Report & Pictures from WWE in Sydney, Australia: Rosa Mendes vs Layla for Divas Title

Diva Dirt reader Matthew sends this report from Friday’s WWE live event in Sydney, Australia, as well as a report from an autograph signing featuring Rosa Mendes.

Matthew reporting…

Hey! Just wanted to write to you guys to share my experience on meeting Rosa Mendes and attending an house show on Friday night in Sydney, Australia.

Anyhow, so basically I was able to meet Rosa Mendes & Zack Ryder (though I will keep this diva wise.) They arrived quite late, about an hour or so late, the signing was meant to start at 2:30pm though didn’t commence until shortly after 3:20pm. Anyhow, they came out of this door, and first out was Rosa with a massive crowd reaction, she seemed pleased to be there, and so did Zack, who was shortly behind her, also had a good crowd reaction. They walk out, and onto the the stage, to sign autographs, but before they do Zack apologizes that they are late and that their plane was delayed to over 1 hour. Rosa then gets the microphone and asks does anyone know how to salsa dance? And then starts dancing.

After a while, I finally get up to meet them, even though Zack was there, I really only wanted to meet Rosa Mendes to be honest. Beth Phoenix was meant to be at this autograph signing until she was pulled from the tour after her personal life. As soon as I got up there I said a massive hello to Rosa, who then said another massive hello back. They were kind of rushed, but I took my time, I got my picture taken with both, and then Rosa said to me “I’ll sign this for you” to which I said “Aw, thanks” and she again replied “No worries, no need to say thank you.” I then said to both “I will tweet you guys the picture” to which they both laughed, yay I made Rosa & Zack laugh! :D Rosa then replied “Don’t worry I will re-tweet the picture for you.” And I was like “Oh well you are following me, so I do hope you see it.” After I told her that she looked a little shocked but then replied with “Then I will most defiantly see it and re-tweet it for you.” To which Zack said “Sure, sure” in a joking matter, to which Rosa said “Don’t listen to him, I will.”

Then it was time for my dad to get his picture taken, so I was still on stage waiting, to which afterwards Rosa waved a good bye and a kiss towards me.


So we finally arrive to the Allphones Arena in Sydney for some Raw action. Like before, will try and keep this diva wise, but once we arrived, I just had to take an awesome shoot of where our seats were.

1) Brodus Clay w/ Naomi def. Jack Swagger – Yeah, there was no Cameron Lynn in sight at all, which I thought maybe she didn’t come to the tour, but then I saw the pictures on WWE.Com for the event the night before in Brisbane, she was there with Brodus and Naomi, so maybe she has got pulled of the tour or maybe even released. Either way boring match, with a few fans chanting to Brodus “You can’t wrestle” the match only mainly consisted of them dancing. The same fans who were chanting to Brodus were also chanting to Naomi “DUI & Bribe The Police” before I quickly informed them that they were yelling out to the wrong girl, as it was Cameron who got arrested and Naomi was actually out ringside, to which that quickly shut up for the rest of the match.

2) WWE Diva’s Champion Layla def. Rosa Mendes – Wow. Even though I love the divas, and love Rosa, this match was quite bad to be honest. I do know that Layla and Rosa can wrestle, but it seemed like they had loads of limitations placed on them tonight. After a few comedy spots, one was really funny in particular where Rosa kept running the ropes even though she didn’t have to, and after some dancing, yes again, dancing, some wrestling was involved. Rosa actually got massive heat in this match, and there were massive “Layla” chants going on that lasted for about 30 seconds. Though with that being said there was also a loud “Boring” chant happening in the process, as Rosa kept the same move on for about 2 minutes, which killed the crowd. Layla also botched her springboard crossbody as she slipped. Anyhow, after about 6 minutes of action, Layla put Rosa away with the Chick Kick to retain the Diva’s Championship.

5) Epico & Primo w/ Rosa Mendes def. Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth w/ Little Jimmy – This was a really awesome match, and saw loads of wrestling and loads of action, and even Rosa got involved. At the end of the match, Epico hit a painful botched Backstabber onto Kofi (I believe it was) and as the ref went for the three count, Kofi put his leg on the rope, though Rosa knocked it off, giving Epico & Primo the win and the Tag Team titles.

