Raw Redux (August 20th, 2012): Layla Finds Her Next Contender as AJ Skips A Lot!

Hello little medonsters (if ANYONE gets that reference, I will personally reward you with cake), and welcome to this week’s Raw Redux! We had quite a night of action on Raw last night, as Kaitlyn, Tamina, Rosa Mendes (welcome back!), Aksana, Natalya, Eve Torres, and Alicia Fox compete in a battle royal to determine Layla‘s next contender for the Divas Title. Strangely enough, Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly (despite being promoted as being in the match two minutes prior) do not show up. I guess we are to assume their eliminations occurred during the commercial break before the bell rang like Layla at WrestleMania 25. Nonetheless, in addition to that, we get a lot of AJ Lee as she proceeds to make decisions and skip (Wow, I actually just typed ship… too much dream coupling going on through my Twitter feed has caused my hands to conform to society.) Without further ado, let’s get underway!

We return to the ring as the sound of my own personal national anthem that is AJ’s old theme song plays in the background. (Side note: Has anyone else ever gotten the feeling that it’s sung by Angelica Pickles of Rugrats fame… or is it just me??) Layla holds her title up as the bell sounds and the Divas immediately go after one another. Tamina takes Fox down with a clothesline, as our wonderful Costa Rican hops on the Samoan Goddess’ back and begins outlandishly screaming in terror as Tamina backs them up to the ropes. Well we’re already five seconds in and Rosa hasn’t been eliminated (by someone else or herself) so this is a step in the right direction! Tamina slams Rosa down as Aksana now drops Mendes by the hair and turns on Tamina. Rosa with a Thesz press as she and Aksana basically catfight right out of the ring!

Kaitlyn, Eve, Fox, Tamina, and Natalya continue the fight inside the ring, as Tamina takes Alicia down with a headbutt around the match time that most battle royals usually have a winner by. Natalya tries to take Kaitlyn out, and Tamina joins up! Kaitlyn is on the ring apron, but fights out and is dragged back in the ring. A nice double suplex by the two, before Alicia Fox tries to take the generation Divas down. They attempt to double team her, but she fights out. The two go for another double suplex, only this time trying to send her outside the ring! Foxy flails around until she escapes, before kicking both Natalya and Tamina out… or so we think! Both hang on, as Alicia tries to kick Tamina out. Nattie stops it, and drags her into the corner where she proceeds to demolish her. Natalya and Tamina go for a double team move which consists of Snuka Irish Whipping Neidhart into the corner, but Alicia hops up to the top rope in a split fashion which sparks Natalya to fly right outside the ring and eliminate herself!

Back inside the ring, Tamina DRILLS Alicia with a huge superkick that sends her flying as well, before Snuka is ultimately eliminated by Kaitlyn. We’re now down to Kaitlyn and Eve, as Torres hoists Kaitlyn onto her shoulders and tries to toss her out. Kaitlyn fights out and after a failed attempt, clotheslines Eve outside the ring! Kaitlyn wins! Layla stares off with her new top contender, as I begin to celebrate the fact that FCW/NXT star, Brad Maddox raises her hand in victory. Layla applauds Kaitlyn’s win, as the two exchange stares until Kaitlyn decides that she will celebrate with us!

Now we delve into our weekly dose of General Manager, AJ Lee!

We head backstage to see Matt Striker standing by with our GM, AJ Lee, who is questioned on her responce to CM Punk’s touts about his upcoming contender. Suddenly, she’s interrupted by David Otunga… but with a lot less facial hair. So much so that I honestly don’t know if I would’ve known that was him had it not been for the bow tie. He shakes her hand and namedrops Halle Berry, before congratulating her on her new role as GM. Otunga offers his legal counseling to AJ if anyone calls her cr… cra… I can’t say it, but it’s that word that follows “You Drive Me” in a film starring Melissa Joan Hart. AJ does not take too kindly to hearing that word, as she twitches her head around to him and orders him to say that word again! She decides that if he wants to offer his services, it will be in the ring against an opponent of her choosing. Back to the interview, AJ claims Punk can choose the contender he wants… provided it meets her approval. Her facial expressions are gold!

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler approaches Chris Jericho and the two speak back and forth with Dolph wanting a rematch from last night. Suddenly, in skips AJ who prances around them and then decides to book a rematch… with higher stakes though! She announces that if Jericho loses, his contract is terminated, and if Dolph loses, his Money in the Bank briefcase goes to Chris! Jericho seems okay with this, but Dolph seems to want her to rethink this decision!

Skip to 1:26.

In the midst of an Alberto Del Rio rant, he’s interrupted by our skipping general manager, AJ! She says hola to the Latin star, and claims that she has no authority over the World Title scene since that’s a SmackDown ordeal. Miss Lee informs Alberto though, that as a consolation for dressing up in his gear and coming out to wrestle, she will put him in a match right now to help Booker in considering a World Title situation. Miss Lee proceeds to introduce Alberto to his little friend, Randy Orton!

And of course, do you really think I can just ignore Naomi and Cameron‘s new gear? Or a Damien Sandow appearance? Wrestle soon Funkadactyls, I beg of you! Reunite Damien with his old Kentucky friend, Beth Phoenix for a mixed tag!

Thoughts: Wonderful. Tremendous. Amazing. Exciting. Incredible. There are honestly not enough words to describe my thoughts on WWE finally pulling the trigger on Kaitlyn to enter a Divas title feud. Going into the match, I was personally rooting for either she or Natalya to get the win, and it’s no secret that I’ve discussed how much I enjoy watching her perform. As much as I wanted it, I truely never thought they would actually put her into a title feud… mainly because that would mean acknowledging we have a title in the first place. But wow, I’m really excited to see how she and Layla do. Kaitlyn works best with smaller, quicker opponents and while Layla isn’t as small as AJ to my knowledge, she’s still small and she’s still quick. It seems like we’re finally getting something fresh and interesting in the Divas division and I love it. Hopefully this is the start of using more of the underutilized females! Even if she doesn’t win at Night of Champions (where I’m guessing this match will take place), I really hope Kaitlyn is the one to dethrone Layla. I probably shouldn’t wish that on her because it might mean she vanishes for weeks like every champion, but dang it, I want a Kaitlyn run as Divas Champion. Also really like that they used the Booker T’s assistant feud to build Kaitlyn up a little so that this wasn’t as random as it could’ve been too!

