Report: Kelly Kelly Returning to WWE Next Week

PWInsider is reporting that Kelly Kelly will be returning to the WWE full-time a week from tomorrow (August 9th) when the SmackDown brand heads to Japan.

Kelly took time off from the road back in June, and her future with the WWE seemed to be in question. Last week she returned for Raw’s 1000th episode, but never appeared on the broadcast.

This news seems to confirm that K2 was indeed negotiating a long-term deal with the WWE, and that she will be remaining with the company.

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  • Kim099


  • Giggles

    Well hopefully that means we’ll get a lengthy match. Even if it is with Kelly.

    • NurseBetty

      Who would’ve taught Kelly “could be” the savior of the division.

  • jen07201

    Might this mean more time for the Divas?

  • Johnyfaction3

    It seems like the divas had most tv time when Kelly was there so that sounds good.

    • Jinzo

      What’s funny is I recall a lot of people on this site saying “Finally Kelly’s gone! Now the division can only get better!”. Now look what it’s turned without her.


    Maybe WWE Will Turn Her Heel WWE Needs At Least One More Heel Diva We Only Have Eve , Aksana ,Beth Phoenix , Natalya , & The Queen Heel Diva Herself Vickie

  • shameronstar

    I really want Kelly Kelly to turn heel and become Krazy Kelly again!

    • WhalenX12

      Haha, dream come true.

    • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

      That would probably do good for Kelly. I’d love to see her feud with Layla. The two have history steming from ECW.

    • Jcott3

      I’d like to see that, too. But more likely, Kelly will return to much fanfare, Layla will get jealous that she’s Divas Champion but Kelly gets all the hype, Layla turns heel, they feud, K2 becomes Divas Champion again and we’ll be right back where we were last year.

      • TibarnEl

        I’d prefer Kelly feuding with Layla for the title over whatever it is we have now.

      • NurseBetty

        @Jcott3: I prefer Layla as a heel. Face Layla is just a no.

        • Jcott3

          A lot of people think that if Layla didn’t wind up on the DL for almost a year, WWE would have pushed her as the face of the Divas. but when she got hurt, they went with Kelly instead.

  • mykel1990

    Does this mean the divas will now get TV time? Because if not, though I like Kelly, I could give less than shakes of a rat’s ass if she comes back.

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    I’m not sure if I should believe this. According to these dirt sheets she’s been returning since a month ago…

    • elsimate

      That’s not true and you lumping them all together indicates to me you don’t read them.

      It was report she was making a one off appearance at RAW 1000.

      • gl83

        Kelly Kelly has been listed and promoted on the WWE website for the past Raw shows for months now and she still hasn’t returned. She’s been listed for WWE’s tour of Japan next week for months as well, so I don’t buy that she’s going to return there either. If she was returning full-time, WWE would be promoting her for their Raw shows, but she isn’t even being promoted for any shows until the beginning of September. So, I doubt that she’s coming back.

  • redsandman99

    At this point, if her being back means a diva match on TV I’ll be willing to take it.

  • divafan

    I hope she will not return

  • KellyKellyAJFan

    PWI has reported this before awhile ago, tho =| If she is returning, great! I miss seeing her face <3 and hopefully, we'll be promised some type of Diva match. Even the one minute matches sound good right about now. (That's sad…)

  • ajfan83

    So she’s the first “golden girl” type not to quit WWE when the oppurtunity presented itelf. Looks like they really DO have their female Cena.

    Congrats to both sides.

  • Kaledrina


    ..fingers crossed lol.

  • Crazy_J

    Well it’s not secret Kelly isn’t one of my favorites, but MAYBE her time off was time well spent and she’ll shock us non believers with her return. I’m hoping her return means a diva’s division return. I could easily see the WWE doing something else with her and still screwing the division as a whole. As someone stated above I’d also like to see her turn heel. I think I would actually like her if she did. Sometimes when someone turns heel they are way more interesting in the ring.

    • Crazy_J

      *no secret

      • KellyKellyAJFan

        I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t see Kelly turning heel. At least not now. She’s too much of their “IT” girl right now and popular. Pretty much the perfect face. I do agree about the last part though, seeing as that really worked for Eve.

