Who is Wrestling’s Best Mean Girl? Round 1: Maryse vs. Vince’s Devils

At its root, wrestling has always been about good vs evil, bad guys vs good guys — or in our case, bad girls vs good girls.

In a brand new feature at Diva Dirt, we want you to help us pick wrestling’s best mean girl. Now, there is a clear distinction between a mean girl and your regular “heel”. When we say “mean girl” we refer to the women in wrestling who were feisty, vindictive, acid-tongued and bitchy! They may not necessarily be the toughest, or the baddest, but they certainly had tons of personality.

Based on your nominations, we picked the 16 most mentioned women in wrestling to advance to our knock-out bracket tournament. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as you will be asked to vote between some of wrestling’s best mean girls and help us whittle it down from just 16 to one!

- To see the full tournament brackets click here (Note: All pairings drawn at random.)

Round 1: Charlie had his angels, and Vince had his devils. More specifically, he had the devious trio of Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson and Victoria, who regularly ganged up on Divas they felt were beneath them. A woman with similar views of self-worship was Maryse, the French Canadian Diva best known for her snobby attitude and hand flips. So, who wins this round: the clique or the lone wolf?

It’s a tough choice, but the vote is entirely down to you!

Vote below:


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  • jayjayholler

    Maryse, however I loved Vince’s Devils and think they could of gone a lot further!

  • http://www.youtube.com/xDivatoxicV3 MiPiMafia

    obviously maryse will take this round because she’s more popular but in terms of ‘Mean Girl’ that’ll have to go to Vince’s Devils.

    Look at their together, they picked on ashley and were mean to her and their feud went on for 3 months with trish and mickie.

    Maryse was just a bitch to the other divas, their is a differenc between being mean and being a bitch. Maryse never bullied any diva, she was just playing a bitch and being better than everyone.

    • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

      lol Maryse picked on Maria made fun of her small boobs, mazed Mickie in the eyes wih hairspray followed by a classic awesome hair flip haha!! Also Maryse bullied the hell out of Cherry, “you look like Dog”
      And spoke French to Gail Kim I don’t speak francais so translation, “you smell like garbage”

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xXalbertandcandiceXx?feature=mhum candicefan

    Its a hard one but i voted for Vince’s Devils just because Candice was a great heel

    • perceval

      Confronting Ashley…

      Torrie: You could probably even do that little monkey flip thing you do!

      Candice: Yeah, totally! Or maybe you could learn your place, which is to look pretty… and shut… your… mouth!

      Ashley: OK, OK, I understand what’s going on, here… Which one of you two am I gonna face?

      Candice: Ho ho, oh no, silly rabbit… You’re not facing one of us.

      Torrie: You’re facing… HER!

      (Ain’t The Lady To Mess With plays…)

      • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

        classic promo :)

        Ashley, Torrie Candice and Victoria made raw VERY interesting even without the women’s championship or trish

  • redsandman99

    The problem with Vince’s Devils was that for me at least, the wind got taken out of their sails when Trish returned. They never got the best of her really, excluding one post match attack. If they won a match involving her, it was a tag match where they beat Ashley or Mickie.

  • Jhonmarco

    Maryse, no question. Sorry Lisa <3.

    • TheLadySamantha

      Don’t worry sweetheart, she won’t read your comment.

      • Jhonmarco

        LOL and I said she would? Dumbass.

        • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

          @jonmarco Why so mean? :(

        • GlamSlamFan

          @RYAN: They probably wouldn’t have been mean, if a smart-ass reply wasn’t made to their comment.

        • Jhonmarco

          What GlamSlamFan said.

        • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan


  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Maryse for sure. She was one of the few modern Divas with a catchphrase, a gimmick and she worked it.

    “If I weren’t Maryse, I would want to be.”

  • http://www.myspace.com/afemata_blood Sitau

    they need to build up a new diva with a mean girl gimmick cause right now everyones either generic babyface or generic heel only girls with chracter is probably aj and eve

  • lucky1now

    Kinda tough for me vinces devils had it all victoria could bully women candice and torrie just looked better then other women and was able to use numbers to gang up on them
    Maryse was mean snobby she had more personality then the other 3 and she was able to run with her gimmick for years and hold titles vinces devils didn’t last so long
    They did turn on each other at one point which was cool

  • Choko

    Vinces Devils by miles.

    These kids know nothing.


      Although I love Maryse,you’re right…..GO Vinces Devils!!!!!

    • jcarcano12

      OMG that was like 6yrs ago -!-

      • http://www.tpwprowrestling.freeforums.org Juan

        That was 7 years ago… wow does time fly!

      • DIVASKO

        @JCARCANO12:”OMG that was like 6yrs ago -!-” .And??

