WWE Superstars Redux (September 6th, 2012): Natalya Takes Another Swing at Layla, But Will the Divas Champion Strike Her Out?

Greetings to all you men and women. You’ve been summoned here today for one purpose, and that’s to witness a match tonight between The Anvilette… The Dungeon Diva… The Lover of Louboutins, Natalya… and the woman who’s so insatiable and can’t get enough, that she carries around a pink emblazoned butterfly title and carries it well… Layla! These two are no strangers to each other, even here on Superstars, but can they exceed the quality of their past showing against one another?! There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to do none other than scroll down and find out by the power of our eyes and ears (unless you, personally lack one or the other, in which case, just use the function that operates properly).

Oh yeah, let’s get on our feet and dance like I’m sure Layla will do during this match. Our Divas Champion, described as spunky, a trait we FINALLY got to see this week on Raw (hallelujah!) steps out from the back and up towards the ring. Josh Matthews plugs her upcoming pay per view bout with Kaitlyn that still fills me with joy to this day and will continue to do so for the remaining weeks. Layla poses on the ropes a little, as her opponent then steps out from the back. This depresses me because it reminds me how I’ve still not been able to track down any sort of photo/video evidence from her house show match with one of my other favorites, Naomi. (Seriously, I love Natalya, but her thirty billion matches with Alicia Fox and Kelly can have HD Youtube videos every time, but no one in the crowd that night could snap a photo?! I’d even settle for a blurry one where I can barely see which is Naomi and which is Natalya!)

Okay, now that I’ve had time to regroup myself, I return to Natalya, as she removes her cape and now I think of all the good times to make up for that Naomi situation above. Nattie was on the last few weeks of my one true wrestling love, NXT Redemption after all, so there’s no way I can stay upset! She poses in the ring as the bell sounds and Natalya teases Layla a bit. They go for a roll through, but Natalya counters it into a leg lock for a brief moment, as the two exchange holds and Nattie kips up. They have a shove off, before Layla connects with her bridge roll up for a near fall. Layla with a kick, as she sends Natalya into the corner. Nattie leaps over, allowing Layla to kick her in the stomach and connect with the springboard crossbody!

Natalya ends up rolling through it and hoisting Layla up, but before she can carry the Divas Champion to the corner, Layla slips out and they proceed to go through a roll up exchange that I oddly love because i’ve never really seen one done like that before. Natalya finally gets the better, but Layla kicks out and scores with a baseball dropkick. Then, it’s like fate that Matt Striker dubs Layla a wonderful role model for young girls at the EXACT moment she begins to shake her derriere around. I know the connotation he was referring to, but I still love how it could appear. Natalya doesn’t seem to like the dancing, nor does she like our commentators laughing at it. She slides outside the ring and reprimands them for their approval, but what she doesn’t see is Layla sneak up from behind and smack her on the bottom!

Layla tosses her right back in, but before she can enter herself, Nattie takes control with a head to the abdomen, as she brutally drops Layla with a mat slam on the ring apron! Natalya transitions into a Canadian Backbreaker, but Layla escapes… only to meet her maker with a discus clothesline for a two count. Nattie Irish Whips Layla into the corner, before connecting with a backbreaker across the knee. She stretches the Divas Champion out, but Layla eventually scores with a few knees and a snap suplex for a two count. Natalya is not happy with this, but before she can make a move, Layla fights back! Not for long though, as Natalya scores with an elbow. She tries to capitalize, but Layla hits a kick combo for the win. Our Divas Champ celebrates, as Natalya throws an (amazing) fit outside the ring.

Thoughts: The match between Layla and Natalya was again, one of the better Divas matches we’ve seen as of late in my opinion. I don’t think it tops their last Superstars encounter for me, but it definitely ranks a solid second. I want to talk about Natalya a little bit because in this match, I really noticed the extra steps she does to not just blend in with a crowd and I love them. She’s so vocal in her battles, which is one of the things I miss about Maxine and also love about Paige. Unlike them though, her vocal nature isn’t a serious type, but a more fun, humorous kind. I don’t really like seeing people just sort of go through the motions in their matches, and Natalya is probably the Diva who strays away from that the most. She isn’t afraid to be animated, and it really adds something when you watch her compete. She doesn’t just tweet about her dislike of women like Kaitlyn, Alicia, and Layla, she shows it in her matches by for instance screaming “I HATE YOU” and throwing temper tantrums. Yes, she doesn’t get a microphone that often to vent her frustrations with the other women, but that doesn’t stop her from letting us see it. I love her over the top reactions to certain things like the commentators laughing and when she lost at the end to the point where she threw a fit outside. They’re really entertaining to me and I hope they continue in every match she has. (Oh, and of course I still think she’s the best actual wrestler they have signed, but in the words of Alberto Del Rio, I’m sure you already knew that.)

