Today in History: The Divas Catch Olympics Fever

On this day in history:

August 8th, 2008 | Four years ago, the world was in the grip of Summer Olympics fever, much like we are now. On a SmackDown that coincided with the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the Divas celebrated in the only way they know: costumes! In a 6-Diva Tag Team match, Maryse (a tennis player), Natalya (an equestrian rider) and Victoria (a gymnast) took on the team of Cherry (a boxer), Maria (a.. summer skier?) and Michelle McCool (a volleyball player). In the end, the equestrian rider forced the skier to tap out, earning her team the gold medal victory.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • MrAliciaFox

    This was very fun! The widow’s peak to Cherry was definately a highlight

    • JillianHallTNA

      I can’t believe this video is only 6 minutes and 38 seconds long. All 6 divas had their single entrance and a great match. Even though Natalya, Michelle and Maria were wrestling, other Divas had their time to shine in this short match but still a decent time.

  • lucky1now

    enjoyed that match what i didnt enjoy and never did was victoria constantly looking like a fool

    • WidowsPeakFreak

      Well she didn’t want to look like a model she wanted to entertain the people

      • lucky1now

        And I most def understand that I just didn’t like it
        She don’t have to like a fool and job to these models to entertain people
        She was quite entertaining destroying the models

        • WidowsPeakFreak

          I see your point i guess since she was the only experience diva on smackdown i suppose she had the job to divas like bella twins etc but i agree her character was more better destroying the divas.

  •!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

    you know i’ve been following Maria on afterbuzz, and i must say i’m pretty impressed with her. She seems to be veryyy dedicated to the business unlike other ex divas who always usually their profession after stardom.
    I guess Maria really deserves to be the first lady of ring of honour :)

  • JillianHallTNA

    This was also Cherry’s last match I think.

    • Timalee

      yea, can you believe on the 17th it would be 4 years without her

  • Piledriver’ Tavios

    Maryse broke her nose in this match. :(
    I love the match. I miss face Michelle. Heel Michelle didn’t really do much, just strikes and kicks. :/

  • Ryan

    Michelle’s move set was basic but sooooo smooth and effective haha ill say flawless ;)
    Maryse was weak man Lol poor chick XD

  • AfroJack

    Cherry <3 love her theme.

    and lmao at Maria noob wearing Winter Olympic gear.


    I liked this match. Maria’s pop from the crowd was huge! I replayed it 2 times. LOL, and Maryse, Maria, Michelle, and Victoria looked the best.


      michelle and cherry had nice pops too…

      • Timalee

        You know I never thought they let Cherry go so sudden like that. I feel like if she was still here she’d be the top face next to Kelly..WWE could have done so many things with Cherry

        • EVEROCKS

          I KNOW! i was shocked when they realeased her!!

  • candice7000

    I think Maria should return to WWE. But I don’t think she’ll leave ROH just randomly. But maybe her boyfriend can come to WWE too.


    My birthday 8/8