Evie Becomes IPWNZ’s First Ever Women’s Champion

Congratulations go out to Evie, who became Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand’s inaugural Women’s Champion Friday night.

The Five to Watch 2011: Evie

She defeated Britenay and her BFF tag team partner Megan-Kate (a last minute addition to the match) in the main event of the show, which was aptly titled as “Destiny”.

A star quickly on the rise, Evie will now have the opportunity to become a double champion when she goes on to face Jessie McKay in the tournament finals for PWWA’s Interim Championship this Saturday, August 25th, at the Casula Powerhouse in Sydney, Australia.

Are you #teamevie or #teamjessie?

  • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

    WOOOO go New Zealand! I remember she was on your Five to watch 2011 list.. I really wish she does get signed by a major american pro wrestling company, she has the potential, and obviously with american tv – she has the looks! It would be so awesome if she could represent NZ :) Nice work!!!

  • THETommyTommy

    YAY Evie! NZ REP! About time we got a ladies championship!