Impact Write-Up (August 2nd, 2012): A New Contender is Found, But Not Without Some Controversy!

Why hello world, and welcome to this week’s momentous Impact Write Up. Last time we left you, it was announced that this weeks show would feature a fatal four way match to determine the next contender for Brooke Tessmacher‘s Knockouts Championship. The competitors you ask? A vengeful former champion looking to reclaim her spot atop the Knockout throne, Gail Kim; a killer queen who’s not afraid to break your heart and tear it apart just to watch you scream, Madison Rayne; a southern gal who needs no introduction other than the two simple words, Haaaaaardcore Country, Mickie James; and a veteran BFF wanting to show the world that she’s not afraid to take down anyone in her path to the title, Tara. These four have been brought to us from all over the lands to see which is the fairest of them all and next in line for a shot at the Knockouts Championship, so let us sit down and enjoy the match we are about to witness, for anything can happen in the far away place known as Impact Wrestling!

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Ahh, backstage we come across Earl Hebner, fresh off his tweeting ways with candies, flowers, AND a teddy bear for Madison. I must say I’m shocked. Normally people only go for two of the three, but as we can see, Earl spares no expense when it comes to someone with such high taste as Madison. (Now someone inform Earl that as seen on Twitter, dear Madison can’t have those chocolates until her next fitness competition is over.) The Queen says she doesn’t need gifts other than his affection, but as Lady Rayne gives her finest Emmy winning performance, she’s cut off by a pink clad Gail Kim!

Gail demands to know what is going on here, as I begin questioning if that teddy bear was won from one of those machines at a local Orlando Wal-Mart… don’t play me, Earl, I notice the tag in it’s ear. Nonetheless, Hebner leaves as Gail questions what these gifts are about?! She then transitions into last week’s match, but Madison informs her that Earl would never screw anyone …in a match that is. (Nice save.) Our Killer Queen says tonight, Hebner’s going to call the match right down the middle, as she wishes Kim good luck and heads off. From there, we spot Mickie and Tara warming up in the back and then head off to a break as I erupt in the Kit Kat theme.

Here we gooooo. Following the pan up shot of Christy Hemme that leaves Tazz stumbling over her name, the Knockouts Champion walks out to join the two on commentary. Brooke steps over to prepare for this big match, and out comes her poops, Tara! I have to say Tara is looking incredible tonight. Up next after Tara comes our Killer Queen and her red teddy bear of doom. Following a recap of last week’s match and some pageant waves, the wonderful theme song of Gail Kim hits. She does not look particularly happy with some Tara fans at ringside, but someone that is happy is our Knockouts Champion who praises the division and what it means for her to be a part of it. Nonetheless, all the happiness is put to a silence through those two simple words we all know and love… Haaarrdccorreeee Counntrryyyyyy! Coming to us all the way from Richmond, Mickie skips out from the back looking insanely great tonight as well. Brooke continues to praise the women since not many commentators in wrestling do these days, but before we kick things off, it’s time for a commercial break which is odd considering we just had one three minutes ago, but as long as it doesn’t invade the match I’m perfectly fine with this!

Back from the break, everything seems to be breaking down as Kim/Tara and Rayne/James each choose a side of the ring to face off. Earl doesn’t seem to even notice that Gail and Tara are wrestling though, with all his focus going towards protecting Madison I guess. It’s hard to tell since he doesn’t really show much emotion. Tara seems to go for a tarantula, but Gail flips her over the ring and James begins going to town on Rayne. Gail scores with a clothesline on Mickie, with Brooke stating that Kim is just pissed and a poor sport! Tara now starts dominating, but that doesn’t last too long as the BFF’s start to team up against the veteran. The crowd gets behind Tara, and Mickie drags Gail outside the ring. She tries to Irish Whip the former champ, but Kim reverses it and sends Mickie flying into the steps!

