NXT Watch (September 6th, 2012): The Anti Diva Collides with the Cowgirl, But Who Emerges Victorious?

Hola there, and welcome to this week’s NXT Watch extravaganza! We were off last week, as the females took a show off to make way for the crowning of the inaugural NXT Champion in Seth Rollins, but they are back in full force tonight as the final Divas rivalry of FCW before it turned into NXT returns for one night only! Two of my personal favorites of the NXT women’s division, Audrey Marie and Paige, square off in what’s sure to be a… somewhat scary situation for Audrey, because after seeing the aggression Paige has brought in the past against her, I’d be running for the hills. Of course, Audrey is a tough gal from Texas who I wish would turn heel, but for now, enjoys attempting to take down the fan favorite Anti Diva. Let’s see how things turn out, shall we?

We head to the ring with Audrey Marie’s newer western music that kind of sounds like its promoting an adult movie, but I still like it more than her other theme so thumbs up! She steps out from the back and climbs inside the ring to some nice Audrey cat calls, but any sort of celebration for Audrey is quickly overtaken by that rock anthem that belongs to our British Anti Diva, Paige! The enchanted raven haired lady makes her way out from the back as the bell sounds and a “Paige” chant breaks out. Audrey with a headlock early on, with Paige trying to fight out and finally succeeding… for a brief moment before Audrey reverts back to the hold. She flips it into a takeover, but the Anti-Diva counters into a short roll up. Finally Paige turns the hold into a top wrist lock and takes Marie down, before stepping on her hair against the referee’s wishes.

Audrey, who must hate her hair being tugged at, takes Paige down like a bull preparing to be lasso’d up, and then topples her as the two roll around the ring in some sort of violent catfight that ends with Audrey on top. From there, Marie applies a leglock and rolls it around to get the Anti Diva a little Dizzy, but it only garners a two count. She looks to capitalize on this, but before she can, Paige completely obliterates her with a monster shot to the face that may have just sent Audrey back to Texas. Paige picks Audrey up and continues the assault with a nasty clothesline, then proceeding to pick her up, let out her trademarked screech, and then drop Audrey with her finisher, the RamPaige! She hooks the leg and gets the three count, as Audrey Marie looks to fight another day.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this match. The only problem I had is that I don’t think it was very memorable outside of it being the first time we get to see Paige’s finisher on TV. Both Paige and Audrey performed really well together, and I loved the way Audrey took Paige’s shot in the corner. It looked absolutely brutal, and I truthfully still stand by that I don’t feel she gets near the credit she deserves amongst the ladies on the roster, but the match did feel a little short this week. I’m not complaining because it wasn’t like forty seconds or anything, but hmm. Sometimes two minute singles matches for the Divas don’t bother me because they don’t feel short watching them, but maybe I’ve been programmed differently with NXT because I’m so used to them getting even more time that two minutes DOES feel rather short.

Still, there wasn’t anything bad in the match by any means, but I’d love to see Paige and Audrey get to rekindle the types of showings they had in the final few weeks of FCW’s television show. They flow off each other well, and they could definitely bring more to the table, especially Audrey Marie in the aggression department because I remember Paige bringing a spark out of her in their FCW matches that I hadn’t really seen much of before aside from that great week where she went psycho on Raquel and attacked her at the interview area. Hopefully we’re treated to something bigger and better with these two in the future!

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  • Kim099

    Nw it’s ime to bring in those new nxt girls

    • redsandman99

      Hopefully they do it at the next taping though even then, it’ll be quite awhile before we get to see those matches.

      • Jordan

        Yep. Whichever matches are filmed next on the 20th won’t be be airing till November, I think.

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    Paige is indeed my new favorite, it’s great to see the live audience agrees. I love the chants, it’s great to see people taking to a Diva so quickly. I wish she could get called up already, the division is in desperate need of some fresh talent that can capture people’s attention. I hope they realize they have something special on their hands. Don’t drop this ball WWE, you guys are good at that bull.

  • redsandman99

    I love that Paige has been so over with this crowd. I do definitely think that she could be a great asset on the main roster. She has a different look that would bring attention to her and hopefully the connection she’s made with the FCW and NXT audience would translate to getting over in front of the Raw and Smackdown crowds.

  • Choko


  • javiousmckenzie

    I loved the match it made em think of some of the earlier matches between Victoria and Trish it was just so stiff and intense. Paige is the future of the WWE i can see her with this Stone Cold just bad ass in yo face smash mouth gimmick that fans will eat up. I have not seen a diva as intense as her since Jazz. And Audrey is really good in the ring i think she needs a new gimmick to make her stand out or to get her more notice

  • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

    Paige is amazing, love her. Audrey Marie…. she just doesn’t have what it takes in my opinion.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Good match but too short. RAW short.Audrie sems to be moving away from the cowgirl image. Paige has IT. Audrie has gotten better in the ring.Love seeing the crowd respond to Paige

  • Rhawk

    Too short of a match but I still liked it, maybe because the crowd actually cared for one of the divas for once? Hopefully the larger arenas outside of Florida will respond the same to her, when she gets her time of course.