Onto the battle royal itself, I actually really liked it. It didn’t feel short and rushed like usual, and I think we only had two eliminations in the first few minutes even. I loved how Rosa basically dragged Aksana out with her as if to say “I’m sick of being the first one out so you’re coming with me!” But wow, spot of the match had to be Tamina’s insane super kick to Alicia as she was on the top rope. Now that is a creative elimination! The match did feel like it stalled a few times though, but most battle royals usually do if they’re not meant to have everyone tossed out in the first twenty seconds. Overall though, I enjoyed it more than any of those short one minute ones, and I love that we’re seeing longer matches on Raw with the extra hour added on. Yes, it’s not ten minutes or anything, but it doesn’t need to be. I’m perfectly fine with the length we’ve been getting the past few weeks of about three or four because they don’t feel short to me, and it’s enough time to put on good showings since I’ve enjoyed Kelly/Eve, the tag from last week, and now this.

Anyone else confused by the lack of Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix? Especially when they were promoted in the match graphic? I don’t want to jinx anything because we all know what usually follows Diva Battle Royals on Raw… (cough: Melina, Gail, Maxine), but I do find it strange that Beth wasn’t at any of the Summerslam festivities to my knowledge either. Kelly was dancing, which makes it even weirder that she wasn’t featured tonight, but I’m sure we’ll find out reasons soon enough. I saw it on twitter last night, but maybe the new way of being eliminated from these battle royals is to just not show up at all! Hope everything is alright with both Kelly and Beth though.

All & all, I enjoyed Raw again female wise with this new three hour format. They’re getting a bit more time in the ring, which is making their segments not feel as rushed/unimportant as before. Hopefully it keeps up!

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    I prefer to win Alicia and made ??a heel turn….but i happy for Kaitlyn =)

  • T@KESH1

    Before the angered, non-deserved title-shot comments begin, let’s see who rightly blames WWE and who uses it to criticize Kaitlyn, who I agree isn’t deserving of the shot ONLY BECAUSE of how she’s been booked: 

    1. zero singles matches won on Raw or SmackDown ever
    2. majority of wins are upsets via roll up.
    2. not only is she not booked to her strengths…
    3. this hotshotted contendership is of maybe the least fostered contender ever, displayed most recently as Everyone got their signature in:

    Alicia – with her double-team escape and counter
    Natalya – with a double-leg pickup and a great heel-sell elimination
    Tamina – with her Samoan Kick
    Kaitlyn – selling & overall just being there to put other people over…especially over her own strength
    Eve – see above

  • WhalenX12

    I’m happy for her ! She deserves this push. It can help her.

  • Acrant

    Called the Kaitlyn push last week.

  • http://vetaj.blogspot.com NurseBetty

    im hoping layla turns heel.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    OH MY GOD PLEASE LEAVE THE DIVA’S OFF Monday NIGHT RAW Save us FROM THE PAIN!!! PLEASE JUST DON”T LET THEM IN THE RING I WOULD CUT THE ALL BUT THREE Nattie and Beth and Tam. that it’s the rest go back to FCW AND LEARN FOR A YEAR NO QUESTION a YEAR OF LEARNING that Match Suck so badly it set back the DIVA’s for years to come if that your Roster! WOW that was the shits!

    I don’t care about the storylines I care about the Skill set and they are green as crap!

  • funtimeseany

    Bahaha, medonsters :’) Nekci Menij ftw!

  • Simply Flawless

    Last time I checked Layla is actually just the slightest bit smaller then AJ lee, and I’m really not feeling Kaitlyn as #1 Contender. I really wanted to see Eve vs. Layla, and to all these people saying they want heel Layla .. are you ever pleased? She spent five years Heel and I swear when she was heel all I ever saw was I want Layla face blablabla … *sigh

  • wl75

    I’m still thinking the ending was botched, and Kaitlyn was NOT supposed to win. Layla looked too shocked when the match ended, the ref looked shocked when Eve hit the floor, and they didn’t have Kaitlyn’s music cued up immediately.

    I think what was supposed to happen is that Eve was supposed to hang on to the ropes and pull herself onto the apron, Kaitlyn would charge at her, Eve would duck and throw Kaitlyn over the top rope, thus winning. Eve just lost her grip on the ropes it looks like- she came up bleeding too.

    I’m going to be very interested to see the SD spoilers- the easiest way they could get out of this is to have Eve browbeat Booker T to give her a rematch with the #1 contendership on the line, and then have her win. It puts more heat on Eve for abusing her position to get what she wants, and continues a feud between her and Kaitlyn (say Kaitlyn costs Eve the title match at NOC by interfering…)

  • lucky1now

    i enjoyed the battle royal it is pretty weird beth and kelly was not around gotta keep ears open for that
    eves elimination was botched she was suppose to go over the first time so they tried again she must have slipped and hit her face she came up bleeding they barely showed her afterwords

  • IvanPang

    hope layla and kaitlyn stay face!!!! Rosa needs push

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i really enjoyed the battle royal for once, it was a very decent one, stand outs for me was Nattie, Tamina and Kaitlyn, and i was hopin one of them would win, so i am excited to see Kailtyn in the title picture and it should be a fun match between Layla and her

    However, by far stand out moment goes to Tamina :)

    would love to see a Tamina vs kaitlyn

  • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

    I was scared to watch because I thought fans wouldn’t react so well but I think what kept fans interested & left them see these girl can wrestle where Natalya,Tamina,and Alicia, I was really impressed with all three, Right after the cat-fight between rosa/ Aksana these three clicked & said. We have to carry this match w hich they did and Kaitlyn has impressed me a lot she’s a little hesitant at times she can still work matches I think WWE is going to push her to be the born again Kelly lol

  • charleshp

    Pretty good chance Kelly’s done with company.

