Impact Write-Up (August 16th, 2012): Taryn Terrell Debuts, Brooke Hogan & Hot Potato Title Switches Make Their Return

Hello there, and if you’re reading this it must be Friday unless I’m in some parallel universe. Now that I see it is Friday, let me welcome you to this crazy little thing we call an Impact Write-Up. This week, my weekly pleads for storylines and character development has seemingly been heard by the Knockouts Executive, Brooke Hogan, because she is back working with the females and has decided to give us a Knockouts Title rematch between Brooke Tessmacher and Madison Rayne. Not only that, but it will have a special guest referee as well… hmm. If you somehow skipped over the title and photo of this recap, then let us guess who ever it could be?

First up, we head to the backstage area where new Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne has something to say. She states that this past Sunday, one of the greatest injustices in pro wrestling was solved because it’s been too long since she’s been champion. Madison continues to run down her repertoire, but she’s interrupted by a staff member that Brooke Hogan wants to see her in the ring. Madison is elated, thinking this has to be her championship celebration party, before heading off to prepare for what’s sure to be an interesting segment. Score one for character development!

Out to the ring we go soon after, to the sound of the lyrical masterpiece that fits only a true Killer Queen. She bows to all of her loyal subjects, before stepping inside the ring while holding her wonderful crown and grabbing a microphone. She invites Brooke Hogan out to the ring for such an important moment as the queen regaining her throne! Madison seems intent on getting some cake tonight, oh my. Before Brooke can come out, Madison invites Earl Hebner out to the ring as the sound of “Tessmacher” chants erupt. Earl walks over to the ring as now “You Screwed Brooke” chants break out. Madison talks to Earl like he’s her pet dog or something, but before we can see what Madison wanted to tell him, another lyrical masterpiece hits in the form of that country type song sung by Brooke Hogan that obviously is too genius to even have a name yet.

Miss Hogan walks out and tells Madison that this behavior needs to be put to a stop. She runs down some history with Earl and wonders why he can’t admit that he’s been doing some shady tactics with Madison. She informs Mr. Hebner that he’s officially done reffing the Knockouts matches, and this does NOT sit well with Madison. From there, Miss Hogan reveals that Madison will face Brooke Tessmacher in a rematch for the title tonight… and not only that, there will be a special female referee for the bout!

Madison immediately chimes in and tell Brooke Hogan that she doesn’t know who she thinks she is because she doesn’t run this show, rather Madison does! She claims that Brooke is just riding off the Hogan name, and in typical Hogan fashion, she’s all talk and no action. If she wants to come in here and make all these changes to the division, why doesn’t she come into HER ring and tell her about these changes. (Side note: Loving Madison on the mic right now.) Brooke accepts the challenge and charges after her, as both she and Earl sprint out of the ring! Brooke questions what Madison is afraid of, but out of nowhere, the Aces and Eights appear behind Brooke and back her into a corner until a few members of the male roster run down to save her.

The Knockouts Championship logo flashes across the screen as we change things up a bit with a SIDEWAYS pan up shot of Christy Hemme. Following the entrances of both challenger, Brooke Tessmacher, and champion, Madison Rayne, Brooke Hogan comes out and introduces the special guest referee… Taryn “Tiffany” Terrell! Though, the highlight of the night comes now when Taryn is entering as Brooke backs up and falls off the ramp! I don’t dislike Brooke like most, but that was hilarious. She brushes the fall off, and out walks Taryn! She dons the stripes, but in a different way than most referees. Brooke Tessmacher seems happy with this decision, as Madison looks none too amused. Taryn holds the title up as the bell sounds and we get things underway.

The two lock up as Madison backs Brooke into the corner. Taryn quickly breaks it off to the dismay of Madison, as Tessmacher does the same and Terrell plays fair. Rayne takes the early advantage with some forearms and a back elbow, before slamming Brooke into the corner and locking in a choke with her boot. Taryn gives her a count of five and tells her to stop the choking! Madison tries to go for it again, but Terrell does not back down! Madison then slams Tessmacher down and hits a nice northern lights suplex for just a two count. Brooke with a small package for a two, followed up with a jacknife for another near fall. Tessmacher misses a splash, as Madison hooks the tights in a roll up and Taryn stops it!

