Impact Write-Up (August 23rd, 2012): It’s Teacher vs. Student as Tara Faces Tessmacher on Open Fight Night

It’s another Friday, which means another thrilling edition of the Impact Write-Up comes your way. This week brought forth our monthly Open Fight Night, where anyone can call out anyone, and Gut Check challenges galore take place. This week, Brooke Tessmacher, our reigning and defending Knockouts Champion, calls out her mentor, Tara, in what is something I’ve been dying to see ever since Brooke became Knockouts Champion (the first time). Let’s find out who emerges with a victory!

The upbeat rock anthem of Brooke Tessmacher hits and out comes our Knockouts Champion. After a replay of last week, we hit the ring with Tessmacher, who thanks Brooke Hogan for righting the wrong that was Madison’s four day title reign. She claims tonight is personal though, not about titles. Every day, she asks herself if she can beat the one person that has been her teacher and best friend through everything in her wrestling career at TNA… Tara! Out comes the Widows Peak Freak looking great, as Brooke embraces her with applause. Once Tara enters the ring, out walks our special referee for the female matches, Taryn Terrell from the back!

Taryn steps inside the squared circle, as the bell sounds and we get underway. Tara and Brooke lock up, as Brooke scores with an armdrag early on. Another lock up, but this time it’s Tara who connects with the armdrags. Brooke goes for one of her own, but there’s a little miscommunication and they recover so well by taking a moment to gather themselves. Tara with a headlock, as Tessmacher fights out. The veteran hits a shoulder tackle and runs off the ropes. Brooke with a leapfrog and a hip toss, as Tara trips her up and hits a hip toss or two of her own! She rounds it off with a huge front powerslam for a two count, before backing Brooke into the corner. Taryn Terrell breaks it up, as Brooke scores with a few shots! Tara ultimately overpowers her and gives us a fun psycho facial expression!

Tessmacher mounts a comeback with a few clotheslines and a dropkick. She attempts to strike Tara, but holds off, remembering who this is. (Love it). Brooke with a few head shots to the abdomen and then the facebuster! She heads up to the top rope, as Tara sneaks a peak while Brooke’s back is turned… uh oh. Once Brooke hits the top rope, Tara sprouts up and heads up with her! She connects with a huge superplex and rolls over into the cover for the victory! After the showing, Tara and Tessmacher embrace in a hug, but will this be the final time we see them against each other? I certainly hope not.

Thoughts: I thought the match between Brooke and Tara was really enjoyable, especially with the facial expressions and little things added in like Brooke stopping herself from going crazy on Tara in the corner and Tara not breaking by the count of five. It was weird seeing Tara not win using one of her signature moves, but I kind of like it because it keeps some of the freshness alive for a possible rematch down the road. For weeks I’ve been saying how I want to see Brooke and Tara feud, and it looks like that might be happening! I’ve also begged to see Brooke be given time on the mic, which did happen! I don’t need 5 segments of Knockouts to make for a good night, and this one match did everything I had been wanting to see so I can’t fault anything. I love that a potential feud between TNT is being built up and not just determined by a contenders match, and it makes perfect sense because the Open Fight Night concept has to do with people being able to call out anyone from the back. Brooke’s reasoning behind choosing Tara was clear and easy to follow, mixed in with commentary plugging how Tara should’ve actually been the one challenging Brooke at Hardcore Justice in the first place, and overall I have no faults about this segment. It captured everything I’ve been clamoring for over the past few weeks and did so in a stellar way!

The only thing I’ll say that I didn’t like about tonight is not to do with anything in the match, but rather lack of continuity with Madison Rayne. I don’t mind her being given a week off, and it’s easy to just have her come back next week and say that she needed to regroup after losing the title to gather her thoughts, but I do hope to see her back next week in a backstage segment or something explaining the absence. I still think she and Gail should go for the Tag Titles, but then you have to look at it as “who is there to challenge them if they win?” Sarita’s gone for two months, so unless TNA wants to pair up Mickie James and Taeler Hendrix I can’t think of any other Knockouts that are even employed besides Rosita, but she’s heel so it wouldn’t really work unless they turned her. But to sum this up, enjoyable night from Impact Wrestling, with a lot of possibilities for the future which is nothing but exciting to me! Still hope to see Taeler, Rosita, and Mickie back soon but I’m definitely liking the potential feud brewing between teacher and student. Keep this going!

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  • Queen Bee

    Good Match. I enjoyed that wee Psycho Expression on Tara’s face.

  • Isobel

    Trash the Tag Titles. They’re as useless as the Divas Title.

    Go Tara! Hope she gets one more run with the title before retiring.

    • Isobel

      Sorry for the double post.

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      I didn’t think it was a great match. The first half not good at all. They picked it up towards the end though.

  • Isobel

    Trash the Tag Titles. They’re as useless as the Divas Title.

    Go Tara! Hope she gets another run with the title.

  • TheFallenAngela

    I love the ending how Tara is just standing there shrugging…this was certainly one of the best matches yet

  • jayjayholler

    Hoooorar a new attire for Tara! I’ll watch the match later, currently in bed watching The Hotel Inspector!

    • beliEVEr

      Now if only Brooke could get some new attire, or at least bring back some of her old ones and switch it up a bit :|

      • jayjayholler

        Yeah it’s well over due isn’t it.

  • ricky_says_hi

    wow Tess was so heel in this match. she sucker punched Tara when they were in the corner, she mocked her moonsault taunt and she certainly looked very grumpy when the match was over. i loved it. it’d be great to see the first title match as face vs face and then have Tess cheat to win maybe to start a heel turn

    • beliEVEr

      Ugh. I’d love to see a heel Tess.

