NXT Watch (July 25th, 2012): Sofia Cortez and Natalya Shine, But Leave Us Wanting More

We’re back again this week from the newly revamped NXT. Nothing new developing in the “Exfoliating Ugliness Tour”, so we will just assume that Raquel Diaz is sitting in a dark room with photos of each Diva carefully choosing her next victim. This week, we get to see an interesting match that has never happened before! It will be Natalya taking on Sofia Cortez in what is sure to be pretty unique and exciting, given Cortez’s high flying background mixed with Natalya’s more technical base moveset. I can hardly contain my excitement, so let us jump right in before Natalya screams that she hates us all.

Skip to 4:25.

Out to the ring comes Natalya, looking as perky yet evil as ever. Following her intro comes the typical latin music every Puerto Rican WWE star receives, but our firecracker Sofia Cortez slaps some hands and gets the fans fired up. The bell sounds as these two lock up. Nattie takes control of the wrist, as they exchange counters until Sofia is taken down with a fireman’s carry. She reverses into a legscissors, but Natalya flips out and offers a handshake. Sofia nearly buys into it, as Nattie shows it was all a joke to snatch Cortez up. The lucha-esque Cortez ends up scoring with a very nice handpsring armdrag though! She goes to follow up in the corner where Natalya landed, but Nattie dodges out of the way and hits the discus clothesline for a near fall. Neidhart then taunts Sofia a little and locks in a brutal submission. Cortez tries to do everything in her power so that she will not give up, but Natalya is eventually forced to break the hold due to grabbing Sofia’s hair.

She drags Cortez into the corner and decks her with a few kicks, but Sofia then scores with a boot and a front dropkick! Natalya proceeds to kick her in the stomach and execute a wonderful pin attempt for a two count. Sofia then goes for one of her own for yet another near fall. This results in Natalya performing yet another roll up, but as Sofia kicks out, Nattie falls to the outside and refuses to enter the ring by a count of ten. Sofia Cortez is declared the winner by countout, but this isn’t all from our Dungeon Diva. She slides back into the ring and locks a helpless Sofia into the Sharpshooter! Cortez screams in pain and taps, but Nattie leaves it locked in until eventually breaking it and walking off… leaving Sofia quite the message on their debut match against each other.

Thoughts: More please! I absolutely loved this match (well, the moments we saw of it at least), but that’s no surprise considering who was involved. Natalya is clearly the woman I feel can have a good match with anyone. Put her against a paper bag and she could still probably make it do believable hurricanranas and dropkicks. Sofia is definitely skilled in her own right as well, and I find that when she’s up against someone with a lot of experience, she provides her best in ring work. I kind of feel the same way about Sofia as I do Winter aka Katie Lea. They’re not the best when it comes to having to carry people of lesser experience, but when you put them in there with someone who doesn’t need to be carried, they shine bright. You don’t have to be able to carry someone to be a good wrestler, and in this match clearly nobody needed to be carried at all. I hope and pray NXT continues this, because I would honestly much rather see more develop here than with the “Exfoliating Ugliness Tour”, which is weird for me to say because I’m never one to shy away from the fact I prefer gimmicks/entertainment to pure wrestling. But I guess that further cements how much I was invested into Sofia/Natalya, and want to see more from it stat.

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  • King of Mean

    Raquel Diaz is doing a very good job with the “Exfoliating Ugliness Tour”, she´s got a lot of charisma and Sofia Cortez has done a very good job in her Match. I expected to see Paige at the Show, but she may be at the next.

  • redsandman99

    Definitely would love to see more. Both women were on point and I love how Natalya is very verbal in her matches. It adds to them rather than distracts from them.

  • iLUVValets

    Wow , very good, i haven’t seen a Divas match like that since ……………………….

    • AfroJack

      since Paige vs Sofia?

      • iLUVValets

        I never caught that one, but if them two were in it, it must have been good

  • lucky1now

    we need to see this on the main shows can you imagine what kind of storyline this can make on another note they showed a good amount of divas in the raw 1000 clip seeing lita in that made me smile

  • WWFoverWWE

    Good match. Natalya makes everyone look so good (new victoria much?)
    Sofia is already better than most of the divas but honestly, she screams future jobber to me. I can her see on the main shows as a heel losing every week :/

  • LadyGoDiva

    So far the new NXT has been doing so well but I’m feeeling like I do want to see a rematch between Nattie and Sofia.

  • mikie91

    It wasn’t bad. I would’ve liked to see more. I’m waiting to see Sofia at her best. I really hope they give her the chance to do so.

  • norisclouds

    I love Natalya. Sofia I know is experienced but she seemed to trip over herself a lot here. She’s probably still finding her WWE ring legs. I was a bit disappointed by that.

  • FilmJenkins

    Natalya is so sexy when she’s angry.

  • CRosario2010

    I enjoyed this match, and I hope they continue this storyline.. But I don’t think Nattie should b on NXT. She should be on the main shows having matches like this.

    • Piledriver’ Tavios

      I agree I dont get why they put a former Divas champion on NXT.