  • GailKim95

    Audrey is better as a heel which she has been doing at non-televised shows.

  • jcarcano12



    Paige and Audrey are the opposite.I love Paige finisher!!

  • Raekon

    Love both girls!

    It’s funny how the crowd chants for a heel most of the time (Paige). :p

    I think they should rather turn her to a face and let her be one, otherwise it might look to some wwe management dinosaurs as if” she doesn’t do a good work as a hee” (we know how they are don’t we)l. <_<

    Liked her finisher a lot cause its unique.

    Audrey always seemed to be working well with all the girls except Raquel and it showed once again.

    For being the newest girl in wrestling (except of the new russian girl that joined recently) in the wwe and for being in her first year, she did well.

    Would love to have a longer match but for what it was, it was good. :)

    • javiousmckenzie

      Paige has been a face since being on NXT

      • Raekon

        She switched like 2 times depending on who she was facing and when she is a face she gives her hand to the fans in her entrace which wasn’t the case in this match.

        That’s why I thought she got the heel part this time.

  • shokko22

    Paige is so freakin over with those fans! I love it
    I noticed that Skyler Moon’s profile has not been put back up on the nxt website. This worries me……

    • Jordan

      She’s said again and again on Twitter that it’s still under construction. They shoot the websites photos at Full Sail so if we don’t see it up a little after the taping on the 20th of this month, I’d be worried then.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        shes been wrestling thou against emma & heel audrey so i think their changing her look….

        • jcarcano12

          Yeah she wrestle a house show n I think flair daughter was ring announcers for the night

  • unscripted & flawless

    I think Audrey Marie is a very stale person, and if she doesn’t get some personality really soon, it should be her time to exit. I know WWE needs faces, but now that she is pushing away from being Mickie James 2.0, she’s just there tbh.

    Love Paige…I’m really hoping WWE doesn’t let her and Raquel sit on NXT forever. You know what I would just love to see? The Anti-Diva and the Ultra-Diva forced to become cohorts a few weeks after debuting on RAW because the newly refined Divas of Doom don’t like the ideas of these girls on their roster. I think a PROPER new vs. veteran Divas feud is in store, since the closest thing we ever got was Natayla, AJ, & Kaitlyn v. Alicia, Tamina, and Rosa (2 of which never earned the term ‘veteran’) and that didn’t even have a proper ending. Just so many possibilities both women bring to the table, whether it be wrestling skills or pure charisma. Then of course after the feud they would turn on each other though and give the divas the Lita v. Trish everyone wants to see again :p

    • bananaleaf24

      you just read my mind, i love you.

  • Jordan

    I don’t think Audrey Marie gets the cred she deserves either but I DO think she works better as a heel on the NXT live event loop. Plain and simple. Oh, and Bobby that isn’t the “RamPaige” – that’s the name of the submission hold she put Raquel Diaz in on FCW before (according to Wiki). I’m waiting to see if William Regal or Byron Saxton call Paige’s “Knight Light” by a new name in her match with Alicia Fox in the coming weeks.

    • kreece

      Her finisher is actually called RamPaige she said via twitter :)

  • Goodvibes

    Love Paige! that is all!

  • TheJoJoIsCrazy

    Nerd moment, please:
    I love the ole’ bitty in the crowd who yelled ( let me spell this as it sounded.) ” COVer…. her, PAIGE!!” It was too cute.

  • kreece

    The chants for Paige are unreal, the fans are really behind her which can only be a good thing for her, BUT the whole you can’t be on tv until you’re 21 is seriously bs, she’s not long turned 20 and I don’t think another year wait is needed. Her finisher is awesome too, but she looked like she hurt her arm performing it. Audrey Marie has came a long way and is actually better as a heel character. Also does anyone else always hear that woman chanting for Audrey? Is it her mum or something hahaha

  • Katie

    It was a good match, better than the crap we’ve been seeing on Raw, SmackDown & Superstars. Paige and Audrey work very well together. Audrey is getting better each week, minus when she works with Raquel.

  • amb3r

    I like Paige and Skyler Moon from NXT!! Skyler is a good looking girl, behind all those atrociousness she does to herself!! XD

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Very good matCh, I like Audrey as a heel better, she plays it better and wrestles better, and Paige is just simply awesome, but also I wanted to mention Summer has been wrestling on house shows, and there is one of her matchstick on YouTube featuring herself vs Audrey vs Paige, and it was pretty good, summer really surprised me lol

    • jcarcano12

      Yeah summer Did good

      Have u seen on YouTube
      skyleer/Paige vs Emma/Audrey?

    • Raekon

      Yeah I loved the triple threat match between summer, audrey and page!
      I sent the link to DD in the hope that they will feature it. ^_^
      It was a awesome and very entertaining match(very funny at parts too).

  • http://twitter.com/DirrtySexyFunny Thaila

    Would turn completely straight for Paige.

    • kreece

      haha agreed!

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    No scream?

    Dear Paige,
    More scream.
    Love, MHC