Today in History: Lita & Stephanie’s Main Event Title Match

On this day in history:

August 21st, 2000 | Lita had been unsuccessfully chasing Stephanie McMahon‘s Women’s Title for a long, frustrating period, Stephanie using every tool in her kit to keep Lita at bay. Finally, the odds seemed to be tipping in Lita’s favor. A Women’s Title match was booked, dubbed the night’s main event and The Rock was appointed the guest referee, keeping a sharp eye on HHH and Kurt Angle at ringside. The Hardy Boyz eventually turned up as well. Meanwhile, in the ring, Lita dominated the match and, thanks to some agressive refereeing by The Rock, was able to win the match and finally capture the Women’s Title.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • shannymac

    I remember watching this match and being so happy to see Lita finally get the belt that I actually cried (I was 11, ok). I miss moments like these :'(

  • shameronstar

    This was Stephanie’s first match where she actually wrestled and she actually didn’t do too bad! I’m surprised Stephanie didn’t wrestle more in her career because she had potential to do more as an in-ring performer!

  • lucky1now

    that day i felt like i was waiting forever for the match to happen it was the main event and the ending was picture perfect the hardys n lita closing the show
    i know wwf wanted lita with the rock at the end but it would not have felt the same
    the match was really good based on stephanie not wrestling much

  • WweLitafan4ever

    One of my favorite Lita matches.
    Cool how it was the mainevent.
    Love the moonsault and how the crowd erupted when Lita won.

  • Ryan

    Lita and Steph rocked I was surprised how good Stephanie was at the time haha

    And Rocky slamming Stephanie and laying the Smackdown on Kurt was awesome!!!

    Lita and Rocky forever!!

  • LadyGoDiva

    Luv Steph and Lita.
    I call this one of the landmark moments of not only Lita’s career but for the divas division sometimes Divas don’t do landmark things anymore but is great to look back and see this incredible moment.

  • misschrissi7

    I remember watching this match when i was 12 and just totally obsessing over Lita. I was super happy when she won and celebrated with the Hardys.

    Steph surpised me as a wrestler in this match and was kinda shocked that she didnt compete in ring more.

  • efedefelipe

    I remember this day just like it was yesterday <3 I was so damn happy, that day, I felt in love with Lita :D

  • OJ Von Erich

    I HATED this moment… Stephanie was totally screwed by the biased ref The Rock!

    For 143 glorious days Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was OUR Women’s Champion, she carried that title with dignity, honour and pride. She had my support and I wanted her to defeat Lita and remain the Women’s Champion for the longest reign in history…

    As she was and is the GREATEST WOMEN’S CHAMPION EVER!!!

    • perceval

      To have the longest reign in history, she’d not only still have to have the title, but would need to hold it another 16 years. :)

      • melon2617

        I loved to hate Stephanie back then but I was glad when Lita won.

        More people need to give Stephanie credit for giving that title cred. Before Stephanie, it was just floating around, but when the Divas had to fight Stephanie to get the title from her, it became a big deal. Stephanie had a lot to do with making the Women’s title what it was and she deserves more props from fans. It was an idea that on paper seemed ridiculous but when played out was fantastic!

  • melina prez

    great moment! ill never forget it!! god i love when the divas had moments like these….

  • Lanoom

    Women’s match main event?
    A title that means something?
    Involvement of main event level men that ultimately takes a backseat to the women?
    Lengthy storyline?

    Never again.

  • Choko


  • javiousmckenzie

    This what WWE needs to get fans interested in the divas title the womens belt had become irrelevant til Stephanie won it cause she a McMahon & everyone hated her they wanted to see someone take it off her that is why im not against Vickie winning the Divas Title and holding onto it like Stephanie could you imagine Vickie as the champ the heat she would get and if her and maybe lets say AJ (Id prefer Paige) was in a feud like the one Stephanie and Lita had