  • WWEStarInTraining

    I hope Kaitlyn turns Heel and defeats Layla, I like Layla as champ and hope she has more reigns but I wanna see Kaitlyn dominate and then when Naomi starts to wrestle (I hope soon) Naomi can take it off Kaitlyn, just as long as they keep the title away from Beth, Kelly, and Eve, Im ready for new blood

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Kaytlin and Layla my favorites!!

  • Jhonmarco

    Match was a definite mess. Highlight was Tamina’s superkick, her, Nattie, & Alicia tryed to salvage the match, but too much damamge done. I like Kaitlyn and hopefully her feud with Eve gets her over with the crowd.

    Hopefully with the girls getting longer matches they can begin to impress as they’re getting off to a rough start.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/StephMCK2 StephMC

    Apparently both Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly didnt appear backstage or in the arena. They were only featured on the promo to gain ratings. So back into the match, it was indeed a mess. I only liked Tamina’s superkick and it was great to see both Nattie and Alicia back. Im glad Kaitlyn won the match. I think it was finally time to give someone new and fresh to get a title opportunity rather than Beth.

  • beliEVEr

    I don’t know if Kaitlyn winning was a botch. It looks like Eve was suppose to go through the ropes the first time but didn’t, so they had to re-try it. I think Kailyn was suppose to win. I was more so hoping for Eve or Natalya to win. When Natalya got eliminated, I was just like ugh. Because then my nerves started going for Eve even harder and I was a little disappointed when Kaitlyn won. I can see them putting the title on her and I just think its too early. Not even for wrestling ability, because it’s been far worst wrestlers than her hold the title but just because who is Kailtyn? Thy haven’t done much notable with her and even you don’t watch NXT, you hardly know anything about her. I kind of hope this is a reflection of Eve vs Natalya during the Eve/Bellas feud and that Layla will win and they’ll shake hands and ten Layla will go onto feuding with Eve. I really want to see these two feud.

    Otherwise, it was fairly nice to see a battle royal where half the Divas was eliminated within the first ten seconds. And I loved Natalya and Tamina’s teamwork.

  • jayjayholler

    * Do you know what, this match gave me goosebumps. I’m under no impression that WWE will impress me every week, but I LOVED this match. Kaitlyn WON – HOORAR!

    * That super kick was BITCH!

    * At the beginning of this match I was feeling so negative I felt as though WWE might as well give the belt to Rosa as the belt would look really pretty with her but I now am back to the dream of a fighting champion! – Kaitlyn.

  • BillyGP

    meh enjoyed AJ on RAW but the battle royal was missing Beth and Kelly who was on the graphic before the match.

    Im sorry but the title need to be or have someone over chasing it Layla is not over as champion or as a face,and Kaitlyn not over at all.

  • shannymac

    I’m sorry, but that match was a mess. Everyone looked confused and lost, like hey had no idea what to do. They should have just made it Kaitlyn vs some other Divas (maybe Nattie and Tamina). It would have probably been infinitely better.

  • http://Twitter.com/Just_Trevon Flybytre

    I Wand Layla To Go Back To Being The Heel She Was Before She Left. She Shined In That Role, Her As A Face Is Just Plain And Boring.

  • http://www.youtube.com/xDivatoxicV3 MiPiMafia

    I think I may have a different opinion from the majority of the comments on here.

    I thought that was one of the worse diva battle royals ever. I’m not complaining about the match or anything, i appreciate that we got a match but for me, the match seemed slow paced and it felt like it was thrown onto the card before the show aired and the divas didn’t really seem to know what to do until the final 4. The only good things about the match was the superkick from Tamina which sent Alicia out and the fact that Eve drew blood!

    Onto the finish, I thought it looked like everyone was shocked that Kaitlyn won and it looked like Eve slipped off the ring apron thats why when she fell, she tried to grab it quickly so maybe Eve was meant to win who knows, maybe i’m gullable or they are really good actresses.

    It would have made more sense for Eve to win the match and face Layla at NOC but looking on it, Eve is the assistant, she can get power and persuade Booker for enter her in the title match, perhaps a triple threat match at NOC with layla/kaitlyn/eve. What’s make me think is that when M/Cole said “The title match will take place at a later date”, if the match was meant for NOC, they would have said the match was for a shot at NOC but they didn’t so it makes me think that it’ll be a triple threat match.

    Also, no Kelly or Beth. I’m shocked, literally.

    What I didn’t like about the match was that with none of the divas barley get a reaction, I found it difficult to predict a winner because if I was watching it live, I would have gone for either Beth or Kelly to win and then turn it into a triple threat match.

    If the finish was actually not meant to happen and with the recent reports of the diva division getting buried even more, I think this was a chance for the divas to put on a real good battle royal and they may or so eve may have ruined it + she drew blood which lets face it, WWE are PG.

    Now onto The Funkettes, Naomi and Cameron, I think it’s time to get them in the ring, both tag and singles match whilst still with Brodus so they can get reactions because they do and then after a while, I’d have them split away from him.

    Finally, onto AJ, well, AJ is AJ, my favourite diva perhaps of all time. She’s basically living the dream and has been given a ball and is literally running across the world with it.


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    I didn’t like the match. Natalya and Tamina (and maybe Alicia) carried the whole battle royal. I do like that it was lengthy. Did anyone notice Layla looking kinda fishy at the end. Like she didnt wanna face Kaitlyn or something. Just throwing that out there. I think Kaitlyn and Layla can have a good little feud. I just dont want Kaitlyn as champion. I love her personality but I dont think she’s champion material. But she’s finally getting her title match she should have had when she won NXT!

  • SweeneyTodd

    In Kaitlyn vs. Layla i just see a bridge to a future Eve Torres Title Run. I don’t think we will see a Kaitlyn or Layla Heel Turn.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Anyone else notice Eve was bleeding?

    I guess kaitlyn winning makes sense since she’s one of the few divas who has never gotten a title shot (other than Rosa and Aksana). She’ll probably get her title shot at Night of Champions.

  • jen07201

    According to other websites WWE officials were high on Kaitlyn following her performance in the six-Divas match at Money in the Bank.

  • Solo

    Congrats to Kaitlyn. I’m confused as to who is the heels and babyfaces here. I wouldn’t mind if Natalya and Tamina turned face, while Alicia and Layla turned heel.

