AJ Named New Raw General Manager

Talk about a swerve!

Instead of saying “I do” to Daniel Bryan, the Diva of the moment, AJ said “Yes, yes, yes” to a job offer from Vince McMahon — to become the new General Manager of Raw.

It all went down when AJ and Daniel were due to tie the knot, but before the reverand — former WWE star, Slick (yes, really) — could declare them husband and wife, AJ dropped the bombshell that she’d said yes to someone else.

It turns out that she had said yes to a business proposal from McMahon, who came out and announced that AJ would be taking over Monday nights.

The era of AJ is here! What can we expect from AJ as GM — mandatory skipping, converse for every audience member?

Tell us what you think about this shocking turn of events in the comments!

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  • Looking Glass

    I know people are going to be like “OMG THE DIVAS ARE NOW RULING THE SHOW!” and marking out but I really hated this sweve. It’s good they’re giving a DIVA attention, but now it just seems like they’re forcefeeding her to us and it’s like “Why?” it’s like they have to keep giving her storylines with no answers to cover up the last one. People can be happy that a Diva has attention, but just because they’re giving it to her it doesn’t mean it’s an amazing segment or angle or makes any sense. It’s sad that as fans, we have to get excited by one woman getting some attention when the whole division should have had some moment of their own to shine over the past 1,000 episodes.

    • Cheetara86

      How is it forcefeeding?

      Finally, a female as GM. And, maybe this will lead to more Eve/AJ stuff.

      • Looking Glass

        One, Stephanie McMahon was General Manager so it’s hardly a first. Secondly they DRAGGED out the love square storyline and her choice and what has it accomplished? It set up a fake wedding for her to be named GM of a show when there’s been 0% logic put into it other than Triple H likes her. Also it’s kinda forcefeeding when the one girl gets the attention and the 20 others might be allowed a segment or two if they’re lucky.

        I’m glad for A.J. but like I said, just because she’s a Diva getting attention, doesn’t make it a brilliant storyline.

        • Fox-hunter

          What would make it a brilliant storyline? Seriousy the company could give you anything and fans would bitch and complain that it isnt 100% to their liking or its too much of one person.
          If you dont like it dont watch or even better stop judging everything against your perfect image of how things should be and just enjoy when WWE actually serves you something good Diva related.
          Its like somebody gave you a feast and you complained its too big but starving people shouldnt complain when someone feeds them. You wanted consistent diva storyline and you got one. Sure we all want all the girls to get a chance but the fact that they are not doesn’t diminish the good aspects of the AJ story.

      • norisclouds

        Because she’s not over…those women got those titles when they were over…

        • redsandman99

          She sounded pretty over at the house show I was at last night…then again Omaha crowds don’t suck like the majority of crowds do these days.

    • ILoveKpop


      • http://xlittlemissobsessive.tumblr.com/ KellyKellyAJFan

        @Fox Hunter, completely agree with you. It’s becoming annoying. I understand the rush of complaints when no Diva was really getting anything to work with but c’mon guys, is it really necessary to nitpick with AJ? It’s pretty awesome that ANY Diva is getting some type of recognition.

        • Looking Glass

          Which is the point I make, why should I not criticise it? Because I should be thankful that one person is getting screen time? It’s a division and what I would have preferred is if it was a simple feud or storyline with A.J. and Bryan rather than dragging Kane and Punk into it when they had next to no point in the outcome. Why should A.J. realistically be GM? It makes no sense, why did she go after all three men and how did that actually relate back to Bryan? No logic.

          The whole “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it” is stale as Sunny’s career. I’m not going to stop voicing my opinions because they clash with yours. If you like the A.J. show, that’s fine. I just don’t see any ‘good points’ to the storyline other than one diva getting attention.

  • Bhentoooot

    i really dont know what to expect. i prefer Vickie with this kind of stuff but imma give AJ a try. she must focus on the Divas!

