Today in History: Stephanie and Trish Team Up Against Lita

On this day in history:

July 24th, 2000 | The brother and sister team of Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon went up against Lita and Big Show in what Shane dubbed “the first brother/sister match”. This quickly turned into a one-on-one affair between Stephanie and Lita, and Lita had the match well in hand before Trish Stratus interfered, taking out a strap and whipping Lita with it. A match was booked later that night that put that weapon to good use: Trish vs. Lita in a Strap match. Again, Lita was well on her way to victory when Stephanie showed up to return Trish’s favor, helping her win the match. Clearly, Lita had one enemy too many..

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Litawasrobbed

    1: Shane was cute back in the day.
    2: I don’t remember this! I remember the Trish/Lita strap match but not this segment.

  • OJ Von Erich

    This had to be one of the best moments in all history for me, since it was my 2 favourite diva’s teaming up on the ultimate hero diva (I always preferred the bitches) Plus it was Stephanie turning heel that got me into wrestling then Trish debuted not long after… Those 2 were the only reasons I tuned in basically so to see them double team Lita, gave me great joy!

    Even if it did eventually turn into my fave fued in history…

    Daddy’s little girl VS Daddy’s little plaything! =D

    • Chula bonita

      Lol. Yeaah this defiantly opened the doors and set standards for the Divas of today !

  • ItsRayVolution

    pretty rare if you ask me as most people would remember Trish and Stephanie being bitter rivals from their awesome feud rather than the allies they were here

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    it was cool to see stephanie aid trish, but we know she only did it to weaken lita. both stephanie mcmahon and trish stratus hated lita for different reasons. stephanie was trying to kill any momentum lita had leading up to their eventual main event match. trish just hated lita because they were opposites and after stephanie, they were the top divas of wwe. they truky brought out the best in each other. had trish not given in to mr mcmahons sexual demands, stephanie would not have focused her ire on her, but its good that they did… their no way out match was alot of fun.

  • love

    o m g some of my favz yea : ) : love :

  • AfroJack

    I love how Lita had 2 enemies at this time… and then those 2 enemies became enemies lol.

  • Ryan

    Lita had 2 enemies Lita n Trish had like a MILLION enemies lol. Steph Chyna Jackie Ivory not to mention the dudley boyz APA Right to censor edge n christian

    Stephanie looks so scared lol love this
    Was fun always seeing Stephanie get her ass handed to her n watch her coward away haha plus watching her with her weak strikes was hillarious

  • lucky1now

    loved this time when all the storylines played with each other

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Great stuff but it is also kind of sad. The WWE used to really care about their female performers. They built stories around them. They gave them focus. And now…….sad.

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    Back when WWE gave a damn about the divas.

  • melon2617

    Is it wrong that when I saw this, all I thought was

    “Damn, Show used to be so much more svelte! He really let himself go!”