  • flash1086

    Maryse just represented your typical generic bitch heel that you see these days with Nattie, Eve, Maxine, Alicia Fox, Rosa, etc. Its nothing impressive.

    The Vince Devils, to me, are the reason that the Beautiful People existed. So I pick them.

    • perceval

      Part of what made it work was not only were the Devils all unique and interesting and not generic, but the face trio they were feuding with (Trish, Mickie, Ashley) were equally distinct, colorful, and interesting.

      Plus, Maria was in the mix with the tease for a few week that she was joining the Devils until they turned on her. There was Melina getting in everyone’s business. Then, there was the heel Diva that was SO heelish (Lita) that Vince’s Devils were as hostile to her as the face group was.

      • iLUVValets

        You hit the nail on the head

        • perceval

          I also liked how the face trio wasn’t beyond using heel tactics like double & triple teams. One example was Taboo Tuesday 2005 battle royal where Torrie was out due to a family emergency. The face trio worked as a unit, until only Victoria was left against all three of them. So, she looked like a million bucks in a losing effort for almost beating the odds.

  • perceval

    I went with Torrie, Candice, Victoria, and, of course, Chloe, because, while they didn’t last long as a group, they had a long term impact. They were an obvious direct influence on the two great heel Diva teams that followed: The Beautiful People and LayCool. Their main purpose was to establish the woman who would be THE biggest name in women’s wrestling in the post Trish-Lita era: Mickie James. Mickie is still the biggest name in women’s wrestling, today, so they did their jobs well. Maryse, as great a Mean Girl and a character that she was, didn’t make anyone on the level of Mickie.

    They were distinct characters, all with their own unique looks and personalities, bringing something different to the table, that worked together, perfectly.

    Their formation also marked one of the most shocking heel turns in Diva history. For four years, Torrie had been the ultimate babyface All American Girl Next Door, Kelly Kelly’s role, today (Of course, Kelly’s whole look, persona, & even most of her move set were based on Torrie). She then played the vain Paris Hilton parody (complete with the little dog), perfectly. Chloe was always dressed to match the rest of the group, and had her own profile on WWE’s Divas page. Lawler said, one night, during Torrie’s & Chloe’s entrance, “Puppies! And Divas!” :)

    And, while many foreign objects have been used in matches, how many people regularly used a magic wand?

    The modern version would be if Kelly turned heel and formed a group with Beth and… Hmm, can’t think of any modern Candice, except for Tessmacher, and she’s in the wrong company to do this with.

  • amb3r

    Maryse! She’d never been a face!! Her only equivalent is Madison Rayne, and Maryse is way better looking than her. Maryse FTW! Barring Candice the other girls are cool, but it is M-A-R-Y-S-E the lone wolf we are comparing them to. Sorry Vic and Torrie!

  • http://vetaj.blogspot.com NurseBetty

    A lot of you need to know the difference between being a mean girl and just being a plan old bitch.

    Vince’s Devils got my vote.

  • jcarcano12


  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Haha Vince’s Devils were hotter and well Torrie and Tara were mean to Ashley, but Candice loved us male fans!! Honestly I didn’t know they were dubbed ladies in pink it vinny’s devils until years later… I just knew them as Torrie Candice Victoria vs Ashley and Trish!

    Maryse was hot and all and digged her strutting around!!! But then it eventually came down to wrestling and that’s where she would loose me
    Sexiest women in WWE for sure!!

  • mpezza

    Vince’s Devils.. they were one of the main reasons I got into wrestling.

  • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

    Maryse because, not to be mean, but when I look at her I just think BITCH and I loved her as that!!!!

    P.S. I am not saying she is one but she played one amazingly!!!!

  • MattyM

    Vince’s Devils = staple in my childhood

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Vince’s Devils. I think it is important that they had The Man Vince behind them. They had the stroke to do what they wanted when they wanted.

    And one thing against maryse is many of her putdowns were in French which hurt the effect, JMO

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    Maryse. She was a snot. And she was like really mean. Vince’s Devils didnt really leave a mark or having anything very memorable. Maryse did.

  • Kessuki

    i vote Vince’s Devils. they were the best of laycool and the beautiful people combined.

  • Bhentoooot

    Maryse. even if she’s in the match. she’s still in her character and humiliating her opponents by taunts. although i love vince devils, i barely remember any mean stuff they did.

  • Piledriver’ Tavios

    Maryse, all the way. Love her!

  • LaylaElFan

    I like both of them,Vince’s Devils werent really for me even though they were meann,but should of lasted longer,and Maryse she was just plain mean and i like how her character was being a bitch!!! That’s what i love about her .

  • queennattie

    Maryse is more popular but let’s be real, Vince’s Devils were real mean girls. I thought they were amazing and I wish they had been together longer.