SmackDown Redux (August 17th, 2012): Eve, You are Booker T’s Next Top Assistant!

After a drought of Divas action in the past few weeks, the Divas have return to the squared circle on the blue brand this week as Eve Torres and Kaitlyn face off to decide who will become Booker T’s new assistant. Will Eve’s experience as a wrestler, as well as an assistant, give her the the edge or will the rookie sensation pull out another upset victory like she did this week on Raw? Let’s find out.

Prior to the match Eve is spotted backstage with William Regal in an eerie segment. Regal, now a garbage man, apparently, seemingly gives Eve a look into her future should she lose to Kaitlyn tonight:

Then, it’s match time:

Kaitlyn makes her way to the ring first, and we are treated to a clip of Kaitlyn pinning Beth Phoenix Monday night on Raw. Eve is out next, sporting what I believe is new gear. Despite her loss on Monday, Eve struts to the ring, brimming with confidence. It’s obvious that she is determined to win herself a spot in Booker T’s administration.

The two Divas size each other up in the ring and the referee signals for the bell, kicking off our Divas match for the night. Eve and Kaitlyn lock up in the center of the ring, but Eve gets the advantage, backing Kaitlyn into the ropes. The official forces the break, and Eve baits Kaitlyn by giving her a firm shove. Frustrated, Kaitlyn comes charging, but the former Divas champion evades and grounds with a belly-to-back takedown, before locking in a front chancery.

Kaitlyn tries her hardest to fight out of submission predicament, but Eve transitions seamlessly into a armbar submission, showing off some of her BJJ training. Kaitlyn struggles to reach the ropes, but Eve shifts around to keep her away. Eve goes to take a shortcut by putting her feet on the ropes for added leverage, but the ref sees it and forces her to break the hold.

Eve piefaces Kaitlyn a few times while she’s down on the mat, but the rookie Diva fights back with a few forearms, followed by an iffy looking back bodydrop. Before Eve can recover, Kaitlyn comes flying across the ring with a shoulder block, laying her opponent out. As Eve wobbles a vertical base, Kaitlyn rolls her up, but only gets a two count.

Kaitlyn tries to maintain her momentum, but Eve hotshots her across the middle as she marches across the ring. Eve follows up with a suplex attempt, but Kaitlyn rolls her up with an inside cradle for another nearfall. Eve scrambles to the corner to catch a breather, her opponent isn’t having any of that. Kaitlyn comes charging across the ring… right into a nasty boot to the face from Eve.

Eve whips a still dazed Kaitlyn into the corner, but she manages to counter into a headscissors attempt. Eve avoids it by tossing Kaitlyn to the apron, but she gets caught with a flurry of strikes for her trouble. Kaitlyn goes to the top to finish the match off, but is pulled from the turnbuckle by Eve and lands face-first on the mat. After some over the top theatrics (in my opinion), Eve pulls Kaitlyn to her feet and drills her with a corkscrew neckbreaker to pick up the win and the position of Booker T’s assistant.

Post-match, Eve goes to ringside where Senior Advisor Teddy Long sits watching the match. She gloats for bit, before heading to the back.

Thoughts: I must say, I was confident that Eve and Kaitlyn could put on a decent match with each other but I’m surprised at how good it was. I will be the first to admit that I was not a Kaitlyn fan when she first made her debut, but she has managed to win me over match by match, and it’s been exciting to see her grow as a wrestler. I look forward to seeing what she brings to the table in the future.

I was also impressed with Eve. Although, I feel like she has some work to do with some her heel mannerisms and expressions (sometimes, less is more), I feel she’s really starting to embrace what it is to be a heel and I’m enjoying it. Not to mention, her mat wrestling was pretty smooth. It’s not very often you get to see Divas doing the most simple chain wrestling drills, so seeing Eve work the mat, even for a little while, was a refreshing change of pace.

So where do we go from here? Yes, we got some storyline development and continuity, which is more than can be said about the rest of the division, but is this the endgame? Best case scenario, Teddy and Booker find a position for Kaitlyn in the administration, where she would be in constant contact, or even direct competition with Eve. Other than that, I don’t know how WWE could keep this storyline between the two Divas going. Eve won the match, Eve got the job. The end. Right?