Now Layla… I like Layla. I think she’s improved so much since she came back and after the hell she endured with that injury, I don’t think many people realize how huge it is for her to be competing again. I just wish so badly that her reign had been handled better than it has, but there’s nothing I can do about it except judge her based on her matches opposed to her title reign. I will say though that the one thing that kind of still is not working for me with Layla is that I don’t feel like we know who she is since she stepped away from LayCool. I’m glad she had those few segments before she had to leave for surgery, because that’s at least some sort of explanation as to why she’s become all nice and smiley. More of what I mean is the little things, like why does she wear infinity symbols on her gear? Is she a big fan of hit ABC show, Revenge? This may have been answered already and I missed it, but she’s just sort of there in terms of the womens division… which is fine to say if you’re a Diva in the background. But when you’re the champion, you should at least be able to command some sort of attention and be front & center.

Layla is doing everything she can whenever she has a moment, such as incorporating the dancing and shining on commentary during Raw, and I’m not saying the way I feel is at all her fault because she can’t exactly just walk out one Raw, hijack a microphone, and start talking about whatever she wants. I love the emphasis on Kaitlyn and Eve into the main scene for the females, and I’m really enjoying the unpredictability of it all, but what does it say when the Divas Champion feels like the third wheel in a storyline between them? Especially when Eve isn’t even in the match at Night of Champions and Kaitlyn just lost on Raw. It’s a little odd, but I like that Layla is trying any way she can to not just fall by the wayside (and trust me, I am in no way complaining about the story going on with she, Kaitlyn and Eve because I’m actually really enjoying it.)

You can tell how hard she’s striving to continue upping her game, but there’s only so much she can do on her own without getting what someone like Eve is being able to receive on TV each week. It almost makes me wish Layla became Booker’s assistant, or AJ’s assistant. Something to give us more of the Layla we got in the LayCool type days, only not the cruel version… if that makes sense. It’s late and I may be rambling a little, but hopefully you all understand what I’m meaning! Oh, and I also miss the LayOut. Not feeling the kicks personally, but this one looked pretty sick so I can get behind it (figuratively… not literally!)

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  • jen07201

    I love Natalya’s temper tantrums.

  • GailKim95

    I like the Lay-Out better. Any time a diva will do a kick like that its labeled as the chick kick and is associated with Trish. I like the Lay-Out because i don’t think a diva has ever that finisher. i don’t Natalya’s tempertantrums honestly. It looks ridiculous but she is the best pure wresler in the WWE right now.

    • GailKim95

      I also hate it when wrestlers hop around from finisher to finisher. Just stick with one please Layla

      • flash1086

        Thats one of the reasons why divas these days are having trouble being unique and original. The divas of today always change from one finisher to the other which makes them hard to standout. It feels like they all do eachothers finisher.

        • http://twitter.com/jeremysalvatico jeremycanrana

          She also have her “own kick! the spinning one that looks amazing ! and she always executes it perfectly! She should use this one more!

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    I don’t get why their giving layla the chick kick & now a superkick…why can’t she just do her spinning kick layla always misses…..

    Another awesome match between layla & natalya….i just hope kaitlyn vs layla (& eve maybe) is somewhere near this match….

  • defineinsanity

    What’s the story on Layla using infinity on her attire?


      That´s exactly what I was asking myself!

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      i remember her tweeting aaaages ago (maybe even before her time out injured) asking people what she should stick on her gear.. so maybe there isn’t a story behind it and it was just the best thing she could come up with that hadn’t been done already? LOL.

      • Adam

        No, her mom passed away on 8/8/8, that’s what the infinity symbols are for.

    • kreece

      its 8/8/8 for when her mum passed away

  • kreece

    I love it when these 2 are in 1v1 mathes wih each other. I wish they would let Layla retain an have nattie enter the picture because these 2 in a fued for me would be entertaining and always perfect ring work wise. IMO I always thought Layla was a very good wrestler back in the LayCool days, I would of rated her the same as McCool to be honest

    • kreece

      uh I hate my iPhone, the amount of typos I make is ridiculous U_U

  • WWFoverWWE

    Layla does the exact same thing in every match and it’s starting to annoy me. I mean what is the point of that awful jumping and dancing? And while her roll through pin is cool and all, she shouldn’t be doing it all the time because eventually no one will think it’s special anymore.

