Christina Crawford Released

Diva Dirt has confirmed that WWE has released Christina Crawford, aka FCW’s Caylee Turner.

It appears that Crawford, the younger sister of WWE Diva Alicia Fox, was released last week along with fellow WWE Tough Enough contestant, Ivelisse Velez (Sofia Cortez), who confirmed her release over the weekend.

Speculation regarding Crawford’s WWE status has been rampant this week after a revamped FCW website, now rebranded NXT Wrestling, failed to list her in the Divas section of the roster. Diva Dirt today confirmed that Crawford has indeed been let go.

Crawford was signed by WWE in the summer of 2010. She, along with Andy Leavine (aka Kevin Hackman in FCW), were allowed a release from their developmental deals in order to pursue a spot on USA Network’s revival of WWE Tough Enough in early 2011. Both appeared on the show with Leavine going on to win the season. Crawford was the last female competitor standing on the show, outlasting Velez, current WWE Diva Cameron (Ariane Andrew), Rima Fakih and Michelle Deighton.

After the show ended, Crawford was re-signed by WWE and had been training and appearing in FCW since, appearing as both a wrestler and ring announcer.

Crawford recently appeared on the rebranded version of NXT, now a WWE developmental show, as a ring announcer on the first episode and as an in-ring competitor on last week’s episode.

The younger sister of former WWE Divas Champ, Alicia Fox, was the reigning FCW Divas Champion at the time of her release. Based on the promotion rebranding itself as NXT, it looks like the company will not be acknowledging the preexisting FCW championships, rather creating new ones.

Last year, Crawford talked to us about her initial WWE signing in 2010, giving up her contract to appear on Tough Enough, her sister Alicia and more.

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  • jcarcano12

    I knew it!

  • Lanoom

    Allow me to be the first to give a big fat shrug of apathy.

  • shameronstar

    The Tough Enough curse strikes again! I bet she’s disappointed because she probably really wanted to work with her sister too. What’s worse was that she was used as a scape goat to get rid of the fcw divas’ championship as well! I guess the reason she got released is because wwe didn’t want both sisters and that they wanted to just stick to having the original Ms. Foxy herself which kind of made Christina look like a disposable commodity:( I guess Ivelisse won’t feel completely “screwed over” now after all now will she!

    • BTylerHenderson

      I do find it funny that Cameron Lynn/Ariane Andrew is the one and only Tough Enough contestant from the past season that has been through development and is on the main roster (even though she was the first to get eliminated on the show lol) and Christina was in FCW longer than any of them on TE ever were. That just goes to prove right there……you don’t need to win them all in WWE.

  • beau

    Funny, of the females from tough enough signed to WWE, Cameron is the only one left. It’s strange that both Caylee and Sofia were released around the same time. I wonder if they ever really got over their hard feelings toward one another during Tough Enough. It may have been played up and exaggerated during the show, but it really seemed legitimate in Sofia’s interview following her departure. Not trying to stir the pot, it just struck me as odd.

    It’s a bit sad to see her go. She seemed to catch on quite quickly. That being said, she didn’t seem to have quite as much charisma or moxy as her sister.

    • divafan

      I taught cameron will be released first but I was wrong she is the only one left from tough enough. CAMERON for divas champ

  • WWFoverWWE

    And WWE’s disrespect towards black talent continues.

    • jcarcano12

      How? Just Because she black she cannot get release?

      • WWFoverWWE

        Well with releases of Kharma, AW, Christina, and WWE making JTG look like a joke, it’s not exactly showing black talent with respect.

        • Jhonmarco

          Kharma’s release had to do with her putting on weight and apparently being out-of-shape. I mean if her race was the problem why would they push her as hard as they appeared to be originally doing. AW got fired due to his rape joke on Raw and some tweets about Linda on twitter. Christina, eh who knows really. JTG got that due to complaining on social media (not saying it’s right though). There is nothing against African-Americans here.

        • Raekon

          - Kharma obviously asked for her release

          – AW got released after he had been warned before for the things he is saying in the mic (too much attitude era like that doesnt fit the current wwe), so after he ignored the warning and came up with the rape thing that collided with Lindas senate tries, he got released.
          So it was his own fault.

          – Caylee is the only one that got really released in a rather “inappropriate” nature but I think they didn’t saw anything special in her. Most of all since they already have Alicia on the roster.

          Layla and Eve are not white either and Sofia was white and got released aswell so…. playing the race card doesn’t quite stick here.

    • shameronstar

      The still have Alicia and Caomi even though now of them are being used effectively which saddens me:(

      • WWFoverWWE

        Exactly. Alicia is irrelevent as irrelevent can be and Caomi will stick to dancing because that’s all WWE sees them for.

