Armchair Creative Team: Booking AJ and Daniel Bryan’s Wedding

It’s the return of the Armchair Creative Team! You’ve probably heard of the term ‘armchair quarterback’: someone who sits on the sidelines and feels they know best. Similarly, the Armchair Creative Team is our own spin on that term, as we lend our ideas to WWE’s Creative Team for possible storylines. Okay, it’s a trillion percent likely that none of our ideas will ever come to be — but there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasizing!

This time: We offer our opinions on how we’d book the AJ and Daniel Bryan wedding segment on Raw 1000.

Cryssi’s Idea
I can’t remember being this excited for a wrestling wedding since Miss Elizabeth and “Macho Man” Randy Savage tied the knot in the most stunning, beautiful, and heart-felt wedding the wrestling world has ever seen. AJ and Daniel Bryan have captured my heart since they were first paired together. Their up and down, abusive, and rather absurd relationship has been entertaining, painful to watch at some points, and just overall brilliant. It has evoked a ridiculous amount of emotion in people, both good and bad, and when Kane and CM Punk, as well as the WWE Championship, was added in, you had the making of the best storyline the WWE has done in years.

And I would be so incredibly shocked if it actually went off without a hitch.

Here’s how I would book the next chapter in this gorgeous angle. I would have AJ open the show with the backstage segment, dressed in her wedding finery, and ready for her big day. But instead of looking forward to taking that walk down the aisle and becoming Mrs. Daniel Bryan, I would have her go out of her way to find CM Punk and wish him good luck for his match against John Cena. It would be an interesting moment because I would have AJ look hopeful that he would say something, but instead, I would have Punk just wish her luck as well in his CM Punk kind of way. The two go their separate ways.

I’d have the wedding at the beginning of the second hour of Raw. They would make their way to the ring, go through the motions, and I would have both DB and AJ say their vows. When the preacher asks for objections, there wouldn’t be any. But the camera would catch a glimpse of AJ’s face looking hopefully at the ramp, waiting for Punk to come out. After a few seconds, when it’s perfectly clear that no one is going to interrupt this wedding, I would have AJ object herself. Obviously this would confuse Daniel Bryan, and AJ could go into this big spiel about how she’s not sure she’s ready for this, and all that good stuff. DB would get furious and AJ could end up slapping him and running off. A stunned Daniel Bryan would storm off after his run away bride and we would go to commercial break.

Coming back from commercial, we find AJ standing outside CM Punk’s lockerroom, about to knock on the door, when Daniel Bryan comes up behind her. He grabs her arm, whirls around, and begins screaming at her. It’s a huge, ugly argument that results in DB backing AJ up against the door.

Cue John Cena.

He saves the day for AJ and pushes Daniel Bryan out of the way. That leads to a stare-down between Daniel Bryan and John Cena, and our bride AJ is left more confused than ever. The three of them all end up heading in their separate directions and finally CM Punk comes out of his lockerroom, ear buds in place, oblivious to everything that just happened. He’s ready for his match!

Obviously, this match is the main event of the evening. We all know what Punk and Cena are capable of when they are in the ring together, so it’s going to be pretty good. When it looks like John Cena is about to become yet another person to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase successfully, I would have AJ come running down the ramp and slide into the ring. She would beg Cena to stop, and Daniel Bryan would sneak into the ring through the crowd. He would absolutely kick Cena’s head off much to the shock of everyone and that would mean Cena wins the match by disqualification. In essence he wouldn’t become the first person to lose MiTB, but he would be the first person to not win the title. It’s a win/win for everyone in that regards. Daniel Bryan would set his sights on AJ again, the woman who left him humiliated at the alter, and as he backs her into the corner, here comes Punk to save the day. DB is disposed of, AJ and Punk are left facing one another, and once again the WWE Championship is left in the middle of a hot mess involving the most interesting Diva to come along in a long time.

There’s your SummerSlam main event featuring John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk, and more importantly, we will FINALLY have AJ’s choice. It’s only fitting that it takes place on the biggest summer stage of all.

Make it happen, WWE.

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