    I’m also still waiting for someone to counter Layla’s corner splash. Are all Layla’s opponents not smart enough to move out of the way or simply kick her in her stomach to avoid the splash? I want to see Layla miss it for once.

    Natalya on the other hand is in pure-Victoria territory. She makes everyone look good but loses her matches.

    • redsandman99

      To be fair, everyone has their signature moves. And a lot have their signature taunts or signals for their finishers that all their opponents. I mean, you’ve got Sheamus punching his chest and grunting quite loudly yet his opponent fails to hear him and walks into a Brogue Kick. Kofi’s opponents don’t seem to hear when he claps his hands and shouts “Boom” to signal for the Trouble in Paradise…I could give more examples but my point is it’s not just Layla’s opponents that walk into moves that they should have scouted or should hear coming. It’s been a WWE match trait for ages.

    • Adam

      Lol Layla doesn’t do the same thing in every match. She just does some of her signature moves in every match, like every face superstar/diva. Did she do a low dropkick in her last match? No. Did she do the behind roll up combo? No. Did she do that kick combination? NO.

  • redsandman99

    Very good match. These two work very well together.

  • Adam

    Great match. Their matches are always wonderful though, so I’m not surprised. Love them both to pieces <3

  • lucky1now

    is layla taking the ass slap now?


      Well, that´s the only way to make the crowd cheer for her -.-

  • bxradimus

    See. This is the kind of match we should be seeing on those 3 hour RAW’s.

    I’m glad Layla’s doing more kicks. I’d like to see her add in some shoot kicks, a spinning kick and maybe an axe kick.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Natalya took that kick like a champ, a champ in which she should be instead of Layla.

  • Raekon

    A great match in which Nattie got the chance to showcase more moves herself and look good in the process.

    The super kick ending was ok but in all honesty, Taminas super kick looks devastating and great because of her size and the way of execution.
    That’s something that rather looks underwhelming and weak in Laylas case.

    So I’m wondering that since they allow her to do all these kicks recently why she doesn’t utilize he rold but awesome roundhouse spinning kick as a finisher instead.

    It’s a move that looks great and powerful after all and it’s more unique than these chick and super kicks that others have used and some still using.

    Anyway, it was a good night for the divas in the superstars show and I would reccomend everyone to watch it (Aksana and Rosa were there too).

    Most of all the tag team match between R-Truth and Kofi with little jimmy against Primo and Epico with Rosa cause it was really fun.

    • redsandman99

      I was okay with Layla’s superkick version since it kind of looked like she got Natalya in like the throat which would take down anybody. Tamina’s though does look better and I would like to see Layla doing the spin kick more. Her having an arsenal of kicks to use as a finisher would be a nice little touch.

  • Bethinho

    Layla looks dumb and her opponent even worse every time she does that dancing routine.
    Natalya keeps doing what she knows best lately,job to her opponents.she got in that train and seems to be enjoying the ride.
    weak finisher,what happened to the face.lift?

  • Goodvibes

    Natalya is wrestling consistently so I cant complain there, winning or losing id rather have her in a match than backstage waiting to be used.

    Layla is doing her best , I can see that. Id love for her and Natalya to feud over the title, but it looks as though Kaitlyn VS Eve or Eve VS Layla is being built for the long term.

  • WhalenX12

    The story with the infinity signs: “My mum’s passing on 8/8/8″

  • Choko


  • Rhawk

    Still hating Layla’s theme, not liking that she too is using a kick for her finisher now, maybe she should have done a ground version of her Face-Lift move, that would have been more brutal looking that a random kick.
    But besides these I didn’t mind the match, nothing special but it was a fun watch.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Daaaaaamnnnn!! :D

    Layla is so fcking sexy!!!!! I loved that little dance!!!
    And Natalya is too!!

    Let’s go Layla!!! Beat Kate’s thick succulent sexy thighs!!!

  • bromero329

    great match. their best one so far.
    there wasnt any slow spots. i loved it

    this and tara vs gail was really good. it is really hard to pick a better one

  • http://twitter.com/DirrtySexyFunny Thaila

    It’s a good kick. It was a good match. Leave it at that yall.

    The greatest moment without a doubt of this match was when Natalya had Layla in that submission and asked her if she was insatiable. SO MUCH WIN, NATTIE.



      I was about to say that xD I laughed SO HARD when she said that, and then I was always replaying xD It deserves a slammy award xD