Today in History: Ashley Massaro Wins the Diva Search

On this day in history:

August 15th, 2005 | With one glance at the Titan Tron, Ashley Massaro became the second woman to win the WWE’s Diva Search, edging out Leyla. To add salt to the runner up’s wound, exactly one year and one day later a different woman with nearly the same name (Layla) became the 3rd woman to win the competition, and has surpassed Christy Hemme and Ashley in having the longest tenure of any Diva Search winner.

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  • lucky1now

    Ashley had character sex appeal the crowd loved her her look was unique if only she was able to get it done in the ring
    I will admit I loved her back then but the love started to fade when she never got good

    • missawesomeness

      yeah I agree she had potential but, she never kept her promise to the WWE universe.And she just wasn’t improving in the ring although, Ashley said that she had training per match like, Before her match she’d have an hour of training. And because she was on the road non stop she didn’t have time to train which, Explains all the injury’s and botches.

      • lucky1now

        It sucks but the ashley boet has sailed

  • lucky1now

    in regards to leyla she had the look she had style and personality but she really wasnt in it for wrestling she was in it to be on tv
    after seeing her be a model on deal or no deal one episode when a wrestler was on there they pointed out how she was on the diva search and she acted like it was nothing to her

    • Jake

      but she joined Wrestlicious.

      • lucky1now

        Wow she did I didn’t know that…….I liked her during diva search hoped she make it somewhere
        Imma have to look up her current status

        • astarr

          Leyla is currently knocked up, actually ( and she hasn’t been with Wrestlicious for a long time. She hosted a couple of episodes but ended up being replaced by Becky Bayless/Brooke Lynn/Cookie/whatever name you want to call her.

  • iLUVValets

    If WWE wasn’t so quick to put her on tv then Ashley would have gone far. She had all the tools for the engine except for wrestling skills, and that’s what hurt her (and the whole division itself) in the end.

    • Jcott3

      WWE should have learned their lesson when they tried to make Christy Hemme an instant star. Christy had a good attitude and wanted to learn, but thrusting her into a WrestleMania program with Trish Stratus was too much too soon. Yes, I understand Lita tore her ACL and they needed a Plan B, but she wasn’t anywhere near ready.

      But nooooooooooooo. Instead of actually training Ashley or sending her to OVW, they just gave her videos of Molly Holly’s matches and told her to study them. At least with Layla in 2006, they usually used her in a non-wrestling role (Extreme Expose, being William Regal’s manager).

  • Raekon

    A girl that could had been the whole package with tons of talent and potential, got wasted by the wwe management only because they didn’t wanted to give her more training time and sessions when she asked for it herself.

    The result was injuries like 24/7 and partially botchesand sloppyness in the matches.

    Then letting her do flashy moves one needs much more training to pull leading to broken bones and she still tried to do her best because she wanted to be in the ring and had the passion for wrestling.

    Really bad decisions there but I think we all are used to it when it comes to wwe right? :/

    Just thankfull they learned their lesson through this and stopped pulling such things afterwards.

  • Shannel


  • fahkyooh

    God I LOVED Ashley’s first theme. Heck, I loved her last theme too.

  • Ryan

    Loved Ashley! Sexy fun pretty and just straight up one cool chick! She gave her cap to my little sister once :) thanks Ashley
    Looking back I hated how she was put in the ring so soon with ZERO training. Her body eventually started getting injured broken bones and whatnot. Her matches SOME were really good!! I liked her match against Mickie James at Royal Rumble and her matches alongside Trish were pretty cool for someone with Zero training. She thanks Victoria Mickie and Trish for the “training” as well as Melina and Jillian Hall. Melina revealed that at WrestleMania they had zero preparation. That Ashley was actually injured!! Had a re broken that foot :(
    And stil she got in the rig sucked it up and wrestled. I remember how slow Ashley was in 2006 but working with Jillian she picked up her speed and her “flashy moves” became good somewhat

    I hated when she left to Survivor, and when she came back she wasn’t dressing like Punk Rock Ash, she was dressing like Playboy hooker now :(
    And she cut her hair got a shitty tattoo on her side
    But meh … She had guts loved how she took on Beth Phoenix and got crushed

    Mad proud of my Ashley Massaro :)


    GAWD Ashley is sooo pretty!!
    i wish they would’ve trained her alot before they put her on tv so quick.
    she had that look and sex appeal that made her so popular.

  • melon2617

    Ashley was fun and spunky but I think her fall from grace was partly WWE and partly her own fault. Trish and Candice both trained on their time off, whether it be from injury, standard time off, whatever. Ashley claimed her brothers were indy wrestlers, she dated Matt Hardy (who has been helping train Reby Sky, so I’m sure he could have helped train Ashley) but it seemed like Ashley wanted WWE to be solely responsible for her training, followed by her many scandals and lies.

    I was a big Ashley fan but while she had a lot going for her, she seems to be a self destructive sort of woman, a hot mess.

    • iLUVValets

      I agree, it’s a shame because she coulda been real big in the business, WWE clearly loved her look (she was like a Trish/Lita hybrid just lacked wrestling skills) Thats why they pushed her too the moon and even gave her pyro(when was the last time we saw a diva get pyro) but all in all she failed at almost everything she did which was just sad when you factor in all of the opportunities she could’ve gotten

      • redsandman99

        Indeed. I even heard at the time they were thinking about having her taking the belt off Beth back in 2008 before they went with Mickie winning it the fourth time. If she could have mastered the in ring aspect of the biz she would have gone a lot farther than she did.

  • mykel1990

    All I could think of oddly enough, was how stiff Ashley’s boobs were. Lol

  • MattyM

    OMG!!!!!!!!! This segment holds a special place in my heart I remember i was in 1st grade when she won and me telling my dad i need to get home to see if Ashley wins and she did ahhh i love the RA era.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    I wanted Ashley to win, and I am glad she did. She was great, but when it came to wrestling, she never got to the point I would have liked. Oh well. The fans were not having it cause they knew this would be the case. If the Divas search is for managers, that will be okay, but them as wrestlers… NOPE! I give credit for Michelle, Maryse, and Layla for actually improving some… and oh yeah Eve.