Madison continues to dominate the match, before missing a boot and allowing Tessmacher to hit a nice spear. Taryn begins the count, as the fans get behind the challenger and it fires her up to score with an assortment of clotheslines and a dropkick. She then hits a nice wheelbarrow facebuster for a two count as Madison fights out. Tessmacher signals for her finisher, but Madison escapes and sends her into the corner. Brooke scores with a boot, but misses a huge crossbody. Madison goes for the pin attempt with her feet on the ropes, but Taryn spies it and stops a screeching Rayne from winning. Madison begins to go off on Taryn, before turning around and right into the Tess Shocker for the win! Brooke reclaims the Knockouts Championship!

Thoughts: First of all, I’m actually really excited that Taryn has joined TNA. The whole night all I was hoping for was that the guest referee would be someone unexpected, and I don’t think one person mentioned her in their guesses. The only negative is that I don’t think anyone in the crowd really knew who she was because they plugged her by her full name instead of Tiffany. Nonetheless, I love the choice and I hope she becomes a second version of Brooke Tessmacher where no one gives her a chance at first and then she improves leaps and bounds into a star. I was always a fan of Tiffany in WWE and felt her run was cut short by personal issues. To be honest, I never thought I’d see her in a ring again, much less on TV, so it’s really cool to actually see someone you enjoyed get a second chance so far down the line from their last one. I felt the same way when Brooke Tessmacher debuted with TNA as well because I thought she had a spark in WWE that was never capitalized on, so I definitely can’t wait to see Taryn step back into the ring. It may take some time before she gets to the level she was at when training at a full time basis, but as we’ve seen with Brooke, anything can happen!

The actual match was fun to me because it told a story. You had Madison wanting Taryn to cheat for her since she’s so used to Earl doing the same, but Taryn refused and called it right down the middle. I do question if we really will never see Earl referee a Knockouts match again or if it will be forgotten down the line, and also why couldn’t this have just happened at Hardcore Justice and Brooke could have kept the title, plus a debut could’ve occurred on pay per view? Questions that will likely never get answers, but I’m going to take what I can get when it comes to TNA and be happy that the Knockouts got exposure tonight in more than just a match and that’s it. The segment with Madison and Brooke Hogan was entertaining and amusing for my own personal enjoyment. I’ve said it before, but Madison is the one Knockout they will actually give lots of mic time to no matter if she’s involved in a title feud or not. I personally have no problem with that because she makes me laugh in her segments, and the sight of Brooke Hogan running after her and Earl will forever remain a highlight.

It’s also nice to see that they finally put Brooke Hogan back in the division. I said it before, but the only few weeks this year I really enjoyed the Knockouts beyond just being able to say “that was a good match” were the few she was in charge of them. She got them time and segments, whether she appeared in them or not, the Knockouts were spotlighted more each week she was behind them. When she went off to do that Aces & Eights storyline, we went back to the way they were during Gail’s reign of really only getting one segment per show and it was usually a match and nothing else. Lo and behold, tonight she’s back in charge and we got two character driven segments with Madison, a title match, and a debut. Whether you love her or hate her, TNA seem to put time into the women’s division if she’s around them so I personally want her to be involved each week if it means more than just a match per show with no storylines or character growth.

Alright, the one big negative… Knockout Title hot potato is back. I guess I stand corrected in my Hardcore Justice recap when I said Madison and Gail seem the be the only ones who can get a lengthy title reign since now it just seems to be strictly Gail. I could say how much I despise the hot potato title switches, but I honestly enjoyed this night for the Knockouts too much to even be bothered. I beg each week for segments and character development with them, and they gave me a whole lot of it tonight so complaining about something seems ungrateful, which I am not! I probably enjoyed this episode of TNA more than most all of them this year Knockout wise, but I really hope the fun segments weren’t just because Madison Rayne had the title. You can do these types of things with every champion, TNA! Give Brooke Tessmacher some time on the mic each week like I’m sure you would have given Madison had she retained the belt. Even if it’s just a backstage segment some weeks, that’s stellar in its own right. I’m starting to gain a little faith back again, but unlike last time towards the end of Gail’s title reign where I was all “Knockouts are awesome! This is great! Brooke is getting them time and segments”, I’m going to take this week to week and not count my chickens before they hatch because all of that can go back to square one, so to speak, in the blink of an eye. Right now, I’ve got hope TNA will DO THE RIGHT THING and give the Knockouts more storylines and segments like we saw tonight, so let’s see what happens on the upcoming episode.