  • i want divas

    it was weird seeing one very important battle royal key.. k2 you guys probably don’t like her but this is like the 1st time she wasn’t in a battle royal beth isn’t usually in it because she was either champ or she just got #1 from a 1 on 1

  • Piledriver’ Tavios

    I dont think that Kaitlyn was suppose to win, as well. I mean face vs face. Eve should have on. -_-.

  • Kevin_G.

    This match was good and I’m glad Kaitlyn won. Some people are saying that it was botched and Eve was suppose to win. Negative. Wrestling-Inc reports that officials are high on Kaitlyn and she is set for a title run. People are only going to complain because they are never pleased. I am 100% positive that if Kelly Kelly won the match, people would complain even more. Take what you get and be glad it’s someone new. Kaitlyn has improved a lot since being in WWE and I for one am glad she is getting pushed.

  • xamjr

    Wasnt kaitlyn suppose to get a divas title match for winning nxt?? Well here it is

  • redsandman99

    I actually enjoyed the match. Was it the best battle royal ever? No but it was miles ahead of what they usually are. Tamina’s kick to Alicia was the spot of the match. Kaitlyn winning feels fresh and hopefully with a challenger for Layla in place, the division can start getting back on track.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    I liked that the match was serious. I thought they gave each Diva the oppurtunity to look good.
    There were awkward moments like the start but overall pretty good.
    Good to see a new face in the title picture. Happy for kaitlyn. She stuck with it even during low times. She preservered and now is reaping some award for her hard work and paitence.

    I don’t think the ending was a mistake. IMO Kaitlyn was suppose to knock Eve out the first clothesline but Eve did not elevate herelf enough so they did another clotheline. As for layla being shocked, why wouldn’t she? Nobody thought kaitlyn would win so she was surprised as the rest of us.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/brodyrediron BrodyRediron

    Where in the heck was Beth and Kelly who were advertised for the match before commercial break?

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    This is the best divas battle royal I’ve seen in a while : ) I feel like every diva in the match played their parts well.Natalya and Tamina did great double teaming Alicia Fox.Aksana and Rosa did great in their role as well.I was pretty surprised that they weren’t eliminated within the first 5 seconds of the match.lol.Loved the catfight between the two.And I loved how Eve and Kaitlyn fought each other in the battle royal.A great way to continue their feud with each other.I jumped out of my seat when Kaitlyn won because it was suprising to see her win and someone FRESH and NEW is gonna get a title opportunity.Everyone did seem a bit shocked that Kaitlyn won,especially Layal.Idk if Kaitlyn was actually supposed to win or not.Either way,congrats to Kaitlyn.And I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the last we’ll see of Eve vs Kaitlyn because I have a feeling Eve is gonna insert herself in that divas championship match.My only complaint:No Beth or Kelly : /

  • Crazy_J

    First of all it’s so lame that WWE thinks 5 year olds (little kids in general) haven’t seen blood.. I’m pretty sure by 5 you’ve scraped your knee and seen it, soooo…. I don’t get why they can’t show it. To me.. if you don’t acknowledge what pain can be caused then kids will grow up thinking that things won’t hurt them. Rather than thinking seeing blood will scar them for life. I understand the whole violence thing.. but if you don’t want your kids watching violence.. then they probably shouldn’t watch wrestling anyway.

    I digress, I don’t really know where WWE is going with the diva’s division.. they’ve had them in matches the past few weeks (and I’m grateful) but… no promos.. and nothings really came of any of it. We still don’t have a feud. It looked as though Eve/Kaitlyn would, but considering they seem to be going in two separate paths I don’t see that occurring. As for Layla/Kaitlyn feud.. good luck to them and I hope it is interesting, but at the time I don’t care for either of them. Hopefully they will change my opinion, we’ll see.. :-)

    The only diva I really enjoy seeing at the time is Eve.

    And no Glamazon or Kelly? That kinda made it obvious the winner wouldn’t be a previous champ.

    I also would like to note.. if they are going to make diva matches longer.. then please make them just as entertaining.. don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this battle royal but was it just me or did it seem to really drag as far as being interesting goes.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    I actually enjoyed the battle royal every diva had a moment to do something & not just elimination after elimination….Taminas superkick was sick….glad kaitlyn won since it’s new but i hope she doesnt get the title just yet cause i want layla to be the longest divas champion…..

  • Marlon Eric

    Kaitlyn won. I thought I’d be irritated but in all honesty, I’m not. I know she hasn’t been booked the “strongest” out of the divas (as all the divas are barely on TV to begin with) but her last few television appearances, she’d had strong matches. Not necessarily victories but strong showings and appearances. I can see her becoming number one contender.

  • http://aksanahq.com Aksana

    I’m so confused. Who’re faces and who’re heels out of Aksana, Rosa, Tamina and Alicia? (didn’t Alicia work as a heel on a few house shows recently?)

  • http://www.twitter.com/swax1 swax1

    I would like to congratulate Kaitlyn for eliminating that BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS WWE Diva Search reject Eve and becoming the #1 Contender for the WWE Divas Championship.i hope that Kaitlyn kicks another BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS WWE Diva Search reject’s ass Layla and have a real WRESTLER become the new WWE Divas Champion.also,if Kaitlyn does become the WWE Divas Champion..she will become the second ever NXT Rookie besides Daniel Bryan and become the first NXT Winner to win a World Championship!

  • TheGamergirl22

    I thought Layla was worries because she was thinking “I have to fighter her” she’s just as big as Beth so she seem worried, I never thought she wasn’t suppose to win

    on Beth and K2 I hope Beth isn’t getting release but part of me wants to see her in TNA and K2 idk s

    AJ needs to get involved with this to spice it up, Chickbusters reunion

  • TheGamergirl22

    I thought Layla was worries because she was thinking “I have to fighter her” she’s just as big as Beth so she seem worried, I never thought she wasn’t suppose to win

    on Beth and K2 I hope Beth isn’t getting release but part of me wants to see her in TNA and K2 idk

    AJ needs to get involved with this to spice it up, Chickbusters reunion

  • astrozombie50

    I honestly didn’t think the Battle Royal was that bad. When Aksana and Rosa were rolling around the ring and the other Divas were just looking at them like ‘wtf?’ I laughed. Maybe it was intentional and Aksana and Rosa were trying to build up some sort of rivalry. And of course Alicia, Tamina, and Natalya were the highlight. That spot towards the end was awesome. But I can’t help feel sorry for Alicia, I personally feel that she has everything she needs to be a top Diva, but she’s never really gotten an opportunity to shine and probably never will. (Of course that can be pretty much said for most of the girls.)