        I’m not even black myself and I see the disrespect towards them.

        • NurseBetty

          What about Kofi & R-Truth?

        • NurseBetty

          Stupid phone….. and the Prime Time Players (Titus and Darren)

        • WWFoverWWE

          I feel bad for Kofi and R-truth because they will never make it past the mid-card and those tag titles are a joke.

          Pairing them up was probably killing one two birds with one stone. As for Titus and Darren…don’t worry they’ll be back to doing nothing soon enough.

        • perceval

          Because the other Divas besides AJ & Eve are being used so well, right?

          As it’s been AJ, Eve, Vickie, & Rosa that have been the only ones getting consistent airtime (besides Naomi & Cameron), it hasn’t been great for ANY of the women who aren’t Hispanic.

        • NurseBetty

          The world of wrestling needs mid-carders. If not fir mid-carders we wouldn’t have main eventers. So if that is where they are destined to be in the WWE. Im fine.

          Though I got a feeling that once the WHC is on Ziggler, Kofi just “might” get another push.

          Im not too worried about the future the deal is they are being featured more than most stars so for that I am fine.

        • Choko

          Well, the blame should be put to Orton. Kofi was slated to become a main eventer until Orton complained backstage.

          Don’t forget last time a black wrestler (Bobby Lashley) was on his way to the main event spot, they released him because of a racist reason. Michael Hayes is one of the major people backstage and he doesn’t like blacks.

    • French.One

      Haha, when I saw the news, I knew you would have made this comment.

      Caylee was bad, that’s why she got released.

      • Sherri Martel Fan

        Nothing else to this release apart from she was awful in the ring. No loss at all. It’s a good thing for the women’s division that she got released.

        • Choko

          How was she awful? we never got to see anything she could do.

        • Lovedaddio

          Although race had nothng to do with Caylee’s release, I am convinced that WWE (read Vince) perpetuates and promotes racially insensitive stereotypes

  • MiPiMafia

    I knew that NXT is going to create new championships but tbh, I think they should only stick with their current NXT Heavyweight Championship and create a divas one as the tag teams from FCW and compete for the current WWE tag titles.

  • moogle

    Well, with both of the two remaining Tough Enough contestants being released within a week, and the winner already being fired for wellness, that was a pretty useless Tough Enough… oh yeah, Cameron…
    I genuinely find it hilarious that Cameron is the one contestant to actually make it to WWE…. gosh Vince, just gosh.

    The one thing that really annoys me is the fact that Audrey Marie has outlived both Christina and Ivelisse.

    Both girls show that they can work HARD. And idk in all the time that Audrey Marie has been in FCW, I’ve seen zero improvement. Just that same god-awful fake smile during her entrance.

    I don’t think WWE have lost a huge star in Christina, but idk it’s a shame nonetheless…

    • perceval

      Hasn’t Tough Enough always been pretty useless? Five seasons, and the most they got out of it was Miz & Morrison. Hell, Diva Search produced more keepers than Tough Enough.

      • NurseBetty

        Well even though Melons got eliminated… she was the biggest star out of TE.

        • NurseBetty

          Oh gosh … Melina, I’m taking off this Autocorrect.

        • funtimeseany

          If I could like/retweet this comment I totally would! I shall be calling Melina Melons from now on aha :’)

        • perceval

          Hahaha…. Melons… Sorry, my inner 12 year old finds Autocorrect’s “fixing” her name funny. Anyway…

          I didn’t count Melina because she’s like Candice and Velvet with Diva Search in that she tried out but didn’t make it to the actual contest.

        • fragile

          melons for the win.

          autocorrect better than auto-tune. ;)

      • DivasOfDoom94

        Ivelisse is a Star but for some reason WWE released her. I can’t believe that WWE didn’t sign Luke, the TE runner up.

        • moogle

          Adam, Luke, Martin, Christina and Ivelisse were all the stars really…
          But Vince is in charge, not Stone Cold or Bill Demott, unfortunately.

          But I can see why Ivelisse might have been released due to the rumoured attitude problems, because judging from TE, she was pretty stubborn and the way she completely blamed Christina for her injury was lame. She should know that it’s wrestling and shit happens… But a brilliant wrestler and performer nonetheless.

        • Choko

          They didn’t want him because of his BG East past I heard.

  • queennattie

    I guess they’ll be sticking with Alicia instead.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Alicia is the next to go. When was the last time we saw her anyway?

    • iLUVValets

      Yes, them releasing her sister was a bad sign, I give Alicia at least two more months

      • art

        People for years have been saying alicia is the next to go…she works the house shows so people still her just not on tv….

