Sad Rosa Mendes Update

More shocking news has been revealed regarding WWE Diva Rosa Mendes, real name Milena Roucka, who we reported earlier this week had reported to police an alleged assault by her fiancé Andy Slocum, aka former WWE talent Jackson Andrews.

TMZ is reporting that another woman is claiming to have also been engaged to Slocum and received a shock upon hearing about the alleged assault when news broke on Monday.

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Amber Stovall tells TMZ that she has been dating Slocum for four and a half years and that they are also engaged.

The pair even shared a home in Houston, Texas, while Slocum also shared a home with the WWE Diva in Las Vegas, where the alleged assault took place.

Stovall tells the site: “I was not aware of his double life with Rosa. I’m incredibly angry and I feel betrayed.”

The other fianceé adds, however, that Slocum was never abusive towards her.

Read the full story here.

Thoughts: A real sad twist to this already horrible story. My heart goes out to Rosa.

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  • jcarcano12

    :'( my little Rosa
    te amo

    • Shannel

      Honestly, i dont care about her personal life and what she is going through, her problems are her problems, thats it. As long as i see her on my tv screen and i’m entertained then its good. if she won’t be on tv and gets released oh well, she is not a contribution for divas division and she never was. The truth is that people will say that primo rosa and epico are like one of the biggest stars… bla bla bla, in 2 years… no one will remember their name.

  • ItsRayVolution

    The consequences of dating a wrestler I suppose…and this is like what? the 10th? Maybe 15th time we’ve heard a wrestler being a total douchebag to their significant other? This is ridiculous, honestly you would think what you all have heard about dating a wrestler, it would be made into a cautionary tale by now :\

    • Piledriver’ Tavios

      Melina and Morrison?

      • WidowsPeakFreak

        Lol ,That’s a whole other story

      • OJ Von Erich

        Yeah and look what happened there… Wasn’t she screwing around behind his back? Not hating on her at all, just what I heard… ?

        • WidowsPeakFreak

          No they wasn’t even together at the time because Melina and Morrison relationship was a on and off again relationship

  • WidowsPeakFreak

    So is Rosa taking time off from WWE?if not then i think she needs it

    • art

      I think she’ll be back when her injuries heal &/or when the court case finishes…

    • moogle

      She wasn’t at the Smackdown taping with Primo and Epico, so I would guess so.

      I don’t think even WWE would make her appear with all this going on.

      • Raekon

        The same reason why she wasn’t in Raw I guess, they won’t let her appear on TV if she is injured in places one can see. :(

        Anyone else catched how some people chanted “we want Rosa” in the match between the prime time players and primo with epico?

        Made me frown when I heard it while I was watching their match thinking “guys… if you only knew what happen to her a few hours ago”. :(

    • LadyGoDiva

      If Rosa is taking time off she deserves and I hope to see her danicng,simming and shaking and yelling Spanish again that I know and love.

  • redsandman99

    So this guy is an even bigger asshole than we all thought? Wow.

  • art

    I think rosa found out he was cheating…since the day she left to go to raw amber was coming in….
    I do hope we get an update on rosa & how she is,no one should have to go through what she is…

  • Poison Ivory

    What an idiot! And I’m not just talking about him being a loser woman beater, but come on.. You have to be pretty damn stupid if you engage in two relationships at the same time while being a somewhat known person (in the IWC at least). And since Rosa is even famous than him! Did he think it would actually work and that they would never find out? My gosh, what a stupid ass. In sooo many levels.

  • johnny

    He’s a complete idiot how do women fall for guys like this I know someone parents or close warned them about this abusive jerk and they’re probably saying I told ya so.


    Once Rosa upload to twitter a picture that guys saying it was her boyfriend was in the Hall of fame of this year

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    Dang,poor woman can’t catch a break.First she gets assaulted by her fiance,and now she finds out that he’s been seeing another woman,and at that,is engaged to her?My thoughts and prayers go out to Rosa.No matter how anyone feels about Rosa as a wrestler,character,or manager,no one should have to go through this,including her : / Us diva fans love you Rosa,and you’re in our thoughts and prayers.Stay strong <3

  • Jhonmarco

    Whoa, my heart goes out to Rosa!
    <3 poor thing.