As they celebrated, general manger AJ Lee came out and reversed the decision.

6) Kofi Kingston & R-Truth def. Epico & Primo w/ Rosa Mendes – As soon as AJ said that, the match quickly started and quickly ended with both Kofi and Truth hitting their finishing moves and retaining the championships.

That was all for the divas wise of the show, even though I do believe Rosa/Layla has been the worst divas match I have seen live (I have been to seven house shows) it wasn’t bad for what it was, and I loved that Rosa was also used a lot in tonight’s show.

After the show had finished, I got a program guide, which all has Eve Torres (man I wish she came), Layla, AJ Lee, Naomi & Cameron Lynn on the cover. Also with that being said, I looked inside and the hottest and the best profile goes to Alicia Fox (who I also wish she came.)

Check out some pictures below:

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  • silverink-25

    I am happy for Rosa, finally something to do, and I’m assuming this was probably one of the first times Layla and Rosa ever had a match together, so maybe they’re still just getting used to each others style. So ready for tonight though!!! And I kinda want to see what Brodus and Naomi will look like coming out together. Was the choreography re-worked or something?

    • OJ Von Erich

      Actually Layla and Rosa had a brief rivalry back in her Laycool/Smackdown days… Jump rope Rosa LOL!!! =D

      • art

        Layla & rosa have wrestled each other like 3 times,two in singles matches & one tag team…..

        • silverink-25

          Oh yeah, I remember those matches now. I was happy to see Rosa on TV again, but they haven’t wrestled each other in like a year, so my comment still makes sense, they’re getting used to each other again.

  • MendesLover

    Rosa finally has her first singles match this year, i just wish they would give her a chance like win atleast 1 match but i doubt it. I really love rosa dont get me wrong but WWE are releasing all these divas who have can wrestle and compete in matches and rosa has been there years and she just been there and rarely in matches, i think she can wrestle but WWE dont really give her a chance to use what she can do

    • Raekon

      I thought she had a few more in other houseshows? O_o

      • art

        ^ yeah rosa wrestled kelly before she had her break…..

  • bromero329

    I feel like wwe can do a lot with rosa. Especially with her being a spicy latina who is a heel manager. Make her into a mix of melina and maryse ? Train her and she can be a decent diva.

  • kreece

    Congrats to Rosa on her match even if it was a little sloppy as you said. She seemed decent back in fcw and I bet because she hasn’t wrestled for a while she’s become a little stale. I’d keep using her at house shows just so she gains more confidence. Didn’t she mention that she would love a title shot? It’d be cool if she did probably with the help from her boys, it would be like the Kat winning it or Stephanie.

    • Kaledrina

      ‘Didn’t she mention that she would love a title shot?’

      yeah! i think it was only last week or so.. it’s quite funny how she said she wanted one and then she got one LOL

      • kreece

        haha the woman gets what she wants!

  • SnapDDT

    I’d love to read more of these reports!

  • lucky1now

    Wow rosa got a title shot that had to be cool for her I hope she gets a chance on television she got heat which is always good

  • madslam2009

    I think Rosa is the hottest diva in WWE (aside from AJ), but I used to be very critical of Rosa’s in-ring work, but she began to improve. I am very curious to see how she is doing now. Although I trust the user’s recollection, I would like to see it for myself

  • Raekon

    Happy to hear they got good reactions, unhappy about the limitations again..
    I really don’t understand why they never let Rosa use her actual moveset she were using in FCW and partially in houseshows aswell.

    She has proven that she can be decent in the ring and put up good matches, yet they only let her pull like two moves and a submission before she gets pinned everytime. -_-

    Layla really needs to let this move go, it always looks akward to me when every diva stays around waiting for her to do all the little jumps she does before she can do the crossbody. :/

    • redsandman99

      I partially agree with your last point. I think she should just jump to the second rope and go back for the crossbody. That way it doesn’t seem like her opponents are just waiting for her to do the move.

      • rodneyclint

        I think it’s all about how she sets it up. It needs to be after a pretty big move so the opponent is groggy and not just sitting there looking crazy.

        • madslam2009

          I think Layla hould jump to the second rope and then adjacent to the second one before doing it. It looks more “lucha” and if she precedes it by running from the opposite turnbuckle, it also catches them off guard.