  • Raekon

    Was a good match. A few spots weren’t clean but it can happen.
    Great ending and good showcasing of character too. :)

  • VelvetLoveFan

    It’s was awesome because of TARA! she actually wrestled without jobbing so that was cool.

    The match was pretty good, 7/10

    And I liked the Brooke heel expressions towards Tara I thought she was turning heel right there haha!

  • WWFoverWWE


    Anyway good match and outcome. Tara is looking great for age.

  • rodneyclint

    All I could notice was Tara’s banging bod. She’s keepin up with the younger crop. If TNA were smart they’d give her another run as a heel…a psychotic heel. I think a feud between her and Brooke would be fresh and really intriguing.

    • art

      That’s all i was looking at is tara’s body lol…..

  • GailKim95

    Love me some TNT!!!! Next week Tara should be announced as #1 contender and there should be a backstage segment where Madison and Tess are fighting in the back and are broken up by Gail and Tara, setting up a tag match for later that night. During the match Gail and Madison win by pinning Tess through shady tactics. Tara raises Tess’s hand after but Tess rips it out of Tara’s hand and walks out. Next week Tess calls out Tara. Tess apologizes for last week and they hug. Tara turns to leave but Tess jumps her from behind then Tess says that this Sunday she will prove that she is better than Tara

    • xJonFer12494x

      In other words.. pull a Michelle McCool? lol. It’s a used concept, but all the same oh so effect, I think it would be a great set up for a feud at the next pay per view.

  • beliEVEr

    It was pretty cool to see a Teacher vs Student match and as much as I love Brooke, really I love both of them honestly, I’m glad that Tara got the win. It’d be really nice to see these two feud especially seeing as how the commentators kept putting over Tara pinning Brooke.

    Someone brought up a possible heel turn for Brooke which I would love. Maybe Brooke could get so frustrated with not being able to pin Tara that she would start cheating to win? Kinda doubt it though as they seem to want Brooke to be their likable, underdog Champ, but it would be nice to see her as a heel, she has been a face for awhile.

  • i want divas

    YES! where is mickie i’ve always love mickie she in my opinion is like a REAL PROFESSIONAL lols mickie, K2,tara,brooke,velvet, and even Taylor wilde will always be my fav. televised female competitors o! and naomi i love her

  • art

    Tara is looking better than ever i couldn’t stop staring at her body lol…a really decent match & it was fresh that tara won with superplex…..

    • Aksana

      I know right, a very good looking woman for her age. I can only wish I look like that at her age. xD.

      • art

        She is beautiful….im a guy & i want to have a body like that at her age lol…

  • kreece

    It’d be cool to see Brooke offer a rematch and win, letting it get to her head that she’s the better of the two, then after another rematch we see tess flip and attack Taryn after the match because of a loss. we then have tess and taeler in a tag match with Brooke doing all the work, and for her to attack taeler after the match saying she can do it on her own etc. and just week after week show Brooke as this uptight bitch who thinks she is the bet knockout ever, with Tara interrupting her and have the 2 square off at a major event, could even throw Gail and ODB into the mix seeming as they’re the KO vets and have one of them come out on top

  • Crazy_J

    Love Tara, and I am in love with this attire. LOVE IT.

  • DivaFan4Life

    I loved the match! Loved that Tara is known as a mentor and a vetran of the business rather than making her seem like a jobber as wwe did.Loved that she was using a few heel tactics! I would love to see this go both ways! Seeing Tara be a heel again would be great but then again id love to see Brooke turn heel as a “Student turns on teacher” kind of storyline! Id love to see the belt around tara again :) Great match and night for the knockouts!

    • xJonFer12494x

      My thoughts exactly :]

  • jdswain1

    I was thinking last night we should do a own impact wrestling TV show we start of a own storyline and when someone leave a comment they add to the show for this week and when it is the next impact write up it is a new show so if you want to help please do after I put to be continue by the next person thanks.

  • jdswain1

    Brooke Hogan comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone the fans are giving her heat she tells them to shut up and to show her some respect she is a Hogan and says when I first came to impact wrestling you did not give me a chance you all started to boo me and I am sick of it the crowd start you suck chants the spotlight should be on me and me only not on Tessmacher I know I am more sexier than her and a better knockout than her and that is why tonight at the end of the show I will ask Tess sucks to come down to the ring and laydown so I can become for the first time in my life a champion and blows a kiss to the crowd and walks to the back. to be continue by the next person

    • Jillfan1

      That will be the downhill the the KO’S more than it already is no for storyline purposes, on paper it still sucks

  • RyRy21

    nice lil match glad tara won only problem i see with turning either one heel(mickie to) is who are the top heels? madi & gail won have feuded with mickie then tara then brooke so it would be odd seeing any of the faces teaming wth madi & gail esp for brooke since it took her how long to beat gail won the rematch loss to madi now i cant beat tara so let me go team with those 2? lol

  • Ryan

    I posted on YouTube about…Tara’s hot bod and banging ass… Got so many replies about how I’m not getting any… It’s true but damn Tara!!

    Older Tara dominates young Brooke without a sweat, Brooke looked disappointed and Tara was like oh well

  • melina prez

    Good match but the beginning minuet was awful…but besuides that good match! and tara feud is gonna happen!!! im excited

  • xJonFer12494x

    *Cry’s small tears of joy and happiness* :’) Is it true?? Is TNA FINALLY…going to pull the plug and let Lisa bring back out her psycho character?! :’D I might die from the excitement! Tara/Victoria as face=awesome, Tara/Victoria as Psycho bitch? = Epic :] Please TNA make my year.

  • WWEDivasO

    How Do You Change Your Profile Pic As A WWE Diva?