In any case, we’ll just have to tune into SmackDown next week to see what Eve’s first week as Booker T’s assistant will be like. I’d imagine her first task would be to do spinnerooonies *Fingers crossed*. Until next time, folks!

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  • jen07201

    I hope we get more Kaitlyn and AJ segments on Raw.

  • redsandman99

    I enjoyed the match. It didn’t feel as short as it actually was to me. As for where to go from here, the backstage fallout episode for Smackdown had Eve telling Kaitlyn that she wanted to sit down and meet with her and Kaitlyn didn’t look too thrilled about it. Maybe Eve tries to bully Kaitlyn around while also trying to worm her way into having more influence over Booker T than Teddy does?

  • melon2617

    I said this in the spoilers thread and I’ll say it again; this shouldn’t be the end. Have Eve use her position to worm her way into a Divas title run, while Kaitlyn continues to try and help Booker keep his job from the scheming Eve. Eve gets a match with Kaitlyn, that Eve wins through duplicity and then Even continues to torture Kaitlyn (and make trouble for AJ) until she upsets everyone and wins a #1 contender’s battle royale. AJ comes out and tells Eve that her title match will be that night on Raw and Kaitlyn wins the Divas Championship! Eve uses that she “wasn’t” ready to get a rematch, which Kaitlyn retains, so Eve and AJ continue to spar about how AJ cost Eve the title while a veteran Diva (Natalya) picks a fight with Kaitlyn, claiming she is too inexperienced to be a credible champ and begins to feud with her.

  • T@KESH1

    Despite the negative spoiler goin round being largely untrue. The match was sloppy in two ways.

    1. Eve’s hesitation to attack after the apron throw 
    2. The match’s booking – Eve bullying in the tie-up and being carried on that waistlock tkdwn = yet another senseless besting of Kaitlyn’s strength.

    Eve’s Fujiwara armbar was niiice but her scramble to the sprawl was anything but smooth. It shows you the diff between Eve’s non-competitive gi jiu-jitsu vs amateur wrestling. Kaitlyn got in one running attack, not her best diving shoulder but still quite good, and apparently she can hit a near 360 spin from a schoolboy position.

  • MiPiMafia

    It’s abit out there but i’ll like to see a mix tag feud with eve and regal vs aj and booker t.
    confused? let me explain..

    eve worms her way to a divas title match, at the ppv, teddy comes out and distracts her by standing there. eve sees him and tells him to go to the back, layla rolls her up for the win.

    on smackdown, eve blames teddy for the loss and booker says shes not getting another shot because layla won fair and square. eve is pissed with this and tries to worm up to aj, she wants nothing to do with it either so eve goes to regal and they come up with a plan to try and take over smackdown and force booker and teddy out. Eve gets another divas title match via blackmail (something along the lines off sexual harasement or unfair employment) eve loses again so on the next smackdown, teddy is laid flat out in the office and booker runs in and comes up with it being eve who did it when infact it was regal (booker and teddy don’t know that eve is working with him). Booker sees a tape of what regal did and demands an aplogy. Regal blackmails booker t by saying he has witnessed an unfair employment on a wwe superstar, booker t has no idea what is going on and forces them in a mix tag match on the next raw (eve/regal vs kaitlyn/gabriel) eve/regal win and aj makes her way to the ring and says that eve and regal are band from raw. on the next smackdown, booker t tells eve that she will take on aj. aj wins. on the next raw in a backstage segment, eve and regal say how its unfair how they are being treated around the place. triple h walks by and says that no one is treating them unfairly and they argue with him and triple h says that at (insert ppv) eve and regal will take on aj and booker where the winning team will become the raw gm (booker/regal) and smackdown gm (eve/aj). aj and booker t win. end of storyline.

    now, i think this is a fantastic storyline that will progress a personlity for the divas but with regal being a fantastic heel, with eve working alongside him, it’ll help her become more intouched with her heel side. i know as well that the divas champion is involved but with the recent reports of what triple h has said, this is the next best thing involving divas.

