Today in History: Lita Returns, Saves Trish

On this day in history:

September 15th, 2003 | With foes like Gail Kim and Molly Holly constantly on her case, Trish Stratus was figuratively outnumbered. When she was booked in a handicap match against Gail and Molly, she was literally outnumbered. Gail and Molly won the match and wanted to do some extra damage post-match, but before they could completely dismantle Trish, Lita made a surprise return, saving her former (and future) adversary. Consider the odds evened.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • lucky1now

    Omg I remember watching this and thinking I hope lita comes and a second later she’s running to the ring I got so excited
    This was a great return to me

  • jeremycanrana


    I miss that era so much! It was just perfect!

  • norisclouds

    This is my favorite diva return. The powerbomb and twist of fate were so smooth, and the crowd reaction was great!

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Best diva return ever! Loved it! The crowd response to Lita was absolutely amazing.Go Lita!

    • Jcott3

      Have to agree, especially since there was absolutely no hype whatsoever prior to her return. She just came out and kicked butt.

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    One of the BEST diva returns in WWE history. King had me laughing though when he said “LOOK AT THIS!” in his squeamish girl voice.Hahaha!

  • Crazy_J

    This has got to be the best diva return of all time. The crowd was on fire for Lita and I couldn’t help but join in right along with them. Simply awesome. Like I said the other day on another post about Beth’s return recently.. they don’t do returns like this anymore with the diva’s and I don’t understand why!? It’s so much more of an impact and gives automatic status with the fans. Granted Lita was already way over, but it still helps.

    • perceval

      Yep, the returns used to be HUGE. And, this was the third major one in 2003, alone. There was Jazz’s return at the end of the Trish-Victoria Chicago Street Fight (“THE BITCH IS BACK!”) that set up Wrestlemania 19, and Sable’s surprise return during Torrie’s Playboy unveiling. There was Trish’s 2005 return from injury. Hell, even Gail’s return from injury in November of 2003 when she came out of the crowd and attacked Lita with a wrench was a big deal, and she’d been gone for, what, a month and a half?

  • shokko22

    I think this is the best return ever in wwe history imo

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    epic. this moment was awesome, i remember thinking theyre either going to kill trish by breaking her back or someone is gonna save her… and i knew jackie and ivory were not gonna come in…when lita came in i was so excited, cheering and it was simply perfect. this wasnt one of the greatest diva returns, it was the the best one period. not even the male superstars have an exciting one such as this these days.

    gail kim had been doing this thing with her abs where she bragged about her midsection everytime she kicked trish es when lita takes off her shirt and looks at her like..u were saying? was icing on the cake. and jim ross reaction was great. another great memory is that storyline wise, trish had no clue it was lita saving her. you can see trish struggling to regain her balance as lita helps her out…at the very end trish scrambles to see who her savior is..and at the end has a shocked look on her fadce to see its the queen of xtreme. loved it and i miss this era very much.. go lita

    btw apologize for no caps, grammar android is acting weird.

  • perceval

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject of using the Divas then vs now…

    That Raw also had Moolah with Mae vs Victoria (Moolah’s 80th birthday), Terri doing her backstage interviewer job (including interviewing Molly & Gail), another backstage segment with Molly, Gail, Austin, & Bischoff, and Stacy involved in the Test vs Val Venis match.

    In other words, the entire Raw Diva roster was used on the show.

  • Ryan

    Lita returned and kicked ASS!!!
    Poor Trish BTW shes one of the toughest! Shes deff not overrated

    And also Victoria was beating on Moolah n Mae I believe and ALSO funny moment where Gail Kim Molly Bichoff and Stone cold were in the back bickering on why Lita was back Funny thing is that Gail Kim blurted out to Eric..”I cant believe i sucked you” resulting in a WHAT?! By Stone Cold and im sure everyone watching lololol

    • perceval

      Gail: I can’t believe I slept with the wrong GM…

      Austin: Come again?

      Gail: That’s OK, I didn’t the first time.

      And yeah, Trish took a LOT of major bumps for that company. That’s the advantage fitness models have over lingerie/figure/swimsuit models, the muscle and conditioning. It really does make a big difference in the matches you can put on.

  • Ryan

    Lmao wow could of sworn she said that

    And yep trish rocks but also Candice Michrllr she didn’t have the muscle or conditioning Trish did but she loved wrestling so much she fired up the ring with Beth Phoenix in a series of brutal matches! That girl could take a beating :)

  • saurabh da luchawhore

    Lita .. was , is & will always be the BEST \m/