    • bromero329

      I’ve been tryna get in contact with you -_-.

  • iLUVValets

    Aint Shitness at its finest, my heart goes out to both of those girls, especially Rosa, abuse is something very hard to cope with and get over.

  • darkangels

    past and present wwe divas like to get around one man is not enough

    • ItsRayVolution

      Boo, the male wrestlers also get around women like greyhound buses….lets not leave them out of the “whore” equation now ;) besides we all know how BIGGER Whore’s Batista and Cena are :P

  • misschrissi7

    My heart goes out to Rosa.

    I’ve been in a similar situation & Its not a nice situation to be in.

  • shannymac

    This guy is scum. She needs to press charges and lock this bastard up for as long as possible.

  • johnny

    If he was married to either one of them he would have lost everything and owed rosa money for almost the rest of his life what a Moran I still don’t get what she saw in him he’s a tool.

    • Marshy

      I wish that Tool Academy was still back on,cause Jackson Andrews would definitely be pick as number one cast member. If he had married both of them that he will serving jail time for bigamy.

      • johnny

        True but I meant if he married his fiance in Houston he definitely would have been screwed she would have gotten half of everything and rosa would get what ever was left and if he had kids with either one of them he would owe both women money for almost the rest of his life and I think if she can she should sue in Texas the worst state a woman beater can have a trial in that would be his worst nightmare.  

        • Marshy

          On top of that he would be considered as Deadbeat Dad.With him being an abuser,two timing tool,if he marries both of them that he would be a bigamist,and if he has children with either one of them or even both that he would be a Deadbeat dad that his track record is sounding “great” than one leg man in a butt kicking contest.

  • Raekon

    I REALLY don’t understand such people being it males or females.

    Seriously if such people can’t be faithful then they should stay singles and jump from bed to bed (or wherever…) instead of getting into relationships only to hurt others.

    Rosa deserves definately better than such an idiot that is not only abusive but also lives a double life.

    It was also reported that Rosa stated at the police that it wasnt the first time he was abusive towards her and that in the meantime she fears for her life.

    No matter how others felt, I like that woman as a entertainer and from what I know so far she is a very nice and helpful person backstage aswell.

    It would be sad to lose her to a psycho like this one and I really hope that nothing bad happens to her.

    Amber and Milena should join forces and bring him in front of the court so they can make sure he gets the treatment he deserves behind bars.

    No wonder the WWE kicked him out, Lazy, Abusive and a Liar aswell.
    Not a combination you want to have at work for sure.

  • Like Mike

    How did he think two relationships was going to work out? Then to top it off getting married to both? Is that even legal? What an idiot. I feel for Milena.

  • candice7000

    Poor Rosa, I feel bad for her. I know some people are sick and probably talk about she needs it cause she sucks in the ring. And who ever thinks that should go to hell. Rosa wasn’t the best wrestler but she was an ok one to me. She improved over time and she always brought attitude to the ring. But back to her issue, My thoughts and prayers are with her. I hope when she come back she performs like nothing happen and continue her life. May happiness come her way.

  • Ryan

    Wooof!!! Sexy Rosita!! She looks so sexy n pretty in that pic! Too bad about that whole double date thing Rosa :(

  • Marshy

    No woman whether they be in the wrestling business or not shall ever deserves this. People who says that she is needs it or just asking for it are the ones who have perfect home life that their dad doesn’t cheat nor he evers physically abuses their mom, mom doesn’t cheats on dad nor she evers physically abuses their dad that they are kidding themselves.

  • melon2617

    I feel so bady for poor Rosa. She’s clearly been through a lot and needs to get herself some counseling and surround herself with good friends and family. I finally walked away from my POS abusive husband last year and it was the best thing I’ve ever done, but it’s hard. These guys tear you down for control and make you feel worthless.

