On this day in history:

August 19th, 2002 | Stacy Keibler had an inkling that Eric Bischoff had called her to his office in order to grant her a shot at Molly Holly‘s Women’s Championship, though Trish Stratus, also summoned to the office, seriously doubted Stacy would get it on her merits as a wrestler. Bischoff showed up to settle the argument, telling the women that, as no one cared about women’s wrestling (insert indignant boos here, Diva Dirt readers), he was booking them in a match that would demonstrate their sex appeal: a Bra & Panties Mud Match. When the time came for the match, though, it seemed to had morphed into a straight Mud Match, as they were already in their skivvies. Stacy began the match by tossing Trish from the stage to the pool, but it was outside the “ring” that Trish scored the victory, rolling up Stacy for the pin. When it was all said and done, Stacy, Trish and the referee were coated in the “mud”. Any guesses on what the actual substance was?

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