Who is Wrestling’s Best Mean Girl? Nominate Your Favorite

At its root, wrestling has always been about good vs evil, bad guys vs good guys — or in our case, bad girls vs good girls.

In a brand new feature at Diva Dirt, we want you to help us pick wrestling’s best mean girl. Now, there is a clear distinction between a mean girl and your regular “heel”. When we say “mean girl” we refer to the women in wrestling who were feisty, vindictive, acid-tongued and bitchy! They may not necessarily be the toughest, or the baddest, but they certainly had tons of personality.

Mean girls like LayCool and the Beautiful People have certainly left their mark, and who can forget the likes of Stephanie McMahon? We want you to help us determine which of these Regina Georges is the best mean girl in wrestling.

Submit your nominations in the comments below and we’ll use your ideas, as well as our own list, to pick 16 mean girls (groups/duos count as one), and then the fun really begins in a bracket tournament to whittle the list down to just one ultimate mean girl!

So what are you waiting for? Skedaddle to the comments and start suggesting!

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  • Shannak22

    fStephanie McMahon

  • http://twitter.com/RangerDeon RangerDeon

    Stephanie McMahon has always been my favorite. Always.

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      Absolutely. She is by far the greatest mean girl, BYTCH to be in WWE.
      Stephanie McMahon can be the biggest bitch of them all. She’s the Billion Dollar Princess and boss’s daughter and she’s not afraid to use it to take others down. Didn’t she tell all the men in an arena in Corpus she made more money than all of them combined and had more balls than they did? That is one baddd bitch.

      Other admirable women(bytches) in order are.

      Melina – She was naturally more viscous than Trish and it seemed to be the real her. Although I know its not. I think she just tends to put her foot in her mouth alot and is somewhat misunderstood. Whatever the case, Melina can be as mean as they come.

      Trish Stratus – She used her sex appeal to get everything she wanted and she was very dangerous as well. Although not trained for a time, she wasn’t above clashing with the daring Lita or the intimidating Chyna, Trish played hard with everyone.

      Michelle McCruel – She is evil, using the likes of Layla to do her dirty deeds and she’s so cold, calling Mickie a pig and all.

      Ivory- She was always mean, but when she joined RTC she took it to the next level. Ivory believed she was the one who displayed a proper image of a woman and shoved her beliefs down everyone else’es throats. Comedic gold she was, but a true mean girl as a result.

      Terri Runnels/Marlena – A slut who would use her men to take care of her foes and would trade them in like used cars.

      Jazz – Everyone called her mean because she really was. She was very intimidating.

      Velvet Sky
      Angelina Love

      The Bellas
      Molly Holly

      • The K@rmic HeeL

        I forgot

        Dawn Marie
        Candice Michelle

        I think A Fox is very little girl mean, so that isnt very mean at all lol.

  • PeriodPalace

    love it , has to be the beautiful people tho , they were the ultimate mean girls

  • joshmm3

    The beautiful people obviously because of their heelish antics and the horrible things they said to people. Who can forget the brown bag they used to bring to the ring!
    Victoria deserves a spot because of the things she used to do to Trish and Christi Hemme.
    Karen Jarrett because again she is pure hate on the mic.

  • redsandman99

    Gotta go with the Beautiful People overall and LayCool during the Piggie James storyline. The rumored intent behind that storyline just made it that much harder to watch.

    • WhalenX12

      What was the rumored intent ?

      • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

        how apparently the piggie james stuff came around as the big-wigs behind the scenes at wwe were truly annoyed over mickie james’ slight weight gain.

      • redsandman99

        The reports that WWE created the storyline to intentionally take a dig at Mickie’s weight.

  • Jake

    Trish was an uber bitch when she turned heel at WM 20. All her segments were hilarious yet you actually wanted to hate her.

    Stacy, Dawn and Sable come very close.

    • trishfan11

      Yes, Trish from WM XX to WM 21 was the greatest mean girl ever and the best female heel ever in the WWE in my opinion.

  • cwoww

    Trish Stratus as a heel, nobody steals her spotlight.! <3

    • joshmm3

      I forgot about Trish as a heel she was epic!!

  • melina prez

    Melina,layCool,Beautiful people, Stephanie McMahon, maryse, and trish stratus

  • xfabian

    Definite Beth & Natalya, Looknig Back At Beth’s Title Reign You See Her True Colors Come Out. Evil And Mean. Cry Time .Die Time. Natalya Was Never “Bad” When She Joined Beth As A “Sidekick” She Was Forced To Play that Role.

  • AfroJack

    Melina. She was such a bully and great at dissing Divas.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thesensational1 Sherri Martel Fan

      Sensational Sherri, Luna Vachon, Melina Perez, (Heel) Trish. There are so many.

      BTW any fans of Sensational Sherri click my name to take you to the page :-)

  • http://twitter.com/memosoto memosoto

    It definitely comes down to Maryse, she was the pretty mean girl on smackdown that made it to the top, quoting Mean Girls (big fan right here):
    “I knew how this would be settled in the animal world. But this was Girl World.
    And in Girl World, all the fighting had to be sneaky.”
    Sneaky as, Heel Kicks to the head, getting out of the ring, slapping the face of everybody, Foot on the ropes, etc, etc. and how to forget all the French Trash Talk… Laycool meh they were just bullies picking on people, Maryse was a Mean Girl, she enjoyed every slap and hair pulling.

