In Video: Tara Says WWE Blocked TNA Talent from Chicago Wizard World, Talks Fitness and More

TNA Knockout Tara, real name Lisa Marie Varon, has claimed that she was banned from appearing at this weekend’s Chicago Wizard World convention due to WWE.

In a video blog on her YouTube channel, Varon says that WWE had TNA talent blocked from appearing at the event as a stipulation for their own talent to appear. WWE Champion CM Punk is one of the WWE stars appearing.

Varon, who resides in Chicago, was due to appear but received a last minute call to say that she’d been dropped, she says.

In the blog, the former WWE Diva also talks fitness and her recent involvement in the Geek Fit Challenge.

It seems WWE doesn’t, however, have an issue with ex-talent appearing at the convention to promote their own projects. The former Bella Twins, Nicole and Brianna Garcia, and Maryse were on hand at Wizard World yesterday.

Check it out below:

Thoughts: If true, pretty crappy move by WWE to block others from appearing, effectively making them lose out on income. Given that TNA contracts work differently to WWE, with talent only getting paid when they’re used, outside bookings such as conventions help supplement the talents’ income, whereas WWE has generous base salaries.

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  • JJ

    Smart business decision.

    I mean..evil WWE!! How could they do such a thing?!?

  • Tamms

    I really dont think wwe had that much pull over a public event like that. I mean they never stopped anyone before so why would they bother now. Ive seen wwe people at events all over the place and there were other tna superstars/knockouts there.

    • unscripted & flawless

      My best guess, and I do mean GUESS, is that there wasn’t a pending lawsuit against WWE from TNA before at all those other events so this move is a bitter one by the WWE due to said lawsuit. Kind of like a “Want to sue me? I’ll screw your talent out of money” thing.

  • redsandman99

    WWE and TNA talent end up at a lot of the same conventions. Why would WWE suddenly block them now? Doesn’t seem that likely to be.

    • Marshy

      They don’t want their stars hobnobbing with their shall we say their enemy,cause they don’t want any WWE employees who might be thinking of jumping ship to TNA.

    • Jcott3

      I don’t know why they’re only doing it now (they didn’t seem to mind before), but it’s par for the course with Vince. He signed many of the best arenas in the country to exclusive contracts so WCW (or anyone else) couldn’t run shows there. Vince was very ruthless when he first went national and almost got sued for predatory business practices by Bill Watts in the 80’s. Vince offered to buy out the UWF and give Watts a job but Jim Crockett made a bigger offer for the company on the belief that if the deal went through, the WWF would become too powerful to compete with.

  • GailKim95

    Haha this reminds me of when TnT made the video talking about the thanksgiving thong thunder match. She never directly says it but makes her point clear

  • Kaledrina

    makes me pleased that tna stars have been breaking into the uk convention scene this year. wwe don’t bother with the ones over here which is fine by me… except for virgil lol.

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    Almost certainly an effect of the lawsuit. TNA is about to find out what happens when you get serious with the WWE.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I don’t think they would due that I mean TNA superstars appered at San Deigo Comic Con and their were tons of WWE talent there I hope it isn’t true!!!!

  • VelvetLoveFan

    That would be pretty stupid.. Like brooke and jeff appeared at comic con along with layla, Alicia fox and a lot more..

  • candice7000

    Well that shows you who’s the big boss. WWE don’t play when it comes to money and them being the better business. I ain’t mad at them. I don’t like TNA really. Only watch them for The Knockouts after the match I change the channel. TNA is awful. If they just gave The Knockouts their own show I think I’d just watch them, Because it seems The Knockouts are where they are best (even when The Knockouts are at their worse).

  • beliEVEr

    Wasn’t Brooke, Jeff, Alicia & Layla all at the same Comic Con Convection not too long ago? Lol.

  • Katie

    Don’t know why people are making a huge deal out of this, I’m surprised they didn’t ban them from San Diego’s.

  • Ryan

    Wow haha I am actually impressed by WWE =D
    I’m a big WW-weak hater more of dislike them due to their product n various decisions, but can’t help like how they handle business. Truly something to admire :)

    On a more human personal touch, ouch! That sucks not allowing TNA talent to mix it up with WWE guys imagine Austin Aries, CM Punk n D-Bry chillin with their belts on the table, Brooke and Layla… Would be awesome. :)

  • AfroJack

    All TNA’s fault… I feel for Tara. This is basically WWE countering TNA’s lawsuit, well done WWE!

  • aldo

    how can WWE do that (assuming that it’s true of course)?…i mean, it’s for the money? seriously,, that’s crap!

