SmackDown Redux (August 10th, 2012): Who Will Be Booker’s Next Top Assistant?

While we didn’t get a Divas match this week on the blue brand, we got a backstage segment and an announcement for a match next week.

Everyone’s favorite former executive administrative assistant, Eve Torres approaches the new SmackDown GM, Booker T, looking to get a spot in his new administration. Unfortunately for Eve, Teddy Long has referred NXT 3 winner Kaitlyn for the job. Check out the segment below:

I know it’s not much, but when is the last time we had some build for a Divas match? Also, it’s good to see underutilized Divas, such as Kaitlyn get a chance to shine. Hopefully, this will lead to a rivalry on SmackDown between Eve and Kaitlyn and not just a one-off match between the two. Both of these Divas have improved leaps and bounds since their debuts in the WWE, and it’ll be interesting to see if they can put on an entertaining program, both inside and outside of the ring.

That wasn’t all, as Raw General Manager AJ Lee made a special excursion to Friday Night SmackDown as the guest of new GM, Booker T.

AJ used the opportunity to continue to mess with her one-time fiancé, Daniel Bryan. Check it out:

And be sure to check out the cougar herself, Vickie Guerrero, on the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho:

What did you make of SmackDown this week? Tell us in the comments!

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  • jen07201

    Please WWE let it be Kaitlyn and put Eve to feud with Layla

  • Pedro

    Eve needs to win this match. There needs to be some sort of tension in the GMs office. Having everyone be a babyface in charge is kinda ridiculous and would get boring really quickly (specially with AJ being a face on the RAW side). Smackdown needs to spice things up a bit.

    • Chula bonita

      Yeaah. I mean back then WWE had both face and heels in Trish, Lita, Victoria, Gail, Molly etc. And looked how popular Lita and Trish and Victoria were when they were faces ! Because they had good FUEDS ! :) AJ and Eve shoul’dve had a rivalry.

  • Raekon

    So since Eve is high within the WWE and Kaitlyn is still jobbing her heart out on the main roster, they will let Kaitlyn be the punching bag for Eve and there we go! Eve is within the administration working behind Bookers back, planning or twisting things while kissing his butt when he is near till Booker loses the job somehow and either Eve or Teddy taking over so the same old drama can continue. -_-

    I REALLY hope I’m wrong and Kaitlyn gets to do a bit more on SD.
    Even a feud between them would be better than pushing Eve back into that position.

    Other than that, why is Eve on SD the whole time asking for a job there?
    She is a raw Diva, let her get it on with AJ or try to get a job there and let Kaitlyn and the other SD Divas to get something to do on SD.

    • shaky209

      Oh Raekon regarding that Beth having that first weekend in August off she did.CAuse she tweeted that Friday afternoon about 5:35 pm that she was about to pounce on some friends for a night of fun.Next morning a @minomafia a close friend of Beth that I also follow made a comment on twitter about how lousy they played pool but had a lot of fun.!

  • shaky209

    I say let it be Kaitlyn and let Eve go back to working in the ring like heel.Matter of fact it’s time for Beth to turn face let Eve attack Beth for some reason with anthother Heel diva and having Beth suffer a beat down.And have layla come out to make the save turning Beth face.I think Kaitlyn being Bookers top Assistant would be a great move.!And Eve could then fued with layla and B

  • WWFoverWWE

    So Eve and Kaitlyn are fighting over an assistant job….really?

    • Addy

      I dunno, if I had to choose between being an assistant and short, sporadic matches I’d be pouncing on the assistant job too.

      • WWFoverWWE

        I’d take the short matches, you know because that’s what they are here to do.

    • lucky1now

      Hey its a type of fued something the champ isn’t even getting
      Hopefully this gets both women over with the crowd

  • beliEVEr

    I’m really pulling in for Kaitlyn. Honestly, I don’t know if I could take another Eve run in the administration. I’d much rather prefer her in the ring, competiting. I know that they have done nothing lately, but use Eve badly by having her take loss left and right when there is so much potential there but still, if you look back at her feud with AJ and even Eve’s past stuff, she has great mic skills. Even her match with Kelly, her heel mannerisms were on point. She brings personality that is much needed in Diva matches and I don’t want to see Eve or the Divas matches loose that. Also, Kaitlyn needs this because she isn’t really doing anything noteworthy either. You can just tell they really don’t know what to do with her which is why it would make sense for her to win, even if it’ll suck to see Eve take a clean loss to Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn needs some sort of push and Eve needs to remain in the ring.

  • Acrant

    I think they’re going to start pushing Kaitlyn either way.

  • jim462

    Aj was great again getting some more revenge on DBRYAN. Yeah there needs to be a nasty heel in Booker T administration to make for good storylines with the scheming Eve trying to have Booker T fired and to take over hid Job as Smackdown GM but Kaitlyn who has improved alot will more than likely get it as WWE keeps burying Eve in her matches

  • Kaledrina

    i can think of positives and negatives for either kaitlyn or eve winning so i don’t really mind who does. it’s just nice to get some form of storyline going again :)

  • aldo

    Yes! Kaitlyn being use! Looking forward to the match! :D

  • HerbertAhnee

    Yeah a Divas Match :)

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Hey guys if eve does win, wouldn’t as an “assistant” be like bookers b**** ?? like he’ll make her get his coffee (for ex.) or is it more of an, help me with the matches and stuff lik that.??