    Also like Bobby said, I’m happy that Kaitlyn had some sort of feud going on with Eve prior to this, so her win doesn’t seem completely out of the blue. Especially with Eve being Booker T’s assistant, I’m sure they’ll have Eve find a way to fit herself into this title match. Good for Kaitlyn though, I’m glad we’re getting a fresh face going after the title, though it’s probably best not to expect much out of it, but I’ll take what I can get.

  • Acrant

    Either way, Kaitlyn/Eve is happening again for the title at some PPV.

  • jim462

    Major kudos to kaitlyn on winning the #1 divas title contender battle royal glad to see her finally getting a push she deserves it. One of them either Layla or Kaitlyn will have to be the heel and im thinking finally WWE turns kaitlyn heel. as for the battle royal itself it was terrible one of the worst ever the crowd was not in it at all even the announcers dd not know what to say it was so bad. But Im proud of Kaitlyn and how she has improved way to go Kaitlyn. as for Beth phoenix not being in it does not suprise me I dont look for Beth to renew when her contract is up i say she leaves and joins TNA or a big indy group like Shimmer

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    i honestly LOVED this battle royal not just because it was WAY lengthy then what we usually get but it was very entertaining in my opinion. From the beginning when every diva was staring down layla i was excited. Aksana And Rosa reminded me so much of that battle royal where The Kat And Terri was trying to out do eatchother and it brought a very old wwf like vibe and i loved it. Loved how they made it look like no diva was safe when tamina and alicia high fived and then tamina attacked her! And Natalya’s and Alicia’s Elimantion was BRUTAL. The end was kinda botchy but all in all i loved this and Congrats Kaitlyn :) i Layla’s face was priceless by the way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=-3&id=100000716103622#/Only.the.best.get.through?ref=profi OJ Von Erich

    Am I the only one that loved Rosa and Aksana’s little catfight?

    Give them a fued on Superstars… They can be this generations Kat & Terri!!! =D

  • VarsityBaseDude

    That was one of the worst battle royals for the Divas yet. Most of the girls in the ring are not over. Akasana and Rosa rolling out of the ring was as contrived as it gets in terms of how it came off. Even the ring announcers almost laughed when it happened.

    Kaitlyn winning did not seem like the plan as the reaction all around. Strange, but that’s what it felt like.

    Having Beth and Kelly missing from the match made it less important, and I’m not a Kelly fan which should say something.

    On the positive note: all the girls looked great.

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    To those wondering if the ending was botched, perhaps WWE didn’t tell Layla who was going to win to make sure the reaction was authentic. Remember, it was SUPPOSED to be an upset, why not make sure that Layla’s reaction was like it was an upset.

    As for the new #1 contender, I have always thought Kaitlyn had great potential and I hope she gets her moment to shine. She can feud with Eve and the two can do a lot to legitimize the title like Jazz and Trish did back in the day, only with Kaitlyn as the plucky rookie who improves with every match and Eve as the wily veteran.

  • flash1086

    As usual, anytime Natalya or Beth isnt involve, there has to be an obvious BOTCH. This time once again it was Eve. And she also botched in that match with Layla and Kaitlyn. Eve needs to improve her craft because she is now one of the veterans.

  • melina prez

    The match was intresting in its own little way. I liked most of the eliminations ( Natalya,Alicia, Rosa and aksana (start a fued maybe). but there were awkard parts *cough* the beginning and rosa and askanas elimination *cough* but really good ring work here like the super kick to alicia (AWESOME). I think Kaitlyn botched the closeline and i dont think she was suppoust to win, Eve i think was suppoust to win im pretty sure… just look on Laylas face….laylas a good actor but not THAT amazing.

    Intrested to see where this goes…Eve cost kailtyn the match sets up a three way fued, eve beats kaitlyn in a rematch #1 contenders match, kaitlyn or layla turns heel. Many possibilities!!!

  • TehKardashianKing

    I liked the match this week because it was long… 4:08 seems like a decent length of time for the Divas.

    Rosa was probably thinking, “Está bien, no quiero quedar eliminados primero, como siempre… así que, ¿a quién debo llevar conmigo? Tamina? No. Aha!!!!!! Aksana, ven aquí puta, te vienes conmigo!!!!!!”

    I’m hoping that Layla turns heel at NOC and drops the Divas Title to Kaitlyn.

  • jim462

    What should have happened right before the bell Sara Del rey music plays and she runs down the ramp and destroys them all and throws them all out in 2 minutes then she cuts a very great heel promo saying who she is and that she is taking over the divas division and gonna destroy Layla and take the title. I think Vince who will not let her be Sara Del rey in WWE should call her DEATH REY that would be cool

  • http://www.twitter.com/Diva_Fan_4_Life DivaFan4Life

    I loved the battle royal! We actually got more in ring action rather than just the divas just throwing eachother out in 10 seconds or less. I’m glad we’re getting an advantage from this 3 hour RAW switch :) Can’t wait for the upcoming weeks til NOC and see kaitlyn win the title! :D

  • T@KESH1

    if this leads to a program showing what Kaitlyn has on NXT and not being booked (in-ring) so poorly, then it was a good thing & Eve winning would just be a continuation of WWE mega-pushing the same ppl (Aj & Eve)

  • hado

    I am going to be honest, but this was a hot mess (the battle royal.) As a diva fan and supporter, I was actually shocked to myself, to find me laughing at the match and how it was played out and even asked myself was this even a wrestling match? I saw this at 3pm, ad at 10pm in the night (I am from Australia) I couldn’t stop laughing at how terrible this match was, minus Alicia/Tamina/Nattie (who all three should get pushed and be in the title picture.)

