In Video: WWE ’13 Roster Reveal

In case you missed it yesterday, here is the video footage of the WWE ’13 roster reveal which took place yesterday at SummerSlam Axxess in Los Angeles.

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  • Poison Ivory

    Why do their hair look soooo shiny? It’s weird. Oh dear Beth’s model looks awful from the neck up and Stephanie should be Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

    But I do like the fact that there’s hos lol.

  • CleHOpatra

    Why do the graphics look so bad? did they show the wii version? I can’t believe Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler didn’t make the cut! They’re wrestling legends!

    • MrAliciaFox

      To be fair, Stacey and Torrie are technically post-attitude era diva. They’re really the Invasion era.

      • perceval

        They were still advertising “WWF Attitude” through the Invasion. Stacy & Torrie are even featured in some of the old “WWF Attitude” commercials that you can find on Youtube.

    • E-Man

      You should take what you can get…. I am taking what I can get….. Trish and Lita are in the game, The Bellas, Eve, Kharma, Beth, Kelly, and modern Lita are in it. ( This is more than they had last year, if im not mistaken).

      • javiousmckenzie

        We should not take what we can get were the consumer who keep getting shitted every yr there games get worse & worse and THQ gives us false hope with there build up when all they do is recycle and throw in ppl like Kharma or now Lita to keep some happy but i cant be bamboozled i love Kharma but why is she in this game? The Bellas? Why? Alicia why? Where are The Usos they were pushed aside for Jinder Mahal Justin Gabriel and Khali

        • E-Man

          I like the Bellas, I like Alicia, I like the roster, so dont give me shit about the roster getting worse, we have our opinions…… end of story

      • WhalenX12

        Actually, we got 13 divas last year. We only have 9 as of now.

        • E-Man

          well, I have a wii, so I only got 7

  • vinnypopper

    – Is that Beth, or have they reincarnated Chucky’s bride?

    • TheLadySamantha


      • MattyM

        HAHA I thought the exact same thing

  • theprincedann

    So excited!

  • javiousmckenzie

    This roster is horrible to me and the Attitude Divas came at the end of that era these are more so the Golden Era divas i mean it should have been Chyna (since the whole DX is there) Sable & Jacqueline and then as part of a Diva DLC have Debra & Ivory that is my opinion but if your going to have Lita she should have been in her Essa Rios attire since that was more the attitude era Trish should have been in her T&A attire and Stephanie in her Stephanie McMahon Helmsley attire

    • trishlita

      THERE IS NO DIVA DLC execpt for aj

  • javiousmckenzie

    Triple H has three character models lol this game is such a joke the fact that every member of DX including X-Pac is on here except Chyna is enough reason for them to not get my $60

    • perceval

      Chyna burned her bridges, repeatedly.

  • PeriodPalace

    im so sick of diva fans complaining , no matter what u give them there gonna be pissed with it , this is the best roster we have had in years and we were told we would only get 7 in game divas yet we got 10 and theres more to come in dlc yet of course the diva fans are still complaining , it makes me ashamed to call myself a diva fan , i dont blame non diva fans for disliking diva fans because ye are so ungrateful

    • jayjayholler

      But we have to been ungrateful, because even though it most likely never will be equal to that of the male’s division, that’s what we would like. (Most of us).

    • Addy

      Oh goodness sorry we want equality compared to the superstar fans. Gosh what were we thinking. Of course we should be grateful for ten divas out of a huge game with multiple copies that could have been costumes and extra themes.. Darn I feel so stupid right now. Thank you for enlightening me, savior.

    • E-Man

      i agree with both arguments in this story….. people DO keep complaining, but I would like more, still I’m fine with this diva roster, its good, and better than the WWE ’12 roster

    • MattyM

      AMEN!!!! Its gets annoying people are always complaining even Melanie Cryssi & Erin said it yall are never satisfied

    • Raekon

      Ungrateful? Really?
      Paying extra for main roster divas for 2 years now is us being ungrateful?
      Then going through all the lies they are feeding us year for year like:

      – aww we can’t have 6 divas in the ring cause their models are too curvy and will cause issues.

      Really? Epic lie cause curves have nothing to do with the whole thing and the mode was on the disc and locked till fans themselves unlocked it and showed them what kind of liers they are.

