Lita Voted ‘Greatest Raw Diva Ever’

Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita, real name Amy Dumas, has won the fans’ recognition as the Greatest Raw Diva Ever.

In a poll commissioned by Diva Dirt to celebrate the 1,000th episode of Raw, visitors narrowed down 32 women, each who the Diva Dirt staff had helped shape Raw’s near-two decades on air, to just one.

Dumas, who retired in 2006, beat fellow icon and career-long parallel, Trish Stratus, in the finals of the tournament, garnering 59% of the vote.

Diva Dirt can reveal that prior to the grand final, Lita and Trish topped the polls in each of the previous rounds, exchanging the top spot in every round. But when it came down to the final head-to-head, the still-rabid Lita fanbase managed to create a comfortable distance between the pair.

Over 16,000 votes were cast over the course of the tournament.

Dumas, who debuted with WWE in 2000, is widely recognized as one of the most influential females in WWE history with four WWE Women’s Championship reigns and key storylines on the flagship show,.

During her time with WWE, Lita became an instant fan favorite with her daredevil moves, her unique sense of style, and her personality, which differed from a lot of the other Divas presented at the time. As well as achievements in the ring, Lita also grew a kinship with a segment of the audience few other women in the company could rally — young girls. Forming a key portion of Lita’s fanbase, the four-time champion became a pin-up hero for many teenage girls (including current Diva, AJ) who seemed to relate to Dumas’ more tomboy-ish personality compared to the other Divas, many of whom were presented as feminine, sexual and catered more to the male audience.

Lita won three of her four championships on Raw, two of which were in the coveted main event of the show — a segment rarely adorned with Divas. Lita’s 2000 title win over Stephanie McMahon closed the show, as did her 2004 win over Trish Stratus, a match revered to this day. In 2006, Lita defeated Mickie James for her third win on an August episode of Raw.

As well as her title history, Lita was part of some of the most captivating storylines on Raw; her career-long love-hate relationship with Stratus is arguably the greatest Divas feud in history, while the explosive triangle between Lita, Matt Hardy and Edge was water-cooler TV.

With title wins, main events, a pregnancy (er, and a miscarriage), weddings, and a live sex celebration… Lita is your Greatest Raw Diva Ever.

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  • MRvinaro

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    So happy

    wish she will return tonight :D

  • Litaker61

    Yay! Now hopefully she appears tonight.


    I´m glad it was Lita, because if it was Trish there would be a war on this site -.-

  • T@KESH1

    Diva of The Decade award, Raw 15th Anniversary poll… took THE PEOPLE to get it right.

  • lucky1now

    Congrats to Lita she is the RAW diva
    Now the fights can be over lol

  • Tamms

    Woop Im happy for her. Lita has always been looked over when it comes to Trish and it really wasnt right. I would have been happy with either woman but Im glad that Lita got this. Its really funny that if its not a poll or a related poll Lita always wins. That speaks Volumes

  • CRosario2010

    I voted for Trish to win, but it dosen’t matter to me because both Divas are the best and I love them both. and personally I think they both deserve the title as the greatest RAW diva……

  • wangzy

    ……….RAW is definitely LITA……….

  • Litawasrobbed

    On this day Lita was NOT robbed. Conrgrats to my favorite wrestler! But congrats to Trish as well.


      Today, justice has been served. ;)

      • Litawasrobbed


  • corndogagenda

    Yes! *backflip* Congrats, Lita.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    Both are awesome but given that Lita is my favorite of course I’m happy about it.


    A clean winner by a respectable margin.
    People, you made the right choice!

    • ssilva872


      So happy they were both in the final two though since both deserve to win but Lita imo is a tad bit more deserving for the title of Greatest Raw Diva of All Time.

      Her return tonight was very awesome to see too so I am just so happy for her!