    Rosa & Aksana were terrible, Eve and Kaitlyn seemed off and the other three were the only divas in this match that was worth watching. The ending still seems botched to me (I have watched it about five times) and I think Eve was meant to be the winner of this match, she landed awkwardly like she wasn’t meant to be eliminated, and everyone, including Kaitlyn had a confused, not shocked, but confused face.

    Either way congrats to Kaitlyn, I am starting to like her.

  • Raekon

    I enjoyed the battle royal most of all because it had good spots and enough time to pull a few good moves in it. No Divas were just standing around waiting to get eliminated. Instead everyone got something to do.

    Rosa and Aksanas rolling were hilarious and most of all when Tamina and Alicia all of sudden stopped fighting, watched them like “WTF??” and went out of the way so they can roll out. :p

    The double team moves (suplex to kaitlyn, vertical suplex to alicia that ended to a double dropkick) were great and all the girls worked their spots greatly.

    The ending was a bit controversial since we don’t really know if it was intented to raise the excitement or if it was Eve not being able to backflip after the first clothesline.

    No matter what it was though, it wasn’t a bad spot and it actually added more excitement cause at first one could think that she held herself in so they can keep going at it. Then the second clothesline comes and she gets indeed eliminated.

    Laylas expression was gold since she obviously didn’t wanted to fight Kaitlyn in a match. They are currently friends after all and one could also see it in their tag team match and in the 6 divas tag at the PPV.

    The build up was also great and I love the fact that they involve 3 divas in a title feud (Layla, Kaitlyn and Eve) cause if written properly, it can give us many great things that could finally add some credibility into the title.

    Also very happy that Kaitlyn gets a shot and ends up in a feud.
    Not mainly because I like her a lot but rather because it was about time to bring some fresh air into the division but placing one of the girls that never were into a title feud the chance to be in one.

  • jim462

    What I think probably happened as you know they never tell the divas what they are going to do on RAW till the last minute they told them there was gonna be a #1 conder battle royal and not much else cause all the girls looked at the start after looking at Layla holding up the belt at ringside when they turned arond nobody knew what to do like deer in the headlights they never once got the fans into the match not even on the few good spots in the match like the double team suplexes

  • E-Man

    Eves face got cut in the battle royal, poor thing!

  • fahkyooh

    I hate to say it again… But Eve botched and ruined the ending. Right when the crowd was really getting into it. For two weeks people disagreed with me, this is the THIRD weed and Eve’s 3rd botch. Whoever disagree’s that she’s extremely sloppy and stumbley in the ring by now is just plain delusional!

  • kreece

    damn that super kick was sweet! Alicia could give Ziggler’s sells a run for his money! Hope kaitlyn wins the title and we see her fued with fox/tamina/nattie/eve (the 4 who deserve it IMO)

  • kreece

    ALSO, I wish they would have Naomi compete now *sigh*, I feel asif eve needs to slow down a little, I feel asif she’s trying to rush a few things here and there causing a few botches as of late. (I would of put this as a reply to my other comment but my phone suxxxx)


    I prefer to win Alicia and made a heel turn….but i happy for Kaitlyn =)

  • divafan

    me too i wish alicia won!

  • http://vetaj.blogspot.com NurseBetty

    1. She pinned Beth last week. Though some don’t consider it a match but back in her NXT days she beat Vicki on Smackdown.
    2. Pretty much like most of the divas matches.
    3. Yes she is. Her feud with DOD they compared her to Beth.
    4. Not all Battle Royals features finishers.

  • funtimeseany

    Now onto the match. I liked it. When It started and Rosa and Aksanna were rolling around with everyone looking at them I was like WTF?
    But then I got into it. I loved how Kaitlyn and Eve went after each other to further their storyline and how Tamina and Nattie teamed up against Alicia!
    I was happy with the result and I beliEVE (lol) Eve will play a part in this Kaitlyn/Layla feud!

    I think that WWE should use this match to stat new feuds with people.
    Have Rosa and Aksana feud, Nattie, Tamina and Alicia could start something aswell, maybe on Smackdon, and keep the Divas Championship stuff on RAW!
    I really miss the brand division in WWE. We only get half the storylines and Superstars/Diva’s nowadays because they are featured on both RAW and SD. Oh well.. :/

    I’m loving A.J as GM btw. That girl is just amazing! I don’t know how she isn’t exhausted from all that skipping though!

  • Bobby

    You win! Look for a cake in the mail. If it melts blame Kety.

  • funtimeseany

    It could of been botched, however I think this could work better in the long run by continuing the Kaitlyn/Eve feud. Maybe Eve costs Kaitlyn her match, or like you said Eve gets the match! There are a lot of possibilities!

  • lucky1now

    For some reason I think layla looked shocked and the ref was stunned cause of how eve landed they must have seen what went wrong and something had to go wrong cause she was bleeding

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    I’m going to have to agree with you, they all looked a bit too shocked by Kaitlyn winning the match. I could see it on Layla’s face “She weren’t supposed to win?!”. Something must’ve happened to Eve on the way out that caused her to slip, she looked like she was bleeding not sure if she was tbh. But i’m really curious to see where this will go

  • funtimeseany

    Yeah, Layla’s face was priceless! You could be right. It makes sense. I’m not complaining though. Kaitlyn in the spotlight is something I definitely approve of!

  • Jhonmarco

    LOL calm the hell down. The only two who really need help there are Rosa & Aksana. What exactly did Alicia do that looked awkward? LOL at Beth there. Beth is a sloppy mess, I have no idea why people think she’s as good as Natalya or others.

  • mpezza

    If you’re strictly into work rate, maybe you just shouldn’t watch WWE?

  • Raekon

    Actually all these divas can wrestle Melissa.

    The problem is that almost all of them are using watered down movesets on the main roster or are not allowed to use their actually movesets on the main roster at all (Rosa, partially Aksana).

    If they would lift their restrictions and give them the time to shine all of them could put up decent to awesome matches together.

    No one on this site as far as I know likes these restrictions but if you can’t live with them then you are better off if you are not watching like Mpezza already mentioned. :/

  • lucky1now

    Yea I’m happy with kaitlyn getting this time hopefully a fresh face can jump start the division

  • https://twitter.com/#!/StephMCK2 StephMC

    ^^ Agreed :D

  • https://twitter.com/#!/StephMCK2 StephMC

    For what I heard, K2 and Beth wasn’t even in the arena so they’re NOT done with WWE.