  • MRvinaro

    So Happy

    I was jumping and it wasn’t something predictable !!

  • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

    could go two ways as far as i see it. it could add to the division by having aj/vickie or aj/eve stories.. but it could also continue to take away from the division with that wwe mentality of ‘oh there’s a chick on screen for two minutes so now we don’t need to have a diva match’.

    have to give it a few weeks before judging and see how it plays out =)

  • Slapavel

    wish it was vickie , she knows what she’s doing .

  • redsandman99

    As with anything, let’s give it a shot before we all judge.GMs don’t generally last too long these days unless they were named Teddy Long so she’ll probably be back wrestling soon enough anyway. But I will say it was a nice to have AJ “save” herself by choosing herself and her career over marrying Bryan.

  • Bethinho

    unless it means something good for the WHOLE division and not only for AJ,i´m all for keeping an eye on AJ´s new role.
    if it´s to see more of the same where the divas champion is merely in a segment backstage and the rest of the divas are nowhere to be found…thanks but no.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    This is a huge responsibility and I really hope she can live up to it. I don’t think it means anything for the rest of the divas. AJ’s been all over tv for weeks while the others barely even get on tv.

  • xAJLeeNerdx

    I wonder when will the “AJ must be sleeping with [insert wrestler name here]” comments start :P Anyways I was expecting Stone Cold or Edge to be the Raw GM. But I’m confused, is AJ a face, heel or tweener?

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      one of the good things about aj being gm is they can apply the whole mentally unstable schtick so that she’s a face or a heel depending on what matches wwe need to set up?

  • https://www.twitter.com/wweaj_fan_club WWEAJLee

    the best one was hand picked by vince his self so shut up cry babies aj is realy realy the only diva with knowledge of getting over with the crowd

    • Looking Glass

      You realise this is scripted, right? Like pre-determined?

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      i think aj is over enough without having to be gm but i hope that as she now is gm, they can use some of that popularity/overness she has in helping the rest of the division become popular, too.

  • lucky1now

    Don’t know how to take this I’m just hoping this means more for the divas

  • FashionQueen86

    The wedding sucked. They messed it up so bad.

  • javiousmckenzie

    People are just so happy that a diva is getting air time that no one cares how bad the pay off in this long drawn out angle was like this is what we get after all these months? Why not use her in the ring build her up as the face of the division and let the other women capitalize off that like Ivory and Jacquline did at the emergence of Lita. Using her as just a character …. i dont agree

  • iLUVValets

    I REFUSE, to support this bullshit, Diva or not im glad i didn’t tune in,looks like i didn’t miss much either, did Kharma even return?

    • Kim099

      HELL NO ;(

      • iLUVValets

        Maxine :1 , WWE : 0

    • CRosario2010

      So when a Diva gets a main spot u say its bullshit, and when the divas don’t get a spot at all u say its bullshit. That is hypocritical (like most wrestling fans))… And the show was actually good, just because WWE decided to give Kharma a break to clear her mind doesn’t mean its the Be all and end all of the entire WWE… my goodness!

      • Addy

        Oh my gosh seriously we’re allowed to be upset because she isn’t wrestling. We want to watch women WRESTLING. Yes, we obviously want to see AJ and the divas in segments and promos and storylines, but a key part of WRESTLING… is wrestling. Not to mention we saw what happened to Eve when she got an office job.

        • iLUVValets

          Im saying, yall give Aj too much credit, yea she is doing well in her role but thats not saying much, you put any other Diva on that roster in Aj’s spot, then they’ll do the same job if not better, Aj may be getting the spot light but in the long run her role wont get her very far. Just watch.

        • gl83

          @ADDY That isn’t the case with the Divas. With the Divas their wrestling does not get them over. All of the Top Divas and most popular Divas got over by being characters first and foremost, participating in segments and promos, not wrestling. If this was ROH, then yeah wrestling would be important, but this is WWE and this is sports-entertainment, where the storylines are more important than the wrestling.