      They blamed it on the hair, then they blamed it on curves because of the polygons among other things that were plain lies.

      Then adding 40+ superstars with only 7 divas and you call us ungrateful?

      Instead of giving them extra attires that are tied to their model and moveset which would had been a good solution AND possible, they keep copy and paste models, giving them a extra texture and connect them to the same moveset with maybe 1-2 other moves, presenting them as a other version of the character.

      Wasted space and wasted spots! 3 Triple X, Mankind, dude love and cactus jack are the same person, double john cena, double rock, double lita, double edge, double christian, double a lot more.

      • PeriodPalace

        divas will be able to participate in 6 man matches , and lets remember the divas division is a niche market and only a small amount people play as them so its only there job to focus more on the superstars

        • Raekon

          I know that 6v6 is available this time.
          It’s because they finally unlocked the feature that was on the disc the whole time.

          The Divas are part of the WWE programming and the game is based on the WWE programming.

          That means the Divas BELONG in the game no matter what type of excuse one finds for them not to be.

          If the Divas would be treated equally they wouldn’t be a so called “niche market” and in the last game they said they would add more divas in this game IF the dlc in the last game would sell well.

          Turns out it did and people wanted them more than the so called “Legends” which younger people dont have a clue about anyway.

  • jayjayholler

    I feel terrible saying this because of the amount of fuss to get her on the game but… why have they given Lita that ridiculous attire! Actually both of them! She only wore them both like once or twice. Why not give the trademark black baggy pants and zebra top?

    Never mind I’m all wrapped up in divas, games and fashion so I’m being highly critical.

    • Mr. Asstastic

      Anyone who’s played Shut Your Mouth, Here Comes The Pain or SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006 will recognize that they just took Lita’s character models from those games and fixed them up a bit. THQ is the definition of lazy. -____-

  • redsandman99

    I think everyone forgot that this game started being made waaay back, which meant the likes of the Bellas and Kharma were still in the company. Despite infrequent appearances, most fans (whether they were diva fans or not) most likely wanted Kharma in the game so there she is. As for the Attitude Era divas, technically Lita, Trish and Stephanie did come in it at some point, though Trish and Lita were much more a part of the Golden Age than that. Chyna should have been a part of it yes but we all knew she wouldn’t be. WWE isn’t putting a porn star anywhere near their PG product.

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    I honestly feel that some of us diva fans want to see more divas in the game because we want them to be treated just as equally as the men are when it comes to these video games.The reality of this is when it comes to these wrestling games,the creators are 99.9 % more focused on the male superstars and the new features more than they are about the divas.Of course some of us are gonna complain about certain divas not being in the game,some of them not having a new entrance,and their attires,but I think we should all be lucky and satisfied with the fact that they at least put some divas in the game.And for those girls that didn’t make it into the main roster like Layla,we have to remember she was still injured at the time the game was announced.Now Natalya,on the other hand,I can’t see why she couldn’t be included in the main roster.I know that some of us really aren’t gonna want to see Natalya or Layla as DLC(if they are gonna be announced as DLC),but at least they will be playable in the game.And honestly,most likely 99.9% of us diva dirt readers/users are still going to buy the game and play it,no matter how much complaining we’ve done yesterday and today.

    • jayjayholler

      Very true.

      • E-Man

        yes, true

  • iLUVValets

    Game looks shit, No Rosa mendes, I see they keep giving her the Kristal Marshall treatment, the graphics look consistently worse every year.No natalya, they coulda put in the divas of doom entrance,no tamina or the usos, this looks worse then WWE12, every year they promise something new but its the SOS every year. They should just discontinue this franchise together. Im also mad they took out the divas road to wrestlemania. smh

    • Raekon

      Well epico and primo are there so I hope they will also have their tag team entrance as a trio so if Rosa is not in the DLC (which I think that this time she will be), I can at least create and use her as their valet and as a solo wrestler like I did in the previous games. :)

      • bjorn448

        Maybe rosa is à manager

  • DAFereldan91

    Beth looks horrible, unbelievable.

    • Raekon

      The hair and the make up make her look like a Drag Queen. :p

      • TheLadySamantha

        Am I the only one who thought Beth looks the best this year.

