In Video: Eve’s WWE ’13 Entrance and Finisher

Last Saturday, the roster for the upcoming WWE ’13 video game was revealed. Among those announced for the game was Eve Torres, who is featured in two new videos released by THQ. Watch them below:

Eve’s entrance:

Eve’s finisher:

What do you think? Are you going to play WWE ’13 as Eve?

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  • Sitau

    im hoping they make layla in dlc and update her entrance ont he ramp i have every svr game from 2007 lol and i love em all just wish thq would do a thing where u can just save data from one years game then upload the same model into the newer version of the game that way i can have melina in all the svr or wwe games

  • ratedwrestling

    If u go to the site and go to the roster and click on eve, they have a screenshot of eve doing the booty pop standing moonsault. So that is a new animation for te divas #1 :))

  • GailKim95

    Eve doesn’t do any of those moves. She never did the first neckbreaker. She hasn’t done the second move since 09 and that is not the same neckbreaker she uses

    • stephenpwwe

      They really don’t care about updating Diva movesets, took them 5 years just to get in the Glam Slam.

      • jeremycanrana

        wait we haven’t seen the supposedly new glam slam yet! they have lied many times about features in the game that never happened

    • MrForeverMelina

      thats what I’m saying, plus there is a neck breaker that ahold be in game (was in wwe 12) that was perfect for her

    • wwe12divasx

      Actually Eve used that neckbreaker last week on smackdown to beat Kaitlyn

      • Marlon Eric

        It’s a similar neckbreaker WWE12DivasX, but I think what people are saying, is that there’s a neckbreaker that’s more suited for her in the game. Just use that one. It’s spinning neckbreaker pin, or whatever it’s called. She hooks the arm first like a suplex. That’s perfect.

  • TehKardashianKing

    I’m liking Eve’s model this year and I’m gonna be playing as her a lot. I’ve already got plans for her and the rest of the Divas. :3

    I’m not complaining because of the fact that her signatures and finishers are the same… I can just change them in Create-A-Moveset. So, no biggie.

  • ChristianD

    certainly improved character models this year, a little at odds over incoming and finishes are always a little backward that said, I love the divas and I can not wait to play and I hope to play with Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Layla and Natalya.

  • E-Man

    I like the new entrance movie/ minitron effects, I hope they do that for the wii, but im not counting on it :( I do have some big plans concerning the divas in the game when it comes out!
    Eves model does look a bit different, ie, the hair….. ( off topic ) Look at Kelly’s model! love her attire!

  • eyecon

    Is it just me or is Alicia Fox and Layla never in the game at the same time when it comes out. One of them is always a DLC

  • melon2617

    Holy crap…EVE HAS A FINISHER?!

    Either way, the entrance is fab and I might actually play as Eve. In SvR 11 I tended to only play as the Bellas (once I changed their finisher to the Bella Buster), Melina or Beth but this Eve looks pretty awesome.

  • lucky1now

    Cool to see her now I wanna see lita steph and trish

  • CRosario2010

    You can change the move-set in the game so that’s what I’m going to do. Also on the thq/wwe website you can see Eve actually does the booty pop!

  • Jordan

    The bad news is, they didn’t mo-cap a new entrance for Eve with some heel mannerisms, she doesn’t do the somersault splash anymore, and the neckbreaker they give her isn’t what she does; BUT the good news is, Eve does have a new move in her in-game repertoire — the booty-pop moonsault and you can create her actual snap spinning neckbreaker in Create A Finisher.

    I’m not saying my fan feedback mattered at all from WWE 12 but it’s a little funny I put an emphasis for there to be more signature moves to the Divas so they would feel a little more personal and unique in their play style. I specifically noted the booty-pop moonsault and along with some of Kelly’s moves then come to find out yesterday, Cory Ledesma said there is some new moves for Kelly Kelly this year, too.

    • K2KellyKelly

      new moves ? i’m hoping for Stinkface ^-^ i hope she will have a new entrance T_T

      • Choko

        She doesn’t have a new entrance.

        Some K2 fans are trying to make #UpdateK2EntranceInWWE13 to trend as a possibility for her entrance to maybe be DLC.

  • classyclass

    Actually, Eve’s swinging neckbreaker is kind of already in the game, but for some reason they don’t add it as the actual neckbreaker. For WWE ’12 the move is called ‘snap swing neckbreaker’. It also can transition into a pin & it looks exactly the same how eve does it. Hope it helps. Also I think I should tell them about that for next years game. (that & their out of date entrances)

  • JamieKym

    kelly kelly is gonna be my jobber for WWE 13. just kidding.

    • Choko

      She was my jobber until simulating matches apparently made her a heel and then a contender for the title, so I made her a really HBIC heel and won the title with her and feuded her with my face CAW who won the match with the Edgecator with both having submission victories over each other on previous occasions. And later my CAW retired and passed the torch to Kelly who had turned face a little before because of my other CAW.

  • queennattie

    Wrong moves for her but it’s whatever, we can edit them anyway.

    I sure do hope she has her booty pop moonsault but knowing THQ, I doubt it. I mean it took them years to even put in the Glam Slam (if it’s in this year).

    • Jordan

      It’s confirmed through Eve and maybe more importantly, THQ’s Cory Ledesma on Twitter that the booty-pop standing moonsault is in. Though Cory’s been dodging the Glam Slam tweets with “wait until we release her videos” so it seems THQ/ Yukes finally had it mo-capped.

      With all of the newly animated moves for the Divas, I wonder if there’s any sort of “Twin Magic” pulled off in WWE 13 now that the Bellas are finally in matching gear.

    • Storm

      Go to the THQ site and check out Eve’s profile, there is a screenshot there of her doing the “booty-pop”, but it could just be a taunt or an actual move, either way, it’s pretty convincing. And with the Glam Slam, apparently they have captured its updated version, wouldn’t bother me too much though if it hasn’t been updated.

  • light_it_upAJ

    I think they did well. Also, Brodus Clay’s entrance is up. It includes the full introduction and dance w/ The Funkadactyls. It’s not perfect but it still looks awesome to me.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    No I will not be playing as Eve since I will have my own CAW to destroy the division.

  • Marlon Eric

    Her entrance is fixable. I just use parts of Maryse’s entrance to make her a suitable heel and VIOLA..

  • bxradimus

    Wait. Kelly doesn’t know how to bump! They should show that on the games. And make her petrified of running the ropes.

  • sugarrush28

    I just want to say that I love Kelly’s ring gear this year