Back inside the ring, Tara drops Madison with the sidewalk slam, but Gail breaks it up. The BFFs continue working Tara over with submissions, before sending her into the nearby corner. Madison gets thrown into the vet, but as Gail flies forward to attempt her elastic type move, Tara moves out of the way and Kim goes flying! Madison with a running facebuster, but Mickie breaks it up before a pin can occur. James and Rayne not go at it against one another, with Hardcore Country dropping her with a neckbreaker. She goes for a pin, but Gail breaks it up. Tara snaps Gail off the ropes and hits a nice flip legdrop for a two count as Kim kicks out to the dismay of the crowd.

With the fans on her side, Tara bodyslams Gail to the canvas and goes for a top rope moonsault… but Madison Rayne drops her and turns her around to face the ring. She ascends to the second rope, but Mickie pulls her off and fires off against the Killer Queen. Now Gail climbs to the top rope and proceeds to drop a HUGE Superplex! Wow! Gail goes for the pin, but Madison distracts Earl! Gail is NOT happy with her BFF, but she has no time to react as Mickie tosses her to the outside. Now Mickie goes for Madison once again and takes her down on the outside. James now climbing to the top rope, but Gail knocks her off and to the outside! Kim spins around right into the Widows Peak from Tara! Madison goes for the Rayne Drop, but Tara reverses into a roll up for the three count… apparently for Madison?

We spy ODB and Eric Young sitting backstage… with some red belts of some sort being held up in the air. Oh wait, Impact does have Knockouts Tag Team Titles. She tells Eric that Brooke Hogan’s been on her ass about defending them since it’s been two months with no defense (which is odd since it feels like it’s been much longer than that). She also says Brooke doesn’t like that a man is holding one the titles. Eric cuts her off to hype his own show, which is weird because I thought it debuted last week but he says it debuts Sunday. Eric then hatches a weird plan where they will never be on screen together so that they can’t be defended, which I hope results in Brooke Hogan retiring the belts completely because there aren’t even enough women signed to form teams in the first place. Well there are, but when is the last time we even heard that they existed? (Hey Sarita, Rosita, Winter, and Taeler.)

Also, check out the baby shower for one of my favorite women in the company, Claire Lynch and her screams of horror:

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Positive Thoughts: I feel the need to separate my thoughts into good and bad for this because I’ve got so many different feelings towards everything that took place. Let’s start with the match, which I personally felt was one of the best female matches we’ve seen on TV in a long time. They all got entrances, everyone felt like they served a purpose in it, and they all looked to honestly be fighting like their lives depended on it for a shot at the belt. That’s what I enjoy seeing in number one contender’s matches, even if I feel they should only be saved for when a big feud concludes and someone new is needed to start another, rather than just using them to set up a short program with no real story involved. Gail’s superplex definitely stands out as move of the match for me, and I loved the entire segment overall. Plus, they timed the commercial break well and we didn’t miss anything so major props for that!

I think Melanie said it perfectly on her Twitter that with the Divas division pretty much dead right now, this is when the Knockouts need to strike with a big storyline. I’m not sure if Madison/Earl is really the one I’d have gone for, but at least it’s SOMETHING more than just champion vs. challenger. I now can have a reason as to why Brooke and Madison will have beef with one another come Hardcore Justice because Brooke is essentially facing someone who’s using the official to help cheat her way up the ranks to the title. I’m honestly stating it right now that when this feud is over between Brooke and Madison, Earl Hebner is going to be the Knockouts Champion! You heard it here first…

I also love that they finally seem to be going with someone different to fill that top heel position. I enjoy seeing Gail Kim wrestle, and I will admit that during the end of her reign when she started getting to speak a little more, she also entertained me in that department as well. I just feel like it’s time to switch it up a bit. While Madison facing off against Brooke is sort of an odd choice since we just saw them wrestle on Impact I think about a month ago (not sure), at least it’s something different. That match they competed in before was obviously short due to it being on Spike with time constraints, so I really look forward to seeing what Brooke and Madison can do on a grand stage like Hardcore Justice if given enough time to shine together. I just hope the Earl shenanigans don’t overshadow their actual match.