  • BillyGP

    Kelly not done with WWE she just not full time.

  • T@KESH1

    its NOT singles and IIRC Vicki returned the favor…VICKI!
    IIRC all 4 of her non-roll up pin wins (on wwe programming) were: 3 lotus locks & a sit-out side-effect, all the rest were cradles/roll ups. Has anyone else (respective to comparable opportunity) in the past 2 years only gotten 4 finish wins? NO.
    Sure, they “mentioned” a comparison to Beth and Regal goes on about her squat ability, then she gets bealed in/out of the ring by the Bellas, gets waistlock hoisted and fireman carried by Eve, gets spear-hugged by Aj, ground submission counter-lifted by Tamina, etc. rarely gets any lifts herself, rarely gets to execute running power attacks.(when I say rarely I mean remotely equivalent to her build/ability)
    the point was not being able to list a similar, defining spot for her. What she was booked to do in the match clearly summarized how she’s been booked overall.

    If this leads to a program where she actually gets a chance to establish herself properly, great. If not, it’s a hot-shot of the least-deserving, most-potential having-but-booking hamstrung Diva maybe ever…and that’s coming from a fan.

  • T@KESH1

    yeah, that’s whats buggin me. She has the ability to be deserving, unlike alot of those Divas.

  • Raekon

    Just a small correction:
    – Vickie beat Kaitlyn on Smackdown which was the main roster, Kaitlyn only beat Vickie on NXT which was a Webshow.

    So besides jobbing to everyone on the main roster till now and getting only two times to pin someone (Beth) per Rollup in a Tag Team match before she goes back to jobbing, she never got a real chance.

    That’s why I’m happy she finally did cause she definately deserves it.

  • http://Twitter.com/Just_Trevon Flybytre

    honestly what diva not name K2 is over in wwe?

  • Jhonmarco

    Pretty much what Flybytre said. AJ & Kelly are the only over divas currently. If Layla needs to lose the belt, because she’s not over who should get the belt, then?

  • beliEVEr


  • jen07201

    I think Kaitlyn busted Eve open.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    yep that was a Hot Mess something that is not making best of diva’s 2012 dvd LOL wait there will never be one!

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    she did.

  • jen07201

    How did she do it?

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    finger nail slip and got her when she was going for the second closeline!

  • Acrant

    It happened early in the match. You can see Eve reach for the area under her eye.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    it was right above for eye lid.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    it happen at the end of the match Katilyn and Eve was the last two in and she did get her over then she went for the closeline again then her finger nail got Eve.

  • T@KESH1

    ACRANT’s right! It happened earlier.

    you can clearly see Eve favor it to a referee on 2 diff prior occasions. 1st, when Fox saves herself via an elbow from the double-team elimination attempt and 2nd, when Fox attacks Tamina and Natalya as they’re prone on the apron.

    As far as the botched 1st clothesline finish…looks like all the weak booking on Kaitlyn resulted in a moment of unintended weakness! She’s so used to getting blasted and selling well alot more than beasting others. :) same with the gnp she was doing on Eve, she’s really only used to taking it.

  • RJ

    I think eve starts bleeding at 1:36

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    the shocking ending maybe Kaitlyn will turn crazy with AJ both be heels.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    what would be funny if Kaitlyn and AJ fight over Kane LOL! Heels gone wild! if that the case I’ll take AJ!

  • perceval

    While Layla maybe a fraction of an inch shorter than AJ, she’s still bigger at 115 lbs to AJ’s 107. Size isn’t all about height. Stacy Keibler is taller than Chyna, but no one would say she’s physically larger than Chyna.

  • Simply Flawless


  • perceval

    It looked to me like the first clothesline was supposed to end it. Eve didn’t get over the rope, hence the second clothesline.

    It’s not like they haven’t done face vs face, before. Victoria vs Lita at Judgement Day 2004, Trish vs Jacqueline at Vengeance 2001… One of the Trish vs Lita feuds was when they were both faces, from Survivor Series 2001 through Wrestlemania 18.

  • http://vetaj.blogspot.com NurseBetty

    Well pretty much a lot of divas get title shots they don’t deserve. I was hoping for a Eve win or Nattie win, but oh well. Whatever they do to turn Layla heel.

  • http://vetaj.blogspot.com NurseBetty

    I never wanted Layla face.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    I don’t know. I kind of got a layla heel turn with her reaction last night. justt something about her reaction rang ‘heelish’ to me. I could be wrong though

  • beliEVEr

    They’ve done a face vs face title match before, Mickie vs Gail, Michelle vs Maria, Eve vs Natalya, etc. I think Kaitlyn was suppose to win, but I won’t be surprised to see this transition into Eve vs Layla.

  • beliEVEr

    The whole ‘take what you get, and be happy’ doesn’t have to apply to every situation. If some people aren’t pleased with Kaitlyn winning, they’re entitled to have an opinion without being made to seem like they’re just complaining to complain.

  • beliEVEr

    Nope. It was announced during NXT that the winner would only receive a WWE contract (despite, all the NXT Divas except Jamie received eventually anyway, lol)

  • TheGamergirl22

    opps my bad on same comment was trying to correct mistake

  • WWFoverWWE

    1. Eve and Layla each won the Diva Search, so neither qualify as a “reject.”

    2. Wade Barett has already been IC champion, so he’s the first NXT winner to win a championship in WWE.

    3. The Divas title is not a world championship lol

  • VarsityBaseDude

    I agree. Tamina and Natalya are suppose to be enemies, but they decided lets work together cause we think we are heels

  • TibarnEl

    Beth is a good wrestler, but the sun doesn’t shine out of her. I always thought Natalya and to a lesser extent Layla were better wrestlers than her. It’s like a lot of people think she’s immune to botching – she’s not.

