Stars Earn Stripes Finale Recap: Eve Escapes Chopping Block to Win Grand Prize

Believe it or not, after just four episodes the two-hour season finale of Stars Earn Stripes aired Monday night on NBC; and you better beliEve that WWE Diva Eve Torres came out on top to win the $100,000 grand prize for the USO.

But she almost didn’t make it to the final two missions.

At the top of the show the final five contestants – Eve, Picabo Street, Dean Cain, Todd Palin, and Nick Lachey – were all forced to compete in an elimination shootout, the winner of which would get to choose his or her teammate in the penultimate mission. The loser, of course, would be eliminated.

Cain wound up winning the shootout, and after Street and Palin cleared their targets it came down to Eve and Lachey. Lachey certainly seemed at a disadvantage: not only was he battling against arguably the best shooter in the competition, but he was already worn out from having just competed in an elimination shootout which had aired at the end of the previous episode.

However, as fate would have it, Eve’s rifle jammed with two of four targets left.

This was the most frazzled – and not to mention the furthest behind – Eve had been throughout the entire season. She lost her cool trying to unjam her weapon, and with only one target remaining for Lachey it looked like Eve would become an unlucky cut.

But, thanks mostly to Lachey’s poor aim, Eve was able to clear the jammed bullet from her rifle and take out her final two targets in two shots and move on in the competition, thus eliminating Lachey. Thank goodness too, because as amazing a shot as she’s been it would have been unbelievably cruel irony for her to go out because of a jammed rifle.

The second to last mission was titled “Operation Lifelock,” and required the celebrities and operatives to infiltrate an enemy city, steal a hard drive, and destroy the enemy command center before escaping. As the winner of the elimination shootout, Cain chose Eve and Grady Powell to be his and Chris Kyle’s partners for the mission. They were, once again, a winning combination as they finished with a time of 9:43. However, it was an extremely tight race; Street/Brent Gleeson and Palin/JW Cortes finished only two seconds slower at 9:45.

Nevertheless, Street and Palin were forced to compete in an elimination shootout. Palin, like Eve, is pretty handy with a weapon; but on that day Street was more accurate, and Palin and Cortes were sent home.

The final mission, “Harbor Demolition,” required the final three contestants to compete alone with only their operatives. To complete the mission the celebrity and their operative would have to repel out of a helicopter into a moving zodiac, scale up a cargo onto a ship, take out 17 total targets on the ship, zip line off the ship into a cargo hold, drive a truck out of the cargo hold and destroy an ammo depot.

Cain and Kyle were up first. They completed the mission with a time of 6:46 after Cain had some trouble taking out a few of the targets.

Eve and Powell competed second. Eve expressed some concern over the fact that she’s not a fan of water, especially the ocean, and she was afraid of falling off the cargo net into the drink. She may not have scaled the net as quickly as Cain or Street, but once again she made up for any lost time with her extremely accurate shooting – and no gun jams. She and Powell completed the mission in 5:10, thus eliminating Cain and Kyle.

Up last were Street and Gleeson. Right from the start of the season Street looked like top competition for Eve, and she proved to be just that in the final mission. She had a sloppy start repelling out of the helicopter, but she scaled the cargo net the best of the final three, and her shooting was not bad at all.

But, as expected, Eve’s shooting was just a little better. Street and Gleeson finished with a time of 5:37, just 27 seconds behind Eve and Powell.

As the first Stars Earn Stripes champion, Eve won a total of $150,000 for her charity as well as a brand new Ford F150 each for herself and Powell. Oh yeah, and she also proved to everyone that she’s a complete and total bad ass.

Eve came out with a flawless record; she finished every single mission with the fastest time. Knowing that it’s hard to believe she ever doubted herself. After completing the final mission, Eve noted that it wasn’t until the fifth mission that she finally started to give herself credit for how awesome she is. She certainly fooled me, what with her overflowing confidence and killer shooting skill and all.

Well, Eve, allow me to remind you in case you forget: you’re a bad ass, and you owe no one any credit except yourself. Well, maybe Powell can have some credit, too, but it mostly goes to you.

Hopefully someone else (coughVinceMcMahoncough) will start giving you some more credit too.

Watch the full episode by clicking here.

  • kreece

    Aha eve is the best! Such a great all round diva congratulations to her

  • lucky1now

    I’m so proud of eve she held the top the whole time every episode show cased her cause of her winning
    She’s the only wrestler to win the show she’s a part of and she most def is a bad ass
    Now I’m hoping she gets her shine in wwe and bring the divas up

  • ajfan83

    It’s cool that she won, but I don’t see this having any effect on her WWE career, or any possible career outside of wrestling. It only lasted four episodes and got practically zero media coverage. And then it was only people making fun of the fact that Sara Palin’s husband was one of the contestant. This didn’t get Eve any real fame or notoriety, and I bet that was by design from WWE. Look at all the issues they are having with Kelly because she wants a career outside of wrestling. Or all the past divas that got some notoriety and then left for other things. I’m actually surprised they let Eve do this show, tbh.

    • Jake

      All the Divas that participated in reality shows while under contract was let go on WWE’s terms, even Stacy. =/

      The show might of not given Eve A-list status but the show wasn’t meant for that. She was there to raise money for a charity.

    • lucky1now

      She’s in the record books its a show that aired she won and she won a lot of money for charity her name is most def out there now

      • ajfan83

        How is her name “out there”? The show starred mostly D-list has beens or never weres. It got no mention by the media. Really, any diva that has went this route has usually been a failure. Stacy Keibler was relevant for a few months when she did Dancing with the Stars, but that cooled off really quick. And that’s the biggest success story of the bunch. This is closer to that cop show Trish did right after she left.

        But if Eve doesn’t want to leave WWE, then it’s just as well this show didn’t get her much attention.

  • Bhentoooot

    Great for her! a great definition of Smart, Sexy and Powerful.

  • Isobel

    Congrats to the USO and to Eve + Grady. Love her. Loved the show.

  • art

    Congrats to eve..the show sounds awesome to be apart of….

  • swax1

    I would like to congratulate that BORING UNINTERESTING WWE Diva Search reject Eve on winning the Stars Earn Stripes Championship.normally, i would call any Diva Search reject TALENTLESS because they are a bunch of good for nothings BUT Eve showed me that she is NOW good for something and that is being a master of weaponry and i give her nothing but respect now.this discovery should be Eve’s calling to FINALLY get the fuck out of professional wrestling in which she TOTALLY sucks at and capitalize on her new found talent and find work where she would be able to utilize her sharpshooting skills in.maybe Eve could join S.W.A.T. and become a world class, wouldn’t THAT be cool B-)