This is my own selfish personal positive, but I love Claire Lynch. I know I’m one of the only people breathing who does, but she’s just so hilarious to me. I sort of call her my Anti-Maxine as I really was drawn to Maxine because I felt she shined in every aspect it took to be a star, and I’m also drawn to Claire, but because I find her to be, well, not so much skilled in anything. I don’t want that to sound mean, but I honestly do look forward to her segments. I’d rather watch something I at least can laugh at or be interested in than feuds with no storyline. It’s part of this whole “I want stories” movement I’ve been starting this week. I honestly don’t care how bad a storyline is, it’s better than just seeing two people feud for a title and then move on from challenger to challenger (in my opinion) because I at least have some sort of connection to the characters involved. I know everyone has their own prerogative on whether they prefer entertainment to wrestling, and mine is the entertainment factor. I still love the wrestling, but I want to be invested before watching people face off against one another. Bring on the cheesy facial expressions and screeching line delivery!

Negative Thoughts: I was not personally a fan of the finish. I know what they’re trying to portray it as with the king of screwjobs helping Madison get to the top of the division… but I honestly just don’t grasp the way they’re handling it. I like Madison, but I’d rather have it be like her using the ropes or grabbing the tights and having Earl “not see it” or something more believable. He essentially cheats for her to win matches, but I don’t understand how because he sees her shoulders down when counting and awards her the win when the opponent is the one with the pin and shoulders off the canvas. I feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle or something? If someone can explain it better then please comment because I feel lost with these matches now in how they end each week.

The ODB and Eric Young segment was one of the most confusing things I may have ever seen in TNA. You have ODB admit that they haven’t defended the titles in two months… and then Eric hatches a plan to continue not defending them? I’d understand if they were heels, but they’re not so it was sort of odd. I feel bad for ODB being stuck in this, and truth be told I don’t even dislike their team anymore, but she has a lot of talent to bring to the division that’s not being utilized. I guess maybe I shouldn’t feel bad because she’s at least getting to do something on TV right now unlike the countless other women they have signed who never appear. I would truthfully rather the belts just be retired because every reign basically emulates the one before it in that TNA show two weeks of giving a care in the world about the tag titles and it’s only when they change hands and the past champs want a rematch. After that, they sit around doing nothing for months until it’s time to change them again. I don’t see the situation improving anytime soon, especially when all the Knockouts you could pair up are leaving or probably about to leave so there’s no need to even have them anymore unfortunately.

I don’t know, I’m just not really a fan of how either division is being portrayed as a whole right now. It’s not to the point where I’m furious or enraged, but it’s frustrating when you see all these talented people not used or stuck in comedy angles that go nowhere. The Knockouts definitely have the edge because their talent, you know, actually get matches on TV, and they’re really good and lengthy ones at that. I just wish TNA would pair their extra females up into teams, and maybe sign some huge name to come in and take their division by storm. They need a fresh face in a title feud that isn’t determined by the “number one contender’s match”. Heck, just go with Tara even. Part of me is happy Tara didn’t win because a feud between TNT has enough story already that a contendership win is not needed for it to have a purpose, but then part of me is also upset because I feel like TNA are never going to truly capitalize on a feud between Tara and Tessmacher in the way they should. It’s kind of like when Gail was champion and she would face someone different every month. You wanted your favorite to win even if the build up was short and lacking because you never knew if they would devote another month of build to the same girl. Sometimes they did (Brooke) and sometimes they didn’t (Velvet).

Of course, the last negative will always be the typical where’s Sarita? Where’s Rosita? Where’s Winter? Where’s Taeler Hendrix? What is the point of Gut Check when none of the winners appear on TV in the first place? Yada yada, but feels like a contractual obligation that I mention it.

There’s flaws in both companies, but as far as the actual Knockouts segments tonight, the match definitely stands out as one of the best TV bouts of the year. Here’s to hoping the momentum continues and gets even better with fun matches and interesting storylines!

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  • jen07201

    It’s a shame the tag titles don’t matter anymore.

    • Sherri Martel Appreciation Page

      They never really did matter.

  • redsandman99

    I was a fan of the match until the finish. I understand the storyline purposes for it and I do like that they’re going a bit beyond the usual champ vs challenger schtick but just the way they did it fell flat to me. And what exactly is the point of having the tag titles at this point?

  • jen07201

    OW! The bump Mickie took into the steps looked painful.