    But I’m kinda pulling for eve thou, idk why lol!!

  • Kira

    So now they have their Divas fight over who’s better at bring Booker T a coffee than fighting over the divas title at SummerSlam. Real classy, huh ?

  • wl75

    Well this is a way to shift Eve over to SD for a while- this gives them the chance to hype her run on Stars Earn Stripes without having a conflict with Raw.

  • unscripted & flawless

    Diva fans are really starting to annoy me, in all realness, lol. You cry because you don’t have anything at all and then you cry when there’s actually an ANNOUNCED match for next week. Even with one weeks build-up, at least you know there’s going to be a match on the next Smackdown and it won’t be COMPLETELY random. Are people just satisfied with nothing? Like seriously, y’all need help. It may not be “Attitude Era” competition/feuds, and they may just be fighting over an assistant position, but it’s more than what we got the last few weeks aka nothing at all. So suck it up, shut it up, and deal with it or gtfo. :)

    • Kira

      I’m actually excited for the match despite my earlier comment. It’s just that the E continues to make the divas look more useless by having them compete over who’s booker’s assistant (or waitress) over the divas title. It’s just something that got on my nerves and just needed to let it out. It’s no big deal.

    • chrisP

      Just because someone says “Man, I’d like something to drink” doesn’t mean they must accept it if someone urinates in a glass and says “Well, here you go.”

      • scarlet spider

        What ChrisP said.

        We’re talking about a match with a tiny amount of build up, which has nothing to do with the women’s division or the Divas title and is basically just about putting another wrestler in a (probably) non-wrestling role.

        Is it better than nothing? Yes. Does that mean it’s worth getting excited about? Not really, no..

        • unscripted & flawless

          Still, there’s no reason at all to be so negative about it. You would think that week after week, crying about no divas action period you guys would be satisfied with at least a match that has been announced rather than a random Eve vs. Kelly that had absolutely no build-up. But I guess diva fans just love having something to complain about. If you’re waiting for the attitude era to return, you’ve got a lot more complaining to do, so carry on. I’d rather just be happy we’re getting action period, especially a match that was announced, compared to nothing at all.

        • Kira

          Well, the only reason I said those things is because I know those girls are talented and they deserve more than just fight over who get more backstage segments with the GM. But hey, Kaitlyn actually does need those segments. That might help her get more over with the fans much like Tiffany did. You never know, maybe this monday night the E would announce a divas match at SummerSlam.

          p.s. I’ve never said anything about bring back the attitude era :)

        • scarlet spider

          It’s not about being negative, it’s about not just accepting whatever the WWE dish out, on the basis that “Well, hey. It’s better than nothing, eh?” Besides which, I’ve seen nobody here being negative about the fact that there is going to be match on Smackdown. One or two people have just pointed out that the reasoning behind said match isn’t a particularly positive one.

          Yes, we could simply accept that the division is currently an afterthought at best, and just make do with the occasional match, every few weeks. Or we could care.

          I’m going with latter meself.

  • iLUVValets

    Am I the only one excited for this match next week, BTW Kaitlyn really gives me like sexy trailer park vibes.

  • shameronstar

    wwe must not have much faith in Dolph Ziggler because Vickie basically did this entire promo segment for him and even made this work for him as well!

  • LaylaElFan

    I hopwe Kaitlyn gets the job,so then Eve can get back into the ring moreand fued with someone,because it wouldnt make that much sense since Booker T is a face and Eve is a heel.

  • Adam

    No Layla…… again. Who woulda thought the Divas Champ would get TV time? That would be craaaaazzyyyyy.

    Especially considering she’s technically a SD diva. -_-

    • Raekon

      Maybe they make it so that layla comes out and watches the match while being on commentary, then eve tries to cheat in the match and layla lets the referee know, making Eve lose.

      This way Kaitlyn will win the job but still won’t have a clean win on the main roster, keeping her “jobber” role on the main roster while having Eve being pissed at Layla, starting a feud between them.

      • WidowsPeakFreak

        I highly doubt that but it would be a good storyline

      • Acrant

        Eve has done nothing but lose for months. I don’t see how she can lose to Kaitlyn and then move on to Layla.

        I honestly think Layla’s losing it to another face.

    • WidowsPeakFreak

      It does not matter if she a Samckdown diva because she can appear on ether show.Since the establishment of the “supershow” format, all televised events and (eventually) all house show cards have featured the entire WWE roster, thus effectively dissolving the brand extension and stop complaining.. its getting really old now ….

    • WidowsPeakFreak

      It does not matter if she a Smackdown diva because she can appear on ether show.Since the establishment of the “supershow” format, all televised events and (eventually) all house show cards have featured the entire WWE roster, thus effectively dissolving the brand extension and stop complaining.. its getting really old now ….

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Good to see kaitlyn getting some facetime.
    Good to see a Diva’s match getting some buildup.
    Not sure where this is going but I am intrigued.
    Still wrong no Diva’s Champion.

  • Quisee

    I hope Kaitlyn wins the assisant position. I think Eve is plays a heel well but she has already had an adminstrative role and Kaitlyn could use the exposure/oppurtunity.