  • WaitingForSundae

    Not for one second do I believe she was banned. I’ve attended Wizard World Chicago many times though not this year. I do however keep track of their guest list. I’ve never seen her listed for this weekend and yet she claims it was a last minute call.

    As mentioned by others, many non WWE wrestlers like Melina, The Bellas, Lita, etc., are there and if you note they are there courtesy of The I.P.A. Network. An agency that also represents Tara. It seems to me I.P.A decided to book their other talent and not her and she’s blaming the WWE because that gets more publicity.

    • thomassilverlaw

      This is the problem with message boards. Anyone with half a brain and an internet connection can post their opinion as though it’s fact. I have knowledge of the situation. She is represented by IPA. Why dont you call them before you call her a liar? Too much work for you to do before you tarnish someone’s name? They’ll tell you that she was told several months ago that WWE has an agreement with the Wizard World and that she can’t do a paid appearance there. Who was the other TNA talent there? Oh yeah. Nobody. And going forward, you won’t see TNA talent at the Wizard World shows. She rarely does appearances, indy shows, or house shows for TNA. Why would she make a big deal about not doing one more show? Because for a month on her Twitter she has been saying she was going to be at someone’s booth today (which she said was an unpaid appearance). Contact that guy. His name was all over her Twitter. She has the decency to let people know that she’s not going to be there now, and you say she’s doing it for publicity? You’re an idiot. Go back to your mother’s basement, pull out your coloring book, and work on your next conspiracy theory.

    • victarafan

      So she’s drawing attention to not getting booked? And you “know” this isn’t true how? Troll

  • WaitingForSundae

    I had the time to do some looking around for more information.

    It’s a fact she was not booked as a guest by Wizard World. She is not listed anywhere on their website or promotions.

    It is a fact she was set to make an unpaid appearance in Artist’s Alley at the table of artist, Scott Blair.

    How would WWE know she was attending to make this call? Suppose they did know though for argument sake. How does the WWE have the power to ban a non paid guest? If they have this great power, why didn’t they enforce the same rule mere weeks ago in San Diego?

    In the comments at YouTube, Tara states that the true losers are the fans who miss out on seeing her. However she could easily have gone. I go to Artist’s Alley all the time at conventions. I stand and sometimes sit with the artists there that I happen to know. She couldn’t have done that? She wasn’t being paid anyway. So as a fan, as a person who knows the artist she couldn’t have gone and sat beside him? Of course she could have. Why she didn’t I don’t know but I find it difficult to believe WWE knows either.

    • thomassilverlaw

      Why do you take the time to call someone a liar when you are guessing? What’s your agenda? Why are you looking for a reason to put her in a negative light? She was supposed to be at Scott Blair’s booth. I know it because I saw it along with over 100,000 other people that saw it on her Twitter. You think WWE didn’t know about that? If you had the smallest amount of contractual knowledge, you’d know that WWE has the ability to sign an exculsive deal with an event, like Wizard World. They’re known for doing that. Could she have gone to the booth anyway? Would you go somewhere where you have been told not to go by the organizer? She didn’t. It could have caused problems for Scott Blair. I’ve been to Wizard World Chicago too. She always attracts a crowd. She shouldn’t sneak in somewhere? She’s above that.
      It all very simple. She didn’t go, and she was letting people know she wouldn’t be there. Maybe you are surrounded by so many dishonest people that you don’t believe people. Not me. She has never given people a reason not to believe her. Or maybe you want a reason to try and make a person you obviously don’t know look bad. I don’t know why you’d do that. But this isn’t it. You owe her and the rest of us who look up to her an apology.

    • victarafan

      I don’t think she cares what you belive. She’s the bomb! Hate on, Hater.

  • charleshp

    TNA’s lawsuit is currently preventing WWE from signing certain people (Flair) right now.

    Hence Vince is a little ‘upset’ which means all the things they could have done to TNA but didn’t b/c they didn’t care or were indifferent…

    Yeah that’s gonna happen from now.

  • Karnuj

    with the pending lawsuit over wwe’s “Shady Contract tactics” i would assume tna talent was blocked to prevent them from being on wwe cameras. right now showing tna folks could seriously hurt their case IMHO. the last few conventions punk has been too have involved camera crews i do not see how this one would be any different.

  • melon2617

    I don’t believe that for one second. Why would they not ban TNA talent from the other comic-cons?

  • charleshp

    They didn’t ‘ban’ them per se. They gave Wizard World, a choice, WWE or TNA.