  • Crazy_J

    Tara has and always will be one of my faves since she was in OVW, so I wish she would’ve won. On the contrary Madison is my second favorite KO so I don’t mind seeing her win either. I like her better than Tess thought she would be my 3rd runner up lol. I hope Tara ends up getting jealous or something and turns on Tess but also kind of goes solo and maybe even attacks Madison. I’d like to see her be a good ole fashioned tweener. :-)

    • Sherri Martel Appreciation Page

      I really wanted to see Tara win this. I feel a heel turn is needed for her :-)

  • jen07201

    What happened with Mickie’s heel turn?

    • WWFoverWWE

      With velvet gone, I think they needed Mickie to stay face. Velvet (along with Mickie) was the most over in the knockouts division.

      • Kaledrina

        you’re probably right although i found it quite interesting how tessmacher acknowledged on commentary that mickie has been becoming more frustrated lately.

        • jen07201

          I was really hoping that they turned Mickie heel.

        • Kaledrina

          ^ me, too =) actually, i wouldn’t mind mickie staying a face but just having a bit of a bitchy edge to her character..? i kinda get the feeling that if she was to snap and turn heel, the fans would still cheer her anyway? makes her turning full-on heel a bit redundant.

    • jen07201

      ^ I would love to see a heel Mickie in TNA. Mickie did hint that she was going to be more bitchy and I agree fans would cheer her on. I know I would. I hope that she will turn heel on Tessmacher.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I’m so glad Madison is getting a title shot. I’m hoping she wins the title with the help of Earl.

    I really think TNA needs to sign some new knockouts. I don’t know how long they can keep the division going with just Tessmacher, Tara, Madison, Gail, and Mickie being centered around it. These girls have worked with each other so much that it’s going to be hard to come up with fueds that haven’t been done already.

  • Queen Bee

    So I guess they are going to have Madison bury the entire roster again.

    • Kaledrina

      i would quite like it if earl figures out that madison is just using him and he ends up screwing her over instead.

      • ballplayer10123

        ^^^, IMO that would be the ONLY fitting ending to this storyline. I dont want to see Madison win the title by having Earl cheat for her. I would actually enjoy seeing Madison have a meltdown on screen after realizing Earl double crossed her.

        I would much rather see Mickie or Tara feud with Tessmacher. Hopefully this Madison thing is a short program, and they are figuring the proper way o build Mickie/Tara vs Tess.

        • Kaledrina

          a madison meltdown would be a good way to give her a break from television, too, so they could reintroduce winter or rosita/sarita… but then that would only lead to people (and me!!) complaining that they miss madison LOL

  • art

    It would be better if earl saw madison cheating & still counted not flat out handing her the win because shes getting pinned…

    Tara is looking better than ever…

  •!/AllAboutDionte browndi5

    I loved the match but I was extremely upset with the way things went. He just obviously cheated and that really doesnt look believable at all Madiso Rayne is a terrible wrestler. Good character but she is so weak in the ring. Its almost embarrassing to watch the likes of gail, mickie and tara lose to her. Kind of like beth losing to kelly.

    I dont follow TNA but From what I have seen honestly their division isnt better as far as wrestlers they just get more time and storylines. TNA really only has 4 good womens wrestlers Mickie, Tara, Gail and ODB. I am sorry People are not going to like me saying this but Sarita is completely overrated she is simply not good. WInter has never been good even when she had her matches in wwe. TNA lost there best KO when Angelina Left. I love mickie and tara but Angelina was just so fantastic.

    WWE on the other hand has better womens wrestlers IMO. Natalya, Naomi, Beth, Eve, Layla, Aksana, Tamina. Aj, ALicia and Kaitlyn are just ok but they can put on good matches. Kelly isnt good at all so we are just going to leave her out. Given time I do believe natalya beth eve and naomi can put on a match as good as this one because IMO they are the top 4 women in the wwe as far as wrestling.

    • jen07201

      The thing is WWE really doesn’t put time for a good Divas match.

      •!/AllAboutDionte browndi5

        I forgot to add that to my post. I believe if the divas are given proper story lines and more time to showcase their moves they would be the superior brand of divas.

