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Sara Del Rey teamed up with Eddie Edwards to take on Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett in a mixed tag match.

[notice]* After the match (Brutal Bob Evans vs. Adam Cole), Mike Bennett attacks Cole and he is joined by Maria Kanellis. Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Rey come to the ring to help out Cole.

* Sara Del Rey and Eddie Edwards vs. Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett: Maria wants to start and Sara obliges. Maria tags in Bennett before locking up and Edwards is tagged in as well. They lock up and Bennett works on the arm and wrist. Eddie with a reversal into an arm bar. Bennett with a knee and side head lock. Bennett with a shoulder tackle. Edwards tries for an O’Connor Roll but Bennett holds on to the ropes. Edwards with a rana followed by a kick, chop, and back senton for a near fall.

Bennett with a back elbow in the corner. Edwards floats over on an Irish whip and he kicks Bennett and hits a running kick to the chest. Edwards with a chop to Bennett. Bennett with a jawbreaker followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Sara makes the blind tag and Sara with a kick to Bennett. Edwards with a chop and Sara with kicks.

Edwards with a back heel kick and Sara with a kick to the back of the head. Sara asks Maria if she wants to get involved. Del Rey with kicks to the chest and a back heel kick. Maria pulls Sara down by the hair and Bennett tags in Maria.

Maria with a kick to the midsection and she chokes Sara in the ropes. Bennett chokes Del Rey in the ropes and then Edwards is sent back to his corner by the referee. Maria with head butts and then Bennett is tagged back in.

Bennett with a snap mare but Sara with a kick to the head and Eddie is tagged back in. Edwards with a missile drop kick. Edwards with chops to Bennett. Edwards with rapid fire chops in the corner. Bennett with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Edwards puts Bennett in the tree of woe. Edwards with a hesitation drop kick and then Sara with kicks. Edwards with a baseball slide into Bennett while still in the tree of woe and Edwards gets a near fall.

Edwards chops Bennett. Maria grabs Eddie’s leg. Eddie goes to the apron and he sets for the running knee off the apron but Bennett catches Edwards and hits a spear onto the floor. Bennett sends Edwards into the guardrails. They return to the ring and Bennett gets a near fall. Bennett with a slam and then he chokes Edwards with his boot.

Maria tags in and she kicks Edwards and applies a front face lock. Bennett tags back in and Bennett with a snap mare and key lock. Bennett with a knee and he tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Edwards lands on his feet. Edwards with a Codebreaker. Bennett with a slap but Edwards with a super kick. Bennett fires back with a lariat that flips Edwards.

Maria tags in and she gets a near fall. Maria kicks Edwards and Edwards with a single leg trip and Del Rey tags in. Del Rey with three running boots to Maria. Del Rey kicks Bennett off the apron. Del Rey gets Maria on her shoulders but Maria escapes. Sara with a series of forearms followed by an Irish whip. Bennett tags in when Del Rey charges into the corner with a Liger Kick. Edwards tags in and he hits a suicide dive onto Bennett.

Eddie misses a double stomp and Bennett with a boot. Edwards with a backpack Stunner for a near fall. Edwards puts Bennett on the turnbuckles and he chops Michael. Bennett tries for the Box Office Smash but Eddie rolls through and he applies the Achilles Lock. Maria slaps Eddie but he holds on. Sara has Maria in the ankle lock but Maria goes under the ring.

Bennett with the Achilles Lock on Edwards. Del Rey emerges from under the ring and he has Maria’s ring gear in her hands. Sara throws it at Bennett and Eddie with a rollup into the Achilles Lock and Bennett taps out.

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Rey

After the match, Bennett takes Bobby Cruise’s jacket and covers Maria with it.[/notice]