      • iLUVValets

        @CROSARIO2010 Your standards are very low,

        • gl83

          @iLUVValets No, you cannot just put any diva in AJ’s role and expect it to work. They’ve tried for years to get Kelly a storyline ouside of the division and all of them ended up bombing and being dropped within weeks. AJ’s role started small, but as she impressed and got better, WWE gae her more and more of a role. When’s the last time WWE has ever done that with any of their Divas.

          AJ can talk on the mic, she can emote when she speaks, and her facial expressions, mannerisms and body language can tell a whole story without her even having to speak. Bring all of these factors together and that is why AJ is making this role work, whereas other Divas might not.

        • iLUVValets

          My point is, this role isn’t going to take her anywhere, and I honestly haven’t been feeling this storyline since it started and i have no reason too because it was redundant and pointless, yea i think she is doing great in her role but it won’t last forever and once it’s all over Aj will be back in the backstage just sitting there, because lets face it this storyline in no way is helping the Divas division, hell at this point they might as well just scrap the whole division and turn everyone in to valets. I hate to be a negative nancy but it isn’t going to get much better.

        • steeve

          The reason the Divas division isn’t getting helped is because when skilled wrestlers have been put in long matches, the crowd didn’t care, the online voters didn’t care, the viewers didn’t care. I can’t help but credit WWE for trying to find a back door.

          It’s sorta like music. It sucks because mass audiences suck.

        • CRosario2010

          @iLUVValets Thank U so much! Yes I’m “low standard”!

        • CRosario2010

          @iLUVValets I do see where your coming from where you are coming with this will not benefit all the divas as a whole, but we should see if this works or not and then comment on it after. Not just bash the entire thing when it was just announced and we didn’t see any of the results. That just my opinion…..

        • iLUVValets

          @CROSARIO2010, Yea you are right that i should be patient and see where it goes, but you cant blame me for being frustrated, WWE is capable of so much more, not only with their divas, but with the tag teams and mid-carders, but it’s as if they just choose to fail. Honestly i remember a time where i was completely happy with everything the divas did up until THAT WM match with Ashley vs Melina,Then they picked the division up after that and let it crumble to the state we see today. The division overall is a mess and they are barely trying to pick it up. Im just mad because I know the product could be so much better than it is today. I’ve have nothing against AJ, i just doubt this role will do anything significant but we will see. Sorry for the essay lol.

  • TheFallenAngela

    I don’t like her not once so ever…..Come on why is she the damn GM i don’t like seeing her in backstage interviews what happen to the “I wanna be the girl that people can relate to” sorry not everyone is mentally unstable and is so desperate to get attention………Highlight of the night seeing lita and seeing stephanie attack paul heyman

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    DUUUUDEE!!! This could of been Maxine’s job!!!!!! lol

    Wow…if she chose to stay just a bit longer…love a woman who takes charge but Maxine you gotta know…u in a MAN;s WORLD BRO!! ;)

    And I just gotta wait n see how AJ does…doubt it will be as good as Stephanie Maxine Sable or Vickie..hell Karen was good too!!

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    WTF Whoooooa?!!!!

    Seriously guys?!! How can u NOT support THIS?!! You guys have been bitching and moaning since who knows when, divas dont get enough time, dont get pushed….half of them FAIL at what they do!! Many times WWE gave the girls 7 min matches and basically it was the same 1-2 min match STRETCHED into 7 mins..FAIL BRO!!!
    Divas get the mic…FAIL!!

    AJ is GM so WHAT?!
    Its 2012 now..we have a black president…gay marriage is legal…you cant call fat ppl fat anymore….so get the F over it! AJ is new GM, ya digg?

    • Addy

      I don’t understand what a black president, gay marriage(isn’t legal country-wide if you didn’t know that), and anti-bullying has to do with the fact that womens wrestling fans are upset the women aren’t wrestling. Please enlighten me on what that has ANYTHING to do with AJ being GM or upset fans.

      • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

        If THOSE things are acceptable than clearly AJ being GM should be too..no big deal

        • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

          the issue isn’t people don’t think aj should be gm because she doesn’t have a penis or because of her heritage, it’s because they worry that it will detract from the divas division as a whole. only time will tell. all is well that ends well.

          using your black president, gays being able to marry in some places analogy.. them things = equal rights/equal opportunities.. so why can’t we have equal rights and equal opportunities for screen time, stories, feuds, etc. for ALL of the divas, not just one of them? =/

        • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

          Akk if them have had a shot…I cant say im really thrilled about AJ being manager I like her as a valet/wrestler. I think Eve or Maxine could of done this job but guess not we just gotta wait n see how it goes…as much as diverse as AJ is…it cant ALL be AJ as much as id love to.

  • http://www.twitter.com/swax1 swax1

    AJ being the General Manager of Monday Night RAW is the WORST thing that could ever happen to her career.this is a DE-push if i ever seen one.she will now NEVER become the WWE Divas Champion and have a WRESTLING career.way to go to that asshole wrestling company WWE!

    • Addy

      Yeah. Just look at what happened to Eve when she was given a management position.

    • CRosario2010

      Just because AJ is GM dosent mean her wrestling career is over… Lmao

    • http://xlittlemissobsessive.tumblr.com/ KellyKellyAJFan


  • divafan

    I’m glad Kelly didn’t return

  • AJ Glee

    LMAO…The IWC, I tell you…

  • Like Mike

    I enjoyed the segment, though it seems so random.. from a realistic stand point, why would Vince hire a “mentally unstable” woman to be in charge of RAW? The only direction I can see this going is AJ finally getting back at D-Bry for all he’s put her through and making his life a living hell. Other then that I can’t see her being GM benefiting the division at all. Maybe Eve will start to brown nose her?

  • FilmJenkins

    Cop out swerve!
    They didn’t know how to end this angle all while whoring it out for the 1000th episode. This blows and the GM situation will go right back to square one in the matter of weeks.
    AJ has no experience as an administrative character; I’d rather see her feud with Kharma or Kelly or even Heath Slater. I’d rather see Lilian Garcia as GM since Lilian has studied acting.

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    Not cool :( I want to see LESS of her not more SMH

    Why can’t WWE use better looking and more talented woman in main event storylines? Why do they have to use an ugly, annoying, not that talented woman?

    • TheFallenAngela

      thank you someone sees my POV….making her a gm she will only used this to get revenge if she cares about the divas as much as she claims to then i hope we see more diva matches

  • steeve

    Egads, the short-termers here. “AJ will never wrestle again!!”

    When she’s done GMing, which will be about 12 weeks, she’ll be wrestling. In the meantime she’ll light up my TV, feud with Vickie, and throw her weight around.

    And I presume that the story is supposed to be that she was never crazy but was grabbing for power anywhere it could be found — power over Kane, over the WWE title, anything.

    This is all surpassing my wildest dreams. I couldn’t even cheer the announcement when it was made because I was too floored.

  • AngelWhild

    I’m left wondering, Can the WWE push more than one Diva at a time?
    The diva’s division has gone down the drain…..poor layla has been brought back, winning the title and pretty much left off tv. Seems Aj is doing great work but what about everyone else. You hear rumors about WWE being interested in Angel Williams, and hiring Del Rey…but what about natalya, Beth?…and Rumored releasing my Fav.Kharma? What the heck WWE….Kharma is money, and so is Natalya and Beth…Use what you got first…these poor ladies.
    If no one wont speak up for them I will….Congrats to AJ on her push but there are others who are waiting…talented. I want my Kharma….but again its WWE…they seem to “know whats best” i.e. shoving Cena at every chance they can….i’m so over it, and I’m not the only one!!!