Today in History: Winter Wins the Knockouts Championship

On this day in history:

August 7th, 2011 | Winter was one of those women in wrestling who, though she deserved it, never seemed to make it to the top of the mountain. That is, until 2011’s Hardcore Justice, when she faced and defeated Knockouts Champion Mickie James, pinning her after spitting a mysterious liquid into her eyes that sent her into hysterics. Finally, Winter held a major singles title. Unfortunately for her, the reign wouldn’t last more than a few weeks, and though she would win the title back rather quickly, that reign too was short-lived.

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  • katarinaw4ever

    I miss Winter as a champ! I remember when i watched the Match and i was so happy when Winter won!! she deserved this! I really hope she will return to TNA soon :)

  • TheKellyKelly2011

    I want Winter back to the Tna rigns! Who agrees with me?

    • i<3 sable and alicia fox

      I second that



  • i<3 sable and alicia fox

    Man i miss angelina :(

  • JillianHallTNA

    Her reign would be better if only that first time when Mickie won the title was a non-title match because on the next PPV Winter won. So it would be 2 months of Winter reign as a champion.

  • Ryan

    Congrats to Winter but I love Mickie more haha when that whole title trade happened I like DIY in all honesty!! Specially when Mickie won it back!!! Awesome series of matches!! Which really, is all that counts

  • wl75

    Liked it when it happened, hated that she dropped it without even appearing on TV once- and it happened again in her 2nd run.

  • perceval

    Anyone know who in Management she pissed off? That’s the only reasonable explanation for how quickly and completely she wound up buried.

    • Piggie James

      Bruce Prichard was reportedly not a fan of Katie Lea when she was in WWE. Potentially being a factor for her not winning the title from Mickie at Night of Champions 2008, and her eventual release.

      So with that in mind, you can clearly see how quickly she disappeared from TV since losing the title at BFG 2011, the exact same date Prichard (allegedly) became the head of TNA creative replacing Russo.

      Russo (I believe) was a huge fan of Katie Lea, and collaborated with her to create the ‘Winter’ gimmick. With Russo having less input in creative (BFG 2011), and eventually leaving the company (Lockdown 2012), there is certainly a correlation with how Winter has been used.

      Also in an interview since leaving (at least from my interpretation), Russo hinted that there had been a lot more planned for the Winter storyline, that obviously he never had the opportunity to complete, so I suppose we’ll never know now what would have happened (personally, the most closure I’m going to get is Angelina/Velvet vs Winter/Maria at that FWE event).

      • Piggie James

        (I should add that the part about Bruce Prichard is a rumour, most likely reported originally by a dirtsheet, so I don’t know for certain if it’s true, but it would make sense in hindsight.)

  • Piggie James

    I loved this match (and the entire Mickie/Winter/Angelina feud), the finish was shocking! I loved how Mickie sold the blood (or whatever it was), of course it seemed really terrible for her at the time! Also, did the PPV match time seem a lot longer than the Knockouts matches are nowadays?

    So disappointed that they just dropped the feud in favour of hotshotting the title onto Velvet out of nowhere. At least the logical thing at that point was to revisit the Velvet/Winter/Angelina feud (with Mickie now in the mix), but I suppose that never happened in favour of Gail Kim’s return. I think perhaps they could have afforded to delay Gail Kim for a while (her heat would probably still be there for a few more months) in favour of finishing this storyline.

    Just very sad there was never a proper ending to the Winter/Angelina saga, since it was really such a different storyline than we’ve typically seen in women’s wrestling. Maybe one day it’ll happen (as unlikely as that is).


    We Want Winteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!

  • aldo

    We NEED more Winter! She is one of my favorite knockouts! Winter where are you!!!!!
    pd: where can i get the music from the first part of the promo?

  • joshmm3

    I miss Winter too!!! They could have done so much more with that storyline. I’ve already thought of like 5 different ways to bring her back. What about putting her spell on a male face and managing him. Then them fueding for the knockout tag-titles which they could turn into mixed tag belts. I hate that they have wasted her talent like the wwe. Bruce Prichard sucks