  • ChristianD

    Hopefully the DLC includes: Layla, Natalya, Tamina, kaitlyn and maybe even Rosa Mendes. I’d be overjoyed

  • Nostalgia

    X PAC and Chyna had a sex tape leak… Bad… Chyna went on to multiple pornos. See the difference

  • lucky1now

    im happy with the girls we have i hope more come its a step up from last year
    a plus side to me is that they gave a diva the same treatment as a superstar lita got 2 versions
    but some people have 3

  • javiousmckenzie

    Everything about this game gives me bullshit tease and i bet they have AJ in a business suit that is why they keep stressing GM and could not show her character module i mean this game is so …. kind of lame honestly its supposed to draw in old fans but really i still have every WWE game id rather just play those atleast Chyna can be IC champ on them and feud with Jericho

  • MELshocked

    I can’t wait to get the game, despite some of the problems I have.

    – Out of the entire “current” side of the roster… only 3 of those girls are STILL currently on the roster.

    – The Bellas made it. I have no problem with Kharma being in it. Love her. But the Twins? It’s kind of funny, last year when Melina and Gail weren’t in the game… we got the excuse “Because they are no longer on the roster.” … what’s the excuse this time? I don’t want to hear that “the game was being made when they were still in the company” excuse… because Melina and Gail were too.

    But besides that… it looks awesome. I’m more excited for the Attitude Era Divas though.

    • bjorn448

      THE Bella’s stopt with wrestling and gail & Melina not. Maybe That is why. It is THE same with maryse.

  • Aksana

    I can’t believe how seriously people take the WWE games. Please log off of your computer and go outside for some fresh air.

    • perceval

      Too hot. It’s in the 90s, out there. That’s why I came back inside and logged onto my computer.

      • Aksana

        I applaud you for your very brave attempt.

  • FashionQueen86

    If they were going to put all the legends or attitude era wrestlers in this, I think they should have been downloaded characters or dedicated a game just to themselves. There are plenty of current wrestlers that have not gotten a chance to be featured in the game. To have two of each of almost 10 wrestlers seems such a waste of slots. The graphics look too cartoony and horrible, especially for a game in our time now then the wrestling games back in the day. I can honestly say the last time a wrestling game looked okay was of SVR 2010. recycled entrances are still there. We all know Kelly Kelly does not come out like that. She’ll usually pause at the top of ramp, pointing to the ceiling forever and then walks down the ramp. And I bet the story designer is ONLY slightly different.

    • i want divas

      i love you lol finally someone who knows what their talking about ^^^^^^^^^^ and i hope yu a kelly fan bcuz i love k2

  • Matirod

    The best SvR/WWE game is SvR 2010, when it comes to the Divas Roster, I mean, we almost got the full current divas roster of that time.

    What I just don’t get is, why the Bellas are still in the game, if they left the company in April, and Gail and Melina left the company in august 2011, and they weren’t in the game? That’s unfair

    • BellaBaby

      Omg last year Cory said that Gail and Melina didn’t get in the game cause they weren’t on tv tht much then they got released! There is a difference the Bella twins were on every week up till the day the left and bitching about it ain’t gonna fix shit. Did anyone bitch when Michelle made it last yr. not as much just give it up. I love this site for the news but all you guys do is bitch and it’s no fun there are no convos, just bashing everything tht happens.

  • AfroJack

    Where the hell are Sable, Ivory & Jackie?? the REAL Attitude Era divas.

  • i want divas

    its not about being ungrateful we just want an accurate roster thts all… if yu can make 3v of triple H and 3v of tht other dude than yu can just put some accurate divas…. i did my research and they started the actual model and roster like 1 or 2 after the bellas were gone so wtf

  • bjorn448

    I wish mickiejames was in there.

  • Ouellet

    *—* The Bella Twins will appear a last time.
    PS: They have the same attire for the 1st time in WWE Games, sooo….can be Twin Magic *-*

  • bjorn448

    Maybe layla and natalya Will be announced later.

    I wish mickie James was in there.

    They should make a WWE Diva’s game.

    • FashionQueen86

      I don’t think it will sell all that well.