  • mr_socko

    matthew’s hot

  • Marlon Eric

    I don’t know who have the biggest booties in those photos: Naomi, Layla or Primo.

    • kreece

      Ha it’s a draw all 3 are packing

      • art


    • Raekon

      Brodus Clay. :p

  • Queen Bee

    Rosa’s heel turn 10393938398495. but I guess its because Beth was pulled from the tour

  • JJ

    Rosa in a bad match?! Colour me surprised! :P

    I for one am glad she hardly has any matches on TV. Her wrestling is:
    Extremely bad.
    Impressively abysmal.
    Jolly well s***.
    Lawfully unpleasant.
    Obviously terrible.
    Practically torture.
    “Queen of Hideous”.
    Really dire.
    So awful I want to be blind.
    Terrifically not good.
    Victoriously the worst.
    Xylophones wrestle better than her.
    Zero stars for every match.


      Tell me how you really feel. o.o

      • art

        Over dramatic much???…i don’t think the match was bad on rosas part just that it had just comedy & dancing then alittle bit of wrestling…
        the only bad thing was rosa’s chin lock that went for 2 minutes…..

        • JJ

          In reality, not really. She genuinely is THAT bad.
          She doesn’t really bother me though; I know when Rosa is in the ring it’s gonna be hilariously awful. I don’t expect anything else from her. It’s funny because I really liked her in OVW and thought she had loads of potential but she’s been an absolute bust on TV.

          I just wanted a more fun way of saying she’s the drizzling s***s than just outright saying it.

        • art

          Shes not that bad but thats your opinion……

        • JJ

          Yes she is, but that’s YOUR opinion :P

        • Raekon

          As ART already pointed out she isn’t as bad and has put up good matches in houseshows and down in FCW.

          The one that botched in that match was Layla with her crossbody and that’s it.

          On the main roster they only used her as a jobber that is not allowed to do more than like 3 moves out of the like 20+ she already has in her moveset and has used partially in houseshows and often in FCW.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Rosa could make non-wrestlers look like pros.

  • bxradimus

    Rosa can wrestle? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What?

  • aldo

    Rosa may not be the best wrestler, but she is really entertaining and I’m happy that at least WWE is using her a lot in the house shows. Good for her! :D

  • art

    rosa is probably the diva that gets the most shit from people who excuse divas like kelly,aksana,alicia,eve & kaitlyn when they make mistakes or injury divas (Hint alicia fox)….
    i’ve seen her fcw matches & shes alot better than what she does,shes made primo & epico champs which they might not have gotten without her…..

  • redsandman99

    Rosa’s matches in FCW were better than what she’s done on the main roster but I don’t think she’s that good. In my opinion, she, Aksana and Kelly are the weakest in the division in terms of wrestling.

  • Art of Wrestling

    I live in Australia, and i was about to go see that tour! damn now i wish i would have went, i guess they brought rosa instead another diva so they can use her as a manager and wrestler, but i really don’t get how on house shows rosa & Primo & epico are used as heels but on TV they are used as faces i bet this confuses alot of people going into the house shows.

    • art

      I’m aussie too & wish i went since i didn’t think layla was coming now im like fuuuuuuuuuuuuck….

    • Raekon

      They made tweeners out of them and they used them more heelish on the last thursdays superstars when they fought against the usos that were faces.

      Rosa also helped them win against the usos in a good match so if you didnt watched the match you should cause she looks great in her all sparkling black top and pants together with the golden long boots.

  • Satisfaction

    I went to the meet and greet with Santino and Layla and got a picture with both of them. Santino was quieter than I had expected but Layla was amazing. I wore a bedazzled “Team Laycool” shirt I had made before and when she saw it she was like “Oooh Team Laycool, flawwwlesss, I love it! Did you make that yourself?” Much more stunning in person!

  • AshleyLUVSCena

    lol they did the same thing with the tag tittles when they came to Tucson ziggler and swagger won because Vickie did what Rosa did i wonder if they do that alot

  • AshleyLUVSCena

    lol they did the same thing with the tag tittles when they came to Tucson ziggler and swagger won because Vickie did what Rosa did