WWE Legend Thinks Velvet Sky Should be a WWE Diva

WWE legend Mick Foley sung recently departed TNA Knockout Velvet Sky‘s praises on Twitter when he responded to a fan’s question about whether she would make a good addition to WWE’s Divas division.

Foley wrote:

I think @VelVelHoller would be a valuable addition to the @WWE Divas roster. Hope it happens.

Sky acknowledged Foley’s remarks, replying “Thank you Mick!”

Velvet has already had several brushes with WWE programming in the past – she appeared as an extra for JBL’s “Celebration of Excellence” party in February 2005 on SmackDown. She followed this up with two appearances on WWE Heat – one in July 2005 in which she faced Victoria in singles action, and another in January 2006, where she and Trinity were selected from the audience to dance with The Heart Throbs.

She also auditioned for the 2007 Diva Search but did not make the final eight.

Velvet’s former “Beautiful People” tag team partner, Angelina Love, was also granted her TNA release a few weeks ago.

  • Lanoom

    Why would you wish that on anyone?

    • missawesomeness

      i agree just stay away from the wwe if you still value your career just go to shimmer or ROH

    • http://youtube.com/plasticangelx PlasticAngelx


      • Kayfabe!


    • shipton12345

      Yes Velvet Sky & Angelina Love Would be Great to have on the WWE Diva Roster. I seriously Hope Vince Mcmahon & World Wrestling Entertainment Sign These 2 to WWE Contracts ASAP!!!

  • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

    for a moment i thought the legend was going to be jim ross and i was ready to just ramble on how he seems to love and give praise to anyone and everyone these days lol.

    mick and velvet are friends, so yeah i guess he would say that! as a fan of hers, i’d love to see her continue to shine on the ‘big screen’! but i don’t really see her fitting in at diva-land unless she has a huge makeover……and of course there’s the whole, what’s the point? wwe already have plenty of women they don’t use and a whole barrel full of newbies in fcw i’d sooner see hit the big time =)

    • Marshy

      Well WWE will have start changing their format,cause it is not fair that the guys can have tattoos but the women can’t have tattoos anywhere on their bodies.Even Christina Von Eerie says that she is having a difficult time of being signed with WWE. If Luna Vachon were in her 20’s,Do you think that she will be fitting among the Divas or Would she gets rejected cause her tattoos like Christina Von Eerie,Velvet Sky, or any other Women in Professional Wrestling who has tattoos anywhere on their bodies while CM Punk and Randy Orton gets a no problem?

      • gingerjaffa

        The tattoo thing is not why. Look at raquel diaz, Sophia Cortez and buggy nova. They all hav tattoos in FCW.

  • AfroJack

    no thanks.

  • LadyGoDiva

    Velvet does have the “look” but as a wrestler I’m not so sure.

    But with the current state of the women’s division she could really gamble alot if she does and if Angelina Love decides to join her we could have a WWE version of TBP unless they add more members?

    Who knows?

  • lucky1now

    They didn’t do anything with kharma but velvet they can work some sort of storyline for her
    But then again they can use their own divas but choose not too

  • iLUVValets

    Yea she’ll make a great addition to the WWE Women’s Backstage Division

  • weaver087

    She would be a welcome sight to the WWE but would they actually use her? Past two RAW shows, 6+, hours and we’ve seen only AJ, Rosa and Diva’s Champion Lita in non-wrestling appearances with Diva Legend Lita in the only wrestling action! And this little bit of action after they release Kharma without ever doing anything with her. Would love to see her work with CM Punk somehow. Maybe those two can team up against AJ and whoever she chooses as a partner. Something, anything!

  • weaver087

    I meant Diva Champion Layla not Lita. My Bad!