    • Jillfan1

      Are you freaken kidding me Sarita isn’t overratted TESSMACHER IS sarita is a legend in the making unfortunatley TNA can’t see they did back in010 whih sucks she has potential looking at 09 I believed she was going to be the top KO but things did not go that way =( hows to say Eve, Layla, AKSANA AND ALICIA ARE BETTER wtf no Sarita has wrestled classics, in Japan, mexico, canada and the us pretty young she needs to be pushed ASAP

      •!/AllAboutDionte browndi5

        You noticed I said you all werent going to agree with me. Every single match all she does is hit people with forearms and maybe a submission. There is nothing exciting about her IMO. The wwe divas IMO are more exciting . I can only speak about what I have seen and what i have seen is a women who is extremely mediocre at wrestling. Its not like her character his helping anything because she has no mike skills and no personality. Trish wasnt the best wrestler but her mic skills wer phenomenal and her character was great. I dont think tessmacher is overrated because people just dpnt really care about her. People think she is just ok. I stand by my opinion Sarita is blah if she is such a legend why is she never anywhere. Tara is a legend and you always see her. Until I see more from Sarita my opinion will stay the same.

    • Jhonmarco

      “Sarita is completely overrated”


      • Kaledrina

        underrated, overrated, botch and ‘the division is dead’ are all words that are kinda.. overused i think =/ to each their own, though !

    • Jhonmarco

      Seriously though overrated? She’s hands down the most talented woman on the roster. Her matches with Alissa Flash, Hamada, and Mickie James have all been wonderful. Sarita is a goddess of women’s wrestling.

    • Aksana

      I guarantee you haven’t watched any of Sarita’s matches outside of TNA. Even then your comment isn’t justified because as far as I know, Sarita hasn’t had any notable bad matches. I think you’re a bit delusional.

      •!/AllAboutDionte browndi5

        I am really not delusional. You are 100% correct I have not seen any of her matches outside of TNA. I stated my opinion and like I said Sartia has not done anything worth me thinking she is a good wrestler. She has nothing to prove to me as do any of the women wrestling I am just stating my opinion which is that she isnt anything special. I can only go off of what I have seen of her and what I have seen is that she simply isnt a good/great/spectacular/ wonderful/delightful and any other good adjective wrestler. She is just blah!!! IMO. If I say Lita was extremely sloppy (which she was) you dont have to agre but that is just my opinion.

  • Kaledrina

    definitely one of the best ladies matches i’ve seen the past few months, loved how it told a story. also enjoyed tessmacher on commentary even though it wasn’t actually necessary. it was cool how she was bigging everyone up as opposed to putting down any potential challenger to her title.

    claire lynch <3

    • jen07201

      I don’t see how they are going to end the Claire Lynch storyline.

      • Jillfan1

        Claire whats the point I would rather even though the idea is terrible for them to use a KO =(

      • Kaledrina

        Ii don’t want it to ever end. her pregnancy should last at least five years LOL.

  • jen07201

    What happened to Sarita, Winter, Rosita, Taeler Hendrix?

  • Jhonmarco

    Good match, bad result. This storyline is awful.
    No words for Claire…

    • bromero329

      you never let me know if i could get unbanned from RV.

  • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

    LOVED THE MATCH! Wow, amazing! … although, gotta agree with everyone else here, the ending was a bit WTF considering it was Madison clearly with her shoulders on the mat, and I agree with Bobby when he says they should be having Madison get the wins by using ropes, pulling tights with Earl just “pretending” to not see. That would make far more sence.

    But… As far as the tag titles go, NO WAY should they retire them! Now is the time with the divas not even on screen at all, to bring in one or two fresh faces, and start utilizing the titles.
    If any TNA writer is reading this, feel free to use my idea..