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  • moonpiggy

    I think they only gave the title to Madison because of her storyline and her dedicating her match to her dead friend on her birthday.

    Tiffany you are a dog.

    • missawesomeness

      but if that’s true wouldn’t it be disrespectful just to take the title from her 4 days later

  • AfroJack

    I was expecting Tiffany to get a good crowd reaction but obviously because she was billed as Taryn Terrell and not her WWE name. I did like the EC-DUB chanrs though lol.

    Average little KO match but I don’t get why Madison lost after 4 days as champ.. and srsly why aren’t they using their other KOs this is ridiculous.


    Taryn was a great replacement for Velvet and Angelina. For one she is younger then both of them, which means she has time to get better. She is more ‘beautiful’ then Velvet and Angelina, IMO. If time is invested, she and Teasmacher could both be the next Trish Stratus (models turned wrestlers)

  • JillianHallTNA

    I loved this episode of IMPACT!
    Best one ever this year for sure, I’m so glad that Taryn is back!! I loved her in WWE. After Taryn and Jillian got released I started to dislike WWE not because of their releases but the Divas division started to be awful, they got less time ever week, especially this year and 2011 where divas have 2 seconds matches…
    Hope to see more of Taryn and I’m actually happy that Taryn will be a referee before becoming a wrestler later. Now Taryn is the first ever female referee in wrestling history to be refereeing on weekly basics!

    And one more thing, I feel bad for Brooke Hogan for falling down, not only that she embarrassed herself but just also cut Taryn’s moment lol but it was hilarious anyway!

    Welcome back Taryn :)

  • javiousmckenzie

    I love Tiffany she was my fav in WWe she had so much potential and for this blonde she reminded me of Victoria & Paige she was just so intense like the girl had it but she kinds of looks different maybe its the makeup but she looks a lil older and like she has lost a lot of her muscle or something idk but when i looked at her b4 realizing i was like oh its Lacey back

    • JillianHallTNA

      Taryn’s hair is shorter.

      • javiousmckenzie

        I said about her face and body not hair

  • redsandman99

    I for one am happy to see Tiffany on my TV again (though it’ll take a bit to get used to calling her Taryn). The match was good though I have to question where does Tessmacher go from here? Does the feud with Madison continue? Her vs Gail is played out right now. Will they turn Tara or Mickie heel to feud with her? Bring Winter back in? Sarita isn’t an option since she’s going to Japan and I think Rosita is still filming that movie.

    And I gotta say that while I’m not a mega huge fan of Madison’s in ring work, she plays her character to perfection.

    • Sitau

      oh i wanna see winter back in the title picture and have her work with tessmacher that would be a nice change up of matches

  • WWFoverWWE

    UGH I wanted madison to stay as champ. TNA’s short reigns with the knockouts title pisses me off -_-

    Great to see Tiffany though. Hopefully her ring skills haven’t gotten worse.

  • AfroJack

    I hope Taryn was no ring rust, I know that she has been working as an actress and stuntworker in some pretty big movies (minor actressing roles but still). At least we know she is great at taking bumps!

  • RyRy21

    ill take Madison’s average wrestling skills and awesome mic work over anyother knockout in tna(even mickie) because its no secret when madison is champ she has storylines mic time feuds(love her or hate her you have to admit tna always gives her alot to do) and when she’s champ im way more into the knockouts maybe its just me

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Holy nonreaction Batman. It seemed obvious the crowd did not recogize her at first.
    Anyone see Brooke take her tumble? Kudos to her for how she handled it
    Nothing against Brooke being champ but why the switch in the first place? Why not haved Brooke announce on the go home show a special referee for the title match at HJ and have Brooke maintain? Don’t unsderstand the booking at all.

    • Mr. Asstastic

      They weren’t familiar with her real name but one they got a good look at her they knew who she was. She got a nice little ECW chant which was pretty cool. :)

      • Kaledrina

        yep!! i was actually surprised people remembered/recognised her. i think that says a lot.

