In Video: WWE NXT Live Event Match – Emma vs Skyler Moon vs Audrey Marie

A full length match from a WWE NXT (formerly FCW) live event this past weekend has leaked on YouTube in high quality.

The match pits the former Tenille, Emma, against Skyler Moon (formerly Buggy Nova) and Audrey Marie in a three-way match.

Check it out below:

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  • Shannak22

    is Audrey Marie a heel???

  • Shannak22

    is Audrey Marie a heel???

    • ricky_says_hi

      i think so. she’s facing Paige in the NXT spoilers and Paige is a face so they probably just made Audrey switch around since they don’t have another heel besides Raquel

      • TehKardashianKing

        Natalya’s a heel on NXT.

  • berrybryant

    I love Skyler’s finisher!

    • Jillfan1

      tuushayyyyyyyyy =)

  • mikie91

    Great match! Aubrey was incredible as a heel. I hope they decide o use her as a heel from this point foward because she shows so much character. Skyler’s gimmick is awesome and her finisher is ever more awesome! And lastly Emma shows so much promise. She’s already really good in the ring but once she shows more character I think she can be a big star is the WWE lets her.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    very interesting match, i actually loved Audrey as a heel in this match and she seemed so much better

    and Skylar finisher is amazing, and i love her character too, and Tenille is just awesome

    and i found this match told a story each diva had there own character and each character brought something different to the match :) and everything it was awesome :)

  • LoveIt

    Audrey is so much better as a heel,
    Skyler and Emma were great :)
    Great match!

  • perceval

    Very good.

  • JJ

    Good match!

    Audrey has become a woman to watch. Her ring work has become much tighter and her heel persona was actually really good!

    Emma was okay. Seems about the same as the last time I saw her in the ring. No real spark yet, but she has time to develop down in NXT. Solid overall.

    Skler was much better than I’ve seen previously. She played her character really well and that was a truly tremendous finishing move. I hope she gets to keep it.

    Excited to see all three women again.

  • Kayfabe!

    Skyler is my favorite out if this match. I mean, she had that awesome finisher, a skull she carries around, her reactions are great, I loved the way she just stayed to the side while the other two fought it out lol, and I’m surprised she won this match, I thought she would have been a jobber. But maybe wwe likes her so someday she might be divas champion who knows lol

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Emma is really awesome and great wrestler she could deff be the next Top diva! She could be a perfect face. And the match was good, wish Emma won though!!

  • jamie1

    Really good match with an awesome looking finisher by Skyler. Both Skyler and Emma impressive with good moves. Seemed more like a 2 on 1 with Emma being the 1

    Agree with Veltlovefan re Emma’s ability

    If this is what Skyler and Emma can deliver I’m hoping to see more NXT action particulary when likes of Paige are added. Future for WWE womens division could be bright in these hands.

  • shameronstar

    I liked the match because everyone brought something interesting to the table. Emma is a very good wrestler and seems like someone you can rely on to carry a match from a in-ring work prospective! Skyler Moon’s bizarre character is pretty interesting and can bring an interesting flavor to the diva’s division not to mention her finisher is awesome. Audrey Marie ALWAYS seemed like she be much better as a heel because she’s seems more aggressive and she pulls it off much more naturally than a face(PS – I kind of miss her bad country accent)! I like how this generation of diva’s seems more diverse in character and that since most of them are wrestlers from the indies now they have more seasoning and wrestling variety!

  • alexl467

    I wonder if the WWE is trying to make Skyler Moon into a female Goth version of Al Snow during his ECW days.


  • Jillfan1

    I AM LOVING THESE NEW DIVAS =SUCCESS BUMMED ABOUT SOFIA ? I NEED to move on lol she will succeed ps I am loving Buggy aka Skyler’s CHARACTER THE PEOPLE DIG IT LIKE DAFFNEY in TNA you need variety these divas along with Paige. SDR will surpass and catch the fans attention I notice that now they all have some sort of gimmick that sets them apart that’s fantastic that’s what made the previous crop of women Molly,Ivory,Lita,Jazz,Chyna,Trish,Victoria , jackie and etc a success they were all different yay NOW IF ONLY KHARMA CAME BACK( 5% OF HOPE) PS AUDREY BETTER OFF A HEEL, Tenile ? aka EMMA AND i love me some Buggy she plays here character amazing

  • FoxyKimLover

    Tell me why I just fell in love with all three? I love Skyler the most though <3 now if only Summer would get in the ring I hear shes pretty good.

  • i want divas

    tht finisher omg tht finisher is going to down as like #1 finisher awsome its a divas F-5

  • Lily

    Emma did an amazing job.

    Skyler is a really good character. Her finisher is also great.

    and i still can’t find anything good about Audrey. She’s not that impressive.

    I wish Sofia was still here. Her, Skyler, Emma and Paige would have been an amazing group of Divas.

    • Jillfan1

      I know Sofia =(

  • AfroJack

    Skyler’s character and finisher = awesomeeeeeee!!

  • Rhawk

    Pretty good match. Audrey actually worked as a nice heel here, much more likebale than her face persona, even though the heel are usually disliked by the public and all that, plus she did decent enough in the ring. Nothing bad so its all cool.
    Emma/Tenille seems to be the same as she usually is so thats not a bad thing either. Still need more work but she’ll get there in no time. I much liked the seated Turnbuckle Dive move she did twice.
    Skyler/Buggy, well its safe to say that she was the star of the match. Her characters was both unique with her epic skull, and humorous with her fetal position state. Plus much like everyone is loving the Diva-5 move, I too enjoyed that greatly.
    Shame Sofia’s not around to face either Emma or Skyler but I’m sure we’ll be back on track with these two on the NXT TV scene.

  • Marshy

    I hope that when WWE gets their network up and running that hopefully that NXT will be apart of it’s lineup that we can see all of it.

  • redsandman99

    Enjoyed the match. Audrey works better as a heel. I’m already enjoying Skylar’s character and I liked Emma as well.

  • sugarrush28

    The match was good but all I have to say is Skyler’s finisher is F**kin Awesome.

  • SnapDDT

    Moon uses Aksana’s old theme, right?

  • DivaSmark

    I was heavily impressed with all three of them. Let’s just hope HHH goes against not giving the Divas any time on TV and gives these ladies a chance. They deserve it.

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    Skyler = Total Daffeny <33 Love it