Today in History: Gail Kim Turns Heel

On this day in history:

August 4th, 2003 | Trish Stratus‘s match against Molly Holly was going swimmingly until Victoria showed up to beat down Trish and DQ Molly. This brought out Gail Kim to save her fellow babyface. She chased Molly and Victoria off, pulled Trish to her feet… and clotheslined her. She cracked and kept attacking Trish until the referee forced her off. With her heel turn, Gail joined the teeming ranks of Divas with a distaste for Trish. Hey, life is tough for an underdog!

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  • Danni

    I remember this like it was yesterday, was so exciting at the time! ..but it only led to her jobbing to Trish & Lita over and over again … leee siiggh.

    • Sherri Martel Appreciation Page

      WWE wasted her talent! She could have been the top face when she returned but they never used her right!

    • Jillfan1

      ayyyy =/

  • PeriodPalace

    molly holly in my opinion was one of the best in ring female workers wwe has ever had. Yes she may not have been the best on the mic and yes she looked a lot older than she was but she never put on a bad match and rarely ever botched.

    • Jcott3

      Molly was a great wrestler, but as Dean Malenko and Dave Meltzer have said about her, “She was too good a person to be in the business”. She was always volunteering to put people over and was way too eager to make a fool of herself, plus she was totally unwilling to wear skimpy outfits or do anything remotely risque due to her devout Christian faith. All the things that made Nora Greenwald a good person made it impossible for Molly Holly to ever be a major star for WWE.

  • perceval

    Being taken under Molly’s wing, and the further training with Finlay, made Gail into the great wrestler she became. Story-wise, of course, this was setting up Lita’s return from her neck injury.

  • melina prez

    Good match…still longer than the matches today (still ended in DQ)….at the time i was in love with this storyine!

  • Marlon Eric

    I forget sometimes how powerful Gail is.

  • Ryan

    Gail destroyed trish haha I remember this like it was yesterday too!! I remember how clumsy Victoria was lol whenever she got shoved shed fall lol but then again it’s Jazz n Molly shoving u no wonder hehe

    Anyone else thought Tara got hurt in that spinning sidewalk slam looked like she buckles her own knee ouch lol
    Awesome moments Molly made a great champ her matches were always perfection :)
    Trish rocks too!!

  • Jcott3

    I always thought Gail’s heel turn was when Molly put her in a chokehold and more-or-less forced her to become her partner in crime. But at least they got a better push than the Divas Of Doom ever got.

    • Jakey

      August of 2003 was a *really* weird month, booking-wise, when it came to Gail Kim. The next week Molly fought Trish again with another DQ finish courtesy of Gail — but this time, Gail attacked Molly! Then they did a Triple Threat match with Gail doing a heel interview backstage, and that led to Molly retaining after double-crossing Gail. It wasn’t until the end of the month that Molly did the aforementioned chokehold, and the two of them agreed to take out Trish Stratus, because if you were a female heel in WWE at that time, that was your sole motivation.

      • redsandman99

        And then the first three Raws of September was “let’s kill Trish Stratus” until Lita returned to even the odds. Interesting times.

  • Kantrell

    I found it funny how she was looking around acting like nothing was about to