      • Jake

        Same reason why they put a former IC champion on NXT?

  • moonpiggy

    LOL! ” I hate you! “

  • Marlon Eric

    Oh wow….for some reason I thought the first picture was the first screenshots of the divas for WWE13. I was gonna say, “Natalya looks fantastic! But who is that in the superhero red?!” LOL Damn, that would’ve been awesome..

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/200984-chris-b TrishMelinaFan

    Decent match. I like what they did, but I find that too many of Natalya’s matches are completely technical with no ‘big bang’ of an end, which I find very boring and bland.

    Even though Natalya’s character looked like a complete idiot just randomly getting counted out, if the post-match attack leads to some sort of program between her and Sofia it could be worth it. Even if the program is a series of matches like Gail and Melina had I’d love to see it.

  • NT86

    What was with all the “I hate you’s” by Nattie lol?

  • TheJoJoIsCrazy

    I like how Nattie’s heel phrase is always, ‘ I HATE you!!”. Lol. I liked the story told here. That’s what I love about Nattie she can wrestle and impress with her physical prowress without dropping her character in the ring. She came off to me like a spoiled, entitled child. he whole not getting in the ring until she felt like marching in and THEN destroy. Lol. The tantrums and the I hate yous just added to this. I like Sofia but I liked her best with Paige. Here she came off to much like baby-face jobber which is NEVEr my cup of tea but she did show her ring experience as always. I felt bad because she had that “out-of-towner” feel to her and I almost expected her to lose.


    Great match, but the ending was really stupid because Natalya was dominating most of the match so there was no reason for her to be scared of Sofia.

    And by the way, now I want to see if anyone is gonna bash Sofia for screaming “COME ON” so many times…probably not…

  • http://Twitter.com/Just_Trevon Flybytre

    Great Match But Why The Count Out….

    I Would Really Love To See Beth Phoenix Or Layla Wrestle On NXT, The Matches Are Longer And Better. The Main Shows Is All About Their Precious Little AJ (I Do Like What They Are Doing With Her Though) There Seem To Be No Time For No One Else.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com candice7000

    It was a good match. I just love Natalya. She is just so entertaining and has so much talent. She in a way has the presence of Tara/Victoria. Buth are skilled wrestlers, they bring comedy, but doesn’t over do it and also have there own commentary in the ring lol. I’d love to see them in the ring together, but I can only dream. I feel Natalya needs to be top heel. Beth had her chance so let Nattie get a piece. Her and Layla would be an awesome feud. As for Sofia I just don’t like her and I hope she doesn’t last in WWE. Her ring skills are good I will say that. But she brings an ora I just don’t like. Maybe one day she’ll grow on me like the Bella Twins did(I use to hate them so much).


      I agree with every single word that you said, I don´t know why, but for some reason I don´t like Sofia :/

    • Jake

      Sadly, Sofia comes across boring during a lot of her televised matches and segments. I’ve seen videos of her house show matches and I was really impressed with her. She can also deliver good promos as seen on her Diva of the Month video.

      • http://www.diva-dirt.com candice7000

        Why can’t she bring that to her televised work?

  • Raekon

    Liked the match, liked the characters and the girls did a great job selling everything.

    I think that the reason why they decided for natalya to lose through count out was so she won’t lose through a “new girl” clean or with a roll up but rather through her own decision, only so she can show after the match that she could had won easily if she wanted to.

    The arm drag counterwas my favorite spot and kept me longing for more. ^_^

    Really hoe we will get the opportunity to watch a rematch with as much or even more story behind it cause both girls are awesome.

    Loved how Sofia worked the crowd like she did in her indy days too!
    This is something that every diva should do in my opinion.

    • Raekon

      Correction: Loved how BOTH girls worked the crowd! ^_^

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Match was kinda meh to me…what we’ve already seen with other girls verse nattie…..

  • shameronstar

    It was a good match but I really wanted to see more of Natalya’s power moves and Sofia’s shoot style kicks!

  • Bethinho

    decent match with a dumb finishing.Natalya counted out?oh lord…..

  • Freaky-Lucha-Dolls

    Well, this seems like the beginning of the end for poor Nattie. Just like Victoria, they are severely over looking her true potential and just utilizing her more of a trainer to the rest of the talentless divas.

    She is currently the best female grappler in the WWE, and they put her in nxt?!?!?! Thats pathetic and a real shame! Meanwhile Layla is the current champ?

    TNA, u better sign this girl! If I were Nattie id ask for my release from the
    WWE pronto!

    W orst
    W restling
    E entertainment

  • hbgoo1975

    Kaitlyn needs a last name.

  • DivasOfDoom94

    I LOVED this Match!!!! My 2 Favorite Divas, Natalya and Sofia Cortez go one on one!!! This for me was a Dream Match!! I really Love Heel Natalya with her “I Hate You” and jerky quirks :) and Sofia is just amazing in the ring! I mean Natalya is the best Diva in the WWE and one of the Best Technical Wrestlers in the Company male or female! Great Match, one of my favorite matches of 2012 and Can’t Wait for More!!