Sarita Heading to Japan for Two Months

Fans hoping to see Sarita back in TNA (we sure do!) may have to hold out a while longer — she’s heading to Japan for two months.

The sorely underutilized Knockout announced via Facebook that she will be taking part in a two-month stay in Japan while competing for STARDOM.

She wrote:

I’m very excited to announce that in less than 2 weeks I’ll be leaving for a 2 month tour of Japan with STARDOM, and to compete in the 5 STAR GP2012 tournament. I’ll miss you, Mexico!

Sarita hasn’t been seen in TNA for a number of months. Meanwhile, her storyline cousin, Rosita, who has also been absent from TV, recently worked TNA house shows.

Best of luck to Sarita in Japan!

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  • darkangels

    Stardom have one of the coolest looking title around hope she becomes champ. maybe her partner will join her and win the tag titles

  • Marshy

    Well at least that it give her something to do rather than to sit at home and do nothing and wait for TNA to call her up to say for her to comeback to work.

    • Jhonmarco

      She actually works for CMLL in Mexico so she doesn’t just sit at home with nothing to do.


    In TNA if you’re not a former Diva you’re nobody =(

    • Piggie James

      Madison Rayne?

  • Piggie James

    This is just speculation, but because Sarita works for CMLL, and TNA is currently in a partnership/co-promoting with AAA which is CMLL’s biggest rival in Mexico, TNA is reluctant to push Sarita, especially with the ‘rumoured’ AAA wrestlers appearing in TNA later this year. There could be all sorts of contractual issues and problems for Sarita if this were to happen.

    But in the short term, I don’t really see why they can’t at least use Sarita in any sort of capacity, even if it’s just for her to put Tessmacher over in a short title program, or with Rosita against Eric Young & ODB (to at least have them defend those never defended titles).

    Fact is though, Sarita doesn’t need TNA to make a good living, and at least her contract seems to let her wrestle wherever she wants to. I just wish it was more in North America!

    • xoxoRKOxoxo

      You and me both I agree with everything you said she is good and it’s said that TNA doesn’t use her at all I loved her and Rosita as tag champion, I think they were a little overshadowed with Hernadez and Anarquira, but they were good as heels and did get some good heat!!!!

    • Arakas

      The TNA has never seen Sarah as a major star, even when she was meant to. According to the WON, she dissapointed the TNA officials right after her tryout matches. So, it figures.

      She’s not used because there’s no creativity plans for her since Anarquía was fired and the MA faction was disbanded. AAA has nothing to do here. Besides, bringing her back and forth from México is expensive for TNA, and you know they want to save some money.

      I personally spoke with her two months ago regarding her TNA situation: Among other things, she told she was very happy with TNA and she didn’t mind losing permanently or not getting titles. She does whatever TNA requests. Even the sexual comedy is not a problem. Her only concern is to get her payday. She also told me she’s only with TNA in the USA and has no interest doing indies. She sadly bragged of making more money that the other girls in México and said she didn’t need titles. It was sad and dissapointing to see her talking like that.

      Some wrestling sites said she renewed her contract until late 2012. If this is true, it’s very likely she’ll get released from TNA by that date.

      Both WWE and TNA are no places for real talented female wrestlers. They love to waste them.

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    So there’s another two months we won’t see her. Interesting that she only mentioned Mexico. She’s probably gone from TNA by the end of the year.

    But yes, the consolation here is that she’s already a regular with a very large mainstream promotion in Mexico and her name and ability were already respected in the American independents long before TNA came along so she’s certainly not going to be struggling without them.

  • AfroJack

    fuck TNA they don’t realize talent when she’s standing right in front of them. She’ll wrestle more in Japan than in her entire TNA career.

    Good luck to her anyway I know she will kick ass in Japan!!

  • ShimmerSupport211

    Go over their and kick ass sarita. knockouts are boring without her, shes the best technical female next to gail.

  • Kessuki

    Pleased for her. Japan will be a challenge and exciting experience for her, of that im sure she’ll relish the opportunity. The sad thing is i doubt TNA will notice she’s gone. Lol