  • Torray_

    Sable. Sable was a bad a**. Oh and dawn Marie.

  • lucky1now

    Melina was great she worked the mic great and she was able to show her stuff in the ring
    Victoria was some what of a bully not mean
    Trish was mean
    Lita was sorta mean during her heel run
    Laycool had 1 storyline to push them to the mean catogory “piggie james”
    Sable had it all when she was heel
    Stephanie had it going for her tellin guys how it is
    What about how madison was with tara that was some mean stuff

  • DaudWWE

    Melina.. she was veeery mean!!

  • GailKim95

    Melina, The Beautiful People, and Laycool

  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=-3&id=100000716103622#/Only.the.best.get.through?ref=profi OJ Von Erich

    Brains, beauty & sometimes… BITCH!

    Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley had it all, she slapped, conned, bitched and cheated her way to the top and made damn sure whoever she was managing got exactly what she wanted.
    Okay, so to begin with Steph was the sweet and innocent ‘daddy’s little girl’ the ultimate damsel in distress. She then went on to accept Test’s hand in marriage until… That fateful day Triple H drugged and married her 1st. From that moment she was distraught, even standing in her fathers corner in his match with the dastardly Hunter. But it was then she pulled one of the biggest swerves and turned on her father, the next night on Raw, Stephanie (cut what I believe to be the BEST heel turn promo of all time) turning the tables on everyone, took over Raw to give us “The McMahon-Helmsley era” she even captured the Women’s Championship.
    It was this era which gave us the Steph we all knew and loved to hate (except me Hahaha) proving that she was THAT DAMN GOOD!

    With unforgettable fueds against the likes of… Lita, Trish Stratus, Sable, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Triple H and even her own father Vince McMahon!

    Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley gave us more than enough reasons to make it known, that she… IS THE DOMINANT FEMALE!!! =D

  • wwe141

    1: Stephanie McMahon
    2: Trish Stratus
    3: The Beautiful People
    4: LayCool
    5: Melina
    6: Dawn Marie
    7: Molly Holly
    8: Ivory
    9: PMS

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    The Beautiful People(Angelina Love & Velvet Sky),Karen Jarrett,Madison Rayne,Melina,Trish Stratus,Vince’s Devils(Victoria,Torrie Wilson,&Candice Michelle),Vickie Guerrero,stephanie McMahon,Dawn Marie,LayCool(Layla & Michelle McCool),Eve Torres,Divas of Doom(Natalya & Beth Phoenix)

  • https://www.facebook.com/SteveCStratus Steve

    OMG The best had to have been Trish Stratus. She was that mean girl that whenever she had a mic it was always something Funny (in a bitchy way) or she was just ruthless. Like when she spray painted Christy Hemme’s playboy cover & wrote on her back, or the calling Lita a slut & making the weight jokes. She was the best Heel Diva/Knockout in my opinion. No one could ever have done it better… Another that comes kind of close would be Stephanie McMahon. She was definitely a mean girl. She had power and no one ever wanted to be on her bad side.

  • http://jakeyon.blogspot.com Jakey

    If we’re using the Mean Girls analogy, Trish Stratus in 2004-2005 has it in the bag. Not only did she have her own flunkies in Jazz, Gail and Molly (remember the baby shower? And the 3-on-1 bra and panties match versus Christy?), but she became so good at comedy that the powers that be would send her to the ring with the microphone.

    The only other girl they would send out there just to do mike work was Ivory, so I’ll list her as a second choice.

  • Kayfabe!

    1. Stephanie McMahon
    2. The Beautiful People
    3. Trish Stratus
    4. Melina
    5. Maryse
    6. Laycool
    7. Victoria
    8. Ivory
    9. Madison Rayne
    10. Maxine

  • TheJoJoIsCrazy

    Given the term of Mean Girls and it’s bases off of the book “Queen Bees” you gotta think exactly what Melanie suggested. Those girls are the bitchy, pretty, can’t be bothered to get in a real fight, underhanded type bitches. Your perfect contenders are Stephanie, Maryse and TBP. They serve the antics best. Maybe Dawn and Layool, but given the titlement the top 3 meet the standard best in my opinion.

  • TheeEric

    I believe one of the greatest mean girls to be in the wrestling industry was Maryse. She might not have been the most skilled in-ring wise, but she had the personality of a mean girl down to a t. She had charisma, and she knew how to use it in her favor when it came to promos and such.

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      this! a lil off-topic but i think if raquel diaz in nxt tried to be more of a maryse with her in-ring stuff as opposed to trying to come off as a legit threat in the ring, she’d do so much better.

  • TheLadySamantha

    Trish Stratus & Stephanie McMahon.

  • Raynex

    Michelle and Layla with their annoying (and mostly amazing) catchphrases always done it for me.