    • S1

      “Why not haved Brooke announce on the go home show a special referee for the title match at HJ and have Brooke maintain? Don’t unsderstand the booking at all.”

      Don’t you think Brooke has been preoccupied with The Aces And Eights? Them beating up her father and her taking care of him. Then they sent her there calling card. I’m not surprised from a storyline pov that she is worried about other things then the Knockouts.

  • jayjayholler

    If tna played their cards right I can see taryn becoming the Torrie Wilson of tna. But I don’t have much faith.


    This episode is ……………………… WTF

  • Marlon Eric

    Whether they introduced Taryn as Taryn or Tiffany or even Tiffany, Former ECW General Manager, no one still would know who the hell she was. I felt in WWE, she was apart of “those random group of girls” who got hired by WWE, quickly debut on-screened, later wrestled in very brief matches yet never really showed true potential in character and wrestling.

    I like her though. She seems so cute. I hope TNA makes her memorable like Tessmacher.

  • Marlon Eric

    And Madison needs that weight back.

  • fahkyooh

    Madison is PURE gold on the mic. And I love how natural Brooke is behind the mic for someone who’s new to all of these wrestling promo’s and stuff. The match was great and the finish by Tess wasn’t flawless, I would have much rather had Madison defend though. I think it would have been cool to have her feud with Brooke Hogan and than later on have Brooke bring Taryn Terrell in to feud with Madison for the title.

    • fahkyooh

      The finish by Tess was* flawless.

      Btw, I loved how Taryn held the championship up before the match. It reminded me so much of 2002 Trish. I love her. Something about the way she sells and her moves is very Golden Era too which I LOVE.

  • DarknessRuler

    You guys have to understand that in TNA, things work differently. We all knew Earl would cheat for Madison and so they tried to play it off at the PPV. And not that Earl didn’t ref, they played it off again that Madison might not be able to win without Earl and it worked. Madison couldn’t win without Earl so Brooke won it back. Yes, a useless title reign, but atleast it’s something that MAKES SENSE in TNA people!!

    • Bethinho

      and just because supposely makes sense in TNA makes it a good or logical thing?Madison is not an encyclopedia of wrestling but she´s talented enough to go over Tessmacher without going trough the “she can´t win without Earl” thing.

  • Kaledrina

    i would love it if the aces and eights people recruited a knockout to take out brooke hogan. not in a mean way, but it’d tie the knockouts into the bigger storyline and that’s always good..similar to when kurt put a hit out on karen!

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      That would be really cool. Maybe Winter? Idk I think that would work out good, but Bruce Prichard does not like Winter so…..

  • StuartWilliamMckay

    Taryns a better name, and its her own i like the idea of the fairy tale model turned wrestler (look at trish,torrie,stacey) but hopefully the don’t sign any more, the 2 of them are enough ! i want kong back !

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    I don’t know if it was just me but I thought she looked like alot like Madison(When she first debuted) mixed with Taylor Wilde. Anyone else??

    Anyway good match Madison is gold on the mic, but I am glad Brooke won again. Now all we need is Mickie back in the picture and TNA is looking great.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      I am talking about Taryn my bad

  • MattyM

    I love Taryn’s smile and voice

  • Ryan

    Nice little match haha sucks for Madison she lost so soon…sorry toots ;)
    Dont Mess With Tess is right!!
    I could care for Hot potato the matches from Sunday and last night were great! And the promo with Brooke Hogan was pretty awesome!! I really like Brooke Hogan!! N MADISON should run away or Brooke will run over you Brotha!!!

    Cool to see Tiffany again but…she’s nothing special deff not a Angelina Love or Velvet Sky replacement that’s for sure..can’t replace those two chicks ;)
    But welcome to TnA Tiffany hope u earn the Knockout Name…

  • MNM4ever

    OH the magic rhat occurs when madison is champions :D she is hilarious, the match was good but i hope madison stays heavily involved with storylines as well. And its great to see taryn, hopefully she’s used.
    i for one love brroke hogan, when she’s on the show, the knockout segments become much more interesting. great week for the knockouts. I hope tessmacher keeps the title for a while