In Video: Taeler Hendrix vs. Jessie Belle Smothers From This Week’s OVW

OVW has released a new episode of their television show through their website at This week’s features a Femme Fatales match with OVW Women’s Champion and recent TNA Gut Check winner, Taeler Hendrix, facing off against Jessie Belle Smothers in a non-title match.

Before the match, you can also witness a backstage segment explaining the cause of the bout taking place, where Hendrix and Smothers argue. Also spotted is new SHINE acquisition, Heidi Lovelace.

Check out the video below:

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  • Looking Glass

    OVW have been a bit lazy when it comes to their females lately. It always seems as if they have one feud, one goes over and then the title holder goes on to hold the belt for nearly a year, loses it and regains it again. They did it with Josie and Taeler the first time, then Izza Bella and Josie, then Epiphany and Taeler. I wish they would step it up a bit in future and have a proper Femme Fatale’s division.

    I can’t even comment on the backstage segment, OVW are notoriously ridiculous when it comes to them. I just find most of what they do ‘try-hard’ and really stiffly done. The match was pretty much the same, I know they say wrestling matches have to tell a story, but let’s face it this is pretty much a pantomine right here – the ending was okay, I’d be more impressed if I hadn’t seen a woman pull off a Gory Bomb before (Raquel/Josie)

    • Future-Knockout/Diva

      It actually went from josie then izza belle then back to josie then taeler then epiphany then right back to taeler but i agree it does go back and forth in a feud.

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    i wish they would give their girls longer matches. i actually really like the ovw girls. seen lots of u tube videos of them. so im extreamly happy that diva dir at least just posted the video. match was ok. i personally really like taeler. kind of iffy on jesse. never seen the gory bomb se up like that before so that was cool. maybe Raquel should try to do this.