      -King Silva

  • moonpiggy

    yes! The best diva won! LITA! A true legend… love her

  • ajfan83

    So when can we stop pretending that Trish is the “most popular diva ever”? WWE had to rig every single diva poll Trish ever won (Diva of the Decade, Sexiest Raw Diva, Most Impactful Diva). And despite all that nonsense, Lita, not Trish, is the one that is actually showing up for tonight’s milestone show. But if Trish had a magazine or DTV movie to shill she would have made the flight, no doubt. Honestly, for all the people that knock Stacy, Kelly, Maxine, etc. for using wrestling as a stepping stone, you sure do ignore the fact that Trish “retired” as soon as she got famous, too. Double standards are great.

    • WweLitafan4ever

      Lol ikr

      • melon2617

        Trish was on the show.

        Can we stop badmouthing Trish? In this poll, Lita won. Why not simply congratulate Lita instead of once again bag on Trish? The thing with popularity contests is that they’re subjective. In this case, Lita was more popular tonight. Congrats to her.

        Trish retired for a number of reasons, including her mom’s bout with cancer and her wedding. Trish was always famous in Canada, so her retirement from active competition really coincide with her rise to Canadian fame. Lita retired because the fans called her a slut and she wanted to be a musician. They both had their reasons and both are happy in their new lives and best friends.

        • ajfan83

          Lita has always won when it was left up to the fans, that’s my point. You don’t have to like it, but it’s the truth. She just connects better with wrestling fans.

          And Trish was famous before WWE? Last time I checked she was doing low rent fitness rags before they signed her. That’s like saying Rock was famous for his football career.

          Her cameo was worthless, btw. She should have stayed home like Austin did.

      • Bobby-james


        So you bad mouth Trish because you assumed she wouldn’t appear on RAW. Then she appears on RAW in a fun segment with Triple H that goes back to the day when he was teaching her how to escape a hammerlock and you complain…. interesting. It was a nice feel-good moment for those of us that remember the segment from her early career (kind of like the feel-good moment Rikishi & The Usos created)…

        For the record, I’m content with either woman having won this award, they both are amazing and memorable (Trish is simply always going to be my favorite though). But your assertion that Trish left when she got famous couldn’t be more wrong. She had a herniated disc, injured her shoulder, was getting married, and wanted to spend time with her family. Trish worked a full-time schedule with WWE from 2000-2006. She captured her first Women’s Championship in 2001. So for you to say she left when she got famous? No – Trish reigned over the Women’s Division for 5 years of her near 7 year career.

        She gave us what she needed to. I think it shows what a professional she is for taking the time to return to the show when WWE asks her. It proves her loyalty to WWE and to us, the fans.

        • ajfan83

          I didn’t complain that she wouldn’t show up on Raw. I pointed out that Lita is more popular with WRESTLING fans. She wins all these fan polls and gets better reactions for her appearances. Trish proved me wrong by showing up tonight, I’ll admit that, but her appearance was probably the most pointless one on the show outside of maybe Jim Duggan. It’s kind of funny that Lita was featured so much more prominently tonight. Maybe WWE reads this site.

          And Trish wasn’t famous when she won her first title. She started taking off around 2006, when she hosted that Canadian award show. That was her “Stacy on Dancing with the Stars” moment. A few months later she was gone. It wasn’t a coincidence.

          But your some slobbering Trish fan, like Melon, so I wouldn’t expect you to ever agree with me.

        • melon2617


          The Walk of Fame was Trish’s big moment? Not all of the other shows she had co-hosted? Not her various appearances on major media outlets, award shows, etc representing WWE? That one. Of course, that appearance was to appease fans who had voted Trish to be ON the Walk-Of-Fame despite her not being qualified to be on it just yet. You also understand that Trish had told WWE that she was leaving BEFORE her hosting gig, right? As she said on OTR, she had told WWE in the spring that she had no intentions of renegotiating her contract because of her mom’s health issues and her upcoming wedding and it was time for her to go home. Trish also booked her own ending as a loss, which Vince changed to accomodate the Canadian press surrounding Trish’s wedding, which was being heavily publicized.

