact that Paige can bring out so much aggression in all of her opponents, she’s my favorite WWE Diva right now. I think she’s really going to make a massive name for herself in the WWE, because she’s just so different and refreshing.

    Mark my words- the Raven-Haired Lady will reign supreme in the WWE.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/brodyrediron BrodyRediron

    At least a DDT on the chair would’ve been a nice way to end a “No DQ” match. Jeeze!

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com candice7000

    It was a pretty good match. I find their other match to be better. I love Paige, I only heard of here never seen her or watched a match before she came to WWE. I see big things coming her way in the future. I love Audrey too. I feel she showed a lot of emotion in this match. Though I feel she would be better off heel. When she first came I wanted more from her as a heel. But she is doing pretty good face for now. And does anybody know is Audrey is on NXT. Cause I look up the full roster and she is not listed. I know she was in the promo, but the girl has yet to make an appearance.

    • Bobby

      She debuted at the last set of tapings a few weeks ago. No idea when her match will actually air since they seem to be airing things at random, but should be soon!

  • FashionQueen86

    Caylee Turner IS awesome on the mic