  • fahkyooh

    And this is EXACTLY what I was talking about on the Raw Redux. Eve is extremely hesitant, sloppy and stumbley in the ring. Layla was not the one who botched that swinging pin attempt, as you guys can CLEARLY see, Eve has trouble being stable and consistent in the ring. She is even more prone to confusion and botches in the ring as a heel than a face which is very unfortunate. You can tell Eve’s stumbley movements were kind of throwing Kaitlyn off as well.

    Oh well, I’m happy with the outcome. Keep Eve away from the ring, please.

  • AKA_AK

    It was a short match which didn’t really feel too short because of how much I enjoyed it. Nothing sloppy about it, and people trying so hard to spot some apparent ‘off spots’ are just nitpicking. Loved the armbar and neckbraker, Kaitlyn sold it well too.

    And Eve’s heel mannerisms were spot on. Sometimes less is more? Whilst that may be right I still think she got it spot on. I remember people complaining about how she needed to show more of it during matches, and now where getting complaints that it’s too much, even when it’s not. Also, that Goldberg type pin from Eve, Nice! Love her aggression.

  • Mr_Adone

    Good match. I love eve and kaitlyn is growing on me. I was a little nervous about this match, but the girls did really good. Loved that the divas match ended with an actual finisher. & I love the constant nit picking from the so called diva fans up above me.

  • Johnyfaction3

    @Steven: I believe you forgot to include the segment of Booker T and Eve backstage a bit after the match.

  • art

    This match was sloppy in afew parts but why have eve use that back take down thingy that you can clearly see kaitlyn had to jump…..i do like that their letting kaitlyn get pulled off the ropes thou…..

  • lucky1now

    i enjoyed the match and im hoping eve and kaitlyn fued some how layla gets involved throw the title in there
    have aj have some trouble with these divas ad see if the divas can spark the crowds interest in them

  • MickieJamesFan07

    I really liked the match. If people (ie Fahkyooh) wanna keep pissing and moaning about Eve being sloppy go ahead. You can turn a blind eye to any other diva that gets sloppy but piss on Eve for doing it. IMO she and Kaitlyn looked just fine, though the back body drop did look a bit iffy. I’m glad to see Eve bringing in more heel antics into the ring. So glad the finish wasn’t in a roll up, Kaitlyn sold it very well. Great job to both ladies.

  • i want divas

    kaitlyn cant wrestle!!!! at all!!!!!

  • Ryan

    I’m confident with Kaytlin every match!! She has never disappointed! Ppl can say whatever they want Maxine and Kate proved how physical they can get I matches on NXT!! Kate is the real deal and Eve looks so hot when she’s being bad!! Haha love that bad girl smirk on that hot bitch

  • wweandtnadivafan

    At least Eve doesnt have to deal with the divas division and receive decent TV time and its very interesting if something will happen with her and AJ. maybe kaitlyn can be AJ’s assistant since they were “chickbusters” idk

  • Mr_Adone

    I will squash this right now. Lol moment but here it goes… Layla sucks so bad, she cant get screen time lmao. Thats why she hasnt been on TV. Living proof that layla is NOTHING without mccool

  • jen07201

    I wish we could see Kaitlyn use all of her strenght in a match hopefully she gets to feud with Natalya or Beth.

  • swax1

    All i have to say is bye bye to that BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS Diva Search reject Eve from EVER becoming the WWE Divas Champion again and for eliminating her from ANY in-ring competition.she is going to be like poor AJ and just be a useless on screen talent and not wrestle anymore.i would like to also congratulate Kaitlyn on resuming her WRESTLING career.

  • StuartWilliamMckay

    Won’t need to watch the match. I know who won, title is a spoiler alert much ?(As usual) Please stop doing that Diva Dirt !

  • Raekon

    All I can say is “I knew it and I told you” that this will happen. -.-

    Just hope that they will do something with it instead of having eve jump in a segment once in a while only so she can showcase her new glasses while Kaitlyn that jobbed once again returns back to the “jobbersland”.

    What totally stood out for me in this match was Kaitlyns 360 spin out of the schoolgirl position.