  • bikini kill

    I thought christina crawford was alicia fox.

    This post made me happy that alicia was released but now I’m just disappointed it was her sister

    • Choko

      Cruel. Don’t you feel ashamed when you wish someone employment?

      • bikini kill

        Not when you suck at your job

        • Choko

          Ehh, Alicia is actually good. It’s funny how everyone seem to think Alicia is untalented because of one mistakes when divas like Eve and Kaitlyn, who get praised constantly are both sloppy aswell.

  • arwrestling

    Thats a shame. She had potential to be good. So much for the Fox Sisters teaming up on WWE television.

  • shameronstar

    After all of this wwe seriously should NEVER and I mean NEVER do another Tough Enough again because all they ever do is make the company look like they don’t know what they’re doing!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    not really a surpise, Christina has been in FCW for nearly 2 years and we only see her wrestle every now and then and after her showing on NXT, she is not really big lose to the WWE and the diva division

    but on a plus note, it is begin reported HHH wants no more models signed and wants to only start signing indy women :)

    • shameronstar

      I also heard he wants more tag wrestling and less female wrestling, but with the female wrestling he wants their to be focus on a select few of the good workers!

      • xhz056x

        The report said that now that Laurinitis is gone there has been less of a need to go find models from talent agencies… But the report also said that HHH is and has never been a fan of women’s wrestling so it is expected that once he has more power he will bring the tag team division forward and push the divas division even further back.

      • perceval

        During the Golden Era, there was never a lot of women in the Division at a time. From 2002-04, the Division was made up of Trish, Lita, Molly, Victoria, Jazz, Gail, Jacqueline, & Ivory. The pure eye candy like Stacy & Terri would be put in matches every now and then, but weren’t really part of the Division.

        Quality over quantity worked.

        • shameronstar

          I think quality over quantity in professional wrestling is always the way to go but what will that mean for the surplus of current talent? Who could stay? Who could get fired? and Who could primarily be used consistently and made into the stars of the division?

      • fragile

        trips is probably a bigger fan of 10 minute promos than he is a fan of either tag teams or female wrestling.

  • DivasOfDoom94

    I guess WWE is trying to Distance themselves from their most successful show in 5 years, Tough Enough. She wasn’t as Good As Ivelisse (And was the reason Ive was eliminated from TE because of a Ring Accident caused by Crawford). WWE Hates Divas lol

    • Lanoom

      Tough Enough was boring and lackluster in all aspects aside from Stone Cold’s verbal beatings. Nobody on that show was destined to go anywhere.

  • beau

    Once Linda loses the election, I’m sure we’ll see a purging of the division…

  • funtimeseany

    Although in my opinion it isn’t a huge loss, It’s still sad to see and isn’t good for the division. I can’t understand how Summer Rae and Audrey Marie could outlast Sofia and Caylee. Sofia was great in the ring and Caylee wasn’t that bad.

  • TheLadySamantha

    Bye bye.

  • shannymac

    That sucks

  • DJ8946

    Honestly I’M Kinda Shocked But Kinda Not Because She Didn’t Appear As Much But 1 She Or Alicia Have Not Comfirmed It & Why Would They Have Hired her Then

  • moonpiggy

    was nothing but a dog

    • Kaledrina

      wow, that’s just lovely. i hope your self-esteem levels are doing better after putting down somebody you don’t know.

  • AfroJack

    isn’t she the Divas Champion?? wow looks like nobody’s safe these days.
    Linda Mcmahon job creator my ass.

    • Lanoom

      WWE doesn’t care who was what champion in FCW. They’re treating NXT as a clean slate. Paige or Raquel will end up as the new NXT Diva champ, or (more likely) there won’t be a NXT Divas title.

  • lucky1now

    No tough enough girl is gonna make it on the main roster I knew that once the show ended I began to think sofia will make it but that was cut
    Christina isn’t much of a loss I guess cause she wasn’t used….
    I just hope this is where it stops and we don’t hear names from the main roster are gone

    • moonpiggy

      the girl who dances was on TE

      • lucky1now

        Lol I knew someone was gonna bring her up
        she’s on but only dancing and everyone pretty much thinks once clays gimmick dies out she will be gone as well

  • iLUVValets

    Them bringing back Tough Enough was a pointless waste of time and money

  • Rtylor

    What WWE can’t keep her in FCW for a few more roll ups? Ugh!

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    I actually figured she’d have some job security considering. You’d figure she was released for being terrible at everything but they did just get rid of Sofia as well so who knows what the reasoning is?