    Milena Roucka, Rosa Mendes, whatever you call her is a stunningly beautiful, talented and (from what I’ve read on Twitter) funny young woman who deserves far more that this sort of treatment. I’m glad WWE is going to stand by her and help her. Honestly, getting her back on the road may help her, as she’ll be surrounded by love and friends and really big security guards.

    • xoxoRKOxoxo

      Congrats on being able to walk away from your POS ex you are so string!!!!

      I don’t know if you will get offended but that last part of your comment was pretty funny “as she’ll be surrounded by love and friends and really big security guards”

    • Kaledrina

      i agree with you and i seriously worry how this could affect her. imagine going from taking serious beatings as a human being to then having to put on a show and take a fake beating as a diva? that kinda stuff could surely mess with your head?

      and thank you for sharing your story, good to hear you’re in a better place now =)

      • melon2617

        Perhaps that’s why she’s not competing and only valeting right now. Remember, this wasn’t a one-off, he’s been beating her for months now.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    This guy is an asshole and should be locked up and have the key thrown away!!!! He is the lowest form of scum the world has!!! NOTHING Rosa could of said or did deserves to have a man double her size, or at all, beat her!!!

    Rosa I love ya you are a great girl and a great manager and I can’t wait to see you shaking what ya mamma gave ya on my TV screen again Hope you feel better soon and are able to get past the heartache you are going throught right now!!!!!

    • Marshy

      When he is on lockdown that he will needing his own bodyguard like he was to Tyson Kidd and also he will be Bubba’s mate.I don’t feel sorry for him not one bit and he will be getting more than his just desserts.


    This year keeps getting worse and worse for Rosa. This ‘other fiance’ sounds also like scum. How can she not know that her boyfriend is dating a WWE Diva??! I think she knew, and it was Rosa who didn’t know about this other girl. Again i hope this guy gets whats coming to him!

    • Kaledrina

      you’re making assumptions and name-calling a woman nobody here knows and it isn’t cool. i didn’t know this dude was dating rosa and i tend to keep up to date with my diva gossip. if we’re gonna make crazy assumptions, what’s to say rosa didn’t know about this other woman? who’s even to say that the dude did the proposing (other than the people involved, which we are not)? lol.

      • EVEROCKS

        I said i think. When did i say i was positive? Am i not intitled to my opinion?? I didn’t say she is scum, i said she sounds like scum. How can his two fiances live so far apart, and not know about the other? Especially when one is a WWE Diva.

      • EVEROCKS

        What i ment about living so far apart is that he was cheating and they lived so far away.

    • Raekon

      If you read what Amber stated, you will see that he were switching between both girls without them knowing from each other.

      She confirmed that he had her flying to Las Vegas at the 4th july.
      That was the day Rosa flew away to tapings for a few days or a week.

      Then at the time Rosa was about to come back he sent Amber back to houston or he flew there with her while Rosa obviously thought he was “working”.

      He was about to pull the same thing with both at the end of this month but Amber noticed now what was going on throught the news that break out, after Rosa finally had the courage to file a lawsuit against him for beating her up again.

    • melon2617

      They could have been in the dark. With Rosa’s travel schedule, it’s easy for him to commute under the guise of working gigs. It’s not like indie wrestlers get a lot of money, so he could totally pass off as a broke ass. Not to mention two FB accounts, two different sets of friends, etc. He could hide them both really easily.

      I don’t believe he wasn’t abusing her though. A guy that controlling would have to keep both women in line, unless this Amber girl is a real submissive.

  • Ryan

    Im kind of ignorant here but apparently this guy is a wrestler?
    Anyone want to clarify?

    • art

      Tyson’s kids manager once or twice….he has matches on youtube jackson andrews…he was fired quickly since he no showed training sessions…

      • Ryan

        Ahh hes a nobody then…Thanks though Art