  • DAFereldan91

    Were you on crack when you posted this remark? Beth, a sloppy mess? Look at the old matches which Beth was involved in, she had the consistency of working wondrously with the other lesser workers. I believe the reason Beth has been less impressive recently is because she was forced to tone down a lot. I mean, in late 2011 and early 2012, she still wrestled aggressively. Nevertheless, look at her recent matches-just simply lifting and kicking.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    I also got the terri/kat vibe from rosa & aksana….

  • RJ

    Yeah I agree something looked dodgy and everyone was shocked. Kaitlyn’s theme also came in a little late. But Eve had already started bleeding at around 1:36. I think Eve was supposed to win but she slipped. Oh well it’s not the end of the world. I wanted Eve or Kaitlyn to win anyway…

  • hado

    Good to see I wasn’t the only one who thought it was botched, even Kaitlyn looked so shocked, like she knew she wasn’t meant to win, but she is glad she did.

    Layla did look hell of confused, not shocked, but confused.

  • RJ

    Well I’m happy that Kaitlyn won, I really am and I’ve wanted her to get a push for months. She has improved greatly since her NXT days and she does deserve the title. Who knows maybe she’ll be the next Divas Champ? With that being said, I still think Eve was supposed to win. To me it looked like she was supposed to land on the apron but she either slipped, or whacked her already injured face on the way down causing her to let go of the ropes. And yes people are entitled to their own opinion, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re complaining…

  • ballplayer10123

    No, I also loved the Rosa/Aksana catfight. I felt like the spot was kind of like a nod from both Rosa and Aksana saying “We know we are not the best wrestlers so we will do the comedy spot.”

    Both Rosa and Aksana are heavily criticized ( rightfully so at times) by the internet as inept and unaware wrestlers. Both Rosa and Aksana have to know their weaknesses, and that spot seemed like their contribution to the match. IMO it was a brilliant comedy spot by them, and I am glad to see they are not too uptight about their abilities to do a spot like that. That does not mean I dont want to see them improve, I do. I thought it was very cool of them to do a spot like that where they make themselves look like unaware fools. It takes a big person to acknowledge weaknesses. Not a classic, history making spot, but a nice touch to help complete the match.

    BTW I thought the match was solid. Not great, but a decent Battle Royal. Better than any I can remember seeing at any point recently. Overall, a step forward for the Divas. I still believe with increased time, they will gain increased confidence. I look for improving performances and confidence from ALL of the Divas over the coming months. I am a fairly pleased and optimistic Divas fan. I simply want Raw to be strong as a whole, including the Divas with an increased presence.

  • Raekon

    Layla is indeed THAT amazing in her acting. She has showcased such reactions years ago already. :)

    The outcome were supposed to go that way and one can’t botch a clothesline that way cause all you do is connect with the others persons chest which she did.

    Eve got tied up in the rope when she tried to backflip herself out of the ring so she ended up back into the ring again so they repeated the move so she has another chance and it worked.

    For all we know, it could had even been a “work” to make it even more suprising than it actually was. :)

  • Raekon

    Not a contract but a spot on the main roster since all of them already had wwe contracts. ^_^

  • RJ

    Layla’s reaction was priceless whether the ending was botched or not…But I swear Layla and Eve exchanged a glance as if they were saying to each other “Oh crap, that wasn’t supposed to happen.” To be honest I don’t even think the match was supposed to end at that point…

  • Jhonmarco

    Predictible. I don’t praise Beth and it’s “your crazy!” remarks thrown at me. She has little charisma, her ring skills are just average compared to her some of her earlier work, & to be frank bores me with a simple character. She’s a one-trick pony with the dominant character. She is frequently sloppy in her matches and it showes. She even botched last Raw in that tag team match.

    But let me just snort some more of this coke, right.

  • Matty

    I third that – would love to see Layla vs Alicia – she really impressed me on Raw, that superkick from Tamina looked painful!

    On another note, Cameron and Naomi are so good with the little ones in the ring – can’t wait to see them start wrestling, hope it’s not far off.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    when I look at the Match again and again and again I must be high to watch this crap more then once! anyway the issue there to into their selfs to care about there craft because if they did it wouldn’t be botching up the matches all the time. Beth wasn’t in the match so I don’t know why anyone would bring her up anyways but if we are going to talk about Beth she carry these crapfully divas on her back week in and out and people saying they love KK please stop thing with the head down near your waist because she can’t even run the damn ropes right!

    top 10 Indy’s womens wrestlers
    1-Sara Del Rey
    2-Jazz she is still the best prove me wrong!
    3-Mercedes Martinez
    7-Portia Perez
    8-Saraya Knight
    9-Jessicka Havok
    10-Serena Deeb

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    WWE Please Sign Jim up to be the Diva’s Writer we need him now right away!!!!

    Awesome Storyline and Sara can pull that off why not do a outsider thing like have Sara and Melissa and Kana buy tickets and do the whole NWO thing hasn’t been done before with the diva’s and it would light a fire under the divison Hmmmm.

  • T@KESH1

    if it was a botch, it didn’t really ruin the ending as Raekon said. A double-take maintained upset theme if not enhanced it. It is a commonly missed spot with experienced men and its both their fault as Kaitlyn didn’t follow thru, but concerning who’s more to blame…
    -Kaitlyn is sparingly booked to beast anyone (so this was kinda coming)
    -nobody really should need the extra help, a follow-thru just looks bad
    -the men who usually fail to go over the rope aren’t of the agile type, having a moonsault and such in their move-set like Eve does.

    Going on these past three weeks…um yeah, one can absolutely say that EVE NEEDS TO BE CARRIED. She’s not only failing to land “her” spots but missing them entirely. More from her partners would’ve been preventative. Concerning the previous 2 weeks
    1. a tech wrestler wouldn’t have struggled w/ Eve not giving her arm up on Layla’s double armbar pin. Hopefully, she’ll (Layla) learn from it & treat mat work like amateur wrestling (ex. wrist control/2-on-1 instead of just reaching for an assumed docile arm)
    2. instead of moving to the next spot (the shoulder-attack to the body) as Kaitlyn did to cue Eve forgetting to attack her on the apron, she’ll learn from it and begin to slyly communicate in the ring (ex. taunt Eve to come to her to function as a spot-reminder)

  • flash1086

    Except Trish and Jazz are 10 times more talented than Kaitlyn and Eve.