Rosita Lands Movie Role

TNA Knockout Rosita, real name Thea Trinidad, will make her film debut in a movie called “Self Storage” it’s been announced.

Rosita joins fellow wrestler Tommy Dreamer in the movie which stars Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight).

Full details on the movie below:

[notice]Rhode Island Filmmaker Chad A. Verdi Attaches Professional Wrestling Legend Tommy Dreamer, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) Along With Thea Trinidad aka Rosita From Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) to Horror Film “Self Storage”
Dreamer and Trinidad Join Oscar Nominated Actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables) and Horror Legend Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest) Along With Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie’s, Inkubus)

EAST GREENWICH, RI–(Marketwire – Aug 2, 2012) – The Woodhaven Production Company is pleased to announce the signing of professional wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer and (TNA) Wrestler Thea Trinidad. Dreamer is best known for his time spent with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). After nine years and leaving the WWE in 2010, Dreamer worked for “Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Among other accolades, he is fourteen-time WWE Hardcore Champion and a two-time world champion, having won the “ECW World Championship twice. Dreamer is the only man to have won this title in both the original company and in the WWE re-launch. The man famously known as the “Innovator of Violence” in the ring now brings the same ferocity to his on screen roles. Thea Trinidad aka Rosita is a female professional wrestler, currently competing for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. In TNA, she is a former Tag Team Champion.

They join Oscar Nominated actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables) and horror legend Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest) along with Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie’s, Inkubus) in Self Storage. Verdi stated, “We are very pleased to have signed both Dreamer and Trinidad, they bring a very special look and feel to the film.” Filming began in mid-July on location in East Greenwich, RI and is expected to wrap very soon. The company will soon be releasing new behind the scene photos to its fan base.

Self Storage, written by Rhode Island actor/writer/producer Tom DeNucci (Inkubus, Loosies, Infected), tells the story of Jake, the night watchman working at a highly secured self storage facility. His pals are home from college and looking to party. Jake (Tom DeNucci) invites them to his work for a fiesta of his own. Innocent mischief turns a naughty night of sex, drugs and rock and roll into an evening of pure terror. Barbed wire fences are meant to keep people OUT. But these fences keep people IN. Eric Roberts plays the role of Walter, a former black operative with an evil secret. Walter, along with his faithful brother at arms, Trevor (Michael Berryman), has some unfinished business with a seedy underworld grifter, Jonah (Jonathan Silverman). Black market business mixes with pleasure when Jake and his pals stumble upon this heinous covert operation.

Verdi stated, “This film is going to be something very special. It started with a great script and now with this cast, the sky is the limit.” Verdi is planning for a March 2013 release. Self Storage is being produced by Verdi, Gino Pereira and Tom DeNucci. DeNucci will direct. Michelle Verdi will head music and soundtrack.

Woodhaven added Executive-Producers Danielle Corsa, David and Sherry Lussier, David Gere, Carl Dupre and Jonathan Silverman to the project. David Gere was instrumental in the signing of Dreamer and Trinklad. Local actors, Tom Paolino, Billy Vigeant, Sera Verdi, Chad Verdi, Jr. and Tanya Lynch round out the cast.

Self Storage is Woodhaven’s third horror film to be produced in the last 20 months. Woodhaven released Inkubus, a slasher flick starring horror icon Robert Englund (the original Freddy Krueger), in theaters last Halloween to sell-out crowds. DVDs hit stores nationwide February 21st. The film has now sold more than 100 thousand units through outlets like Wal-Mart, RedBox, and Amazon and is currently on VOD.[/notice]

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  • shameronstar

    Congrats to Rosita:) Maybe this can help her regain relevance in the knockouts division!

    • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

      Hopefully :) I know she’s been working the house shows & scoring victories over Gail Kim. Maybe Rosita will turn face and another Knockout may get jealous of her cousins new-found success leading to a Loser Leaves which would probably end in Sarita leaving cos from what I’ve heard lately, she’s not using Sarita anymore on the independant scene. Back to using Dark Angel i think

  • darkangels

    she will make more money acting than working for tna right now she has been off tv for a while

  • wweandtnadivafan

    Isnt trinidad a country?

    • Poison Ivory

      Pretty close. It’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Rhawk

    As much as I love to see Thea/Rosita in the ring, I’d rather hear her doing better elsewhere other than mainstream TV since its obviously that neither WWE or TNA care enough to give any/all of their women more TV time. WWE doesn’t use anyone other than AJ while all TNA focus on are Gail, Madison, Brooke, Mickie & Tara.

    Fingers crossed this romoured Womens of Honor division for ROH makes up for all of this mistreatment.

    • Rhawk

      Too tired to care about grammer errors, I know their there before anyone mentions it. There really needs to be an edit option in the comments here…

      • Kessuki

        lol spelling mistakes always creep into my comments but im now at the point where i cant be arsed. if anyone is interested to point them out they can give themselves a pat on the back.

        i personally would love to see more divas/KO’s attempt acting, i could picture rosita in a robert rodriguez movie tbh.

  • jayjayholler

    Good for her! You go girl!

  • kristalmelinafan

    So this is where the beautiful Latina went. Okay, so im glad she’s getting extra publicity not only for herself but for TNA, i hope this will help her chances to face Brooke. I hate Goat face madison rayne she’s very annoying and she cant wrestle to save her life. She makes Kelly Kelly looks like the greatest wrestler in the world.

    • AfroJack

      lol coming from a Kristal Marshal fan

  • AfroJack

    She’ll get more air-time in the movie than TNA ever will give her.