        • Kaledrina

          for now, i think kelly is fine as a face.. i wouldn’t mind seeing layla turn heel, though.. give her back some personality! layla attacking aj.. (heck, layla could even align with eve!) should be instant heat for her.. plus it would get the GM involved in a diva story, which equals exposure, which is something they need.

        • Crazy_J

          I agree, it is very hard to see Kelly turning heel.. I just need a reason to get behind her other than the fact that everyone else cheers for her. I’ve been a heel fan for a long time so if she feuded with the right person I’d definitely see myself getting behind her.

          I do agree about the turning Layla heel comment. She should have returned as a heel. I like her a lot better that way. I didn’t like LayCool at first, but I’m weird sometimes and start liking tag teams toward the end of their run. I think it’s because that’s when they are the most fluent and know each other in and out. Seeing AJ get involved with the Diva’s is the only thing I look forward to with her being the GM so I definitely hope that happens!

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    this may be good news might mean an acctual divas match (tbh I think we’ll take anything at this point)

    And I know it’s completely off topic but I really like that picture of Kelly for some reason it’s really cute!!!!

  • Piledriver’ Tavios

    Im not a fan of her, but since she is back, atleast we will have a few diva matches?

    • Kaledrina

      it is kinda funny how kelly takes a mini-break and wwe give up on the divas!! if they do put some effort back into the division just because kelly is back.. damn we must’ve undervalued her all this time haha.

      • Lovedaddio

        Or rather WWE is OVER-valuing her

        • Kaledrina

          perhaps so! at least they value one diva, i guess =/


    Not a fan of hers, would have preferred that she not return at all.
    However if she can go 2 weeks straight without a botch, I say vacation well spent.

  • CJDippa1

    I swear if Kelly returns by attacking Layla and slamming her head on the announcer’s desk, screaming “BITCH BITCH BITCH”

    one could dream.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Kelly Vs. Layla would actually be interesting with their history in ECW. We shall see.

  • lucky1now

    Time to raise hope for the divas I’ll take what I can get at this point

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    Interesting. It’s just sad How WWE couldn’t utilize some other divas who have great qualities in ring and out besides AJ, when Kelly Kelly Was Gone. There were plenty of divas who could have been used who were the same level or even better Than Kelly Kelly. But i guess it’s good to see her back, hopefully she gets a Original return when she appears on Raw Not a imidiate Championship match. Also the WWE may care more about the divas but who knows..

    • Kaledrina

      i wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even acknowledge her recent absence. at this point, i think i would be pretty damn satisfied with a 20second kelly roll-up win over eve, though.

  • shannymac

    AKA: she couldn’t find and modeling or acting gigs.

    • CJDippa1

      Or she knows that she wouldnt be as successful in acting/modeling than in WWE

      • Kaledrina

        ^^ wasn’t she just announced as the covergirl for maxim’s yearly calendar?

        AKA: perhaps she actually, iunno, likes working for wwe? -__-

      • rkok2blueeyecouple

        Kelly never said on twitter that she was coming back & she is cuting as a Model she on the cover of Maxim 2013 Calendar. so to CJDIPPA1 I don’t see you on a cover of any Magazines & Model Mania want’s her. I won’t believe Kelly coming back until she say’s it on twitter.

  • bromero329

    Itll be nice to see her back and hopefully seeing the divas wrestle

  • FoxyKimLover

    Mccool is preggers….

  • swax1

    I hope Kelly Kelly gets the weekly exposure like what AJ got when she comes back because she is the REAL face of the Divas division.i also want her to turn heel because i want her to kick that BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS Diva Search reject Layla’s ass and take that WWE Divas Championship off around her waist IMMEDIATELY!

    • TibarnEl

      How can you call Layla a Diva Search reject?
      She WON.

      • art

        @TibarnEl dont worry hes super delusional & just says the same things take out & add different names…

      • Kantrell

        and plus Layla 20x better than kelly.. Lol smh

        • TibarnEl

          Eesh, amen to that. Layla and Brooke aren’t legends but they’ve become very respectable competitors. What the hell happened to Kelly?? :|
          As far as I’m concerned, Layla’s got Kelly trumped on everything but height. =P

    • JamieKym

      You say Kelly is the best in the division those Diva Search “rejects” still can wrestle better than her.

      • Kim099

        I thought layla won diva search thou?