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#inbox SEXYOFTHESEXIST2011

    I Would Love To See Velvet In WWE She Will Bring Something Different To The Divas

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com candice7000

    I would like to enjoy seeing Velvet Sky in WWE. To me she always looked like a WWE diva. But I don’t see her doing all the stuff TNA let her do. Ecspecially her entrance. She can do something similar, but all that booty popping is not going to fly. She can also wear her ring gear, but the gear with skirts gotta go cause there to small. Other than yea Velvet should most def put in her application to WWE. If her and Angelina get sign I don’t TBP being together. i see one getting the bigger push in the division than the other.

  • WWFoverWWE

    It would make Velvet a huge hypocrite. Doesn’t matter anyway since the diva division is pretty mucn non-existent, Velvet isn’t missing anything.

  • Ed

    Velvet in WWE? What would be the point really? What difference would it make? The Divas can’t even get on television.

  • Addy

    Maybe this should be a new insult. “Oh yeah? Well maybe you belong on the WWE Divas roster!”.

    Let’s start a trend.

    • Lanoom

      “Divas” started becoming a dirty word years ago.

  • bxradimus

    WWE already has the horrid Kelly. They don’t need the equally horrid Velvet also.

    Angelina Love on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind seeing her in WWE.

  • carlos22

    WWE has a Divas Division?

    • VarsityBaseDude

      They do not. I think they used to, but they do not have one anymore.

  • Lily

    I rather have Angelina but both of them back together would be epic.

  • French.One

    I don’t want either Velvet or Angelina, I’d rather watch Kali …

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Stay away from WWE Velvet! Your too much woman for them anyways…they wouldnt know what to do with you..

    Allthough if She IS ready to make good money and just stop wrestling than WWE is a good place to go…am just worried she wont be big there like she was in TNA

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    WWE has kelly they don’t need velvet at all….velvet has been wrestling 10 years & shes still terriful……

    • VelvetLoveFan

      No not really, velvet is better than a lot more female wrestlers out there, and she is good in ring!

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        No she isn’t…you’re a bias fan so of course you’d say that…..

        • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

          Lol!!!! Right, we already have Kelly and Rosa adding Velvet will be like cloning the two and fusing them together. But I would like Velvet to be in the wwe only if they hire Angelina and teamed them up again and feud against my babe Layla and give her a taste of her own medicine and make that a big summer feud for her.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Don’t go to WWE Velvet. For one you didn’t want to go, for another, they will probably make you something degrading and a jobber. As much as I see her having success in WWE, it is not guaranteed she would get a proper treatment. She’ll probably end up the route of Gail Kim but worst off as she is an average wrestler in comparison.

  • Crazy_J

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Velvet in the WWE. I’m not sure if she will actually enjoy her time there, but hey you never know! Good luck to her if she does get the chance. I find Velvet very interesting when she talks on a mic so that would be refreshing in the diva’s division. Comparing her to Kelly Kelly doesn’t seem right to me because Velvet is in a different pool imo. I’m not a big fan of either of them, but Velvet seems more believable and more intense.

  • Lucretia

    I’m on the fence about this. Despite what a lot of people say, Velvet can wrestle and in that sense she would make a great addition to the Divas. But then, what is there of the Divas division now anyway? Nothing. The WWE has no idea how to use them and the Knockouts are going down the same path also. Take what WWE is doing to Paige on NXT….A superb performer who has wrestling in her blood and what is she on that show? A mere jobber.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Daavidd4 Dayvid

    As big of a fan i am for both Velvet and Angelina i think if they went to WWE it would be rather hypocritical after all the shots they’ve taken to the wwe and it’s women’s division in the past…

    But regardless, i wouldn’t blame her if she did. Good money in the biggest wrestling company out there. Plus, as i said, im a big fan of hers. I think she’d be an interesting addition.

    • Marshy

      I think in the wrestling business that every wrestler has made pot shot at another wrestling company at time or another in their career especially during the Monday Night Wars period.

  • Katie

    Yeah, no thanks. She is terrible, throw Kelly Kelly’s name into your little hissy fit all you want, Kelly is improving and isn’t a 9 year “veteran” like Velvet is and yet are on the same level, hmmm.

  • xxBettyBoopxx

    That’s a horrible thing to say to a person.