    Brooke Hogan has a meeting with ODB and EY about their segment from this show. Have ODB explain how frustrated she is etc etc.. Brooke Hogan say she knows where shes coming from, and tell ODB that she will make more of an effort to get her and the titles on the show. Let her tell ODB that she will set a match up with for her against two fresh faces that she scouted herself. Week after have the match, an amazing back and forth match, with a new tag team (I don’t care who, just a team that gels together and can wrestle) With ODB winning of course. Brooke comes out and says how impressed she is with ODB and she will try her best to fit her on the card every week. Thats like three weeks of tv right there, while that is happening, have in the works (which it actually looks like their already doing) Gail turning on Madison, because.. state the obvious. Have a few segments envolved with them saying how Gail is pissed off blah blah blah and tell Madison that she wanted them to pursue the tag titles but with the way shes been acting lately, she not at all interested in gunning for them with her as her partner. Tell her that shes still interested in focusing on the tag titles, but not with her. Have her cut a segment with Brooke H the weed after the ODB match with the random tag partners. Have her tell Brooke that shes interesting in pursing the Tag division, and she’s hoping she will sign a good friend of hers from the indy circuit. Have that go on for a few weeks untill Brooke H caves in and lets her bring in her friend.. Bring in Mia Yim (who is an AMAZING talented wrestler) and form a great team together, heel, tweener or face. I think they would work either way. Have Kim and Yim get a non title win over ODB .. boom there you have it. This can be done in short segments, while still mainly focusing on the signles division – of which Tess and Madison feud for a while. ughhh I don’t understand why they can’t do something like this. Honestly use my idea TNA – take the credit. I think the fans would like this, and it wouldnt take the shine away from the singles division, but set up the tag titles and have the worth something again. C’MON TNA YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  • KillerBee

    Anyone notice Madison’s Tattoo’s or have they been there for a while?

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      They have been there for a long time now

      • KillerBee

        Never noticed before…

  • DaudWWE

    Will there be a redux for Layla vs Natalya for this week wwe superstars?

    • Bobby

      Yes indeed. Should be up tomorrow. Didn’t have time to do all three at once, and figured separating them out might be better.

  • melina prez

    Great match! Very well put together and the ending actually makes sense. Madison is usin Earl to get the title, it makes a really good storyline and it makes us actually care about Brooke retaining. The tag titles should be retired…sad to say but true.

    I see Madison winning at the ppv and brooke will eventually win it back and feud with Tara hopefully.

  • jim462

    This whole using Earl Hebner storyline is not it for me. I think they could do much more with Madison Rayne. The match was really good what needs to happen is mickie James needs to turn full heel she has gone far as she cn as a babyface. You basically have 6 knockouts in the division which is a damn shame as Sarita aka sarah Stock Winteraka Katie Lean and Rosita 3 tremendous lady wrestlers that are almost never seen on tv. Sarita Winter & Rosita deserve much better than the way they get treated in TNA

  • misschrissi7

    Gutted for Tara. Was looking forward to a Student (Brooke) vs Teacher (Tara) match. She was clearly cheated out of her win. Earl should stop refereeing the KOs matches as its obvious he is always going to favour Madison after she made her feelings towards him clear.

    TNA should have a mini BFG competition for all the KOs, with the winner getting the Title shot just so they all get used on a weekly basis, not just the ususal three (Gail, Madison, Mickie) The title seems to rotate around these KOs.

    With rumours that another KO could be leaving TNA (Sarita & Winter being the two names thrown around) after Velvet leaving, TNA need to keep as many KOs as possible.

    • Kaledrina

      sarita is headed to japan for two months soon.. so she’s probably more likely to leave than winter at this point, i figure.

  • i want divas

    does any1 else already kinda kno the directions its going in….. brooke will retain due to DQ than there will b a no disqualification and brooke will retain mayb bcuz a submission or something happens to earl :-o mickie turns heel fights brooke tara comes to the rescue and ends up in a tug of war between brooke and mickie and taeler hendrix justs get knocked around

  • Ryan

    Match was pretty good but the whole show was better!! Aces n 8ths James Storm, my boy Austin fuckig Aries!!! Seriously thE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Kurt Angle!! Robbie E! And I really hope Earl is banging Madison to make it worth his while…because the ending is sooo full of BS lol

    Good show!! :) great job TNA

  • fahkyooh

    I can’t lie. I’m so happy that Velvet is gone.

    Now the Division is flawless.