          I love how you completely disregard why Trish left & continue to ignore her own words so you can villify her. Trish’s mother’s health issues had nothing to do with it, her wedding, etc, none of it, just fame. Fame that she already HAD in Canada. There’s a reason these opportunities have presented themselves to Trish, because she is a legit star here in Canada. There’s a reason that her wedding was profiled by a magazine, that ET Canada covered her nups, that’s she’s featured in all of our magazines, etc. Trish is a mainstream celeb here and has been for awhile. To badmouth her to build up Lita shows how little you actually respect your idol IMO. I don’t need to belittle Lita to build up Trish because Trish’s accolades and accomplishements speak for themselves. I love Lita, she’s definitely number three in my top five fave Divas of all time and her accomplishments should stand alone as why she deserves recognition. Lita did a lot (IMO more outside of the ring than in it, she was a much better manager than a wrestler, but that’s my personal thoughts on it) and she should be proud of her career.

          I could say that Lita left because she was jealous of Trish’s fame and was angry that she didn’t get the W in Toronto and she was stalking Edge, but I know that’s not true, so I’m not going to say it to make Trish look better by comparison. She left to pursue other avenues after the WWE audience made her private life public. That’s a valid reason for leaving. Trish wanted to go home, get married and see her family. Lita formed a band and now hosts a sattelite radio show. Trish and her husband opened a studio and Trish hosted a travel show for a spell. Both have done well in their post WWE life and kudos to them for not becoming those former wrestlers who are constantly getting arrested, on drugs, whatever.

        • ajfan83

          Lita isn’t my idol. I think she’s as overrated as Trish and has the most emo fans on this site. But she’s always been more popular than Trish, and wins all these polls that aren’t rigged by WWE. I remember when they did that Raw anniversary show and asked people to name the sexiest diva, and then made the mistake of showing the voting results. Trish didn’t even finish second, she finished fourth, behind Lita, Mickie James, and Candice Michelle. But somehow she still “won” the poll.

          I just respect Lita a bit more because she doesn’t manipulate WWE the way Trish does. I blame Vince McMahon’s obsession with Trish more than I blame Trish herself, but that’s another story for another day. Oh, and for someone who is supposedly so popular in Canada, she sure hasn’t popped a Toronto crowd in a LONG time.

          One last thing. I know Trish supposedly left to get married and spend time with her family. But didn’t she move to America to do that crappy cop show like a month later? Got an explanation for that one? She’s Canada’s answer to Stacy Keibler, just admit it.

  • TaraFan19

    So happy that Lita won… She was just an incredible entertainer and wrestler

  • LaylaElFan

    I’m sooo happy Lita won,she deserved it!!! It’s a shame she wouldnt return tonight…well i hope she returns.

    • Tamms

      Websites are reporting that she might show up I dont think to stay but she might make an appearance

  • TheLadySamantha

    Isn’t it already confirmed that Lita is appearing at RAWs 1000th tonight? Either Trish or Lita could’ve won this, really.


    All i can say is Lita has finally got all the credit she deserved. Trish would’ve been my second choice, but Lita is first at allllll things in my book. WWE when it comes to the divas is pathetic. Lita would’ve without a doubt won all of the older diva polls if WWE did not rig them. The poll that really raged me is the Most Influencial Diva Ever poll. Trish got #1. Lita got #8??? Deffinately rigged. Now i hope this poll will finally shut everyone up about Trish vs Lita. Because it will come out with the true winner. LITA

  • Ayrton12

    Wowww she deserves iT, I’m so happy :)

  • queennattie

    At least the fans give her more recognition than WWE does haha! ;P Very happy with the top two and results!

  • redsandman99

    So happy Lita won. Trish was undeserving as well but Lita was my hero growing up so I’ll always have a soft spot for her.

  • Gleekout

    So happy Lita won! She deserved it! Lita defiantly stood out among most of the Divas back then and still does today :)

  • Kim099

    Next up..Greatest Smack down diva TORRIE WILSON

  • WweLitafan4ever

    The right diva won.

  • layglamacool

    There is a way of congratulating Lita, without trashing or disrespecting Trish Stratus.

    • Litawasrobbed

      There is but that wouldn’t be as much fun ;) Lol I do agree with you, us Lita fans should not be sore winners… But again, congrats Lita

    • norisclouds

      Well said….