    It was a awesome showcasing of athletisism showing that she is one of the most athletic divas on the roster along with AJ and Naomi.

  • Maryse101

    Sounds like Eve is getting SOME of her heat back. I remember the weeks after she turned heel. I could barely hear her theme playing. Now those reactions, were the best that a DIVA has gotten in recent Memory.Other than the Kharma-Royal Rumble reaction.

  • Alexis18

    The match was sloppy but it wasn’t as sloppy as some of the comments made it. For a divas match(and considering we haven’t had a one on one divas match in a while), it was good and I’ll take it.

  • jen07201

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Mr_Adone

    Why are u bringing up what happen Monday? Aren’t u the one who replied like 6 times to try and make ppl see that eve is sloppy in the ring? Dude/woman watever u r… U only need to state something 1 time. The more u speak the same thing, the more u make yourself look like u have no idea what your talking bout. & u clearly don’t have any idea what your talking bout.

  • layglamacool

    Both Layla and Eve are sloppy and inconsistent in the ring. End of story.

  • stchick

    fahkyoo, you don’t know what the h*ll you’re talking about so your name is appropriate in tis case given that is what I’d say to you if I didn’t have anything else to say lol. If anything Eve can have good and fluid matches with folks like Beth, but Kaitlyn really isn’t still ready it she has shown that, and with that said, someone like Eve is good when she wants to be, is ready to carry someone who’s still inexperienced. I don’t get the Kaitlyn stans, she ISN’T ready, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, to be champ, not just yet.

    To Art I wouldn’t be talking about anyone given that Layla is sometimes just as bad (no body cares aobut the broad, hell they didn’t whne she was with Michelle so both you and the other “genius’ needs to be quiet and sit down

  • fahkyooh

    Do you even know what you’re talking about?…

    The reason I bought up Monday night is so people can see what (or WHO) the problem is. I love Eve, she’s a gorgeous girl but she’s very inconsistent in the ring, 60% of the time looks lost, stumbley or delivering/missing weak, unconvincing kicks. Even the transition from the lock-up into the arm-bar tonight was very messy and not fluid at all. She doesn’t even know when to hit her mark or when to capitalize on a move. She could have easily hit her finisher after tripping Kaitlyn up into the ropes, catching her from the momentume and hitting that swinging neckbreaker. A lot of what she does doesn’t make sense. Kaitlyn literally had to jump off the top turnbuckle because Eve grabbed her hand to throw her off, and not her hair. And at first it looked like she was trying to powerslam her off. A lot of the time you can tell she has no idea what she’s doing. She even wasted A LOT of time going for her finisher after the drop too, and it just didn’t make sense. Her kicks were so unconvincing that Kaitlyn had to get up and take advantage of the match.

  • fahkyooh

    It’s not knit-picking, it’s reality. Go watch an AJ VS Natalya match. AJ VS Alicia Fox. Kaitlyn VS Maxine. Kaitlyn VS Natalya. These girls can wrestle, and they can do it fluidly and amazingly…

    When paired against Eve, however, it clearly doesn’t turn out that way.

  • fahkyooh

    People who don’t understand proper and fluid ring MOVEMENT won’t see a problem with the match, because for certain people there needs to be a big huge botch infront of their eyes for them to spot a mistake.

  • AKA_AK

    @FAHKYOOH LMFAO your comments are completely false and never fail to amuse me. Keep complaining, my friend, you’re only wasting your own time.

  • fahkyooh

    You’re amused by them to hide your disappointment of the truth.

    Maryse might not have been as athletic as Eve, but atleast she knew when to pick her spots and how to hit a move with some intensity and impact.

  • art

    @fahkyooh i agree with you…i think eve is a worse wrestler as a heel than as a face & even then she would miss a dropkick or something…

  • Choko

    Yeah, I agree with Fakh. Eve really looks lost sometimes, and I’m a fan of hers.

    That botch can’t even be blamed on Layla considering how she botches way lesser than Eve.

  • art

    ^the funny thing is eve did botch that pinning move eve just dropped & dead weighted…..

  • AfroJack

    Eve vs Michelle, Eve vs Alicia Fox, Eve vs Beth, Eve vs Natalya.

