Today in History: Lita Supports Debra, Gets a Stunner For It

On this day in history:

August 6th, 2001 | When Lita decided to give some friendly words of support to Debra in her issues with her husband Stone Cold, she couldn’t have imagined the mess she was getting herself into. Debra took offense to Lita’s remarks and proceeded to tell Steve about it, eventually embellishing the story in her desperation for him to take notice. This led to him challenging Lita’s boyfriend Matt Hardy to a match, and when Lita tried to talk Austin out of it, it only served to fire him up even more. When Debra found herself mixed up with Lita during the match, Lita was served a Stunner. Matt got one to match hers and they both were left dazed in the ring while Austin and Debra departed, their marriage seemingly improved by the carnage they wrought.

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  • Sherri Martel Fan

    Poor Lita lol..

  • lucky1now

    i remember this and liked it a whole story built up in one night

  • art

    I actually thought this might have ended up in a mixed tag match or a debra vs lita match since debra was training to wrestle at that time…but it was cool a storyline was created in one night thou….

  • MrAliciaFox

    All of this was just hilarious. Debra’s exaggeration and Austin’s reactions were just too funny.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Lol at JR
    “Austin,what a bully!what a bully!”
    Love face Lita;and I like how she sold the Stunner.

    • Jcott3

      Funny thing is that JR will usually let it go if Austin beats up a woman, but will scream bloody murder if anyone else does it.

  • fahkyooh

    Lita sold that stunner way better than Matt.

  • melon2617

    I love how henpecked Austin was in this storyline.


    i liked this whole thing. LOL at Debra’s over dramatizing.

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      LOl i love how the fans got so excited thinking Lita would be the shit out of Debra, only to have SCSA stun poor Lita. I wanted a mixed tag afterwards, but nada…

      Incidentally Diva-Dirt, this is also the night in history where Ivory joined the alliance, helping Stacy and Torrie beat Jackie in a handicap match.

      • EVEROCKS

        oh ya i forgot about that! Diva-dirt sould do the ivory joining the alliance for today in history