  • fahkyooh

    OK, and when were these? A year ago? Two years ago? Some over 7 months ago.

    And a lot of Eve’s matches with Alicia were botched because she can’t hit her dropkick.

  • AKA_AK

    Just because I’m not crying all my life about it doesn’t mean I don’t understand it. I’m pretty sure I have a much clearer idea than you do about fluid ring movement. You think Alicia Fox matches are fluid and then try telling me Eve’s matches aren’t. LMAO That is all my friend. Goes to show what you know about Wrestling. I’m done arguing with someone as clueless as you. So feel free to continue showing off your blind hate to Eve by ranting and crying and making the same false points over and over again, no one cares.

  • T@KESH1


    really only about the one part tho – Eve hesitated big time with attacking Kaitlyn on the apron. Missing a spot def isn’t nit-picking. It caused a stutter that showed the audience what was next. To many ppl get away with generically saying there wasn’t fluidity or labeling something/one sloppy without specifying.

  • fahkyooh

    And when did I say Alicia Fox matches were fluid?

    Alicia Fox hasn’t been good in the ring since she was on Smackdown, teaming with McCool. She lost a lot of her talent working matches with talentless Divas like Kelly Kelly and Eve and that’s a fact. Alicia had an amazing, flawless move-set that she had to cut down and add stupid headlocks to because people like Kelly Kelly and Eve can’t take them without botching them.

  • T@KESH1

    “why have eve use that back take down thingy that you can clearly see kaitlyn had to jump”

    wack booking allows a pushed Diva to do anything…esp on another Diva who isn’t being booked to her size and strength. Eve bullied her in the tie-up too!…only for viewers to later see that Eve can’t pick Kaitlyn up (to a standing position) one bit if she isn’t ready yet.

  • i want divas

    it looked like she was just completely just throwing herself on top of eve… just bcuz you guys are Kfans doesn’t mean you should justify how bad she did in this match like eve is really model turned wrestler so stop it with eve botches divas tht can wrestle :Eve,Beth,Nattie,Aj,Tamina Kelly, and Naomi
    non: Kaitlyn,maxine,bellas,and aksana… also layla she’s a clown in the ring and idgaf dancing in the ring makes the match much much more fake but its entertaining but still layla cant wrestle

  • art


  • AKA_AK

    Can’t get any truer than this. Well spoken.

  • art

    Are you serious???..Kaitlyn can’t wrestle yet she was trying with eve’s all over the place moves….you are dead wrong in your opinion layla also can wrestle aksana she is terrible but you don’t see her getting used in the ring much besides managing so shes a non factor…..
    kelly can wrestle LOL that just makes me laugh since almost every diva is light years ahead of her….

  • AKA_AK


    What has Diva-Dirt come to? This place is becoming more embarassing every week.

  • eveandtrish

    Says the guy who sent Layla pervy stuff and she blocked you because of that. So now you call her a rejects.
    If you don’t like Eve so much, there was no need to waste your time typing about her. This is Layla all over again, if they are such rejects why did they win?
    And Layla would enver want your Two Little Cocks.

  • stchick

    you sound even dumber than fahkyoo and tak@ishi or whatever it’s spelled as.

  • eveandtrish


  • T@KESH1

    I’d just say Kaitlyn & Naomi at the top of the athletic ranking by far…

    followed (in another sense) by A.J and Beth, b/c if Aj wasn’t the fastest and Beth the strongest, it would be kinda sad seeing as how they’re the smallest and biggest respectively (i.e the pound-for-pound issue) A way to describe what separates Naomi and Kaitlyn…
    -Naomi: you can take another Diva with the same build/height/muscle ratio/etc and she’ll have much more hops and speed.
    -Kaitlyn: the majority of divas she’ll military press, she could also beat in a foot race.

  • T@KESH1

    if u swerve John Cena and Zak Ryder (at his peak no less) then align w/ Laurinitas.. yeah most def.

  • layglamacool

    LMAO! My hat is tipped to you my friend. Who is Layla again?

  • stchick

    IKR what a bunch of no nothing haters, well just two in particular